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By using one of the best password managers for business in 2024, you can keep your business and staff members’ sensitive accounts and data safe while protecting your firm from a host of cybersecurity threats, like former employees seeking to cause damage.

These services maintain a central, safe location where you can store all of your different shared business passwords. The best part is that some of these systems are free, with most costing only a few dollars each month.

In this article, we review the top corporate password managers, hand-picked based on their prices, features, usability, security, and compatibility. Let’s take a closer look and find the best solution for your needs.

The 10 Best Enterprise Password Management Solutions Ranked

We’ve scoured the market to find PW managers with business-specific features like secure password sharing. Here’s our list of the top enterprise password management solutions:

  1. NordPass – $3.59/user/month — Overall, the best password manager for businesses thanks to its clean interface, premium features like a data breach scanner, and affordable plans
  2. Norton – Free — A reliable and completely free password management solution with an easy-to-use interface and zero-knowledge policy
  3. Enpass – $3.99/user/month — Innovative password manager with several multi-factor authentication options and secure password sharing
  4. 1Password – $7.99/user/month — A premium password manager for companies with a unique Watchtower feature that notifies you of any hacked or weak passwords
  5. RoboForm – Custom Pricing — A budget-friendly password management tool with useful business options, including giving users the access level they need to certain accounts
  6. Keeper – $3.75/user/month — A trusted solution that includes an excellent secure messaging service called KeeperChat, where sensitive enterprise communications can be made
  7. Total Password – $1.99/month — Solid browser option for first-time password management users as it has a user-friendly UI and simple browser integration
  8. Avira – $2.99/user/month — Secure password manager for businesses with a top-notch password generator that allows admins to set guidelines for staff
  9. Dashlane – $8/user/month — Robust password manager with a ton of different plans for businesses of all sizes
  10. Bitwarden – $5/user/month — Cheap password manager for businesses that includes an excellent free-forever plan

How Do Business Password Managers Work?

A password manager is a piece of software made specifically to create, store, and manage online passwords or other personal information like sensitive documents in one secure location — an encrypted database protected with a master password.

Beyond this, some allow for the use of biometric information (fingerprint or face) in place of your master password for even greater security and convenience, and they offer businesses a secure means of sharing passwords for shared accounts.

The key benefit of employing a password manager is that it just requires you to remember one master password rather than all the login details you use for other websites. This means that you and your team can simply connect to all of your accounts with the autosave and autofill capabilities.

Why Do Businesses Need a Password Manager?

If you’re not sure why businesses might need a password manager, we’ve compiled a useful list below to highlight some of the key benefits of introducing the software into your everyday business practices:

  • Enforce Password Policies — Organizations can standardize and enforce password security rules across the business, such as requiring the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and IT managers can make sure that all staff members are following the organization’s password policies.
  • Role-Based Access Control — This aids businesses in limiting their exposure in the event that an employee account is compromised, in addition to aiding in the prevention of insider attacks. Businesses can adopt Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and keep an eye out for activity that points to abuse or a breach.
  • Safer Password Sharing — Businesses need to share passwords since it’s essential for tasks to be completed. With one of the best password managers, businesses can make shared folders for specific departments or project teams, allowing users to securely exchange credentials.
  • Easy Onboarding & Offboarding — Onboarding new personnel is straightforward when everyone uses the same password manager, but the biggest benefit here is that you can easily terminate access for any employees who leave because not doing so poses a significant cyber risk.

Reviews of the Market’s Top Company Password Managers

Now it’s time to take a closer look at our top 10 best business password managers on the market. Here we’ll explore their unique capabilities, pricing, and the advantages and disadvantages of using each one so that you can make an informed decision on the best one for your team.

Skip ahead to our comparison table if you don’t want to read all the nitty-gritty details, but want a neat overview of each one’s pricing, compatibility, and more at a glance.

1. NordPass – Overall, The Best Password Manager for Businesses

NordPass Logo

Nordpass is the top password manager on the market for businesses of any size. It’s a continuously developing password manager that secures your vault with several additional layers of protection, including the cutting-edge XChaCha20 encryption cipher.

This unique encryption algorithm supports two distinct key lengths, the strongest of which is 256 bits. Beyond this, there’s Multi-Factor Authentication to secure access to your business accounts with the unique code sent to your email or authenticator app.

