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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

While most crypto investors focus on short-term investing strategies, long-term cryptocurrency trading strategies can lead to higher gains without too much stress or fear. Crypto markets are traditionally highly volatile, and long-term investing allows you to ride sudden price movements out without too much risk.

crypto hodl

However, with over 20,000 cryptocurrencies on the market, finding the best long-term crypto investments can seem overwhelming, even for advanced traders. So, stay with us as we review the best long-term cryptos to invest in 2023. 

10 Best Crypto To Hold Long-Term

Here is a quick overview of the best crypto for long-term investments. You can read more details in the review section below to learn which crypto to buy today for long-term returns.

  1. Bitcoin ETF Token– When it comes to holding any tokens, long-term investors must try to find projects that have goals for the future and don’t just want to pump on trends that will disappear. Bitcoin ETF Token is literally that, as it is trying to capitalize on future Bitcoin ETF developments that should be coming down the line.
  2. Bitcoin Minetrix– When looking for long cryptos to hold, it is certainly best advised to look for an innovative project that is trying to solve an issue that plagues the market. Bitcoin Minetrix does exactly that. They have seen the problems with cloud mining and have come up with a solution investors will love.
  3. Meme Kombat– Get ready for one of the most fun P2E games to have hit the crypto market. This game uses AI technology and your favorite memes from the last 10 years to create a fun battle game that investors will love. Add to this, players can wager on the game and stake their tokens, and you have the perfect recipe for a crypto to hold long-term.
  4. TG.Casino– Online gambling is exploding thanks to its increasing legality. Crypto casinos are slowly starting to make their way into the mainstream consciousness too. TG.Casino looks like it could be the crypto platform that really captures the imagination of everyone, thanks to its partnership with Telegram.
  5. Launchpad XYZ – AI-powered crypto analytics platform that analyzes data from multiple leading crypto exchanges, providing users valuable insights that will help them increase ROI while reducing risk. 
  6. yPredict – Emerging crypto future price prediction platform that uses an AI solution to analyze market data in real-time to produce accurate price predictive models. It’s designed to help users identify the best crypto for long-term investment. 
  7. Wall Street Memes – Another emerging meme coin backed by a 1 million-strong community. The platform is developed by the team behind Wall St. Bulls, the same community that was behind the GameStop stock controversy in 2021.
  8. Chimpzee – Eco-friendly crypto platform that rewards users every time they do something that helps battle carbon pollution, save endangered animals, and prevent deforestation worldwide.
  9. Copium – Meme coin platform designed to make fun of crypto investors who can’t cope with their losses after investing in the wrong cryptocurrencies.
  10. Spongebob Token – Another useless meme coin inspired by SpongeBob Squarepants already experienced 2,500% growth after going live without any advertising or presale events.

The detailed analysis below will give you more information about the best long-term crypto investments in 2023. But before we get into the details, we’ll explain the metrics we used to determine the best long-term crypto on today’s market.

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Analyzing the Best Crypto With Potential As Long Term Investment 

After spending hundreds of hours analyzing crypto markets and comparing their features, we selected the top 11 long-term cryptocurrencies to invest in this year. Here are some of the metrics we used to identify those platforms:

  • The number of crypto holders and the community surrounding the platform
  • Total market cap
  • Potential benefits the cryptos offer to long-term investors
  • Upcoming features and developments according to roadmaps
  • The current value of the crypto (we considered only the options that are undervalued at the moment)
  • After calculating all these details and looking at future price predictions, we were able to identify which crypto to buy today for long-term gains.

What Defines Crypto Prices?

Almost all crypto prices directly relate to current Bitcoin prices. The so-called correlation to Bitcoin is one of the most important factors to consider when investing in the best long-term cryptocurrencies.

If the correlation to BTC is 0.5, that means that if BTC gains $100, the crypto in question will increase by $50. However, some cryptos managed to explode and lead to huge gains despite having no correlation to BTC. 

Other factors also play a crucial role. For example, after Elon Musk mentioned Dogecoin in a tweet, the token exploded, leading to massive gains for all token holders. Therefore, it’s safe to say that crypto prices are defined by numerous factors, the most important being:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Financial backing
  • Transaction fees
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Whales trading
  • Market cap
  • Total transaction volume
  • Sentiment

Other Important Features

Apart from being backed by an active community, the best long-term cryptos to invest in are defined by numerous technical indicators that make a huge difference in return potential.

That includes staking rewards (one of the best long-term strategies), dollar cost averaging, and other rewards (P2E, R2E, M2E), etc.

