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The best Telegram spy apps help you discreetly monitor all Telegram activities on a target phone without being detected. You can track all sent and received messages, shared media files, and even view deleted texts  — perfect for parents worried about their children’s online activity, employers concerned about employees’ use of company time, or spouses worried about their partner’s fidelity.

Looking for a quick answer? After in-depth research and testing, we’ve determined that mSpy comes out on top of the list of best Telegram spy apps, given its affordability, privacy, and comprehensive list of anti-detection features. Take advantage of the risk-free 10-day money-back guarantee now, or read on to learn how it compares to other leading Telegram spy apps.

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The Best Telegram Spy Apps | In-Depth Reviews

Here are our picks for the best Telegram spy apps in 2024. With dozens on the market to choose from, the below made our list thanks to their set-up processes, ease of use, effectiveness, pricing and quality customer support.

  1. mSpy — Overall, the best spy app for Telegram in 2024 thanks to its robust features package, which includes powerful geo-tracking tools, remote installation functionality and best-in-class customer support.
  2. EyeZy — A reasonably priced Telegram spy app that doesn’t sacrifice quality, enabling you to monitor internet activity with exceptional detail and analyze phone calls—all without being detected.
  3. uMobix  — A powerful parental control app ideal for monitoring social media activity, remotely blocking websites and apps, and analyze deleted calls and messages with bank-grade data encryption.
  4. CocospyA no-jailbreak spy app that seamlessly grants you the ability to track your target phone’s SIM card, calls, media files, and messages on Telegram.
  5. Spyic — A popular solution for parents looking to monitor multiple phones, with detailed insights into up to three target phones for under $9/month
  6. Hoverwatch — A proven choice for tracking activity across multiple operating systems, covering up to 25 devices on one subscription with the ability to capture disappearing messages through remote screenshots. 
  7. XNSpyMost affordable and advanced telegram spy app which grants you remote access to the user’s camera and microphone
  8. iKeyMonitorBest free telegram spy app that enables geofencing, malicious keyword tracking, and SMS and call monitoring.
  9. TheOneSpy — A full-feature spouse tracking app best for real-time phone and camera listening, live phone screen sharing, social media monitoring and tracking offline activity.
  10. Flexispy — The original Telegram spy app with advanced features such as recording surroundings and audio calls from phone and IM apps.

The Best Spy Apps for Telegram | In-Depth Reviews

Here, we review the 10 best Telegram spy apps for you — including their compatibility, price, and features so you can easily choose what best suits your needs.

Want to see an in-depth head-to-head review? Check our comparison table in the next section.

1. mSpy  — Overall, the Best Spy App for Telegram in 2024

mSpy is our top pick for the best Telegram spy app, thanks to its wide range of features. You can use it to monitor your child’s activity on Telegram, including their messages, media files, and contacts.

mSpy, the best Telegram spy app

Cheapest Plan Annual Plan Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported No Jailbreak Keylogger
$8.33/month — Billed Annually $8.33/month — Billed Annually No 14 days 1 per Subscription Yes Yes


  • Stealth mode for 100% discreet monitoring
  • Has one of the best keylogger apps
  • Powerful screen recorder for live insight
  • Compatible with any device
  • View calendar, installed apps, wifi networks, and app usage time


  • Costly to monitor more than 1 device

mSpy has its own keylogger feature and, unlike many of its competitors, it lets you see every keystroke made on the target device, even if the chat history is deleted. This makes it a powerful tool for monitoring your child’s Telegram activity. Plus, you can set up alerts for specific keywords so you’ll be notified if they’re used in a conversation.

mSpy is the best for screen-capturing Telegram activity

As for compatibility, mSpy can be installed via Stealth Mode on any device. Whether your target is using an iPhone that is jailbroken or non-jailbroken, or an Android phone that is rooted or not, mSpy will still work perfectly. Because of this, it’s one of the best spy apps for Android and iOS.

If you want to screen-capture the target device’s screen in real-time, mSpy can do that too. It records the screen activity as a video, so you won’t miss a thing.

Finally, mSpy is easy to set up, taking only five minutes to get up and running. Their customer service team is also available 24/7 to support you, but with 87% customer satisfaction, you likely won’t need it.


mSpy's pricing

mSpy offers three subscription plans, each with great features. The cheapest plan is the basic plan, at $11.66 per month/billed annually. 

