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Finding the best personnel for your company isn’t easy. To engage the best prospects before they’re snatched up by a rival, you must act quickly. The issue is that there are several processes in the hiring process that can make things take longer than they should. The good news is that these can be resolved by recruitment software.

These tools provide you with a solid framework to streamline your hiring procedure and shorten the time it takes to find candidates, but finding the ideal recruiting software can be difficult – that’s where we step in to help save you time. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best recruitment software solutions for teams in charge of talent acquisition.

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The Top 10 Best HR Recruitment Software Solutions

Our testing and in-depth analysis of the market leaders based on criteria like pricing and the feature-to-price ratio, the value of any free versions, and their ease of use and overall functionality allowed us to confidently rank the market leaders accordingly. Here’s why they’re on our list:

  1. TeamTailor – Offers the best HR recruitment software with customizable templates for every stage of the hiring process and its intuitive candidate database
  2. ClearCompany – A beginner-friendly recruiting solution that includes a simple drag-and-drop career page builder, and an easy-to-navigate interface
  3. Monday.com – The best choice for automating routine hiring tasks, such as automated interview requests, email updates, and much more
  4. Rippling – A reliable tool with built-in features for helping finance departments, such as automated payments when bonus targets have been met
  5. BreezyHR – Good choice for small businesses looking to grow rapidly as it has a range of plans that can scale alongside your business
  6. Manatal – Useful recruiting software with an excellent duplicate monitoring system to avoid potential errors further down the hiring process
  7. Workable – Top choice for equal opportunity employers as it features anonymous screening, standardized tests, and cognitive and personality tests
  8. Recruitee – Intuitive recruitment tool that offers collaborative hiring through its excellent employee referral features
  9. Zoho Recruit – The best choice for recruitment agencies thanks to its detailed candidate databases and tagging system
  10. JazzHR – Solid recruiting software for small to mid-size businesses thanks to its low-cost plans and user-friendly dashboard

The Key Benefits of Using An Online Recruiting System

Recruitment is a continuous procedure in a job market that’s constantly changing. Both HR departments and recruitment agencies are constantly searching for new talent, but this constant quest for more experienced workers could seriously reduce your company’s productivity.

Thankfully, there’s a practical and affordable solution in recruitment software. With recruiting software, your business can automate numerous hiring procedures and free up time to focus on harder duties.

Automation enables you to access a far larger pool of people and find the best ones, in addition to saving you hours of labor. We’ve listed some other key benefits for you below:

Speed Up the Whole Recruitment Process

With top recruitment software, you can reach both employers and candidates at any time of day, from anywhere, and have access to all the information you need. You’re also always kept informed since all changes are made to the system automatically.

This allows you to shorten the time it takes to find and hire the best candidates whilst allowing your HR team to concentrate on other vital day-to-day activities.

Expand Your Database

With the ability to save all the resumes and job applications in one location, there’s no longer a need to go through mountains of paperwork. Plus, you can allow applicants to register and upload their own resumes, giving you a wider audience.

This can be particularly useful if your HR department ever loses an employee, as you have a whole new database of live candidates.

Decrease the Amount of Admin Work

Once you automate posting jobs across many job-board websites, you can save hours of work. Imagine being able to publish a job with only one click on hundreds of free and premium job boards.

Using a shared calendar is another feature of recruitment software that makes scheduling interviews easier, and it helps keep everyone updated with any potential last-minute changes.

Improved Candidate Quality

The ability to categorize and filter the received CVs while looking for people with particular abilities is another benefit, as you’re now keeping all the resumes in one central location. This enables you to identify better prospects faster and ensures that you match potential hires with positions that they’re qualified for.

Better Communication

Recruiters can monitor every task that their team is working on using a single system, and they can maintain all of your notes attached while updating any information collected on an applicant during the whole recruitment process.

You can treat each candidate fairly if you move candidates through the process digitally and keep them informed of any changes.

