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The best password managers in India offer top-notch encryption and safety measures to keep your passwords safe online from any potential hackers. Using one should be essential, as it also allows you to create unique and hard-to-crack passwords for all of your accounts.

As password managers become more and more popular, the market is slightly awash with a ton of different providers, each promising the most cutting-edge features — but who do you trust? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you make an informed decision. We’ve researched and tested dozens of products, and in this article, we’ll look at the market’s best India password managers, including the likes of NordPass, Norton, and Enpass.

The Top 10 Password Managers Ranked

Based on factors like security, ease of use, pricing, and free versions, we’ve ranked each of the best password managers in India accordingly:

  1. NordPass – $2.79/month – The best password manager in 2024 thanks to its industry-leading XChaCha20 encryption and the emergency access feature
  2. Norton – Free – A totally free password management solution with an excellent auto-change feature for updating old passwords in bulk
  3. Enpass – $1.99/month – Powerful password manager that can be used completely offline with no internet connection required
  4. 1Password – $1.79/month – Top choice for businesses as it has unique features like Travel Mode to keep your personal vaults safe when you leave the country
  5. Roboform – $0.99/month – Budget-friendly PW manager that includes a built-in browser for extra secure web surfing and password protection
  6. Keeper – $2.92/month – An excellent PW management tool with a ton of unique features like Trash Bin, which lets you recover deleted files and records
  7. Total Password – $1.99/month – Reliable and low-cost password manager with a useful remote access feature, so you can delete browsing history remotely
  8. Avira – $2.99/month – A popular tool that can also double as an authenticator app for popular websites, including Facebook and Gmail
  9. Dashlane – $3.75/month – Useful password management solution that includes a built-in VPN and powerful dark web scanner
  10. Bitwarden – $0.83/month – The cheapest pick with excellent secure sharing features, so you can safely share passwords and files with trusted contacts

How Do Password Managers Work?

Password managers are apps that help you generate new, strong passwords that are practically impossible to crack, plus protect your current passwords by storing them in encrypted vaults. Most will also enable you to add credit card details or other sensitive documents that you want to be secured, whether it be for work or personal use.

Besides this, they’ve adapted alongside advanced tech, so some of them allow you to use biometric logins, like Face ID or a fingerprint reader, to access your credentials. As such, instead of using your master password, you can save time and log in as you would on your iPhone, Android device, or computer.

Some of the top password managers in India will have some unique features that set them apart from the competition, such as unique encryption protocols, offline access, and a safe share option, where you can share login details with family, friends, or coworkers.

That said, besides the security and convenience aspect, the biggest benefit of using a password manager is that you only need to remember your master password rather than all the login details you use for each website.

Why Do I Need a Password Manager?

There are countless benefits to using a password manager, from saving time typing in long emails and passwords to the overall security they can offer you. Below are the main reasons you should use a password manager in India:

Generate Strong Passwords

When it comes to creating new passwords on websites nowadays, you often need to have them be of a certain length, with a combination of numbers, capital letters, and symbols becoming the best practice. These can be hard to come up with, and it’s not recommended that you repeat the same password across multiple websites.

That’s where a good password manager steps in — with most offering password generators that can create unique passwords for any new account you signup for or even update existing passwords.

Plus, you don’t need to remember them all, as you can autofill them on apps and websites by using either your master password or your biometrics.

Secure Password Sharing

Many people share account details with family members or friends. For example, it’s common to share streaming service logins if someone pays for the subscription, but sharing a password over chat is risky, as it can be easily stolen, which is especially bad if you use the same password for your banking or important accounts.

However, using a good password manager enables you to securely share a password with trusted contacts, be it family or friends, which eliminates the need to share passwords via text or email, reducing the risk of you being hacked.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds a layer of security to your already secure password manager. It means you need to enter a code either from your mobile, email or via a third-party authentication app such as Google Authenticator to sign in to your important apps and accounts.

If you have a two-factor authentication set, it wouldn’t be the end of the world even if a hacker installed one of the best keyloggers on the market and obtained your master password. You’d still be protected, and the vault would remain sealed because they’d need your device to receive the unique one-time code.

Save Time

Password managers are one of the safest methods to store passwords. You can manage all your logins from a single application if you use a trustworthy password management service, which is a saving grace for people who use a variety of websites and platforms or have multiple emails and passwords to keep track of.

On top of an effortless login process, there’s even an option for securely storing and inputting card details into forms, so you won’t have to fill out complex passwords or long emails because all you’d have to do is use your biometrics or master password to log in, and the rest is auto-filled for you.