After considering all these details to determine which crypto to buy today for the long term, we came up with the ten best options you can invest in today. So, let’s get right into the details. 

Bitcoin ETF Token- This project is built to go from strength to strength alongside Bitcoin

bitcoin etf token When we talk about long-term crypto choices, a great option is going to be a project that aligns itself with crypto’s number one token. That is what Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) has done as it hopes to capitalize on the Bitcoin ETF progress that many are expecting to happen in the future. Bitcoin is enjoying a renaissance, and with the upcoming halving event coupled with what seems like the inevitable SEC approval of the ETFs, there is no better time to be a project aligned with it.

So we know Bitcoin ETF Token is hoping to profit from developments in this area, but why is this an area they are targeting? Well, an Exchange-Traded fund had been a pipeline dream for some time for crypto lovers and investors. The reason for this is it is thought it would deliver crypto from being a niche market into the mainstream arena. A Bitcoin ETF would allow stock market traders to purchase shares representing the digital asset through traditional brokerage accounts.

When news broke that BlackRock had taken the first steps in their application for a spot Bitcoin ETF with the SEC the whole market was boosted, which shows how powerful this can be for the market. Another example of this is on October 24th, Bitcoin’s price jumped 12%, its best 24-hour performance in over 6 months. The reason for this was a small bit of progress regarding the ETF application, which saw BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF listed on the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation website.

This was considered a small development but still managed to have such a large effect on the token that is the least volatile in the whole market. So, imagine what more developments could do for a project like Bitcoin ETF Token, which will have, in comparison, a microscopic market cap. It gives it an almost unlimited gains potential and makes it the perfect crypto to hold onto long-term as the Bitcoin ETF application rumbles on.

However, if this wasn’t enough for investors, the coin has also made sure to include utility to strengthen the project. Staking will be the backbone of the ecosystem and investors have been able to stake their coins right from the beginning of the presale. With 25% of the total allocation of BTCETF dedicated to staking rewards, investors can be guaranteed a decent passive income. Another 25% of that allocation will be eventually burnt as the project passes milestones creating scarcity. Another win for investors.

Token Info Bitcoin Minetrix
 Presale Started November 2023
 Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
 Chain Ethereum
 Hard Cap $4,956,000
 Min Investment None
 Max Investment  None

Bitcoin Minetrix- Cloud mining has turned into a cesspool, but this project has the solution

btc minetrix Anyone familiar with cloud mining will know what the above title is in reference to and will likely already have invested in Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX), thanks to the solutions it offers. For those who don’t, cloud mining was actually initially a breakthrough idea that was supposed to give individual investors the chance to partake in Bitcoin mining.

The mining process had become so massive that it was too far gone from its decentralized beginnings that make it unique. It was now only accessible to the rich who could afford huge mining operations and had the business and technical know-how. Cloud mining is basically when an individual rents mining equipment out and then gets to mine their own Bitcoin.

However, these small-time investors are now getting completely ripped off with egregiously high fees, and now the leasing agents are even requiring a percentage of the Bitcoin yields. If this wasn’t enough, the whole system is full of scammers who lure you in with initial good yields and then up fees and prevent you from withdrawing what’s rightfully yours. Thankfully Bitcoin Minetrix has the solution.

That stake-to-mine. The philosophy of this approach is to put the power back in the everyday investor. Once BTCMTX tokens are staked, the investors can do whatever they want, be it unstake and sell, let them appreciate and earn a passive income, or the crucial third option, exchange them for secondary ERC-20 tokens called mining credits.

These mining credits then act as investor’s route into Bitcoin mining. Due to their status, they must be burned in exchange for designated BTC cloud mining time or a percentage of mining yields. This system fully puts the power back in the investor’s hands. Crucially there are no hidden fees, and everything is transparent. Of course, the staking system also underlines the legitimacy of the project and gives it an extra layer of security so investors know they are in safe hands.

Token Info Bitcoin Minetrix
 Presale Started September 26st, 2023
 Purchase Methods USDT, ETH
 Chain Ethereum
 Hard Cap $32,000,000
 Min Investment $10
 Max Investment  None

Meme Kombat- Get ready for high-tech AI battles with your favorite meme coins 

meme kombat logo Meme Kombat ($MK) has done the smartest thing a P2E game project can do. They have taken inspiration from a super-popular traditional gaming franchise. Although blockchain gaming is growing, it is still minuscule when compared to other kinds of traditional gaming. It is the smart P2E games that recognize this and understand the best chance of success is to combine both.