Unfortunately, mSpy no longer offers a free trial; however, they give you 30% off on your first subscription and offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. This is a great way to try out their service without commitment.

2. EyeZy  — A Reasonably Priced Telegram Spy App That Doesn’t Sacrifice Quality

EyeZy is a fast-growing Telegram spy app that was launched in 2021. With its impressive design, wide range of features, and robust privacy system, it allows you to monitor any Telegram account without the user’s knowledge.

EyeZy's keylogger for monitoring Telegram activity
Cheapest Plan Annual Plan Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported No Jailbreak Keylogger
$10.00/month — Billed Annually $47.86 Free Trial 14-days 1 per Subscription No Yes


  • Affordable
  • Keystroke feature
  • Very sleek design


  • Requires jailbreak for full functionality on iOS

The app works by creating a mirror of the target Telegram account on your own device, meaning that all data from the target account—including messages, photos, videos, and even files–will be synced to your device in real-time.

Aside from being able to spy on Telegram accounts, EyeZy also lets you track via GPS location, view the target’s contact list, and see all groups they are a part of. Above all else, as one of the best spy apps for iPhone and Android, the apps for both are phenomenal.

In addition, EyeZy comes with a feature that lets you monitor all chats and call logs from social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Viber, and Line. Plus, it also has its own keylogger that works on Telegram to give you superb insight into the activity.


EyeZy's pricing

EyeZy is a subscription-based app that starts at $10.00/month (billed annually). It also includes a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free.


3. uMobix —  A Powerful Parental Control App With Bank-Grade Data Encryption

uMobix is one of the highest quality, most robust Telegram spy apps on the market with nearly 60 features allowing you 360-degree insights into your child’s device. Its GPS tracking capabilities allow you to track another person’s location and remotely control their Telegram account.

uMobix Telegram monitoring

Cheapest Plan Annual Plan Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported No Jailbreak Keylogger
$14.99/month — Billed Annually $29.99 No 14-days 1 per Subscription Yes Yes


  • Real-time GPS tracker
  • Easy to set up
  • Powerful remote control capabilities
  • Control 21+ social media and messaging apps


  • No free trial
  • No call recording
  • Keylogger and screenshots only available for Android devices

This means that you can remotely turn on their camera and microphone, take pictures, or record videos — all without them knowing.

You have two options for remote activation of an Android device’s camera: the snapshot function, which uses the phone’s internal camera to snap a single photo; and the video streaming feature, which uses the phone’s external camera to stream live footage of what’s happening in real-time on the device.

In addition, uMobix also features an effective keystroke logger, which records every keystroke made on the target device’s keyboard — including usernames, passwords, conversations, Google searches made… basically everything.

One of the best things about uMobix is that it allows you to track and record your child’s deleted calls and messages—and even view renamed contacts. This essential feature can help keep you apprised of your child’s interactions with predators of bullies—even after they’ve been erased from their phone.

uMobix’s Android version is also fast and simple to install. Users routinely get it set up and running within five minutes.


uMobix's pricing

Depending on what sort of phone you need to monitor, prices can vary. However, uMobix is substantially less expensive than most of its rivals, costing just $14.99/month for the annual plan. If you’re after a shorter subscription, uMobix offers a three-month plan for $33.33/month and one-month plans from $29.99/month.

4. Cocospy — No-Jailbreak Spy App for Tracking SIM Cards

Cocospy is a powerful surveillance tool that can secretly collect a wealth of data on any target device, undetectable by the user. The best part? It doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting the target phone for full functionality—a rarity in the spy app realm.

Cocospy's Telegram spying

Cheapest Plan Annual Plan Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported No Jailbreak Keylogger
$11.66/month — Billed Annually $49.99 Yes 14-days 1/subscription Yes Yes


  • Root/jailbreak not required
  • Can install remotely
  • Stealth mode


  • Pricier than some other options on this list

Some data is collected instantaneously, while other types are regularly transferred to Cocospy’s servers (which can be accessed through Cocospy’s intuitive dashboard).

Cocospy’s call logging capability allows you to monitor every call placed or received by the target device — timestamps, duration, frequency, and contact lists included. It’s integrated with Meta’s social media platforms so you can also track activity on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

The report generated at the end of a spy session is incredibly detailed, giving you a good idea of how the target phone is being used.

Overall, we were impressed with how well this app worked and how much data it was able to provide on short notice.


