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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Many of our readers have requested us to review BitiCodes. This algorithmic trading platform is a viral trend on the web.

Many reviewers describe it as the most lucrative online trading platform ever. We are surprised by the huge number of traders alleging to earn fortunes through it. Expert reviews on high-traffic sites have supported these claims.

But is BitiCodes a scam, or is it legit and profitable? We have honored your requests to do an in-depth and unbiased review. This post presents proven facts about this trading platform.

BitiCodes Review Summary

BitiCodes website

The table below summarises the key points every trader should note before trying their luck with BitiCodes.

What is BitiCodes? Fully automated CFD robot. This algorithmic trading system bets on hundreds of CFDs on stock, market indices, and crypto.
Legitimacy Tested and proven – Transparency via blockchain, a great reputation, amazing customer support, and
User experience level Beginner friendly – many of the platform’s success stories didn’t have prior trading experience
Minimum trading deposit $250
Potential profits Up to 150% in volatility peaks. The volatility peaks happen during special news and market events.
Trading platforms Mobile, desktop, and web. The robot connects to an underlying broker’s trading system. This could be the MT4 or the cTrader.

You will find an in-depth explanation of the points highlighted in the table above by reading this review to the end. We recommend that you read the whole review before getting started with the BitiCodes trading software.

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What is BitiCodes?

Trading tools

BitiCodes is a new algorithmic trading system that helps users earn money online, betting on trending financial instruments.

The platform algorithms are built to capture money-making opportunities in hundreds of CFDs on four asset classes. These asset classes include crypto, stock, forex, and market indices. However, the platform is best known for crypto speculation.

BitiCodes has a history of delivering a windfall of profits in volatility peaks. The system capitalizes on these volatility peaks through news-trading strategies. It also applies the sophisticated price trend study technique to identify and generate insights from price patterns.

BitiCodes is best suited for traders from all experience levels. It’s arguably among the very few trading systems where complete beginners can earn profits from day one of trading. The amazing profitability is linked to the superior technologies backing the trading system.

This algorithmic trading system captures opportunities in fast-moving markets through AI technologies. Its algorithms can reportedly read both qualitative and quantitative data at a high win rate. As we will see below, this algorithmic trading software is quite easy to operate. This is despite the sophistication of its trading technologies.

Getting Started with BitiCodes

BitiCodes registration

The trading experience with BitiCodes is easy and exciting. Anyone can master it within an hour of practice. The platform is accompanied by a tutorial video and can be tested through the linked broker’s demo.

Step 1: Registration and verification

Register for free on the official BitiCodes website. The process is straightforward and only takes a couple of minutes. The registration details must be confirmed through the local broker linked from the signup page. User ID verification is mandatory for all well-regulated brokers.

Step 2: Account funding

This step is also quite straightforward. Go to the broker’s funding page and select a deposit method. You can fund your trading account through a bank transfer or e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, AliPay, WebMoney, and many others. Your trading capital will reflect in your account instantly.

Step 3: Trading Tutorial and demo

You need to prepare well to avoid costly mistakes during live trading. BitiCodes provides adequate preparation resources. Navigate to the broker’s resources centre to access the robot’s tutorial video and PDF guide. Test your understanding by running the BitiCodes trading system on the demo offered by the broker.

Step 4: Live Trading

The final step involves adjusting the settings and starting a live session. Adjusting the settings will be easy if you take step four seriously. As explained earlier, BitiCodes allows users to define the level of risk implemented in their trading accounts. The robot does so by allowing you to set the risk parameters manually. Live trading starts with a single click of a button.

BitiCodes Profitability Explained!

Crypto to trade

BitiCodes is reportedly changing lives! Many people have written amazing testimonials about it on the internet.

You will be amazed that nearly 80% of users are profitable. No other algorithmic trading system has such a high win rate. Also, BitiCodes is reviewed among the most beginner-friendly trading CFD trading systems.

Beginners can master the platform within hours and trade profitably from the first day. The testimonials indicate that many have doubled their profitability on day one of trading. Some reviews claim that you will likely be profitable from day one of trading if you adopt a risk per trade of above 60%.

However, adopting such a high risk per trade also increases the chances of blowing up your trading account. Remember that BitiCodes trades on the highest level of leverage in the market. Experts describe leverage as a double-edged sword, given its potential to boost profitability or magnify losses.

BitiCodes offers a Negative Balance Protection (NBP) tool to prevent traders from trading in the negative. There is a huge possibility of the losses going into the negative when the trades are overleveraged. As we will see later in this post, BitiCodes offers the Stop Loss and Take Profit to help users further manage trading risk.

How to grow your account with BitiCodes

Trading Options

This algorithmic trading system has recently introduced a powerful compounding tool. The compounding tool allows you to build your account by reinvesting the profits.

Many traders have used this tool to turn a $250 deposit into thousands of dollars within days of trading. A calculator accompanies the compounding tool to help determine the growth rate when a certain amount is reinvested daily.

Surprisingly, BitiCodes users can grow the $250 deposit to $100,000 in less than four months of compounding at least 60% of the daily profits. You can reportedly grow your account faster by investing more money.

For instance, a deposit of about $1000 could turn you into a millionaire in less than a year of trading. But as explained earlier, trading CFDs through a fast-paced platform such as BitiCodes involves high risk. While the robot has many success stories, many also find it extremely risky.

BitiCodes has significantly reduced trading risk by introducing powerful risk management tools. However, the trading risk remains! Users are encouraged to start small and use the reinvestment tool for growth. You shouldn’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

BitiCodes Risk Management Tools

Risk management is the backbone of success in all investments. In trading, success is defined by the ability to manage risk.

