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Whether it’s for work, social media, or entertainment purposes, we all rely on various services that require login credentials. But who can effectively manage – let alone remember – different passwords for each account? This is where the best password manager for Windows comes in.

We’ve done the groundwork to determine the top password managers available for 2024. Besides ranking them, we’ve reviewed each one in-depth and compared them head-to-head to help you find the perfect solution for you.

In This Guide

Overview of the 10 Best Windows Password Managers

Ready to end your search for terms like “best password manager Windows” and “best password manager for Windows 10” online? Look no further. Here’s our expertly curated shortlist of the top 10 contenders for 2024:

  1. NordPassThe best Windows password manager with its unique XChaCha20 encryption, the machine learning autofill, and a data breach scanner.
  2. Norton The best free solution as it offers powerful protection against malware, and a secure password management solution with all the core basics.
  3. Enpass The ideal tool for enterprises, as it’s equipped with Microsoft 365, offering stakeholders access management and vault sharing via OneDrive.
  4. 1PasswordThe best option for frequent travelers with its unique Travel Mode, protecting sensitive information and facilitating smooth border crossings.
  5. RoboFormA tool with an inheritance function that tops it all, providing seamless Emergency Access for trusted contacts in emergencies.
  6. KeeperThe cheapest option that boasts powerful features, including BreachWatch (dark web monitoring) that scans for breached account credentials.
  7. Total PasswordA password manager that stands out with intuitive browser session management that lets you remotely log out of your vault and websites.
  8. AviraPerfect for those planning to switch password management tools, as it simplifies the process of importing your passwords from 25 competitors.
  9. Dashlane – The only solution that includes a VPN in its standalone service, allowing you to disguise your IP address for private, secure browsing.
  10. Bitwarden – The best budget password manager with time-based one-time passwords (TOTP), vault health reports, emergency access, and priority support.

Does Windows Have a Built-In PW Manager?

The built-in password manager, called Credential Manager, is part of the Windows operating system. However, it’s not the optimal solution for all users. In larger contexts, relying entirely on inbuilt password managers for browsers (such as the Google Passwords Manager) and operating systems can constrict flexibility.

This is because it restricts users to a specific device, application, or computing platform, which doesn’t lend favorably to versatility. Beyond this, a study by the Harvard Business Review indicates that a significant chunk of productivity is lost when workers continually switch between various apps and websites.

With a Windows password manager, you get far more convenience. While they remove the guesswork out of remembering and generating strong passwords for all of your accounts, they also offer easy in-app integrations and browser extensions.

Contrary to inbuilt password managers that require you to switch from one tab to another, the best Windows password managers help to facilitate smoother transitions between different digital platforms, even if you use other operating systems.

Do I Need a Windows PW Manager?

“One for all; all for one.” A password manager embodies the concept of this famous phrase. It allows you to access all your devices and accounts seamlessly, providing a multitude of convenient login methods.

With a password manager, you can store all your passwords in a single account, and the only password you need to remember is the master password to unlock your safe. Many password managers even take security to the next level by offering biometric authentication, such as fingerprint scanning.

It’s also crucial for all types of businesses and individuals to prioritize data security, as a password manager is a proactive step towards protecting your sensitive information and preventing unauthorized access.

This is especially true now that data breaches pose a significant threat to personal and business information. In fact, statistics show that over 6 million data records were exposed worldwide in just the first quarter of 2023 alone.

With one of the best Windows password managers, you’ll have robust security, with features like single sign-on, biometrics logins, and multi-factor authentication to effectively prevent data breaches and safeguard your information from unauthorized access.

Reviews of the Top Password Managers for Windows

Looking for the best password manager for your Windows device? Check out our top picks below for detailed reviews and comparisons. Find the one that suits your needs and enhances your online security.

1. NordPass – The Best Windows Password Manager in 2024

NordPass Logo NordPass, the password manager from the team behind NordVPN, offers a variety of features to simplify and strengthen password management.