NordPass Dashboard1

Best Plan for Businesses Free Version? Compatibility Free Trial or Money-back Guarantee
Business – $3.59/user/month Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 14-day Free Trial

NordPass helps you create strong business passwords with the option to specify the length and add upper and lowercase letters, digits, and symbols. A Data Breach Scanner is also included, which aids in the early detection of security gaps, as is a Password Health Checker that ensures any password you create is unbreachable.

The ability to unlock your account with your face or fingerprint is one of NordPass’s best features, as it’s significantly faster and simpler than inputting the master password.

Overall, NordPass boasts the security, ease of use, and organization capabilities prized for business use, and you can sync your vault across all your devices and have employees securely share data, all at an incredibly low price point.


Everything on offer comes at the low price of just $3.59/month for the business plan, which is fantastic value for money. Beyond this, there’s also an excellent free plan, but this is more for individual users rather than businesses, as it allows unlimited password storage but only for one user:

NordPass Business Pricing

For larger companies, there’s a custom Enterprise plan, but you’ll need to chat with the sales team for pricing. However, you can try it with the 14-day free trial to make sure it’s the right for your business needs.


  • Boasts stellar customer reviews
  • Cutting-edge XChaCha20 encryption, the market leader for encryption
  • Tons of advanced features, like a 24/7 data breach scanner
  • Useful 14-day free trial available to test the service
  • Affordably priced plans for businesses


  • Google Chrome extension can be glitchy

2. Norton Password Manager – Great, Totally Free VPN for Business Users

Norton Logo

Norton password manager is a relatively simple but incredibly secure password management tool that’ll keep your passwords and sensitive documents safe from snoopers. It’s a great all-in-one provider that also features an industry-leading antivirus and one of the best VPNs out there.

Although the password manager comes bundled with the Norton 360 security package with these add-ons, you can get it for free separate from the other products, but the bundle with the VPN and antivirus is a great option for businesses looking for total security coverage.

The Safety Dashboard in Norton Password Manager is also user-friendly and provides information about the passwords kept. For example, it’ll let you know if you’ve used the same password twice, rate its strength, and notify you if it’s out of date or it’s been archived. Plus, it enables you to modify passwords with a single click.

Norton Password Dashboard

Best Plan for Businesses Free Version? Compatibility Free Trial or Money-back Guarantee
Only Has a Free Plan Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge N/A

There’s an excellent password generator on offer, too, that can be used to create unique passwords, and as with NordPass, you can customize the length and strength of it. In terms of overall security, head-on hacker attacks won’t be a problem. Norton’s secure storage vaults use 256-bit AES encryption.

And, because Norton follows a zero-knowledge policy, you’re the only person with access to your vault. Although incredibly safe, the biggest disadvantage of this is that if you forget your master login password, no one can access your vault — and there are no account restoration options. For some businesses, this could be a deal-breaker.

On the whole, despite being completely free, Norton’s password manager solution offers incredible security that’s on par with premium solutions, but on the flip side, it of course, lacks advanced capabilities you’d find with tools like NordPass, including biometric logins.


It’s hard to complain about Norton here, as it’s a free product, so if you own a small business with a handful of staff, it’s a completely free tool you can use to store as many passwords as you like.


  • Completely free, so ideal choice for startups
  • Adopts a zero-knowledge policy
  • Robust 256-bit AES encryption
  • Syncs across all of your devices


  • A small range of features

3. Enpass – Innovative Password Manager With a Ton of MFA Options

EnPass logo

Enpass is a fantastic password manager that has a tonne of different apps for various devices, both free and premium versions, plus a vast range of features. You can use Enpass to remember your passwords, login information, and financial details on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and browsers.

It includes some excellent business-specific features like automated offboarding, which automatically deletes data from user devices when they leave, ensuring no sensitive information escapes the company databases to prevent the sharing of private information with rival companies.

Enpass protects all your data with 256-bit AES military-grade encryption, and it even goes a step further by using an SQLCipher, which is a security extension to the SQLite database platform that facilitates the creation of encrypted databases, to add an additional degree of security.


Best Plan for Businesses Free Version? Compatibility Free Trial or Money-back Guarantee
Enterprise – $3.99/user/month Free Plan Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 14-day Free Trial (not offered with the Enterprise plan)

It’s worth noting that although Enpass has cloud storage, it isn’t hosted on an exclusive cloud server. You upload your personal data to the cloud, a computer, or a mobile device, and if you’re concerned about losing this information, it allows you to create a backup file that’s encrypted and can only be accessed with your master password.