The Top 10 Password Management Tools Reviewed

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the top 10 password management tools in India, starting with the almighty NordPass. We’ll be reviewing each one’s features, overall security, price plans, and much more to give you everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

1. NordPass – Overall, the Best Password Manager in India

NordPass Logo

NordPass boasts stellar reviews and leads the way as the top password management tool in India thanks to its use of the industry-leading XChaCha20 encryption, which is three times as fast as the industry standard set with the AES 256.

Plus, it offers a generous free plan, as well as a host of affordable, feature-rich paid options for individual or personal use. More on those features — NordPass does everything you’d expect a top password manager to do and does so incredibly well.

For example, the autofill feature works effortlessly, so you don’t need to spend time and effort typing in long passwords and email addresses every time you need to log in. You also get the option to safely store away any important files, which is especially useful for business users.


Cheapest Paid Plan Device Limit Free Version Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
$2.79/month (₹.229) 6 Yes Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-days

Alongside this, there’s space in your vault for credit card information, and NordPass can, of course, save you from typing all these details in. This works well for enterprises who perhaps have a work expense card, as it saves a physical card being passed around by numerous people.

There are also some more advanced features that set NordPass aside from its rivals, including an excellent emergency access feature, which allows you to provide secure access to your passwords and notes to family members or a friend.

For further sharing of details, there’s a secure share feature that allows you to share credentials to things like streaming sites with loved ones and, of course, shared business accounts with employees.

You also don’t need to worry about compromised passwords, as NordPass will scan the internet and dark web for any passwords that may have been hacked or stolen, and if so, it’ll generate new, unique passwords with its password generator tool.

This is more important than ever, considering that data from a staggering 600,000 internet users in India are being sold on the dark web.


NordPass has a simple setup of plans tailored towards personal or business use. Better still, there’s a fantastic free plan you can use, and although you’re limited to one device, it stands out as you can store an infinite number of passwords. Here are all the plans on offer:

NordPass Pricing



  • Industry-leading XChaCha20 encryption for improved security and speed
  • An excellent free plan that lets you store unlimited passwords
  • Independently audited security, so you know it’s safe
  • Lots of cutting-edge features like a data breach scanner and NordPass Authenticator
  • Includes a 30-day free trial for the premium plan
  • Made by NordVPN, one of the best India VPNs


  • You can only use the free version on one device at a time

2. Norton – A Trusted and Completely Free Password Manager

Norton Family Logo

Norton Password Manager is an entirely free offering, with no paid option or upgrades, which may put some off – but don’t let it fool you. With it, you get all the features you’d expect with a top password manager, plus a few extras that make this an incredibly generous free offering.

Firstly, there’s the standard password generator, which is very effective at creating strong passwords for all of your accounts, as well as a password vault auditor, which informs you if any of your passwords aren’t up to scratch.

What’s especially good is what follows this — Norton’s autochange feature — with this, you can simultaneously update any weak, old, or compromised passwords at the click of a button. As a totally free solution, this is a feature that many other top password managers on this list are yet to offer, so bonus points are there for Norton.

Norton password manager dashboard

Cheapest Paid Plan Device Limit Free Version Compatibility Money-back Guarantee
Free 10 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge N/A

There aren’t too many more cutting-edge features to shout about, but everything on offer here is done well, plus, it’s incredibly simple to use, with a clean and straightforward interface that makes it easy to use for anyone on any device. All of this makes Norton one of the best free password managers on the market.

In regards to devices, Norton is available on all popular platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and even a few browser extensions. For these devices, you can even replace your master password with your biometric logins, which saves you time typing in lengthy credentials.

Your biometrics can also be used to input credit card information that can be safely stored in your Norton vault, along with your passwords and account details. The autofill feature is common amongst password managers, but Norton’s is very responsive and can save you time and energy.


As we mentioned above, there are no paid plans on offer with Norton, and this is an entirely free service. You can also get included alongside their excellent antivirus software and other bundles, but if you just want a good, free password manager, then look no further.


  • Completely free offering
  • Offers strong 256-bit AES encryption
  • Useful password auto-change feature to mass change weak passwords
  • Supports up to 10 devices


  • You don’t get 2FA on the desktop apps

3. Enpass – Powerful Password Manager That Works Seamlessly Offline

EnPass logo

Enpass is a top password manager in India that offers a range of plans, including an excellent free tier aimed at personal use. It’s also unique because it operates offline, so no matter where you are in the world, even if there’s limited or no internet, you can safely access your vaults.