Cocospy is a bit more expensive when compared to others on this list — but, in general, it’s not over the top, especially for the features you get. It offers three plans: The cheapest, for a full year, costs under $11 per month. Here are all of your options:

Cocospy's pricing


You can also try Cocospy risk-free with the solid 14-day guarantee. Don’t like it? Get a full refund.

Suspicious of your partner and worried about your children’s safety online? Spyic has you covered. As one of the best spy apps on the market, it can track up to three devices on the Family plan, showing you all Telegram messages sent and received on both Android and iOS devices—and this includes deleted messages.

Spyic's interface
Cheapest Plan Annual Plan Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported No Jailbreak Keylogger
$8.33 per month/ Billed Annually $39.99 Yes 60-days 3 for Family Plan Yes Yes


  • Solid screen recorder
  • Jailbreak/root not required
  • Monitor 42 data types, including a foolproof keylogger to track everything they type and tap
  • Allows up to three target devices on one plan


  • Few features compared to others

What’s more, Spyic is completely undetectable once installed, so your targets will never know they’re being monitored.

Plus, Spyic’s robust parental control features let you read all the messages your children send and receive on Telegram, as well as block dangerous websites and applications outside of Telegram to keep them safe at all times.

All in all, Spyic is one of the best parental control apps available.


Spyic pricing

The price of the app depends on the features you want and the device you’re looking to monitor. Comprehensive monitoring for one device starts at $9.99, but you can monitor up to three devices on the family plan for $69.99/month.

All plans come with a lengthy 60-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

6. Hoverwatch — A Proven Choice for Tracking Activity Across Multiple Devices

Hoverwatch, with its substantial list of features, is one of the best Telegram spy apps available today. Its user-friendly interface and easy setup make it perfect if you’re looking to monitor up to 25 devices (including Android and iOS).

Hoverwatch's interface
Cheapest Plan Annual Plan Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported No Jailbreak Keylogger
$3.33 per month/ Device $24.95 Yes 30-days 25 for Business Yes Yes


  • Great for tracking multiple devices
  • Can track subscriptions and joined groups
  • Offers demo mode
  • The best option for businesses


  • No remote installation

Hoverwatch also offers a free trial so you can test its capabilities before committing to purchase. In terms of capabilities, Hoverwatch lets you record calls, read private chats, track subscriptions to groups and channels, take screenshots, remotely view the device’s screen, and follow the device’s location — all without root access on Android devices.

Besides checking location activity, you can even set up alerts for specific movements that your family members or employees make outside of marked “safe” areas. This makes it one of the best geofencing spy apps on the market.


Hoverwatch's pricing

Luckily, Hoverwatch keeps things simple when it comes to pricing. Their three primary subscription plans — Personal, Professional, and Business — all have clear price points that vary based on the length of your subscription.

However, what really sets the plans apart is the number of devices you’re able to monitor. The personal package only allows for one device, while the professional plan enables you to keep tabs on up to five devices.

With the Business plan, you can monitor up to 25 devices on one subscription.

In addition, both the business and professional plans give you access to Hoverwatch Viewer (HW Viewer). This is an Android software program that manages log entries from any monitored device, which means you can view Hoverwatch’s reports not only on your personal account, but also on your mobile device without an internet connection.

7. XNSpy — Most Affordable And Advanced Telegram Spy App

XNSPY is a sleek, powerful spy app that lets you remotely monitor an iOS or Android device. The app’s dashboard comes with everything you need, from analytics to device info.

XNSpy's monitoring

Cheapest Plan Annual Plan Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported No Jailbreak Keylogger
$7.50/month — Billed Annually $35.99 No 10-days 1 per Subscription Yes Yes


  • Detailed report
  • Alerts and notifications
  • No root/jailbreak needed


  • Limited control on data uploads

But what makes XNSpy one of the best spy apps for Telegram is its support for recording the target device’s screen in real-time. So whether your kids are using Telegram to chat with friends or looking at something inappropriate, you can see it as it happens and take the actions needed to prevent it from occurring again.

XNSpy also offers a no-jailbreak solution for iOS devices, so you don’t have to go through the hassle. Plus, it’s also compatible with non-rooted Android devices so that you can monitor an Android phone or tablet without root access.


XNSpy's pricing

There are 3 subscription options (monthly, quarterly, and annual) and two price categories offered by XNSPY (Basic and Premium).

XNSpy’s pricing depends on the length of your commitment and the quality of your plan. On Basic, the shortest plan is a one-month membership, which costs $29.99.