One helpful feature of Enpass is the Password Audit. This will detect any weak, vulnerable, or repeated passwords across multiple accounts, and if any are detected, Enpass can produce strong new password ideas for you to optimize your security, but it won’t automatically reset poor passwords.

As an added plus, your employees can also securely share passwords with Enpass.


Besides the excellent free plan for one user, businesses with up to 10 members can get the Starter plan which offers good value for money. Below is a list of the current business plans on offer from Enpass:

Enpass Business Pricing


  • Excellent password generator
  • Dedicated business plans
  • Simple-to-use apps and desktop client
  • Great password-sharing tools


  • No two-factor authentication

4. 1Password – Solid Password Manager With Excellent Watchtower Feature

1Password Logo

1Password is among the best password managers available for several reasons. For one, it specializes in features that work across multiple platforms and devices, usability, and, most crucially, strong security. Plus, it’s affordable.

For your vault, it uses state-of-the-art encryption technology, and each user is protected by a 34-character code. Beyond this, as with rivals, there’s a password generator that lets you can set rules, such as the length, any special characters needed, and more.

Each 1Password membership also includes the Watchtower security toolkit. This notifies you of any security flaws in your ecosystem, such as weak or outdated passwords, compromised logins, and security upgrades from websites where you save your credentials.

1password | password storage

Best Plan for Businesses Free Version? Compatibility Free Trial or Money-back Guarantee
Business – $7.99/month per user No Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 14-day Free Trial

For remote workers and those who travel, 1Password vaults are the best option for keeping confidential data safe. In fact, employees can turn on “travel mode” when traveling across international boundaries. This deletes the vaults with “non-travel-safe data” while ensuring access to “travel-safe” data in separate vaults.

For a while now, there’s been a huge demand for trustworthy financial security. As a result, 1Password added the Privacy cards tool to its arsenal. You can use it to securely autofill the information from your virtual credit cards whenever you shop online.

Unfortunately, you’d need to make a new card for each account since each Privacy card is associated with a distinct business, but you can also establish a spending restriction for each credit card.


1Password offers a strong lineup of business-specific plans that are aimed at filling the gap between startups all the way up to larger enterprises. Each offers a 14-day free trial, so you can test the service out before committing long-term:

1Password Business Pricing


  • Brilliant travel mode features for remote workers or work trips
  • Includes 1GB of encrypted file storage
  • Robust two-factor authentication features
  • Excellent Watchtower features for spotting bad and stolen passwords


  • No free plan on offer

5. RoboForm – Budget-Friendly Password Manager With Role-Based Access Features

Roboform Logo

RoboForm dates back to the late 1990s, making it one of the first password managers. You can store your login information for all your accounts in one safe location to protect your passwords and personal information, and it makes your life easier with services like its password-filling service.

For businesses, there are a ton of useful features aimed at keeping company data and employees safe. For example, you get role-based access permission to ensure only the relevant people have access to certain sensitive data, which helps protect from leaks.

Also, there are advanced reporting features that can be used to assess passwords and their overall safety, and for added safety, you can set as many admins as you need (a minimum of two) in case one of them leaves or forgets the details.

RoboForm password protection

Best Plan for Businesses Free Version? Compatibility Free Trial or Money-back Guarantee
Depends on Number of Employees Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-day Money-back Guarantee

RoboForm can also be used to safely onboard and offboard employees — you can set relevant access and create unique passwords, plus, all data is removed from the accounts of staff members who leave.

Besides all this, what users like most about RoboForm is that there’s no limit to the number of passwords that can be kept, and your account password can be saved quickly and conveniently with just one click, whether you like to indulge in some shopping therapy or binge-watch television on Amazon or Netflix.

As you’d expect, RoboForm also has a password checker solution that displays a password’s strength as weak, medium, or strong. But even if it enthusiastically advises using the Generator, there doesn’t seem to be any clear instructions outlining what makes a password weak.

One feature we were a little disappointed with is the password-sharing function, which only allows you to securely share passwords with other RoboForm users, however, this shouldn’t be a problem if you onboard all employees onto Roboform.


The free version of RoboForm works on par with some premium password managers, meaning that small businesses or solo entrepreneurs can use this service without paying a dime. All of RoboForm’s top features, such as unlimited logins, form filling, password auditing, and a password generator, are included in this tier.