One of the standout features of NordPass is its use of the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm. In fact, it’s the only one to implement this level of encryption, hence it’s top spot on our list of the best Windows password managers.

Compared to the 256-bit AES encryption that all others use, XChaCha20 offers easier implementation, smoother performance without special hardware, and a reduced risk of errors, making it more user-friendly and secure.

A view of NordPass Password Manager

Users/Subscription Devices/Subscription Starting Price Free Version Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
1 Unlimited $1.79/month Free plan + 14-day free trial Windows, macOS, Linux, iOs, Android, browsers 30 days

It also offers a Data Breach Scanner, which promptly notifies you if any of your passwords have been compromised. Furthermore, the password health report feature helps you improve the strength and security of your passwords.

Beyond all this, NordPass benefits from machine learning for efficient autofill functionality, making it easier to access sites. And to top it off, besides all the advanced security measures, NordPass offers promotions for students and non-profit organizations, demonstrating its commitment to accessibility and affordability.

NordPass’s features also extend beyond password management. With its web vault feature, you can securely store credit cards and notes, ensuring the protection of your sensitive information. Another noteworthy feature is password inheritance, which lets you transfer passwords to certain individuals in case of an emergency.


NordPass offers two tiers: Personal and Family, as well as a Business plan that starts at $3.99/user/month. The personal plans include a Free version, a Premium (for one user), and a Family plan that allows for up to six premium user accounts.

NordPass’ pricing options

The Free account will grant access to most features; however, you’ll need to get one of the paid options for the ability to share passwords with trusted people, identify weak or old passwords, scan the web for data leaks, and stay logged in when switching devices.


  • NordPass Business is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 1 certified, providing additional assurance of its security
  • Features a built-in password generator
  • Stores bank and personal information
  • The ability to audit company-wide use of 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)
  • Uses the unique XChaCha20 encryption algorithm


  • Unlike Norton and Avira, the free version doesn’t offer unlimited devices
  • Doesn’t offer customization for fields like file and photo attachments and documents

2. Norton Password Manager – The Best Free Password Manager in 2024

Norton Family Logo Norton Password Manager is a standout feature included in Norton’s diverse range of plans, ensuring that users of all types can benefit from its convenience and security.

Whether you’re looking for a no-cost solution or interested in exploring their paid plans, Norton has you covered. As one of the best antiviruses on the market, it’s unsurprising that you get far more than password management with Norton’s Password Manager.

Norton’s Safety Dashboard

Users/Subscription Devices/Subscription Starting Price Free Version Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
1 Unlimited Free Yes Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 60 days

Plus, the Password Manager not only offers powerful protection against malware and viruses, keeping your Windows devices safe and secure, but it also takes an extra step by blocking fake sites that attempt to steal your passwords.

With Norton Password Manager, you can also confidently create and use strong passwords without worrying about falling victim to cyber threats, and of course, as with all, one of the key advantages of Norton Password Manager is its ability to sync logins and other information seamlessly across your devices.

Gone are the days of painstakingly remembering multiple passwords or constantly having to reset them. Furthermore, to help you stay on top of your online security, Norton offers a Safety Dashboard that helps identify weaknesses in your logins, such as weak or reused passwords and outdated security settings.


Norton Password Manager is available for free as a standalone service. However, if you choose to explore the antivirus options and other features Norton has to offer for 360-degree protection (including one of the best parental control solutions), here are your options:

Norton’s pricing options


  • Free standalone Password Manager
  • Ideal for low-budget individuals and small businesses
  • Unlimited password storage
  • Automatic one-click password changer for enhanced security


  • No password inheritance options
  • Offers limited details about the Password Manager

3. Enpass – Excellent Option for Enterprises

EnPass logo Enpass wins as a solid option for enterprises and small businesses with its Microsoft 365 integrations, which allow for seamless vault sharing and management access via OneDrive.

One of its standout features is the Security Audit Dashboard, which lets you identify compromised, weak, or breached passwords — and with the password generator, you can easily replace any weak or compromised passwords.