Stay on Track with Applicants

The system immediately updates any action made on a candidate, with all of your notes attached, so that you can make sure you take into account each application when filling open job vacancies.

You can be sure that no applications are lost by moving prospects through the hiring process online, eliminating the risk of the right one slipping away.

Increased Privacy

When hiring, you have access to very private information about each applicant, including addresses and contact numbers, for example. Thankfully, with the best recruitment software, you can be sure they’re all kept in one secure location, encrypted, and only accessible by you and your team – no risk of any GDPR slip-ups.

Reviews of the 10 Best Recruitment Software Solutions

Now that you know the key benefits you get with recruitment software, it’s time to take a look at which provider is best, starting with our number one pick, TeamTailor. In these reviews, we’ll explore all the important aspects of each tool, including the price, any unique features on offer, and other important functions.

If all you want is a quick overview of these aspects, then feel free to skip ahead to our comparison table.

1. Teamtailor – Overall, The Best Recruitment Software Solution

TeamTailor Logo

Teamtailor‘s cloud-based, reliable recruiting software is used in the hiring process by teams of all shapes and sizes. It can also be used across a range of industries, making it an adaptable tool to whatever task is at hand.

Plus, it offers useful features to draw in the best candidates for you. One of those is the excellent adaptable career site, where you can build your own user-friendly and attractive page for all your potential candidates to browse jobs, view requirements, and learn about your business.

This provides a more unique and professional experience that’s sure to impress the top applicants. From here, you get a range of functions to aid the hiring process, including tracking potential employees’ status and useful branding options to make the career page business-specific.

TeamTailor Dashboard

Best For Starting Price Free Trial Standout Features
Process Management Contact Sales 14-days 1. Automated Triggers
2. Career Site Builder
3. Custom Templates

Moreover, you’ll get seamless integrations with various popular job boards like Indeed. That said, what we were most impressed by was how TeamTailor supports multiple languages, so if you’re looking to fill an overseas role, Teamtailor can post jobs in a variety of different languages.

We also really enjoyed the Candidate database features, which allow larger teams to save time by filtering through applicants based on star ratings, previous feedback, and key components such as location and availability.

You can even invite members of different departments into the candidate database and hiring team for better results. But perhaps the standout feature of them all is the excellent Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which boasts a wide range of cutting-edge features like Automated Triggers.

These save you time and hassle by taking in mundane tasks like booking interviews, sending messages, adding notes, and much more. There’s even a full set of fully customizable templates at your fingertips at all times, each tailored towards a stage the candidate is in, saving more valuable time.

All of this can also be done in bulk, so you can send notes, interview requests, and more for a huge range of candidates in just a few clicks.


Sadly, TeamTailor doesn’t include any pricing on its website, and although we prefer transparency with pricing, our team uses TeamTailor for our own hiring needs, so we know that, despite this, the tool takes a unique and welcomed approach to custom plans.

Better still, you can request a free demo or use the 14-day free trial to test out the service. This should give you enough time to explore all the key features and run through how everything works. We highly recommend doing this.


  • Excellent automated triggers for mundane tasks like scheduling interviews
  • Includes a custom career page builder with branding features
  • Integrates with job boards like Indeed, Bob, and LinkedIn
  • Outstanding Applicant Tracking System that provides a great experience for candidates


  • Lacks pricing transparency

2. ClearCompany – The Best Recruiting Software for Beginners

ClearCompany Logo

ClearCompany is a leading talent management and HR solution that was created to assist businesses in finding, engaging, and retaining top applicants.

It offers a comprehensive range of HR and recruitment solutions, including application monitoring, onboarding new hires, performance management, and many others. There’s a lot to like about ClearCompany.

For example, it’s one of the most user-friendly and intuitive HR, recruitment, and talent management platforms available. It provides users with an interface that’s aesthetically pleasing and lists all the important options in easy-to-find locations.