If you sign up for the quarter plan, your monthly cost will be $13.99  — totaling $41.99 for the quarter — and if you commit to a year, the monthly price drops to $4.99 (just $59 per year).

If you opt for the Premium Edition, the one-month membership cost is $35.99. $20/month for the quarterly plan or just $7.50/month — totaling only $89 upfront for the year.

8. iKeyMonitor — Best Free Telegram Spy App

With its generous free trial, ease of use, and quick installation process, iKeyMonitor is an attractive option for anyone looking for a reliable spy app.

iKeyMonitor, the best free Telegram spy app
Cheapest Plan Annual Plan Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported No Jailbreak Keylogger
$9.99 for 3 Days $16.66 Yes 30-days 1 per Subscription Yes Yes


  • 24/7 support
  • Free forever
  • Flexible pricing


  • No remote installation

The program operates in the background, uploading data it’s gathered to a server in the cloud. After the installation is complete, you can monitor everything online.

But where iKeyMonitor really shines is in its customer support. The team offers live chat help around the clock, and they’re always willing to go the extra mile to fix any issues you may have. Additionally, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee — so if you’re not satisfied with the app for any reason, you can get your money back.

And if you’re looking for a spy app that won’t break the bank, iKeyMonitor has got you covered there too — they offer an on-demand 3-day use option that’s very reasonably priced.


ikeymonitor pricing plans

Whatever your monitoring needs are, iKeyMonitor has a package and corresponding pricing to fit. From SMS tracking to call history eavesdropping to GPS location tracking, the free package offers plenty of features.

If you want even more robust capabilities, you can upgrade your basic plan for just $9.99 for three days or $16.66 per month. Either way, iKeyMonitor is an excellent Telegram spy app.

9. TheOneSpy —  A Full-Feature Spouse Tracking App

TheOneSpy takes a slightly different approach to Telegram monitoring; they give you the ability to remotely block and restrict numbers from both incoming and outgoing calls, as well as control internet usage.

TheOneSpy for spying on Telegram activity
Cheapest Plan Annual Plan Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported No Jailbreak Keylogger
$11.66/month — Billed Annually $35.00 No 14-days 1 per Subscription Yes Yes


  • Real-time data (voice and video)
  • No root/jailbreak required
  • It blocks and sets up screen time limits


  • You need to have physical access to the target device to install it

This is a great way to monitor your child’s online activity and ensure they’re not spending too much time on their phone, tablet, or apps like Telegram. TheOneSpy also features Spy360, a unique live surround listening tool that lets you listen to your target cell phone’s live surroundings in real-time.

Essentially, Spy360 is a hidden microphone app that enables you to turn on the target Android’s microphone remotely and know what’s actually happening around the person. Want to know what your child is talking about in real time? Spy360 has you covered.

By having remote access to the phone’s internet dashboard, you can block or limit incoming calls with TheOneSpy’s call-blocking software. This is a great way to prevent strangers from calling your child or to block spam calls to your business phones. 

All in all, TheOneSpy is a great choice for those looking for remote call-blocking capabilities or screen-time limits.


TheOneSpy's pricing

Plans depend on the device you’ll be tracking. But you can get this app for as little as $11.66/month, billed for a year. On top of this, you have a risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee.

10. Flexispy — The Original Telegram Spy App Best for Advanced, Technical Features

Looking for an extremely powerful and feature-rich spy app? Flexispy is one of the most comprehensive ones out there, packing more than 150 features into its arsenal. It’s also the original Telegram spy app, helping parents keep their kids safe since 2006.

FlexiSpy's spy app

Cheapest Plan Annual Plan Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported No Jailbreak Keylogger
$14.91/month — Billed Annually $29.95 Yes 10-days 1 per Subscription Yes Yes


  • Robust features
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Call interception


  • One of the more expensive options on this list

The features include all the usual suspects for monitoring call activity, GPS tracking, text messages, and more.

But where Flexispy really comes into its own is with its advanced feature set. In contrast with other apps, Flexispy can set up a trigger-based call and recording interception, remotely activate the microphone on the target device to listen in on conversations, access WhatsApp and Facebook messages, and spy on Snapchat usage .

If you need an all-in-one solution for spying on a Telegram account, Flexispy is definitely worth considering — even if its price tag puts it at the more expensive end of the best phone spy app market.


