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At a time when smartphones and social media companies dictate our lives, instant communication has never been more accessible. However, with this increased ability to communicate comes new challenges for relationships, like Snapchat cheating.

Popular apps like Snapchat allow you to send photos and videos that you can only view once, which is why so many people are now using it to have illicit affairs with others. The trouble comes when looking for evidence of cheating, as Snapchat leaves behind no trail.

In this article, we’re going to delve into the brutal reality that is Snapchat cheating, shedding light on tell-tale signs your partner is being unfaithful, what to look out for, and most importantly, how you can prove it.

What Exactly Is Snapchat Cheating?

Snapchat cheating is essentially using the global social media app to share explicit pictures, videos, or messages with someone other than your partner. Since the app only allows you to view sent media once, cheaters commonly use it to hide their activity.

Snapchat cheating is precisely what the phrase entails – using the global social media app to sext or communicate with others in a harmful way to your partner. Examples of this can include things like sharing nude images and videos, flirting, and much more.

In a report by The Sun Newspaper via Illicit Encounters, a survey found that 23% of serial cheaters preferred to use Snapchat when having an affair with someone else. While it placed second behind Kik Messenger, the number is still incredibly high, and the overall secretive nature of the platform is partly to blame.

This shouldn’t be too surprising, as another study by a panel of experts found that “23% of men and 20% of women report engaging in extra-partner sexual intercourse at some point during a relationship.”
With images and videos disappearing without a trace after they’re viewed, many adults opt for Snapchat for cheating as there’s no evidence of wrongdoing. All that’s left behind is proof a ‘Snap’ was opened and viewed, but no more.

Even the messaging within the app deletes as default, so you can’t just unlock their phone and demand to see the messages – as the chances are they’re long gone.

Thankfully, there are excellent spy apps, like mSpy, you can use to view any incoming Snapchat messages. You will need to install this on your partner’s device, which can prove tricky, but it allows you to monitor all social media platforms, calls, and texts.

Key Warning Signs of Snapchat Cheating

You should be aware of a wide range of red flags to spot if your other half is cheating on you using Snapchat. Being aware of these warning signs is essential, as you can then bring up the topic or look for evidence – we’ve listed some of the most common signs below.

Increased Secrecy & Being Protective Over A Device

Man being secretive over his phone One of the most obvious signs someone is cheating is a sudden increase in the secrecy and protection of their device. For example, doing things like turning their phone so the screen faces down and you don’t see who the notification is from.

Or it might be that they leave the room for phone calls they would otherwise gladly take in front of you – the list is endless. Both of these are clear signs that something is being hidden from you, and it’s a typical move by cheaters to avoid detection.

Whatever it is, be mindful of how protective they are of their devices, whether it be a laptop, phone, or tablet. Plus, if they start not sharing things with you like before, this could all point to something illicit.

Excessive Use of Snapchat

Since we know Snapchat is the second most commonly used app for cheaters, increased usage could be a sign something is going on. That’s why it’s worth knowing whether your partner is using it more than before or if they’ve recently downloaded Snapchat and are now fixated – as these could be a sign of cheating.

The secretive nature of Snapchat makes it incredibly hard to find any evidence of cheating, and bringing it up is likely to lead to a confrontation. If you’re intent on discovering the truth, you could try using one of the best Snapchat spy apps to catch your partner out.

The tricky part is getting it on their device, but once you figure that out, the app runs in the background without them being any wiser. All communications can then be monitored, and some things even be controlled from your device, including messages, browser history, GPS location, etc.

Changes in Behaviour

This one is tricky, as only you know your partner like you do, so advising on this can be challenging without prior knowledge. But it could be a warning sign if you start to notice that they get nervous when using Snapchat or they seem distracted by something on their phone.

Most people feel some form of remorse or guilt from their actions, which might be evident as they could start arguing with you more, acting suspiciously, or doing things that are not really in their nature.

Rely on your gut instinct as a tell-tale sign that something is off, especially if you’ve known them for some time, but don’t make accusations without concrete proof.

Either way, it doesn’t mean they’re definitely cheating, but for some, a significant change of behavior shows that something might be on their mind or that they feel guilty.

You can also try discussing this with them to see what they have to say. Professionals recommend honesty and communication by default for couples.

Unknown Snapchat Friends

If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, it’s likely that you’ll know many of their friends, family, and so on. But if you see that they’re texting someone new and haven’t felt the need to share it with you, you might want to ask questions.