ClearCompany Dashboard

Best For Starting Price Free Trial Standout Features
Beginners Contact Sales No 1. ClearText
2. AI-assisted Job Descriptions
3. Custom Reports

Moving away from how it looks and on to how it performs, there’s even more to like. For starters, they have one of the best Applicant Tracking Systems with excellent features like ClearText, an automated messaging service that can update applicants on performance, feedback, and interview times.

It also features a superb AI-assisted job description writer to save HR teams countless hours of writing engaging and unique job postings. When the AI tool has worked its magic, you can then post to multiple job boards in a matter of seconds – and then edit the posts on each job board through one central location.

We were also impressed with the reporting and analytical features on offer, including tools for identifying the top-performing candidates, performance reviews once the candidates have joined, and other templates for applicant conversions.

The result? You can compile detailed reports for the key stakeholders within your business and improve areas that may be lacking. You can look at reports on employee engagement, workforce diversity, gender balance, pay fairness, tenure, attrition, and characteristics of high performers – all essential for HR departments.


Sadly, this is another provider that doesn’t display any pricing on their website, similar to TeamTailor. Instead, you’ll need to contact them for a ‘custom quote.’ Although this can seem disappointing, sometimes, a one-size-fits-all just isn’t the right approach to something like HR software.


  • Very user-friendly interface, suitable for beginners
  • Offers powerful reporting and analytical features
  • Includes a unique AI writing tool that helps compose job descriptions
  • Features useful automated communications tools like ClearText and BulkTexter


  • Works best in the North American market
  • Lacks transparent pricing

3. Monday.com – Great Tool for Automating the Hiring Process

Monday Logo

Monday.com‘s cloud-based project management platform allows your team to manage projects successfully, collaborate effectively, and expand online.

Whilst it might not be as well-known for its recruiter tools, the tool itself is flexible enough to offer HR teams an all-in-one platform to help them engage with employees.

One of its many features, HR management, is responsible for managing the entire recruiting cycle, from hiring and onboarding to monitoring candidate performance. It can even do this autonomously, with routine tasks like posting to LinkedIn and hiring emails all taken care of by the software.

Monday.com Dashboard

Best For Starting Price Free Trial Standout Features
Customization and Scaling $8/month Yes 1. CRM
2. Custom Templates
3. Integrations

However, the versatility of Monday.com’s platform is unquestionably its most notable feature, as this software comes with dozens of HR-specific templates, 20+ drag-and-drop columns, hundreds of third-party app integrations, and practical widgets to let you tailor the platform to your requirements.

Plus, you can also keep your comments on one platform thanks to their in-app updates, which will save you time searching for information in email threads. Having one centralized location helps teams stay organized and makes finding important candidate data easier than ever.

It’s also famed for its CRM capabilities, which go hand-in-hand with the applicant hiring process. Once a potential candidate has applied for a job, you can store their details in the CRM system. This includes salary expectations or interview feedback, as well as personal data, including email addresses and location.

There are also a ton of templates to aid the hiring process, including custom application forms that can be fitted with employer branding, colors, and more. You can even record interview notes, set up an onboarding board to track progress, and share your boards with other teams and departments for more feedback.


Monday offers a good range of plans for HR teams and businesses of all sizes. Now, it’s worth remembering that this isn’t a specialist tool for recruitment, but there is enough here to make it an excellent piece of software.

However, we’d recommend speaking with their sales team about the enterprise plan if you do want a tailored deal for your business, as you may find you get better value for money.


  • Low-cost plans, ideal for smaller businesses and HR teams
  • Can automate a ton of processes, like job posts and contacting candidates
  • Very easy to use, suitable for CRM and recruitment software newbies
  • Includes the best CRM on the market for maintaining relationships with applicants


  • This isn’t a specialist recruitment tool, so lacks more detailed features

4. Rippling – Offers Excellent Finance Features

Rippling Logo

Rippling is another top tool for HR departments and recruiters looking to source, manage, and maintain new applicants. With it, you can post new roles to over 25,000 job boards instantly, and onboarding new recruits can be done automatically in a matter of minutes.