Deposits and withdrawals You can deposit and withdraw money through bank transfers or popular debit and credit cards. The entire process is straightforward.
Safety features The BitiCodes website and other platforms boast military-grade encryption.
Customer support  24/7 customer support via phone, live chat, callbacks, and email.

You are likely to fail terribly if you do not have adequate risk control tools. The BitiCodes trading system applies a robust risk management approach. Experts claim that this risk management approach cuts the trading risk by more than 50%.

As explained previously, BitiCodes trades on high leverage. The leverage magnifies both the positive and negative trading outcomes. This trading robot applies a Negative Balance Protection tool to minimize the risk of leveraged trading.

Negative Balance Protection eliminates the risk of making negative losses in overleveraged accounts. Leverage is debt capital assigned to the trader by the broker. The leverage is offered relative to the invested capital. A leverage of 3000:1 means that you can trade positions worth up to $3000 for every invested $1.

BitiCodes also comes with a Stop Loss and Take Profit tool. The SL tool helps ensures that losing trades are closed at predetermined levels. Take Profit, on the other hand, ensures that profitable trades are closed at predetermined levels. Both the SL and TP eliminate human emotions in trading.

BitiCodes allows users to manually set both SL and TP tools. A guide is available to help you understand these tools better. Very few fully automated robots offer this opportunity to their clients.

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Advantages of Trading with BitiCodes

The benefits of trading with BitiCodes are immense. Our investigation reveals that this algorithmic trading platform is among the best performers in the industry.

Its superior profitability is associated with its groundbreaking technologies. BitiCodes reportedly applies AI algorithms in analyzing big data for trading insights. The analyzed big data is both quantitative and qualitative.

This platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) equipped algorithms to trade the news. NLP is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), enabling computer programs to read human language with 100% accuracy.

NLP-driven trading algorithms crawl the web for breaking news and uses them to make accurate trading decisions. The algorithms can identify relevant and authentic news and generate insights from them. Many expert reviewers conclude that BitiCodes can study billions of web pages in a fraction of a second and deliver tens of trading signals.

These signals are automatically translated into trading orders and relayed to the broker for implementation. Our investigators report that all the signals this bot delivers are executed instantly. The assigned brokers provide quality CFD liquidity for lightning-speed order placing.

This prevents negative slippage hence maximizing the robot’s performance. Slippage occurs when orders are delayed and placed at a different price. BitiCodes avoids all slippage to prevent the losses resulting from negative slippage.

How to earn the best returns with BitiCodes

Many traders claim to earn more with BitiCodes by applying some trading tips. Most of these trading tips have been proven to work by experts. You are, therefore, likely to earn more with BitiCodes if you follow the tips highlighted below.

Trade the EDT or the BST time zones

These time zones reportedly bring a lot of volatility to the markets. You are likely to generate more profits when the volatility is high. BitiCodes will allow you to select your preferred time zone on completing the signup.

Close trading at the end of the session

This is paramount since trading beyond the session could attract rollover fees. Moreover, the markets could open at a worse-off position in the next session. Such a situation could lead to the reversal of the profits made during the previous day. 

Trade in a team

This is also important but not mandatory. Trading in a team allows you to exchange ideas with other traders for better performance. You can compare the trading outcome under certain conditions to determine what works best.

Do not invest more than you can afford to lose

Trading with more than you can afford to lose is foolhardy. Investing all your savings on BitiCodes or any other super risky platform can lead to anxiety. This anxiety may prompt you to suspend trading prematurely.

Is BitiCodes a Scam? The Verdict!

Identifying the best tool to make money online can be a daunting task. However, you are lucky since we do objective reviews for trending platforms – we also recently reviewed Qumas AI, a similar auto trading platform. 

We have taken a deep dive into BitiCodes in this review. This platform has been a viral social media trend in the last few months. We have discovered that it’s still a top trend in most European and Asian countries.

This automated online money-making tool bets on a variety of global financial instruments. The platform trades stock, forex, market indices, and crypto. However, many people associate it with crypto trading. The fact that it’s 100% automated makes it the best bet for beginner traders.

From our in-depth background checks, we are fully convinced that BitiCodes is legitimate. We are amazed by the technologies it has implemented to guarantee transparency. The testimonials from its users are also proof that it works.

BitiCodes profitability can, at times, shoot to 150%. The high profitability is likely to be witnessed during news-triggered volatility peaks. This trading bot has perfected the art of trading the news. It’s also rated top on the price trend analysis technique.

BitiCodes is the right bet if you want to earn money on the internet. But you would be mistaken to assume that the profitability is guaranteed. Investing in this platform is risky, given the unpredictable nature of the CFDs market.

There is a huge likelihood of losses, especially if the trading instructions are not followed to the letter. It’s always prudent to be extra cautious when trading financial instruments online. Never trade with more than you can afford to lose.


Is BitiCodes real or a scam?

Reports from many expert reviewers report that the platform is authentic. This platform operates in a blockchain-driven environment to ensure 100% transparency. Only a real platform can implement such transparency measures.

Is BitiCodes good for complete beginner traders?

BitiCodes is developed for all, including the complete beginner. The trading system conducts the CFD trading research on autopilot. Users only need to adjust the risk parameters before getting started. A simple guide is available to help you navigate through it easily.

How much can I make with BItiCodes in a day?

If the testimonials about this bot are anything to go by, you could earn up to 3 times your account in a good day of trading. A good day is defined by increased volatility. BitiCodes can reportedly generate up to 150% in profits on volatility peaks.

Can I use BitiCodes on my mobile phone?

You can use BitiCodes on any smartphone device. The robot is compatible with the mobile trading systems offered by the underlying broker. You can only use the link shared on the broker’s resources page to access the systems integrated with the robot.

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