As many of you will have already guessed, the traditional gaming franchise Meme Kombat took inspiration from was Mortal Kombat. Some of the most iconic scenes in gaming history will now be included in a P2E blockchain game, except this time with the most iconic memes of the last 10 years. However, the incorporation of AI technology will mean the gameplay will be better than ever before.

meme kombat

It isn’t just battling that will grab the attention of investors. There is also a huge wagering system that almost resembles a sportsbook. Players will have lots of different options to meet their gambling needs. Bet against the computer, or against other players, or just directly bet on the outcome of certain battles or characters. You can even side-bet on things like the first move, specific outcomes, or unique battle events. There are no corners cut here when it comes to covering the basis of a good betting system.

30% of the total allocation of $MK will be set aside for wagering but also staking. As all good projects have done in 2023, Meme Kombat has seen the importance that staking can have to an ecosystem. Not only can investors earn a decent passive income by staking, but it adds an extra layer of security to the project that makes it much more likely to succeed.

When it comes to looking for projects that are top long-term options, we would normally not recommend too many P2E games as they can burn bright but fast. Meme Kombat is an exception to this rule. This is because a combination of being able to draw in traditional gamers, a complete wagering and staking system, and state-of-the-art AI used for gameplay mean it should last the test of time.

Token Info Meme Kombat
 Presale Started September 21st, 2023
 Purchase Methods USDT, ETH
 Chain Ethereum
 Hard Cap $10,000,000
 Min Investment 0.015 ETH
 Max Investment  None

TG.Casino- Get ready for the new generation of crypto-gambling sites

tgcasino logo As the dogs on the street know, online gambling as a sector has the momentum of a runaway freight train. This, of course, has to do with more states legalizing it, and as there is more to come, it means more growth is incoming. While crypto gambling is also growing, it remains a long way behind the traditional online gambling method. TG.Casino ($TGC) looks like it could bridge that gap.

The main reason that crypto gambling is still so niche is mostly that people are unfamiliar with the product. However, TG.Casino actually has a lot of benefits when compared to a traditional online gambling site. For example, many gambling sites are geo-locked and limit user access depending on payment methods. Crypto is open to anyone with an internet connection, so it makes TG.Casino’s possible audience is almost without a ceiling.

TG Casino Banner

Another benefit TG.Casino has, is the speed and security that crypto has over traditional payment methods. Crypto transactions are normally performed in a matter of seconds which is much faster than anything traditional online gambling normally offers. Then when it comes to security, every transaction made on a blockchain is immutable, ensuring that once a bet is recorded, it cannot be altered. This means customers can feel more secure when it comes to their funds when using the casino.

The main selling factor is that TG.Casino has over its rivals is its partnership with Telegram. Anyone with the Telegram app will be able to access the casino making sure its reach is huge. Telegram is also known as one of their more secure apps, so now TG.casino can boast this impressive encryption software. Lastly, the Telegram bots will be put to good use on the site to facilitate games, manage player accounts, process bets, and much more, all within the familiar Telegram interface.

TG.casino is also making sure they are very generous to their players. Staking will, of course, be available for investors with a generous APY. However, it is the rewards that are most impressive. They are committed to using a share of their daily profits to buy open market $TGC. 40% of these tokens will be burned, which will increase the value of the ones already purchased. The remaining 60% will be used for rewards both on the site and for staking. This really feels like it will be a great long-term crypto choice. Find out how to buy TG. Casino Tokens here.

Token Info TG.Casino
 Presale Started September 21st, 2023
 Purchase Methods USDT, ETH
 Chain Ethereum
 Hard Cap $5,000,000
 Min Investment None
 Max Investment  None

Launchpad XYZ – AI-Powered Crypto Analytics Platform Providing Easy Access To All Web 3.0 Investment Options

launchpad xyz logo Launchpad XYZ is a revolutionary crypto analytics platform that provides users access to all digital assets from a single Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Its primary goal is to provide users with a Web 3.0 marketplace where they can trade everything from cryptocurrencies and NFTs to Play-to-Earn games, ICOs, and much more.

The ecosystem is powered by the $LPX token that acts as the utility. $LPX tokens are available in presale only, but their price will increase after the next goal is met. The token will list for $0.07, which makes it one of the best crypto presales in 2023. Find out how to buy Launchpad XYZ here.


Launchpad has an advanced AI solution at its core, and its purpose is to pull and analyze heaps of relevant market data, including user feedback, sentiment, and growth potential.