Additionally, Enpass offers unlimited password storage and allows you to create multiple vaults, making it easy to organize and manage your login credentials and other important data.

Quick Setup view on Enpass

Users/Subscription Devices/Subscription Starting Price Free Version Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
1 Unlimited $1.99/month 14-day free trial Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux None

Another notable feature of Enpass is its use of industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption, ensuring the utmost security and protection for user data. Although not as impressive as XChaCha20 encryption, it’s among the most advanced on the market, hence why it’s trusted and used by governments and banks worldwide.

The platform even supports biometric logins on mobile devices and supported Windows computers, providing an extra layer of convenience and security. That said, the best thing about Enpass is that it offers a free version for desktop users, which is great for exploring the capabilities of the online password manager.

One thing to keep in mind, too, is that it’s a good thing that Enpass is an offline password manager that saves user data on your device alone, but that means that cross-device syncing can only be achieved via Wi-Fi or third-party applications.

Some may find this to be not as seamless as with other password managers, however, many prefer it.


Enpass offers a free plan for desktop users (with a cap of up to 25 passwords) and a subscription-based pricing model for its apps. You’ll find that all paid options offer unlimited passwords and items, vaults, and devices; the only difference is how many members you can add (1 for the Individual plan, 6 for the Family one).

The One-Time Plan gives you a lifetime personal license for just one member — this is incredibly rare, and it offers immense value for money. Plus, on the Business side of things, all plans offer Microsoft 365 Integration, but only Enterprise offers the Security Audit Dashboard.

Enpass personal plans’ pricing options


  • Enpass offers Keyfile, an add-on for added authentication
  • Users can easily share entries and vaults
  • Minimalistic browser extension with essential features
  • Convenient password generator for strong passwords


  • No regular Two-Factor Authentication
  • Added subscription fee for cloud and mobile services

4. 1Password – The Best Windows PW Manager for Frequent Travelers

1Password Logo1Password, a leading password keeper, offers a powerful feature to help traveling users protect their digital lives. When crossing borders, privacy is a major concern. Border control officers may request access to your Windows devices, phones, and apps.

With 1Password’s Travel Mode, you can hide sensitive information from prying eyes. This includes information like company encryption keys and social media logins. By concealing specific vaults, 1Password prevents authorities from even realizing that you have hidden data.

With 1Password, you can generate a unique 34-character “secret key” in combination with a master password. This ensures all your passwords and data remain securely protected.

Simple interface from 1Password

Users/Subscription Devices/Subscription Starting Price Free Version Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
1 Unlimited $2.99/month 14-day free trial macOS, iOS (and watchOS), Windows, Android, Linux Strictly subject to the approval of AgileBits Inc.

So, whether you’re adding a new device or browser extension, you’ll need to enter both for an extra layer of security to your password management experience. With 1Password’s Watchtower feature, you can also easily stay informed about potential password vulnerabilities.

This feature analyzes your passwords and provides you with a comprehensive list of any weak or reused passwords or those that may be susceptible to cyberattacks. It even alerts you if any have been compromised in a data breach, allowing you to take immediate action to secure your accounts.

For families who want to share password access securely, 1Password offers a dedicated Families package. With private and shared vaults included by default, you can keep your personal information separate while easily sharing specific login details with your family.

So although 1Password’s interface can be a little bit overwhelming at first, it offers everything you need to ensure everyone can access vital accounts while maintaining individual privacy and security.


1Password has several plans on offer. The Individual plan grants you access to most features; however, if you want to use Account Management features like vault sharing, view and access permissions, and guest accounts, you’ll need to move to at least the Families rung.

1Password’s pricing options


  • 1Password doesn’t store your master password
  • Never struggle with deleted login details again with the Recently Deleted function
  • Watchtower alerts you about weak, reused, and compromised credentials
  • Easy-to-use vault system for organizing and sharing password information


  • No free plan is available
  • The Privacy Cards feature only supports debit cards, not credit cards

5. RoboForm  –  Top Inheritance Feature for Password Management Software

Roboform Logo RoboForm is a feature-rich password manager that offers a high level of customization and security options with its Emergency Access, which allows you to assign a trusted contact who can access your password vault in case of an emergency.