RoboForm Business Plans

One thing we really like about RoboForm is the pricing structure for business, which allows you to select a plan based on the number of employees you have and how long you’d like the subscription for. There are a lot of different options, but below are the cheapest options per user for a 5-year subscription:

  • 1-10 users — $29.95/user/year
  • 11-25 users — $26.95/user/year
  • 26-100 users — $25.95/user/year
  • 101-1000 users — $22.95/user/year
  • 1000+ users — Contact the sales team

Considering what’s on offer and the number of users you can onboard, RoboForm offers immense value for money for businesses.


  • Great range of plans and pricing for business users
  • Intuitive and powerful mobile apps for access on the go
  • Excellent free forever plan, ideal for individual or small business use
  • No credit card is needed for the free trial


  • Live chat support only available on paid plans

6. Keeper – Includes a Secure Communications Option, KeeperChat

Keeper Logo

Keeper is one of the most trustworthy and secure password managers on the market. The tools it offers are genuinely excellent and include reliable multi-factor authentication, a tool for generating and evaluating passwords, and a data breach scanner, amongst others.

Additionally, Keeper doesn’t skimp on security; it protects all saved data with strong AES-256 encryption and offers a top-notch user experience across a variety of platforms.

Keeper | best password managers for business,

Best Plan for Businesses Free Version? Compatibility Free Trial or Money-back Guarantee
Business (billed annually) – $3.75/month per user Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-day Free Trial

An independent messaging program called KeeperChat is one feature that truly sets it apart from other PW managers on the market. It’s compatible with nearly every tablet, smartphone, and desktop. With it, all business correspondence is stored in a safe vault that can only be accessed after confirming your identity.

Beyond this, Keeper’s popularity is largely due to the extent that the app allows you to customize your stored data with permission settings that can span departments, specific teams, or individual users.

Keeper’s business clients can choose between Business and Enterprise variants depending on the size of their business. Overall, this is a top solution for businesses as it offers team-specific capabilities like shared team folders for safe file sharing and unlimited device access.


In terms of pricing, you can opt for the Business Starter plan, which covers up to 10 members of staff that work out at $2/user/month, paid annually – this is the best option for small businesses and startups.

Keeper Business Plans

For larger enterprises, we’d recommend trying the Business or Enterprise plans. For the Enterprise plan, you’ll have to reach out to the sales team to determine the overall cost. Although there is no free plan, all plans include a 30-day free trial.


  • Uses layered encryption, which heightens security
  • Useful 30-day free trial
  • Great mobile apps for workers on the go
  • Excellent range of business plans for companies of all sizes


  • No free option is available, only paid plans

7. Total Password – Easy-to-Use Password Manager For Beginners

Total Password Logo

Total Password is a new contender in this space, but it’s backed up by the strong security and online safety credentials of its parent company, TotalAV, a powerhouse that’s secured its placement as one of the best Antivirus solutions on the market.

Before, they had a password manager built into the antivirus bundle they had on offer, but now, Total Password is a standalone product. For starters, all your passwords and devices sync on the go, so wherever you are in the world, you can safely access all your passwords.

Total Password

Best Plan for Businesses Free Version? Compatibility Free Trial or Money-back Guarantee
Only One Plan – $1.99/month No Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 14-day Money-back Guarantee

The software is currently available for Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge, but unlike most, there aren’t any apps for iOS or Android, something we hope to see in the future. This might be a deal-breaker, but considering the price, there’s a lot on offer here.

For example, one particularly useful aspect for businesses is the ability to remotely log out and delete the browser history from any device that uses Total Password. This is ideal for enterprises with remote workforces because, in the instance that a staff member leaves, you can easily wipe the data so it’s no longer accessible.

Plus, you can expect the usual capabilities on offer with other top password managers, such as the useful password generator and autofill feature that saves you time entering long emails or complex passwords the system has generated.


In terms of pricing, the annual plan will set you back just $1.99/month, and there’s even a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. If you want to pay monthly, it’s $9.99/month, and both plans include Total Ad Block and multiple licenses.

Total Password Pricing


  • Affordably priced plan
  • Easy to use and simple set up
  • Can be used to store credit card details and sensitive documents
  • A decent unique password generator is ideal for businesses


  • No apps for mobile devices, just browser extensions
  • Only has one plan and doesn’t have as many features as rivals

8. Avira – Good Password Manager with Top Password Generator

Avira Logo The Avira password manager was created with both usability and security in mind. It does an outstanding job of securely storing passwords by using high-level encryption and additional security measures like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), in addition to having a very user-friendly UI.

Avira also provides consumers with a transparent security status of their passwords, outlining any that are outdated, reused, or otherwise compromised. As you’d expect, it uses bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption on a cloud storage server to store passwords.