It will also have a built-in DEX that allows users to exchange tokens, buy NFTs, invest in the best ICOs, play new P2E games, and much more. 

It’s a versatile crypto trading platform designed to reduce risk and increase ROI by providing users with valuable insights to improve their investing decisions.

The $LPX tokens are required to get paid monthly subscriptions, but users can also stake their tokens to get access to new features as soon as they appear. Invest in $LPX today and become a better crypto trader while enjoying high returns in the future. 

Token Info Launchpad XYZ
 Presale Started April 2023
 Purchase Methods USDT, ETH, Transak
 Chain Polygon
 Hard Cap $12.5 million
 Min Investment None
 Max Investment  None

yPredict – Extremely Accurate AI-Powered Crypto Price Prediction Platform

ypredict logo yPredict is another AI-powered crypto platform that can potentially lead to massive returns. It’s also the world’s first AI-driven crypto price prediction project that uses real-world market data to predict future prices of all digital assets accurately.

YPRED tokens are used as the utility and are expected to explode and keep growing steadily for years to come.

The official yPredict presale raised $2.4 in a couple of months, with over $1 million in the last three weeks. $YPRED tokens are selling faster than ever, and if the same trend continues, they will go live on BitMart within the next 45 days. Learn how to buy Ypredict here.


The AI that powers the entire ecosystem is designed to provide users with an all-in-one in-house solution using accurate predictive models to help traders increase their ROI while reducing risk.

It’s designed to help paid users make the best investments, providing advanced tools that offer valuable insights and all kinds of benefits.

$YPRED tokens will be used to purchase monthly subscriptions, but community members can also earn them by creating their predictive models. The project is entirely developed by AI/ML professionals and market traders with decades of experience between them. 

As a result, users can enjoy a scalable, fully transparent platform built according to the best standards on the Polygon blockchain. It will help you ensure that you never miss upcoming Binance listings.

Buy $YPRED tokens today and become a part of one of the most active crypto communities in 2023. 

Token Info yPredict
 Presale Started February 2023
 Purchase Methods ETH, MATIC, USDT, BNB, Card
 Chain Polygon
 Hard Cap $6,507,511
 Min Investment 200 YPRED
 Max Investment  None

Wall Street Memes – Emerging Meme Coin Backed by A 1 Million Strong Community. 

wall st memes 4 r5 Wall Street Memes is among the best new meme coins in 2023. It’s another meme coin that could replace DOGE as the new “King of Memes” since it’s backed by a massive online community.

Namely, the platform is designed by Wall Street Bets, a hugely popular Reddit community that achieved the impossible in 2021 by pushing one of the world’s largest hedge funds into bankruptcy.

The community proved that it could stand together against much bigger foes, and if it repeats the same with the $WSM token, investors will likely enjoy massive gains.

wall street memes

Wall Street Memes presale was launched on May 25 and has already raised over $13 million in 4 weeks!

The platform aims to empower the everyday investor allowing them to disrupt traditional financial services. It has enormous growth potential, and if you invest in $WSM during the presale, you might win another $50K of tokens after the presale. Learn how to buy Wall Street Memes here.

Considering that it’s backed by a 1-million-strong community, experts agree that despite being a small crypto to invest in, it is already one of the best long-term crypto investments on Reddit. Head to the official Wall Street Memes site and get your $WSM at the lowest price possible.

Chimpzee – Eco-Friendly Crypto Platform That Helps Battle Carbon Pollution, Deforestation, and Animal Extinction

chimpzee logo Chimpzee is another high-potential emerging cryptocurrency with high sustainability and massive return potential. Its primary goal is to motivate people to do everything they can to reduce carbon pollution, save endangered animal species, and prevent deforestation.

Chimpzee will reward every eco-conscious user with CHMPZ tokens every time they make an effort to help make the planet a cleaner and safer place.

chimpzee 3

That’s why the platform comes with multiple reward mechanisms, including Shop-2-Earn, Trade-2-Earn, and Play-2-Earn options. Users will be able to complete various tasks and challenges to earn tokens they can then exchange for NFTs in the built-in marketplace or sell directly on the open market. Chimpzee will add more features in the future, the ability to earn tokens by spreading awareness about carbon pollution, etc. 

The platform will have a total of 200 billion tokens, with a fifth of that available in presale. A portion of the money you invest will go towards funding eco-friendly projects worldwide. For example, Chimpzee has planted over 20,000 trees in Guatemala using money raised in presale, and the platform will continue funding similar events in the future. The presale has burnt through the first seven stages in less than a month, so head to the official site and invest right now to secure a spot among the earliest investors to get the highest returns in the future.

