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Control transformers

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Ericon Transformer are equipped with sophisticated plant, machinery and testing equipments. Ericon Transformers manufacture various types of Low Voltage, Current Transformers to suit various needs of customers including ring type / Rectangular type CTr and wound primary  type CT for both measuring and protection purpose.

Designing, Manufacturing and R & D Work in field of all types of Current and Voltage Transformers including Low Tension, High Tension Type For Indoor & Outdoor Application We Are Specialised in High Voltage Engineering & Can Handle Any Job of That Field.

Resin Cast Current & Potential Transformers ( CTr / PTr)
Primary / Secondary Current Injection Sets
Tamperproof CT Operated SMC meter box.
Oil Cooled Outdoor CTr / PTr / Oil Test Sets
AC / DC High Voltage Test Sets upto 300 KV
CT / PT Combined Metering Sets & RVT
Custom Built Equipments
Meter Test Bench Kits / Relay Test Set
Control Transformers, Isolation Transformers

Control Transformers
Control Transformers
Control Transformers
Control Transformer

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