Safety, in general, is assured with Enpass, as the service uses 256-bit AES military-grade encryption to keep all your data protected. Interestingly, there isn’t any 2FA on offer, but it can actually be used as an authenticator, similar to Google or Microsoft authenticator apps.

This doesn’t mean it isn’t safe. In fact, you actually get to choose how your data is stored, whether it be on a Cloud service like Google Drive or OneDrive, which in itself is an extra blanket of security.

EnPass Dashboard

Cheapest Paid Plan Device Limit Free Version Compatibility Money-back Guarantee
$1.99/month (₹.163) 1-6 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-days

So you’d need to log in to your Cloud service with your credentials, as well as your one-time code or biometrics, plus entering your master password for Enpass — so it’s very secure.

For password security, you get an excellent password generator and auditor that will scan your passwords and highlight any discrepancies and then suggest unique and tough-to-break alternatives. You won’t need to worry about remembering them either, as the autofill feature takes care of this for you.

In fact, the autofill feature even allows you to fill out forms with your details, including addresses, credit card details, and personal information. This is particularly useful for businesses that often need to fill out multiple documents with company data, and it also reduces the risk of this data being leaked, as it’s secure in your vault.


Enpass offers a range of plans that cater to individual or enterprise use, including family plans for multi-device coverage. With the free account, unlike with NordPass, you can only store up to 25 items on one device.

Enpass Pricing

Upgrading to the Individual plan allows for infinite passwords but still just one device. For further coverage, the Family tier will allow you to install Enpass on up to 6 devices at once.


  • Excellent form-filling features to save time
  • Affordable paid plans and a generous free offering
  • Can be used as an authenticator app
  • Includes option for cloud storage, which is useful and adds an extra layer of security


  • No third-party 2FA is available

4. 1Password – Top Business Password Manager With Travel Mode

1Password Logo

1Password is a reliable password manager that has powerful apps for all devices and includes some useful features you’d expect to find in a password manager, as well as some truly unique offerings, like Travel Mode.

With Travel Mode, you can keep your vaults secure on the go, and it works by removing non-travel safe data when you cross into a new country, ensuring that the only data that border officials will be able to access is non-intrusive for you.

1password | password storage

Cheapest Paid Plan Device Limit Free Version Compatibility Money-back Guarantee
$2.99/month (₹.245) 1-5 No Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-days

Another way 1Password ensures you’re protected is with their Watchtower feature, which is basically a suite of security features that watch over your passwords and spot any weaknesses – hence the name. It can scan the dark web for any compromised or stolen passwords, as well as suggest new, strong log-ins for your accounts.

Plus, 1Password recently introduced a new feature that’s been long overdue called Psst! Password sharing is their new safe and secure way to share credentials with family members, friends, or coworkers, and uniquely, they don’t even need to be 1Password users.

The password manager app itself is very user-friendly, especially for Android, with 1Password having one of the best Android password manager apps we’ve seen. It will sync across all of your devices, so you can be protected on the go with whichever device you’re using.


1Password has a great range of plans for work use, families, or individuals – but sadly, there’s no option for any free plan, just a 14-day free trial for all the paid tiers.

1Password Pricing

For the individual plan, you can store an infinite number of passwords on one device or up to 5 if you opt for the family plan. There are also two dedicated business plans, Teams, and Business, which offer coverage for any staff members, priced per person each month.


  • Excellent and unique Travel Mode for staying protected on to go
  • One of the best business password managers
  • Highly functional Watchtower setting for ensuring strong passwords
  • Includes 1GB of encrypted file storage


  • No free plan, just a 14-day free trial

5. Roboform – Budget-Friendly Option With a Built-In Browser

Roboform Logo

Roboform is one of the original names in the password management world, and as such, it does exactly what you’d expect to a high standard. It includes features like an excellent secure share, emergency access, and much more.

There are a lot of standard password manager features on offer with Roboform, but as an experienced player in this industry, it does all of them very well. For example, the autofill can complete long forms for you with personal details like addresses and card details.

RoboForm password protection

Cheapest Paid Plan Device Limit Free Version Compatibility Money-back Guarantee
$0.99/month (₹.81) 1-5 No Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-days

The password generator also suggests excellent, strong passwords for your accounts. These are fairly common, however, one feature that you won’t find on many other password managers is the emergency access setting.