Copium – New Meme Coin Designed To Make Fun of Crypto Traders

copium logo Copium is another meme coin that appeared on the markets recently and made early investors some impressive returns just a few days after going live.

The $COPIUM token is a classic meme coin, which means that it has no use cases and is created for entertainment purposes only. The token went live on Uniswap taking a similar approach to the ICO as $PEPE.

As you may know, $PEPE tokens were the highest gainers in crypto markets in early May, leading to over 20,000% in returns. 

copium crypto

Copium is designed to make fun of crypto investors who can’t cope with their losses. Naturally, as soon as it went live, meme coin investors flocked to the platform, buying millions of tokens during the first few days after launch.

$COPIUM tokens were listed for $0.003353, but they exploded to $0.007226 two days after the IEO. As a worthless token, $COPIUM was thought to be another pump-and-dump investment, and that might be true to an extent.

However, the token dropped way below its IEO to a price point of $0.00029, so the only way it can go from here is up. Investing $100 will grant you 344 thousand tokens, and if you wait long enough your returns could be massive. Read our full Copium Price Prediction here.

Spongebob Token – Spongebob Squarepants-Inspired Meme Coin With High Gain Potential

The meme coin niche is one of the fastest-growing crypto niches in 2023, and the Spongebob Token is another contender for the best long-term crypto investment option that could lead to massive gains. It’s the best cheap crypto to buy now, and it could lead to massive gains in the upcoming period. 

The platform is inspired by the popular children’s cartoon Spongebob Squarepants, and it aims to become the “Krabby Patty of Meme Coins”, or in other words, it wants to become the next leading meme coin platform.

Like Copium, the Spongebob Token went live on Uniswap without any presales or online advertising. Its initial price was $0.00007401, and it took only three days for it to jump to $0.002105.

sponge token 100x

That’s a massive boost of over 2.500%, and all early investors were able to capitalize on the $SPONGE token. Find out where to buy $SPONGE here.

The coin is currently selling for only $0.000163, which is the lowest price since the launch. If you invest now, you can get hundreds of thousands of tokens for less than $100. Once their price starts moving up, you could get massive returns for a tiny investment.

It’s hard to say if the platform will reach its previous all-time highs, but if it does, you would be looking at least 2.000% in returns. Read a full $SPONGE price prediction here.

How to Decide Which Crypto To Buy Today For Long-Term 

Choosing the best long-term cryptos to invest in is based on a few essential factors that will help you filter platforms with high gain potential from all others. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing the best long-term crypto investment:

Market Capitalisation

Cryptocurrencies are ranked based on market capitalization. The cryptos with the highest market cap are considered the best long-term cryptos to invest in. You can check the numbers on Coinmarketcap, but the usual choices are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and others.

Total Coins In Circulation

The coins you invest in must have a limited supply of tokens in circulation. That way, as the demand increases, the tokens gain value, resulting in higher returns. Platforms with unlimited tokens can’t lead to impressive returns due to oversaturation.


Every crypto platform worth investing in has a white paper, which is a detailed roadmap of future plans. White papers explain what problems the crypto solves, what technology it uses, and other essential details.

If the whitepaper seems realistic, it could be an excellent investment. However, the token will lose value over time if the devs don’t implement the features they announced.

Real-world Use Cases

Cryptocurrencies without a real-world use case are destined to become obsolete at some point in time. Moreover, most such cryptos are a pump-and-dump investment option that leads to short-term gains. However, platforms may add use cases over time, but if the coin use goes down, its value will follow. 

Long-Term Crypto Investment Strategy – Technical Analysis 

Getting your hands on some cryptocurrency and holding on to it for a long time may lead to high gains, but only if you choose the right asset and the best strategy possible. However, even if you’ve got everything in place, cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile, so there’s always some risk involved. 

There are multiple long-term investing strategies that can help you increase your investments steadily over time. So, let’s take a closer look at the best long-term crypto investment strategies and explain how they work.

