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OnlyFans Statistics 2023: Exploring the Platform’s Users, Creators, and Earnings

Michael Simon
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Over the course of 2020, OnlyFans went from being a niche online communities platform to becoming an internet phenomenon. The platform allows creators to earn income by sharing content with their fans for a monthly subscription fee.

It now has over 120 million registered users and has paid out a total of over $5 billion to creators since its inception in 2016. And while OnlyFans has become synonymous with adult content, it also caters to other niches, such as fitness, music, and comedy.

But have you ever wondered how creators on OnlyFans make a living? How does OnlyFans work, and what is the average OnlyFans creators’ income? What percentage does OnlyFans take from creators’ earnings?

If you’re interested in learning more about OnlyFans creator statistics, OnlyFans male vs. female statistics, and OnlyFans user statistics, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll explore the numbers on OnlyFans earnings and examine the demographics of OnlyFans’ users. We’ll also look into OnlyFans’ profitability and delve into OnlyFans statistics by country. Join us to uncover everything you need about OnlyFans and its statistics.

Key OnlyFans statistics:



Registered users

120 million

Content creators

2 million (as of August 2021)

Monthly active users

420 million (average)

Daily active users

1.25 million (estimated)

Revenue in 2020

$2 billion
Estimated net revenue for 2022

$2.5 billion

Payouts to creators

Over $5 billion

Top earner’s monthly income

Over $200,000+

What Is The Primary Purpose Of The OnlyFans Platform?

The primary purpose of the OnlyFans platform is to provide creators with a means of monetizing their content. At the same time, they can establish a more intimate connection with their fans.

Through the platform, creators can share exclusive content with their subscribers for a monthly fee, enabling them to earn income from their work.

Additionally, OnlyFans allows creators to interact with their fans directly through messaging and other features, cultivating a more personal relationship with their audience. The platform serves niches, including music, comedy, and fitness, as well as providing adult content.

How Much Does The Average Person Make On OnlyFans?

Many creators have used OnlyFans to monetize their content and connect with their fans more intimately. How much does the average person make on OnlyFans?

Here are some surprising details:

Note: It’s important to note that these earnings are not guaranteed and can fluctuate depending on various factors.

How Do OnlyFans Generate Revenue For Creators?

Creators can share exclusive content with their fans for payment on OnlyFans. When creators earn money on OnlyFans, the platform takes a 20% commission. This commission covers the costs of processing payments and hosting the service.

In addition to earning money through subscriptions, creators on OnlyFans can earn additional revenue through tips, pay-per-view content, sponsored content, and paid messages from their fans. These other revenue streams allow creators to make more than their subscription earnings on the platform.

OnlyFans User Statistics

1. OnlyFans.com’s monthly traffic volume was 1.06 billion in February 2023.

  • According to the same source, the number of OnlyFans’ registered users worldwide reached 187.973 in 2021.
  • OnlyFans had a global pre-tax profit of $433 million in 2021.

2. The average OnlyFans user is 29 years old.

  • The average income of an OnlyFans user is $42,000 per year.
  • 68.9% of users are likely to be white, 89.5% are likely to be married, and 59% are likely to be heterosexual.
  • The user distribution by country breaks down as 43.15% US users, 5.95% UK users, 4.99% Canadian users, and 3.36% Australian users.

3. OnlyFans had around 170 million registered users as of 2023, which is expected to increase.

  • OnlyFans reached 100 million users faster than Facebook.

4. OnlyFans saw a significant increase in use during lockdowns, with user numbers increasing to 120 million,  with these users spending $2.4 billion on the platform in 2020.

OnlyFans Creator Statistics

Number of Creators on OnlyFans and Its Growth:

Types of Creators on OnlyFans:

  • Many creators on the platform create adult content, but some produce non-adult content, such as cooking or fitness videos.
  • According to a survey, the most common creator type on OnlyFans is models, followed by influencers and adult performers.

Earnings of Creators on OnlyFans:

Content Statistics

Let’s examine the most popular types of content on OnlyFans, the average subscription price, and the factors that influence the popularity of content on the platform:

Most popular types of content on OnlyFans:

  • Photos: Images are the most popular material on the site, according to a poll by Ginger Banks, a sex worker and creator for OnlyFans, with 74.9% of producers reporting giving images to their members.
  • Videos: Videos are the second most popular type of content, with 62.5% of creators saying they offer them to their subscribers.

The average subscription price and the most popular subscription price range:

  • On OnlyFans, a subscription costs an average of $16.49 a month, though prices can vary greatly depending on the creator and their output.
  • $10 to $20 per month is the most common subscription price, with 36.5% of artists choosing this pricing range.

Factors that influence the most popular OnlyFans accounts:

  • Content quality: High-quality content is essential for success on OnlyFans. Creators who offer unique and engaging content tend to have more subscribers and earn more money.
  • Promotion: Successful creators on OnlyFans often promote their content on other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to attract more subscribers.

OnlyFans Impact and Controversies

OnlyFans has greatly influenced the adult entertainment sector. Although it began as a platform for creators to connect with their fans and share exclusive content across all content categories, it has come to be associated with pornography, and the site has been under fire for its role in encouraging the transmission of sexually explicit content.

The company reported that it would prohibit adult content in 2021 but changed course after a furious response from both users and creators.

The platform has likely had both a positive and a negative impact on its creators. Top OnlyFans creators in 2023 earn substantial incomes, and users enjoy access to exclusive content that they wish to pay for. Nevertheless, some creators may face stigma and may find that the platform doesn’t provide them with the financial stability they had hoped for.


Since its debut in 2016, OnlyFans has grown enormously. As of 2021, it has more than 130 million registered members and more than 2 million artists. Over $5 billion in earnings have been distributed to the platform’s creators, with the top earners taking in millions annually.

OnlyFans has come under fire for being associated with sex work and pornography, however, which may limit its future growth. Creators and users may equally be concerned about the path ahead.

Despite these obstacles, the platform plans to enter new markets and provide novel features like NFTs and live events. This may catalyze further growth and development.

Michael Simon

Michael Simon

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