The hiring process can also be completely customized from the employer’s end, and Rippling provides a vast variety of templates for each step of the hiring process.

These make it easy for both the applicant and hiring team to understand the next steps, and it’s all fully automated as well, so there’s no need to manually make changes following one stage’s completion.

Rippling Dashboard

Best For Starting Price Free Trial Standout Features
HR & Finance Teams $8/month No 1. Employee Referral Management
2. Role-based Access
3. Candidate Tagging

It’s also especially useful for designating role-based access for each member of a hiring committee, for example, the HR manager, executive, and recruiter can all be assigned different levels of access, which is great for protecting company data when using external companies to help with the hiring process.

You also get access to useful HR resources and financial tools in one platform, which can drastically improve the onboarding process. One neat feature of this is the Employee Referral Management system, which can automatically generate referral links when a new employee has hit certain targets or bonus-related goals.

In fact, it can even make payments for you. There are also some useful internal reporting features that let you see how well a recruiter or interview can analyze a candidate’s skills. It does this by creating reports with the data you enter.

So if a recruiter has consistently put forward candidates that go on to achieve well as your company, you can see this clearly in the reports.


Rippling prices start from $8/user/month, but as with many, Rippling works with custom quotes as they know different businesses have different needs. That said, you can choose to incorporate useful tools like Time Management, Benefits, Payroll, and other key components for a successful HR department.

You can also schedule a 30-minute demo with a Rippling expert, but that’s it – no free version or free trial to test the service out first.


  • Incredibly easy to use and takes under 3 weeks to fully implement
  • Includes tools for finance, IT, and HR departments, making it an all-around powerhouse
  • Offers role-based access for internal employees and external recruiters


  • No free trial and no pricing displayed on the website

5. Breezy HR – Good Choice for Small Businesses Looking to Scale

BreezyHR logo

Breezy HR is one of the most widely used recruiting software products available today, and it’s trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide to attract the best talent.

By promptly posting available openings to several job boards, reviewing resumes, automating the interview process, and offering rich analytics, its applicant tracking system drastically improves the hiring process.

This cutting-edge recruiting tool makes the hiring process far less painful because of its simple drag-and-drop interface. In less than a minute, anyone can create a straightforward, engaging career site that’s mobile-optimized to post job openings. You can even tailor it to include company logos and branding.

Breezy HR Dashboard

Best For Starting Price Free Trial Standout Features
Small Businesses $157/month 14-days 1. Bootstrap Plan
2. Careers Webpage Builder
3. Automated Reference Checking

Plus, to get your open positions in front of millions of potential prospects, Breezy will post your job roles on over 50 job sites. With a searchable database of candidates, users can also shorten the recruiting process – this works well with the applicant tags that can be predetermined and set internally.

You can rank applicants based on location, skills, interview scores, and other key data. Breezy will then assist you in qualifying potential applicants in tailored pipelines once you’ve recruited a pool of them.

Everything you need to know about applicants, including their resumes, social media accounts, and team notes, is gathered in one place by the user-friendly candidate management application.

From there, sending an email, setting up an interview, finishing a review scorecard, or sending an assessment background check or offer only requires one click. There are also a ton of integrations to automate practically every part of the hiring process. Top apps include LinkedIn, GoodHire, and Google Analytics.


Finally, we have some detailed and accurate pricing data to reveal, and better yet, you can try Breezy HR for free – forever. We’re delighted to see a free forever plan on offer here, it may only be for one position, but you get full access and unlimited users.

But worry not, if you like the service, you can easily scale up to one of the other 3 paid plans, each offering an increased number of job roles, features, automation, and so on.