This allows you to add trusted contacts, be it family, friends, or a coworker, to access your account in the case of an emergency. It can also be used for businesses that have had someone leave or pass unexpectedly, so you can access their work files.

Another standout feature is the TOTP authenticator, where you can use your Roboform account for TOTP (time-based one-time password), which basically means, as with Enpass, you won’t need to use a separate authenticator app, so you can access your accounts more quickly.


We’re glad to see the inclusion of an excellent free plan with Roboform, but there are also strong paid plans for businesses or individuals. For those looking for a personal account, Roboform Everywhere is a good, budget-friendly option that covers one account.

Roboform Pricing

You can always upgrade to the family plan should you require further coverage, as this can support up to 5 devices on one subscription. There’s even a whopping 5-year plan that works out to just $0.99/month, which is great value for money if you’re happy to commit your long-term future to this provider.


  • Useful emergency access feature for adding trusted contacts
  • Simple-to-use apps and desktop client
  • Can be used as an authenticator app
  • Has an independently audited zero-knowledge policy


  • You can’t import passwords from other password managers, only CSV files

6. Keeper – A Reliable Password Manager With Unique Trash Bin Feature

Keeper Logo

Keeper password manager is another giant in the security industry that includes some impressive and unique features, such as a secure messaging service, KeeperChat. You also get the basics here as well, like password audits and generators.

The KeeperChat feature is an interesting addition to an already excellent product, and it allows users to communicate with other Keeper users in an ultra-secure way. It’s protected by a ‘self-destruct’ setting should an unrecognized person try to gain access.

You can log in to the messaging service with either your master password or biometrics, so it’s kept protected.

Keeper | best password managers for business,

Cheapest Paid Plan Device Limit Free Version Compatibility Money-back Guarantee
$2.92/month (₹.240) 1-5 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge No

Talking of protection, Keeper employs a ton of tough encryption methods to ensure all your passwords or credit card information is stored safely in your vaults, including the use of powerful AES-256 encryption and 2FA.

Despite this, it’s still easy for you to access and use features like autofill, which can take care of long-winded forms or enter your payment information when you’re checking out. We were also impressed with the Trash Bin feature.

This allows you to recover previously deleted files and records, which can be especially beneficial to businesses that may have an employee delete files they shouldn’t, and this way, they can be easily recovered.


There’s a free plan available so you can manage passwords without spending any money, and although it’s limited to one device, it should still offer a good insight into what you can expect from the main product.

Keeper US Pricing


Overall, there’s a good range of plans available, each with a 30-day free trial, so you can experience all the advanced features that Keeper has to offer.


  • Includes a ton of advanced features like KeeperChat, a secure messaging service
  • Useful Trash Bin feature for recovering deleted files
  • Comes with a decent free plan and affordable paid options
  • Good feature-to-price ratio


  • Some features are paid add-ons, like Breach Watch

7. Total Password – Easy-to-Use Password Manager, Ideal for First-Time Users

Total Password Logo

Total Password is a new service from a brand that’s synonymous with online safety — TotalAV, the award-winning antivirus solution. Previously, they offered a password manager bundled in with the antivirus, but this is a standalone product with a few intriguing features.

The first interesting feature that stands out is the remote logout function, which allows you to delete browsing history and sign out of any device in which you use Total Password. This is useful if a device you own is stolen or lost, as it prevents the potential thief from being able to view your sensitive data.

Total Password

Cheapest Paid Plan Device Limit Free Version Compatibility Money-back Guarantee
$1.99/month (₹.163) 1 No Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge 14-days

This works because Total Password syncs your passwords across multiple devices, meaning all of your passwords are available on any device at the click of a button. That said, there are no mobile apps for this product, instead, you’ll have to make do with desktop clients for Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera.

But seeing as these are some of the more popular browsers out there, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. There is a lack of advanced features here, but it’s a new solution, so in the future, we’d like to see a few more standout features.

But rest assured, it includes an excellent autofill feature for forms and so on, as well as a password generator that allows for custom rules, ideal for IT departments.


There’s only one plan available for Total Password at the time of writing, and sadly there’s no free option available or free trial, which is a little disappointing. Thankfully, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee for a slightly hassle-free purchase.

Total Password Pricing


  • Excellent remote logout feature if your device is lost or stolen
  • Simple plan structure with an affordable paid plan
  • Syncs passwords across any device you use
  • Very user-friendly interface and desktop clients


  • No support for mobile devices, just browsers

Avira Logo

Avira is another household name that made itself known in the antivirus industry with one of the best antivirus solutions in India. Like Total Password, it’s also now offering a standalone password management solution that has a few useful features and intuitive apps for all devices.