Avira best password manager

Best Plan for Businesses Free Version? Compatibility Free Trial or Money-back Guarantee
Pro – $2.99/user/month Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 60-day Money-back Guarantee

Avira gives you two alternatives for creating passwords when you create a new safe account. Generate Password, which uses the current settings, or Generate and Customise Password — with the latter, you can choose a password length between 4 and 30 characters and whether to add punctuation.

You only get one option for two-factor authentication, and that’s to link your mobile number. It would be nice to see a few other alternatives, but as most people tend to have their mobiles with them at all times, this should be just fine.

That said, other options on this list definitely have more enterprise-specific plans; Avira, unfortunately, doesn’t offer a dedicated plan for corporate use.


Compared to rivals, Avira undoubtedly lacks subscription options. However, with the annual plan, you do get a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is very generous, and overall, the pricing is incredibly cheap, considering all the core capabilities are on offer.

Avira Pricing


  • Includes two-factor authentication
  • Offers simple and affordable pricing structure
  • Passwords sync across any device you use


  • No business-specific plans or features

9. Dashlane – Reliable Password Manger With a Huge Range of Business Tailored Plans

Dashlane Logo

Dashlane secures passwords using industry-leading AES encryption, biometric authentication, and ongoing reviews for vulnerabilities. However, it also boasts a built-in VPN that encrypts all of your web traffic for top-notch security.

Sadly, there are no longer any desktop applications, and it’s also pretty expensive, hence why it’s down the bottom of this list. That said, Dashlane employs a zero-trust architecture, which limits your access to your data to you.

Best Plan for Businesses Free Version? Compatibility Free Trial or Money-back Guarantee
Business (billed annually) – $8/user/month No Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-day Free Trial

256-bit AES encryption and two-factor authentication further ensure that no outsider has the slightest chance of decrypting your vault. Plus, the Dashlane password generator is also excellent, but it only comes in handy when you’re setting up new accounts or individually updating each of your current ones.

The Dashlane password changer allows you to reset all outdated or risky passwords at once, unlike some other password managers, so you won’t have to enter each account individually or alter each password.

Unlimited backup, a VPN, automatic device syncing, priority support, dark web insights and surveillance, and password sharing are features of both commercial memberships. Add to this the user-friendly admin console, and you have a solid corporate PW manager for easy access management.


In addition to personal subscriptions, Dashlane also provides commercial plans. There are three types of business plans, as shown below:

DashLane Plans

The Starter plan is perfect for businesses that don’t want to commit straight away. However, both plans are reasonably comparable, but the Business one further provides a free Family subscription for each seat and SAML-based single sign-on, which allows you to access multiple web applications using one set of login credentials.


  • You can update hundreds of passwords at the click of a few buttons
  • Includes a built-in VPN for an extra layer of security
  • Useful options for small to large businesses


  • Only 50 passwords are allowed on the free plan

10. Bitwarden – Good Free Forever Password Manager

Bitwarden Logo

Bitwarden can be a fantastic option to keep all your passwords. This open-source password manager stores all your login information in an encrypted vault. Additionally, it provides desktop and mobile apps, as well as web and command-line interfaces.

Your passwords are encrypted on the device using the AES-256 military-grade cipher. Plus, you can create usernames and passwords using the Bitwarden password generator, and there are many solutions available to you for improving the strength of your credentials.

Bitwarden Password Manager

Best Plan for Businesses Free Version? Compatibility Free Trial or Money-back Guarantee
Bitwarden Enterprise Organization  – $5/user/month Yes Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari, Vivaldi, Brave, Tor 7-day Free Trial

In urgent situations such as a collision or death, Bitwarden’s emergency access capability is useful for retrieving your account, and it could come in handy for businesses that have a staff member who falls ill or simply leaves the company with no prior warning.

However, as with all business password managers, there are flaws to the tool that you should consider. Bitwarden’s auto-filling mechanism is a little iffy and not particularly user-friendly. Sadly, the data is also kept in a country that participates in an alliance for data surveillance.

Overall, it may not be the finest password manager, but it does use zero-knowledge encryption architecture and it boasts all the core capabilities companies need, all at an incredibly low price, making them a worthy name on our list.


In addition to a free-forever plan, premium, and family subscriptions, Bitwarden offers various pricing alternatives, including two business plans:

Bitwarden Business Plans

The Teams Organization plan includes the option to share private data within a team, and there’s also the Enterprise Organization that includes enterprise policies, SSO integration, and SCIM support, amongst others.