Breezy HR Pricing


  • Offers a good range of plans that can scale with a business
  • Useful free forever plan or 14-day free trial of all paid plans
  • Very user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for building a careers webpage


  • The lowest-priced plan costs over $140/month

6. Manatal – Includes a Fantastic Duplicate Monitoring System

Manatal Logo

Manatal is a highly regarded applicant monitoring and recruitment software program that connects to thousands of well-known and specialized job posting channels from both for-profit and nonprofit sources.

The software boasts complex capabilities, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and is used in over 90 countries. As previously stated, Manatal’s sophisticated candidate sourcing and AI-powered suggestions are its distinguishing characteristics.

Together, these tools enable you to sort through your piles of candidate information; the system then chooses the applicants who check the most criteria. For this to be successful, you can use customizable fields and search criteria that the AI engine will employ in its algorithm.

Manatal Dashboard

Best For Starting Price Free Trial Standout Features
Social Media Recruiting $15/month 14-days 1. AI Candidate Scoring
2. AI-Generated Job Descriptions
3. Duplicate Application Monitoring

This gives more weight to whatever elements you think are most relevant for each role, be they particular abilities, work experience, academic background, or any other requirements.

Furthermore, it provides sophisticated social media recruitment tools, such as a Chrome extension for importing LinkedIn profiles straight into your applicant database and straightforward job post sharing from your career page to websites and apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

Manatal also offers a useful duplicate monitoring system and a combined profiles option in case you get the same application from two different sources. It’s also incredibly easy to use for newbies, but it also contains enough advanced features to keep the most experienced HR managers interested.


Manatal is very affordable, with the entry-level plan costing just $15/user/month. There’s also a 14-day free trial for both paid plans on offer. We also really like that you can choose to opt for a custom plan, so if you do want a tailored package for your business, you can do so.

On the flip side, if you want to opt for a paid annual plan, then you can.

Manatal Pricing


  • Includes AI machine learning to score applicants and write engaging job descriptions
  • Offers a 14-day free trial with all paid plans
  • You can choose to opt for a custom plan should you wish to


  • Text messaging & SMS recruitment features are only available in their highest-tier plan

7. Workable – Top Choice for Equal Opportunities Employers

Workable Logo

Workable is a cloud-based recruitment tool and Applicant Tracking System that enables hiring teams to effortlessly identify candidates, track applicants, and collaborate. It contains a variety of features that’ll make life simpler for both companies and candidates.

Not only does Workable make it simple to publish your job on both free and paid job sites, but it goes beyond. AI is used to explore public web profiles and find the top candidates for your position, taking candidate sourcing one step further.

Add in branded career pages, multilingual options, employee recommendations, and even a browser plugin that enables you to quickly add potential prospects, and you’re in the best position to identify the top candidates for the job.

Workable Dashboard

Best For Starting Price Free Trial Standout Features
Equal Opportunities Employers $149/month 14-days 1. AI-recommended Candidates
2. Standardized Tests
3. LinkedIn Plugin

It’s also making every effort to assist employers in finding diverse applicants and eliminate prejudice from the selection procedure. This is accomplished through templates for inclusive job descriptions, anonymous screening, standardized tests and scorecards, and information on the demographics of applicants.

Plus, the platform provides candidates with a variety of cognitive and personality tests, giving businesses yet another source of unbiased information for making fair and unbiased hiring decisions.

Workable places a strong emphasis on its scalability, too, as it makes it simple to streamline your hiring process and avoid wasting time if you’re a growing business. The centralized hiring workspace it offers keeps stakeholders in sync, while user permissions let you expand without jeopardizing confidential information.

Besides all this, it’s incredibly simple to automate processes like report creation, compliance management, and workflow approval. As a result, the procedure is more streamlined, enabling your staff to use their time efficiently and quickly adjust to changes.


Workable provides a strong selection of plans that can comfortably grow alongside any business needs, but they are a little pricey, with the cheapest plan costing $149/month. That said, this price point is for up to 50 employees.