One of those is the introduction of a built-in authenticator app, which allows you to use Avira when you’re logging in to websites like Facebook, Gmail, or Dropbox. you’ll get a code within the app that you simply enter on the website you’re logging in to, and you’re good to go.

Avira best password manager

Cheapest Paid Plan Device Limit Free Version Compatibility Money-back Guarantee
$2.99/month (₹.245) 1-50 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 14-days for monthly plan, 30-days for annual

It can also automatically log you into any websites where you have accounts stored on Avira, so there’s no need to type anything in, it’ll do it automatically for you. This is basically a slightly more advanced version of autofill, but the latter can still be used for filling out forms and documents.

To use autofill, there’s an option to control this with your biometric ID, whether it be a face or a fingerprint. If your device doesn’t support this, then you’ll have to make do with entering your master password.

All devices will support the account and website checkers, which scan your passwords or any websites you visit to ensure they’re safe. For passwords, it’ll then allow you to use the generator to create new, strong passwords for all your accounts.


The plan structure for Avira is incredibly straightforward, with the Pro plan being available to buy on a monthly or annual basis, with the yearly option working out cheaper in the long run, and it includes a huge 60-day money-back guarantee.

Avira Pricing US

If you don’t want to spend any money, then you can try the free plan, which has the same features but limits the number of devices to just one.


  • Includes an excellent in-app authenticator
  • Solid free plan and low-cost Pro option
  • Works on all popular devices and browsers
  • Automatically logs you into any accounts


  • No option to securely share credentials with family, friends, or work colleagues

9. Dashlane – Strong Password Manager With a Built-In VPN

Dashlane Logo

Dashlane is a popular password management tool with some nifty tricks up its sleeve, including a built-in VPN, so both your passwords and your web browsing activities are protected.

It includes many features that you’ll find in most password managers, including a data breach scanner and password health checker. The features on offer are all good, and it does the basics very well, but the built-in VPN is an especially useful tool.

We’d love to see more password managers incorporate this into their products for added value and protection online.

Cheapest Paid Plan Device Limit Free Version Compatibility Money-back Guarantee
$2.75/month (₹.226) 1-10 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-days

Security overall is provided by multiple 2FA methods, including one-time passwords and various authenticator apps like Google, and there’s also a welcome introduction of biometric data for supported devices. This works in tandem with the excellent form-filling features that Dashlane offers.

Moreover, Dashlane can scan the depths of the dark web to find out if any of your passwords have been hacked and leaked online, and if the answer is sadly yes, it can use its excellent generator to recommend new ones.

We were also pleased to see an option where you can update hundreds of passwords in one go, a feature similar to Norton’s auto-change. This can save a lot of time and effort should the data breach scanner find compromised passwords, which can now be rectified at the click of a few buttons.


Dashlane includes a useful free plan for individual usage, but the paid plans are a little more expensive than many of the others on this list, which also include more unique features.

Dashlane Pricing


There are options for businesses and families, should you need more than one person or device covered, and you get the option of a monthly or yearly subscription.


  • Includes a built-in VPN for secure web browsing
  • Excellent secure notes feature, which can be shared with family, friends, or colleagues
  • Feature-rich free plan
  • You can update multiple passwords at once


  • No longer includes an emergency access feature

10. Bitwarden – Cheap Password Manager for Those On a Budget

Bitwarden Logo

Bitwarden may be at the bottom of this list, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t an excellent password management tool. With this provider, you can generate custom reports on your passwords, as well as scan the internet for any that may have been stolen by hackers.

The report feature is detailed and incredibly valuable, especially in a business setting, so you can ensure all your accounts and passwords are up to standard. We also really like the breached databases report.

This notifies you if a business or website has been compromised way before you’ll see it on the news.


Cheapest Paid Plan Device Limit Free Version Compatibility Money-back Guarantee
$0.83/month (₹.68) 1-6 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-days

Security is very much at the forefront, and the Bitwarden send function is an ode to this. With this feature, you can send files, passwords, and much more, all of which are encrypted, so not even Bitwarden can see the contents.

That aside, there’s a top-notch password generator, as well as an emergency access feature that allows trusted contacts access to your vaults in the event of an emergency – a feature that’s more useful for business users.

Your vaults can be accessed via your master password or biometrics like Face ID or your fingerprint, should your device have these functions. There are also multiple 2FA methods, including SMS, Email, and authenticator apps for extra protection.