This ensures that your important data remains accessible even if you forget your master password. This feature functions seamlessly and provides peace of mind knowing that your data is secure yet accessible when needed.

RoboForm’s desktop and mobile app

Users/Subscription Devices/Subscription Starting Price Free Version Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
1 Unlimited $1.99/month Free plan + 14-day trial Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, browsers 30 days

RoboForm takes security seriously and has recently undergone a comprehensive security audit and penetration test conducted by Secfault Security, a consulting company that evaluates a company’s IT security risks by reviewing source codes and conducting penetration simulations.

The audit covered all aspects of RoboForm, including its apps, web dashboard, and browser extensions. Any vulnerabilities discovered were promptly addressed and fixed by RoboForm, ensuring that users’ data remains well-protected.

This commitment to security is commendable and instills confidence in the trustworthiness of the RoboForm password manager. Accessible through various platforms such as desktops, mobile apps, and browser extensions, RoboForm’s intuitive vault allows you to store an extensive range of information.

Aside from logins and passwords, you can also keep website bookmarks, secure notes, identities, and contacts, providing a holistic solution for storing and managing your digital assets.


If you only need a password manager for one device, RoboForm’s Free subscription should be sufficient with 2FA access, cloud backup, and password monitoring. If you want access on all devices, however — as well as web access, shared folders, and local-only mode — Everywhere or Family will do the trick.

RoboForm’s pricing options for personal plans


  • Keeps user data private with local and end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption
  • The Security Center feature provides a comprehensive password-auditing tool
  • Offers Emergency Access for assigning trusted contacts in case of emergencies
  • You have 3 control options for trusted contacts: Log-in, Read and Write, and Full Control


  • It only flags breached passwords without providing detailed breach information
  • The Emergency Access feature is only available on paid plans

6. Keeper – The Cheapest Option for Dark Web Monitoring Features

Keeper Logo Keeper is a password manager that offers a range of features to protect your digital identity in the deepest corners of the web through BreachWatch, Keeper’s dark web monitoring tool.

However, it’s important to note that BreachWatch isn’t included in Keeper’s main plan. Instead, it’s available as an add-on feature at an additional cost. This is a pity, considering that other password managers, like Dashlane, include dark web monitoring in their main plans.

That said, one of Keeper’s strengths is its ability to store identity and payment card details, streamlining the online shopping experience. With Keeper, you can conveniently store details like your address, number, and email address, having it auto-fill this information to save time in making online transactions.

Keeper’s My Vault view

Users/Subscription Devices/Subscription Starting Price Free Version Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
1 Unlimited $2.92/month 14-day free trial Windows, Mac, browsers None

Keeper’s browser extension for Windows offers a secure and functional experience. While it may not have all the advanced features of competitors like 1Password, it covers all the essential functions exceptionally well. Features like password auto-save and auto-fill are seamlessly integrated, providing convenience and security.

The browser extension also enhances usability by allowing easy search access to passwords stored in the Keeper vault. Additionally, creating and using passkeys, which offer an alternative to passwords, is straightforward and secure.

Passkeys use two separate keys: a public key shared with the site or service you’re logging into and a private key encrypted within your Keeper account. This creates a reliable and secure method of authentication, ensuring your identity is protected.


Keeper offers competitive options for personal and business uses. The Unlimited plan provides password management for an unlimited number of devices. It includes password generation, autofill for forms and logins, secure sharing of login credentials, and biometric authentication for easy access.

Keeper’s pricing options for personal plans

For additional features like encrypted file storage and dark web monitoring, opt for add-ons or the bundle package priced at $4.87/month or $58.47 annually. The bundle includes essential features often sought after for comprehensive password management, like 256-bit AES encryption and password migration.

For business use, you’re looking at $2/user/month — making it one of the best business password managers on the market.