The Premier plan will set you back nearly $2000/month for 251-500 employees – sure, if you’re a large business, this might not be a huge issue, but you’ll want guaranteed results.

Workable Pricing


  • Useful LinkedIn plugin for pulling applicant data
  • Excellent AI-based features for scoring and selecting candidates
  • Fantastic equal opportunities features, including standardized tests


  • Can be pretty expensive for businesses looking to grow rapidly

8. Recruitee – Features a Great Employee Referral System

Recruitee Logo

Recruitee is a powerful, reasonably priced, and scalable online recruiting software that helps to shorten the time to hire with an extensive, built-in applicant tracking system.

To ensure zero errors in your process, they have solutions for sourcing applicants, conducting interviews, hiring, and system analytics. You can set up your hiring team using Recruitee and assign role-based permissions for a collaborative recruitment strategy.

Plus, you can conceal private notes and sensitive information by using a wide range of visibility choices, and you can also simply organize your interactions within the Recruitee platform using notes, task reminders, or tags to draw attention to important information for your colleagues.

Recruitee Dashboard

Best For Starting Price Free Trial Standout Features
Collaborative Hiring $224/month 14-days 1. RefferalsHub
2. CareersHub
3. E-Signature Built-in

The standout features, however, are the RefferalsHub and CareersHub, with the former placing an impressive emphasis on trusting your own employees. Through this, you can invite staff members to contribute to interviews, feedback, and much more.

Additionally, the adaptable CareersHub offers multiple posting and intelligent job campaigns, sourcing and referral tools, evaluation and interviewing tools, e-signature, and electronic onboarding, all supported by GDPR compliance and automation tools.

The CareersHub dashboard also provides access to the drag-and-drop career page editor, which lets you add and modify configurable items to your career page. Ready-to-use text, photos, and videos are available in its library, saving you time and effort in creating your own assets.


Recruitee offers a transparent view of its pricing, with users able to select and tailor plans based on the number of positions they need filling – all offer a 14-day free trial to boot.

There’s also the useful option of picking a custom plan, but for that, you’ll need to get in contact with the sales team. We do feel the prices are quite high, but it’s still just nice to see them displayed on the company’s website.

Recruitee Pricing


  • Direct connections to over 2,900 free and paid job boards
  • Highly customizable and easy to use, suitable for beginners
  • Brilliant employee referral program places an emphasis on trust in staff


  • Automation features are only available on the more expensive plan

9. Zoho Recruit – Top Choice for Recruitment Agencies

Zoho Recruit Logo

Zoho Recruit is a powerful recruiting tool with a full application tracking solution that’s best suited for corporate HR departments and recruitment agencies.

You can manage and keep track of each stage of the hiring process with the help of its customizable features and integrations. For one, you can easily locate and track ideal candidates with Zoho’s client and applicant portals and staff recommendation portals.

There are a number of automated, analytical, and communication options available in Zoho Recruit, and you can publish multiple job positions, promote them on social media, sort through many resumes, and import applicant data to your recruiting database.

Zoho Recruit Dashboard

Best For Starting Price Free Trial Standout Features
Staffing Agencies $25/month 14-days 1. AI-assisted Candidate Selection
2. Dedicated Recruitment Mailbox
3. Integration with Zoho Network

You can even examine candidate and recruiter records, run background checks, and pre-screening tests. Zoho Recruit offers powerful AI functions – for example, it enables candidates to send their resumes through a specific gateway and lets you set up a special mailbox for resume submissions.

The information and records of applicants can then be extracted, standardized, and mapped to various areas in your application tracking system. Then, to save ample time, your recruitment staff can filter candidate records by using the AI features to grade applicants in accordance with your selected criteria.

Plus, to connect with candidates for interviews and evaluations, you can also use a built-in video interviewing tool, which is available as a paid add-on. With it, you can schedule interviews right from the candidate’s profile using Zoho Recruit.