Bitwarden is one of the most budget-friendly password managers out there and even includes a decent free plan for up to one user. For a more advanced offering, you can upgrade to premium for $10/year, which is phenomenal value for money.

Bitwarden Pricing

Should you require extra devices, or even business use, then Bitwarden has excellent plans for families and enterprises.


  • Incredibly affordable plans and an excellent free option
  • Useful reporting features for data breaches and more
  • The Autofill feature is very fast and reliable
  • Includes a good range of plans for personal, family, or business use


Comparison of the Best Password Manager Apps

Now that you’ve seen how each of the top password managers works, it’s time to compare some of the key features like pricing and device limits. Below is a useful table where you can do just that:

Provider Starting Price Device Limit Free Version Compatibility Money-back Guarantee
NordPass $2.79/month (₹.229) 6 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-days
Norton Free 10 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge N/A
Enpass $1.99/month (₹.163) 1-6 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-days
1Password $2.99/month (₹.245) 1-5 No Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-days
RoboForm $0.99/month (₹.81) 1-5 No Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-days
Keeper $2.92/month (₹.240) 1-5 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge No
Total Password $1.99/month (₹.163) 1 No Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge 14-days
Avira $2.99/month (₹.245) 1-50 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 14-days for Monthly Plan, 30-Days for Annual
Dashlane $2.75/month (₹.226) 1-10 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-days
Bitwarden $0.83/month (₹.68) 1-6 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge 30-days

Free PW Managers Vs. Paid Tools: Which Should I Use?

The idea of using a free password manager is highly appealing, all those features and security without having to spend any money – who wouldn’t want that? It’s worth remembering that whilst an entirely free solution may sound good on paper, they’re often packing far fewer premium features.

For example, don’t expect to find a data breach scanner or any remote access tools. That said, we’d recommend trying a premium provider such as NordPass, which has what many consider, the best free version to trial the service.

With it, you can store an unlimited number of passwords on one device, and to upgrade to cover more devices, it costs just $2.79/month (₹.229). You’ll get access to the full suite of features, like password scanners and dark web monitors on the paid versions, as well as better access to customer support, should something go wrong.

How to Choose the Best Password Manager for You

Although each password manager on this list is excellent in its own right, you still need to consider personal preference when deciding which is best for you. For example, if you’re a business, you may benefit from multiple users and a solid business plan, or for personal use, you may look for the best feature-to-value option – the list goes on.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of some of the key factors you should look for when picking your preferred password manager.

Premium Features

Nearly all the password managers on this list have the same core features, such as password generators or the ability to store credit cards. However, some have totally unique features that elevate them even further.

NordPass has excellent XChaCha20 encryption, whereas Keeper has its own secure messaging service, KeeperChat. You still need to ensure that your chosen password manager gets the basics right, but bonus features like these can really set them apart.

Max Number of Devices

A good password manager should give you access to its features across a few devices, although some free or personal plans may limit you to one, but with the option for an infinite number of passwords.

You often need to upgrade to a family plan to get access to extra devices, which will ultimately cost you more. So, you’d ideally pick a provider that lets you use the apps across around 2-5 devices.

Device Support

The best password managers will have intuitive apps for all devices like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, as well as browser extensions or Linux. This allows you to use them across whichever devices you have for a seamless experience.

The top password managers on this list all have compatibility with the most popular platforms, but some, such as Total Password, only support browser extensions, so this is something to bear in mind.

Overall Cost

This is usually a big one, as many users may simply look for the cheapest option available, which we wouldn’t recommend doing. All the providers on this list offer good value for money, with a ton of premium features and low monthly costs of around $2 or $3 a month.

Many even offer free plans, a money-back guarantee, and free premium trials so you can test them before you buy.

Conclusion | Which is the Best Password Manager in India?

The best password managers in India allow you to store all your account details in one secure place, eliminating the risk of them being compromised and leaked online. Furthermore, you can even store your credit card details or personal files on many of the top password managers, adding an extra layer of security to your personal data.

If you’re in the market for a reliable solution, we’d recommend trying NordPass, from the creators of one of the best VPN services on the market, they know their way around security.

With NordPass, your passwords are protected by the industry-leading XChaCha20 encryption, and you get access to all the premium features you’d expect, such as a dark web monitor and more.

There’s even an excellent free plan, or you can sign up for a premium option for just $2.79/month and benefit from the risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.


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