  • Offline mode lets you view and edit items in every application/operating system
  • Trash Bin for viewing and restoring previously deleted passwords
  • Convenient One-Time Share option for sharing passwords with non-Keeper users
  • Supports Two-Factor Authentication


  • Dark web monitoring is only available as an add-on feature
  • The free plan lacks auto-fill and TOTP capabilities

7. Total Password – Intuitive for Browsing Session Password Management

Total Password Logo Total Password offers users a secure password protector for browsing sessions on Windows, which is called Secure Me. This feature allows you to manage your browsing sessions and remotely log out from your Total Password account on all devices.

This adds an extra layer of security and control over your online activity. It also includes Total Adblock as part of its subscription plan. This, as the name suggests, provides an efficient ad-blocking experience, allowing for uninterrupted browsing with the added benefit of stopping trackers.

Total Password


Users/Subscription Devices/Subscription Starting Price Free Version Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
1 Unlimited $1.99/month None Windows, Android, Mac, iOS 30 days/Subject to approval

While Total Password offers a good range of features, two notable downsides are the live chat function being only available on the app and the lack of detailed information on its website. However, with security reports and multi-device synchronization, it’s still a good option from a reputable antivirus provider.

The platform also stands out among other password managers with its password generator, which includes a convenient password history feature. This proves incredibly useful in situations where you may have created an account with a generated password but forgot to save it.

Overall, Total Password is a no-nonsense solution, so although it lacks some functionality found on other Windows password managers — like vault sharing — it handles all the basics incredibly well, and with no apps, it’s been designed for Windows and browsers, so it’s one of the best for these use cases.


Total Password offers one plan that includes all the features, such as a secure password vault, secure credit card storage, credentials autofill, secure notes, and AES 256 encryption. Additionally, Total Adblock is included for free with the subscription, providing you with a comprehensive and secure browsing experience.

The subscription also encompasses multiple device licenses at no extra cost, allowing you to access your password vault and enjoy the benefits of Total Adblock across multiple devices.

Total Password’s only paid option is the Total Password Premium


  • Affordable pricing at just $1.99 per month
  • Flexibility to purchase Total Password as a standalone or as part of TotalAV
  • Zero-knowledge policy ensures the privacy and security of your password vault
  • Security reports are available to keep you informed about your password security


  • The process for accessing live chat support is complex
  • Limited capability to share items with trusted contacts

8. Avira – Perfect for Password Migrations

Avira Logo Avira offers simple yet robust password management, perfect for users looking to migrate from another password manager for Windows. Enpass can bring in passwords from 25 other password managers. But Avira is different, as it ensures a smoother transition.

Rather than relying on specific file formats, Avira can import from any CSV file, allowing for flexibility and ease during the desktop migration process. And as you’d expect, you can easily map columns and review the imported data before finalizing the import.

Avira’s password generator

Users/Subscription Devices/Subscription Starting Price Free Version Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
1 Unlimited $1.99/month Free plan Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS 60 days

Despite its simplicity, the Avira Password Manager packs a range of features that showcase why Avira has been a top internet security company since 1986. From high-level encryption to bank-grade security measures and Two-Factor Authentication, Avira ensures the utmost security for your stored passwords.

The software’s robust security features make it virtually impossible to hack into the vault, providing complete peace of mind. Additionally, Avira offers free cloud syncing between devices. All of this is unsurprising when you consider that Avira always lands high on the best Windows antivirus rankings due to its free offerings.

Of course, this is typically a paid feature offered by other password managers, so it’s nice to see it offered for free here, as it further enhances the convenience and accessibility of password management across multiple devices.


Avira Password Manager is available completely free of charge. For users seeking advanced features, the pro version includes exciting features, such as password audits, breach alerts, and website monitoring, adding an extra layer of security to your password management experience.