Lastly, there’s a whole host of useful integrations, including with the whole Zoho network, which includes an excellent CRM and other tools that can improve workflows. But perhaps the most vital one is Checkr – with it, you can screen applicants in one click and have reports sent to any of your hiring teams’ devices.


Zoho Recruit is one of the more affordable choices out there, especially as a few of its features are paid add-ons, like video interviewing tools. That doesn’t stop it from being an incredibly popular solution for businesses around the globe, though.

There’s also a 14-day free trial on all paid plans and a generous free forever plan, although you’re restricted to posting just one job – but it gives you time to work out all the features.

Zoho Recruit Pricing


  • Reasonably priced plans that can easily scale alongside your business
  • Offers a free forever plan along with a 14-day free trial on paid plans
  • Excellent AI-based tools for helping locate the top prospects


  • Some features, like video interviews, are paid add-ons

10. JazzHR – Good Choice for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

JazzHR Logo

JazzHR is a user-friendly hiring solution that allows for unlimited users and the posting of positions to 18 popular job sites (or more with integrations).

It’s a cost-effective option for businesses that just need to post a few jobs at once, but it can be expensive to access infinite jobs and the product’s best features.

The cheapest plan just allows users to publish up to three jobs that sync across different online job boards and isn’t an actual ATS. However, the Plus and Pro subscriptions offer a lot more features.

This includes the option to schedule interviews and screening questions so that applicants can be emailed automatically at specific points in the procedure.

JazzHR Dashboard

Best For Starting Price Free Trial Standout Features
Small Businesses $49/month No 1. Auto Post to Free Job Boards
2. Interview Guides
3. Workflow Helpers

It’s an easy-to-use piece of software that can be learned in a day and used right away to start gathering resumes. It includes LinkedIn integration so that users can post job openings, gather applicants from them, or conduct candidate searches.

Depending on the position and skill type you’re looking for, you can simply post jobs to nearly all the big job boards with a single click and expect to receive a significant number of applications.

For more advanced features, the premium plan offers background checks on recruiters and applicants and tests for applicants to see if they’re suitable. There’s also the useful Workflow Helpers tool that can be used to automate routine tasks like sending feedback, updating applicant statuses, and other time-saving tools.

On paper, JazzHR may seem like a pretty cheap and straightforward recruitment tool, but when you start adding on the required features, such as candidate texting ($39/month), career page builder ($39/month) and features like e-signature at $39 – the total cost starts to climb up.


As mentioned before, JazzHR has some attractive prices on paper, but when you start including the various add-ons like candidate texting and integrations with apps like Zoom, the price soon shoots up. Sadly, there’s also no free version to test the service, so you’ll have to hope it’s suitable straight from the get-go.

JazzHR Pricing


  • Allows for unlimited users, so your whole team can use it
  • Incredibly easy to learn, it can be implemented and accessible on day one
  • Includes useful features like interview guides and Workflow Helpers


  • Many features cost extra, which can make the service very expensive
  • Offers fewer features than the top providers on this list

The Top 10 Recruiting Management Tools Compared

Now that we’ve explored our top 10 picks for the best recruitment management tools in detail, it’s time to compare the key features drawn from the reviews above. This will make it easy for you to compare the key components, like pricing, standout features, and others:

Provider Best For Starting Price Free Trial Standout Features
TeamTailor Process Management Contact Sales 14-days 1. Automated Triggers
2. Career Site Builder
3. Custom Templates
ClearCompany Beginners Contact Sales No 1. ClearText
2. AI-assisted Job Descriptions
3. Custom Reports
Monday.com Customization and Scaling $8/month 14-days 1. CRM
2. Custom Templates
3. Integrations
Rippling HR & Finance Teams $8/month No 1. Employee Referral Management
2. Role-based Access
3. Candidate Tagging
BreezyHR Small Businesses $157/month 14-days 1. Bootstrap Plan
2. Careers Webpage Builder
3. Automated Reference Checking
Manatal Social Media Recruiting $15/month 14-days 1. AI Candidate Scoring
2. AI-Generated Job Descriptions
3. Importing Social Media Data into Databases
Workable Equal Opportunities Employers $149/month 14-days 1. AI-recommended Candidates
2. Standardized Tests
3. LinkedIn Plugin
Recruitee Collaborative Hiring $224/month 14-days 1. RefferalsHub
2. CareersHub
3. E-Signature Built-in
Zoho Recruit Staffing Agencies $25/month 14-days 1. AI-assisted Candidate Selection
2. Dedicated Recruitment Mailbox
3. Integration with Zoho Network
JazzHR Small Businesses $49/month No 1. Auto Post to Free Job Boards
2. Interview Guides
3. Workflow Helpers

What’s the Best Free Recruitment Software to Use?

We wouldn’t recommend using free recruitment management software, as they contain far fewer features than the top providers on this list. But if you don’t want to spend any of your hard-earned cash, then you could try one of the free forever plans offered by a top tool.

For example, Zoho Recruit offers a free forever plan where you can access all the premium features, but you’re limited to one job posting. Alternatively, you could use the 14-day free trial on offer from our top pick TeamTailor, as this offers a good way to study all the features and learn how to use the system.

But overall, we’d steer clear of any 100% free recruitment tools, as they won’t offer key features like candidate texting, automations for interviewing, detailed career web pages, and other vital components of the best hiring software.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Recruiting System for Your Business

There’s still a lot to consider when deciding which is the best recruiting system for your needs. Although all the providers on this list are very strong options, the one that’s right for you varies based on your requirements.

To help you decide, we’ve listed some of the key factors you ought to consider when picking your favorite recruitment software.

  • Price – This is always an important factor. The best thing to do is to look at the features offered and the integrations available and then compare the prices. Also, be sure to check if any of the features listed are paid add-ons, as this can catch people out.
  • Business Needs and Goals – Start by understanding your organization’s specific recruitment needs and goals. Different software solutions cater to different requirements, such as volume hiring, niche skill acquisition, or improving diversity.
  • User-Friendliness – The software should be easy to use for both recruiters and candidates, as this will streamline the hiring process and reduce training time for your team. As such, we recommend trying any free versions before committing.
  • Integration Capabilities – Ensure that the recruitment solution can integrate seamlessly with your existing HR and business systems. This may include your HRIS, payroll software, Applicant Tracking System, CRM software, and other tools used in your hiring processes.
  • Scalability – Consider whether the software can scale with your organization’s growth. It should be able to handle an increasing number of candidates and job openings.
  • Candidate Experience – Look for features that enhance the candidate experience, such as easy application processes, mobile optimization, and communication tools.
  • Automation & AI – Many of the best and more modern recruitment software platforms offer automation and AI-driven features like resume screening, chatbots, and predictive analytics to help identify top candidates more efficiently.

We’ve taken all these factors into consideration when testing, ranking, reviewing, and comparing the market’s top options.

Besides this guide, our team of experts has tested, ranked, reviewed, and compared numerous other tools that businesses around the world turn to for hiring, team management, and the like. Here are some guides we think would prove helpful:

Conclusion | What is the Best Recruiting Software to Use in 2024?

The best recruitment software makes it simple to locate, assess, and choose qualified candidates for interviews. Software for recruiting should have features like advertising jobs on various career sites, screening resumes, and tools for evaluating and tracking candidates.

All the providers on this list can do the above and more, with many now using AI to further improve their candidate selection, and some can even write job descriptions for you.

But there can only be one top pick, and we’ve gone with TeamTailor, as it includes excellent features like Automated Triggers, a simple-to-use Career Site Builder, and a ton of Custom Templates for each stage of the hiring process.


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