FlexiSpy pricing

Flexispy offers three different pricing plans: Lite, Premium, and Extreme. If you want more features like spy call, SMS spoofing, and RemCam, you need to upgrade to the Extreme package.

Best Spy Apps For Telegram | Comparison Table

Choosing the best Telegram spy app for you can be tough. To make your research easier, here’s a table to compare the top spy apps for Telegram:

VPN Cheapest Plan Monthly Plan  Trial Money-Back Guarantee Max Devices Supported No Jailbreak Keylogger
mSpy $8.33/ month (annual) $55.33 No 10-days 1/subscription Yes Yes
EyeZy $10.00/month (annual) $47.86 Yes 14-days 1/subscription No Yes
uMobix $14.99/month (annual) $29.99 No 14-days 1/subscription Yes Yes
Cocospy $11.66/month (annual) $49.99 Yes 14-days 1/subscription Yes Yes
Spyic $8.33/month (annual) $39.99 Yes 60-days 3 for Family Plan Yes Yes
Hoverwatch $3.33/month/device $24.95 Yes 30-days 25 for Business Yes Yes
XNSpy $7.50/month (annual) $35.99 No 10-days 1/subscription Yes Yes
iKeyMonitor $9.99 for 3 Days $16.66 Yes 30-days 1/subscription Yes Yes
TheOneSpy $11.66/month (annual) $35.00 No 14-days 1/subscription Yes Yes
Flexispy $14.91/month (annual) $29.95 Yes 10-days 1/subscription Yes Yes

How We Chose the Best Spy Apps for Telegram

When choosing a spy app for Telegram, there are many factors to consider. We took the time to research and review the best apps on the market so you can make an informed decision. Some of the factors we considered include:

  1. Setup Process – We looked at how easy it was to set up each spy app to monitor Telegram activity. We also took into account whether jailbreaking or rooting was required and whether some apps can be installed remotely without needing physical access to the target device.
  2. Ease of Use We also looked at how easy it was to use each app and whether the interface was user-friendly. We also considered the number of features offered by each spy app and how well they worked in practice.
  3. Effectiveness Of course, we also wanted to make sure that each spy app actually did what it claimed to do — track Telegram messages and calls as promised. To test this, we used each app ourselves for a short period.
  4. Pricing – We examined the various pricing plans offered by every company to see which one offered the best value for money (a mix of features, price, and quality). Some apps have a one-time fee, while others charge monthly or yearly subscriptions.
  5. Customer Support – Finally, we also checked to see if quality customer support was offered in case you run into any problems while using the app. We contacted each company via email and live chat to see how quickly they responded and how helpful their customer service agents were overall.

How to Set Up a Telegram Spy App | How to Monitor Telegram

In this example, we’ll use the mSpy app on an Android device. Here are the steps to setting up a Telegram spy app:

Step 1: Purchase an mSpy Subscription

Creating an account with mSpy

Step 2: Disable Play Protect and Download mSpy

When you sign up, mSpy will send you an email that contains steps to getting started, your login details, and a URL link you’ll need to download mSpy on the target device.

Your first step will be to disable Play Protect on the target device.

Disabling PlayProtect

Step 3: Install and Configure mSpy

Open the browser on the target device and input the URL mSpy sent through on the email. This will send you to a download page.

Installing mSpy on the target device

Step 4: Log Into Your mSpy Account

Once downloaded, log into mSpy on your own device, and begin monitoring the target phone’s Telegram activity, location history, and everything in between — directly from your dashboard:

mSpy's dashboard

Best Spy App for Telegram FAQs

Are Telegram spy apps legal?

Are Telegram spy apps safe?

Are there any free Telegram spy apps?

What is jailbreaking or rooting? | Do I need to jailbreak a phone to spy on Telegram?

Can Telegram chat be traced?

Conclusion | What is the Best Spy App for Telegram in 2024?

Whether you’re a parent, a business owner, or a concerned citizen, you’re here because you want to know what someone is doing on Telegram. The best spy apps for Telegram let you secretly monitor conversations from popular social media apps, track your target phone’s location through GPS, and even get live insight into the target user’s activity across apps

After hours of arduous research, we’ve concluded that the best spy app for Telegram is mSpy. It’s easy to use and comes with an array of features that are all highly effective at tracking Telegram messages and calls.

Furthermore, mSpy has very competitive pricing, with multiple plans to choose from. Plus, their customer support is excellent in case you need any assistance along the way. Try it now risk-free with the 14-day money-back guarantee.

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