  • Great free plan, ideal for startups and small-scale enterprises
  • Affordable premium plans
  • Clean and intuitive dashboard, great for password manager newbies


  • Outdated desktop apps

The Best Business Password Manager Apps Compared

Below is a useful comparison of all the top password managers for businesses on this list. Here, you can easily compare the plans and compatibility of each one:

Software Best Plan for Businesses Free Version? Compatibility Free Trial or Money-back Guarantee
NordPass Business – $3.59/user/month Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 14-day Free Trial
Norton Free Plan Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
Enpass Enterprise – $3.99/user/month No Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 14-day Free Trial (not offered with the Enterprise plan)
1Password Business – $7.99/user/month No Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 14-day Free Trial
RoboForm Depends on the Number of Users Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-day Money-back Guarantee
Keeper Business (billed annually) – $3.75/user/month Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-day Free Trial
Total Password $1.99/month No Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 14-day Money-back Guarantee
Avira Pro – $2.99/user/month Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 60-day Money-back Guarantee
Dashlane Business (billed annually) – $8/user/month No Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-day Free Trial
Bitwarden Enterprise Organization  – $5/user/month Yes Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari, Vivaldi, Brave, Tor 7-day Free Trial

Is a Free PW Manager Enough for Business Use?

It’s standard practice for password management providers to provide their solutions for free, unlike other programs. And everyone appreciates free software, especially when it has the necessary functions.

Although they offer the capabilities needed to store your passwords safely, these free plans do, of course, have certain restrictions, such as a limited number of users and fewer features.

For businesses, it’s important to opt for a paid option unless you have just one or two employees, then you could perhaps stretch a free plan to the max, but generally speaking, you’ll get more premium features like data breach alerts and secure password sharing on a paid plan.

If you have 5 or more members of staff, a free password manager simply won’t do, as they rarely allow over 5 users. We’d recommend trying a premium service like NordPass, which only costs $3.59/user/month, and comes with a ton of business-specific features like onboarding and offboarding capabilities.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Corporate Password Management Tool

When choosing which password manager is best for your business, there are important factors to consider, like the overall cost, as most of them are charged per user. You also want to ensure it’s compatible with your device. Below is a useful list of considerations to help you make the right choice:

  • Good Security & Encryption: Strong encryption (think 256-bit AES or greater) and two-factor authentication (2FA) are two features that a top-tier business password manager should include. To safeguard your security and privacy, they must also adhere to zero-knowledge practices.
  • Simple Set Up: Your company’s password manager must be simple to install or offer specialized system integration help. Additionally, search for user-friendly dashboards that are accessible to both technical and non-technical personnel.
  • Admin Controls: It should be possible to monitor how each employee manages their credentials and whether they’re adhering to best security practices. All the providers on this list offer some sort of administrative controls, allowing administrative staff to set permission restrictions and the required security measures.
  • Features: Look for features like auto-saving, auto-login, login security audits, and secure password sharing when selecting a business password manager. This will make life much easier and will save a lot of stress and time further down the line.
  • Pricing: A comprehensive password manager is likely to be a bit costly if you’re a large enterprise. It’s important not only to consider the price, but make sure that there’s a good feature-to-price ratio.

Conclusion | What’s the Best Password Manager Business Solution to Use in 2024?

Manual management of the numerous passwords and other credentials used in a business is practically impossible. Using a password management system will increase staff collaboration on shared accounts and strengthen security at your business.

The best password managers for businesses provide streamlined sign-ins, secure password sharing, and numerous levels of additional data security. All these benefits are available from a reputable source like NordPass. Try it now, it offers the best value for money you’ll find with PW managers.


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Bitcoin Consolidates Around $43,000 as ETF Buzz Quiets Down – Will It Reach $100,000 After Halving?

The flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has been grappling with bearish pressure following the ETF-engineered rally in early January. However, despite the depressing short-term outlook, many believe BTC could hit $100,000 after...

China Bets on Open-Source RISC-V Chips Amid US Export Controls

China Bets on Open-Source RISC-V Chips Amid US Export Controls

Ripple to Introduce Novel XRP-powered Payment Solutions to the US Market
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Ripple to Introduce Novel XRP Powered Payment Solutions to the US Market

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Top Crypto Gainers on 5 February – RON and PENDLE

BBC Kids Expands In the Middle East after Launching On Shahid
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BBC Kids Expands in the Middle East after Launching on Shahid