  1. Dollar-cost Averaging – an investment technique where investors invest a specific amount of money over a defined period. The returns are not massive, and most investors use the money they earn to invest in other cryptocurrencies. If the cryptos you want to buy are expensive, you’ll get fewer tokens, and vice versa. Understanding dollar-cost averaging will help you avoid investing when the prices are high, but you’ll also get the lowest returns.
  2. Staking – Staking is one of the most popular long-term investment strategies. It’s a process where users leave coins in their wallets and pledge them to the network that uses them for transactions. After enough time passes, users get additional tokens or interest. Staking is the most frequent passive income option available only on proof-of-stake cryptos.
  3. Buy Low and HODL – This is one of the riskiest investment strategies because you can never know how the asset is going to perform in the future. However, if you manage to buy low, your investment can result in massive gains in the future.

Best Way To Buy And Hold Crypto As A Long-Term Investment 

As mentioned above, the best way to invest in cryptos for the long term is to buy low and HODL. However, the tricky part is identifying the best long-term crypto to hold, especially in today’s markets.

Generally speaking, cryptocurrencies that belong to platforms that act as the base for other digital assets are your best bet. That includes digital currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano, MATIC, etc.

However, even that is not enough to guarantee success. The best approach is to see if the network in question offers passive rewards through staking, P2E games, or other methods.

If you choose to stake your tokens, you will lose access to them for a specific time. In other words, you will have to wait until the coins appear in your wallet, but you’ll get passive token rewards over time. Here’s a quick overview of what you have to do to get the most out of holding crypto long-term:

  • Check market prices frequently and wait until they drop significantly
  • Identify the most relevant cryptos that will likely rebound in the future
  • Invest in the digital currency
  • Wait until the token reaches a higher price point
  • Sell a portion of your tokens and keep some to repeat the process during the next market cycle.

Choosing Long-Term Crypto Vs Short-Term for Higher ROI 

Crypto prices are defined by various factors that can quickly lead to huge gains and massive losses. That resulted in a few different trading strategies, including long-term holding and short-term selling, known as day trading. Both methods can lead to huge returns, but only if done right. 

It’s hard to say which method is better, as they can result in massive ROI in both cases. The approach largely depends on your preference and skills, and both have certain risks and drawbacks.

Choosing to day trade or hold on to cryptos long-term depends on time, available funds, risk levels you’re willing to take, and your ability to cope with the stress of losing.

Generally speaking, long-term crypto investing is easier as traders don’t have to check asset prices all the time. There is little or no stress, FOMO, or FUD. If you choose the best long-term crypto before investing, you can get some massive returns in the future.

For example, if you bought a single Bitcoin in 2020 and sold it in late 2021, you would have made over $60,000 in returns.

However, the approach can also be extremely risky, and if the cryptos you bought lose value, your investment will dissolve slowly over time. It’s also essential that you choose a crypto with high-end security to prevent potential cyber-attacks.

Benefits Of Holding Crypto For Long Term

The best long-term crypto investment can lead to enormous gains for all token holders. There are numerous benefits to holding crypto long-term. While riskier, this approach is much more relaxed and less stressful. So, let’s look at some of the benefits of investing in long-term cryptos:

  • Long-term cryptos remove the need to check asset prices multiple times a day.
  • Holding on to the best long-term crypto investments allows investors to navigate around the huge stress and risks crypto markets are known for. Moreover, traders don’t have to deal with short-term volatility and have a chance to enjoy long-term rewards.
  • Emotions such as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) that usually plague crypto traders are minimized in the long run.
  • Hodling to cryptos can also lead to huge profits, but that’s usually after a few years of waiting. 
  • Lastly, long-term cryptos allow traders to defer their tax liability. The returns they get will enable them to grow their capital and diversify their investments into multiple assets to reduce risks and increase returns.

Best Crypto To Hold Long Term – FAQs

Is cryptocurrency a good long-term investment?

Which crypto to buy for the long term? 

Which crypto has the most potential?

Should you hold crypto long-term?

Final Thoughts

The long-term buy-and-hold strategy is one of the safest crypto trading strategies allowing you to grow your investment steadily over a long period. Holding on to tokens can lead to huge gains, but only if you invest in the best long-term crypto and ignore real-time price movements.

As you can see, there are plenty of HODL options in crypto markets right now, but if we had to pick the best one, we would say that Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) is your safest bet. It’s an AI-driven meme-creation platform that will amuse the entire crypto community for years.

The native $AI token has a use case, and the platform offers a detailed roadmap with future plans. AiDoge will go live on June 19, so don’t miss your chance to invest early to enjoy the highest returns by the end of the year.

That concludes our guide to the “Best Long-Term Cryptos”. You can ask us any question in the comment section below, and we appreciate getting your take on the topic. Thanks for taking the time to read our guide, and good luck with your future crypto trading ventures. 

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Will Macmaster Editor

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