Snapchat Interface
Credit: Snapchat

Sharing messages and memories with your partner, like work and social life updates, is common in relationships. But if they have a ‘friend’ that they’re not disclosing, it’s likely because they don’t want you to know.

Using a spy app will allow you to monitor who they’re speaking with, what apps they’re using, and even view a live screen recording of what they’re doing on their device. This makes it helpful in gathering any evidence of wrongdoing.

Avoidance of Sharing Snapchat Activity

The avoidance of sharing social media activity ties into the point we made above – if they’re using Snapchat to talk to people, whether you know them or not, they’d usually share friendly updates. It’s pretty standard for couples to express interest or to share what’s going on with friends.

But if you ask them about it and they dismiss you, or they simply just send messages, leave the room, and don’t say a word, this is a problem. Don’t get me wrong, not every aspect of personal life needs sharing with a loved one, but all partners tend to discuss these things casually.

So if you ask them who they’re speaking to or what’s going on, and they are quick to change the subject, you could be seeing early warning signs that your partner is cheating.

A sudden change in behavior, such as agitation, anger, or frustration, with your line of questions, is another sign that ties in with this. Watch carefully to see how they act when you try to discuss their actions on Snapchat or who they’re talking to.

Gets Defensive When Questioned Over Snapchat

If your partner starts getting defensive, if you ask a question like ‘Who are you speaking to?’ it may be that they’re hiding something. There shouldn’t be secrets like that in a relationship; something like who you’re talking with on Snapchat is hardly a big deal.

So if they make a fuss, telling you it doesn’t matter or it’s none of your business, this is another big red flag. Again, having a private life is vital in a relationship, and you shouldn’t harass or demand to know who your other half is speaking to at all times.

But if you just ask to show an interest and they get overly dismissive or start a fight over it, you could have a cheating partner on your hands.

False Flags

Lastly, and perhaps the most complex and odd scenario of them all, is potential false flags, and they work like this: a person sets up Snapchat notifications to go off at random times, and when quizzed on the subject, puts it down to some sort of tech glitch.

This means that if you ask who’s constantly messaging, they can dismiss it as a Snapchat notification glitch. So don’t be fooled if your partner’s phone keeps dingning without aunty messages appearing, as it’s likely been set up to trick you.

There are multiple reports about this online, but if you have any doubts, search the internet for things like ‘Snapchat notification problems’, as this can help you confirm if it’s a common issue or something they’ve made up.

How to Address Snapchat Cheating

Knowing how to approach a partner you suspect is Snapchat cheating can be a minefield of tricky conversations, wild accusations, and potential drama. Therefore, it’s essential to have an idea or plan in mind on what to do if you want to reach a useful resolution.

We aren’t relationship therapists or marriage counselors, and you should always seek expert help from a certified professional if you feel like something is wrong.

However, there are some key methods on how to go about addressing your concerns. Below are a few tips on how you can approach a loved one in a safe and fair manner.

Take A Moment to Think

Let’s face it – if you believe that your partner is cheating via Snapchat or any other way, it’s going to be a tough pill to swallow. But you must also consider your next steps and approach the situation respectably and sensibly.

If you don’t have any evidence to support your claims, and it’s just your word against theirs, anything you might say is likely to never be forgotten. So don’t go in yelling or throwing around wild accusations, think carefully about your actions and gather any evidence you can that you can use to push the conversation further when having that chat.

One of the best ways to gather evidence is using a Snapchat spy app, such as the excellent EyeZy. Once installed on your partner’s device, you can monitor all incoming and outgoing communications, so it’s a great way to support your claims.

EyeZy Dashboard

These apps allow you to keep an eye on all social media channels, as well as other messages and calls. Everything can be monitored from a simple dashboard on your device once you’ve installed it on the target user’s phone.

Express Your Thoughts

When you’ve decided to bring it up, you must share your thoughts openly and honestly. Tell them why you think they’re cheating, show them any evidence you have, and make your feelings known.

It’s best to do this in a private setting away from prying eyes, as things might get upsetting for the both of you. Doing this lets you have a more open and honest discussion without worrying about others hearing.

When explaining your thoughts, it’s imperative to be fair, open, and as polite as possible, despite any mounting tensions. If you lose your cool, it could result in irreversible damage, especially if your claims are proven to be nothing more than lovers’ jealousy.

The wording of your statements is also important, as you want them to know you hear their thoughts and concerns – but you also want to be heard.

For further advice, Everyday Health put together a useful list of steps to take when addressing a cheating partner that covers the tone, language, and other useful support options.

Whatever happens, being respectful gives you the opportunity to build bridges and potentially overcome what’s bound to be an uncomfortable situation for you both.

Show Any Evidence of Cheating or Specific Concerns

This is arguably the most important step to achieving your desired outcome. It’s very easy to let jealousy overcome you, and just because you think or it looks like they’re cheating, it doesn’t mean they actually are. That’s why evidence is so important in these tense situations.

If you’re using a top app like mSpy, you may have messages or pictures you can show your partner to prove what you’re saying is real. This means they’ll have no choice but to admit any wrongdoing.

Having no evidence is likely to just lead to an argument or breakup, as they can put it down to a lack of trust or, worse, resort to gaslighting. If you suspect it to be a certain person or on a certain day, explain that to them, as body language can sometimes be a clear sign of someone cheating.

Encourage an Open Chat

Couple having an open conversation Given the distressing nature of the talk, it’s important to allow both sides to tell their story, as this isn’t an interrogation. Simply hurling accusation after accusation isn’t going to help anyone and will likely result in you both just getting upset.

Allow them time to explain themselves, take their thoughts into consideration, and don’t lose your temper, no matter how upsetting it is.

Having an open dialogue can be a great way to reconnect, and share any deeper feelings, and potentially lead to fixing a broken relationship or taking the first steps in parting ways in a safe and respectable manner.

Ask Any Burning Questions

Depending on the outcome of your chat, now is the time to ask any questions you might have for your partner. Is this something we can move past? Why did you do it? Many concerns will come to mind but still remain respectful throughout.

This could be your one opportunity to find some common ground and potentially move to a place where someone can be forgiven, and the relationship can continue. If you’re unsure of what to do as a couple after this, it’s best to speak to an expert like a trained therapist or couples counselor.

Try and Earn Back Trust

The final step, once all the above have been exhausted, is to reevaluate your current situation and decide whether you want to move forward with your relationship or if it’s time to go your separate ways.

For some couples, irreversible damage has been done, and it’s time to move on. With that being said, a study by Allo Health discovered that “up to 70% of couples are able to move past the infidelity and rebuild their relationship.”

For others, it can bring you closer together. This is usually due to open and honest conversations and setting future boundaries.

mSpy Location Tracker

Using one of these apps will give you both total confidence that your significant other is faithful, as you can easily monitor their device’s activity from your own phone. This includes live location, social media channels, and much more.

As always, consult a trained professional to help guide you on the next steps, as it will differ greatly from couple to couple.

Can Spying Apps Help with Snapchat Cheating?

We’ve touched upon it a few times within this article, but top spying apps can be hugely beneficial if you suspect your partner of cheating. They allow you to gather evidence, often the deal breaker from hearsay claims of a partner being unfaithful.

While it’s illegal in many countries and states to install spy software on a person’s device unbeknownst to them, you could strike an agreement, and both use them to avoid ending up in this situation altogether.

However you decide to do it, there are a few great options out there. To help you understand them more, and what they can offer, we’ve created a useful table below that outlines some of the key features and more.

Best SPY App Top Choice For Starting Price Standout Features
mSpy Spying Undetected $16.66/month billed annually A – Custom Keylogger Keywords
B – View Call Logs
C – Store Incoming Media
EyeZy Spying on Social Media Channels $9.99/month billed annually A – GPS Tracker
B – New Social Media App Alerts
C – Monitor & Store Sent and Received Media
uMobix Monitoring Someone’s Location $11.66/month billed annually A – Social Media Monitoring
B – Live Screen Recording
C – Restrict Calls and Messages
Cocospy Spying on Android Devices $8.33/month billed annually (Android)
$10.83/month billed annually (iOS)
A – Android Keylogger
B – View Notes and Calendar Entries
C – Save all Media Files

Snapchat Cheating Takeaways

Finding yourself in a situation where you believe your loved one is Snapchat cheating can be difficult to come to terms with. The secret nature of the popular social media app already seems suspicious, and proving your case can be damn near impossible.

Thankfully, there is a good range of apps available, such as mSpy, which allows you to monitor not only Snapchat but also other social media apps, call logs, messages, and live locations.

This can help you gather evidence and take the guesswork out of knowing if your partner is cheating – you’ll just need access to their device in order to install a spy app.

If you do suspect your partner is cheating, this article serves as a good reference guide to both identifying and knowing how to approach the subject. But for serious help that’s likely to help your relationship move forward, it’s always best to consult a trained professional, such as a therapist or couples counselor.


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