Avira’s pricing options for monthly and annual payments


  • Built-in 2FA code generator in Avira Password Manager’s mobile apps
  • Ability to scan and save credit card details instantly
  • Free plan users have access to Avira’s knowledge base and community forum
  • Unlimited password storage across all plans


  • Limited 2FA options, only offering SMS 2FA
  • Avira Password Manager requires an Avira Connect account

9. Dashlane – Password Manager With a Virtual Private Network Built In

Dashlane Logo Dashlane sets itself apart from other password managers by offering a unique bundled feature: a free VPN service — this provides unlimited secure web browsing and operates faster than many standalone VPNs.

It also offers an impressive range of 2FA options, including compatibility with popular authenticator apps like Google Authenticator. The availability of backup codes further enhances the security of your account, providing an additional layer of access in case of emergencies.

While Dashlane no longer supports U2F security keys, they offer an alternative by supporting the use of Yubikeys: Hardware authentication devices manufactured by Yubico. With this feature, users can opt to use a physical key as a means of authentication, eliminating the need to type in the master password.

Password Health status

Users/Subscription Devices/Subscription Starting Price Free Version Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
1 Unlimited $2.75/month Free plan + free trial Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS 30 days

In the unfortunate event of one’s passing, Dashlane offers a password inheritance system that allows you to grant access to a trusted person. However, it’s worth noting that the password inheritance process isn’t particularly straightforward.

You must set up and store an encrypted vault data file, known as a DASH file, in a location accessible to the designated individual. Additionally, you’ll need to provide the password that unlocks the DASH file so your loved one can access the information when needed.

Apart from its comprehensive security features, Dashlane also supports biometric logins, making it even more convenient for you to access your Dashlane account securely.

Both Touch ID and Face ID are available on Android and iOS devices for seamless authentication. Windows users can use fingerprint authentication through Windows Hello, while Mac users with Touch Bar can take advantage of Touch ID to log in.


The personal plans start with the Advanced plan, which provides unlimited password and passkey management across all devices, along with advanced security tools. For businesses, the Starter plan is offered at $20/month for 10 seats, providing a scalable solution for managing passwords and access within a team.

Personal plans’ pricing options on Dashlane


  • Built-in mobile Authenticator for added security
  • Generator History lets you access previously generated passwords even if auto-save isn’t enabled
  • Easy password and secure note-sharing options with customizable rights settings
  • Password auditing tool to ensure the strength and security of passwords


  • Inability to set up multiple vaults or folders for organizing passwords
  • You can’t customize preset password categories

10. Bitwarden – The Best Budget Password Manager App

Bitwarden Logo Bitwarden stands out as an excellent budget-friendly password manager app that offers a range of impressive features, including a shared vault option called Organizations across all Bitwarden plans.

This allows Windows users to securely share sensitive information, such as passwords or notes, with any recipient. This unique feature, available on various platforms, enables quick and secure sharing of files (up to 500 MB) and encrypted text (up to 1,000 characters).

Notably, the recipient doesn’t require a Bitwarden account, providing added convenience.

Bitwarden’s simple interface

Users/Subscription Devices/Subscription Starting Price Free Version Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
1 Unlimited $10/annually Free plan + 7-day trial Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS 30 days

In addition to the sharing capabilities, Bitwarden offers a generous Free plan and a Premium plan. Both include unlimited item storage within one free Organization. This rare, feature-rich free plan is a large part of Bitwarden’s popularity.

The Premium plan is often better, though, as it offers advanced features such as an integrated TOTP authenticator, adding an extra layer of security for logging into compatible accounts saved in the vault.

Bitwarden’s password generation feature also allows you to generate passwords with a length ranging from 5 to a whopping 128 characters, with a recommended minimum of 14 characters for optimum security.


The Premium plan expands authentication options with features like hardware security keys, emergency access, and file sharing.

For those with larger sharing needs, the Family plan supports up to six users and includes all the features of the Free and Premium plans while allowing the creation of unlimited Organizations for easy data sharing between accounts. The platform also offers plans on the enterprise level, starting at $3/user/month.

Bitwarden’s pricing options for personal plans


  • Sharing feature is available across all subscription tiers
  • The free plan offers unlimited users and unlimited devices
  • Bitwarden follows a zero-knowledge policy
  • Limited but responsive and helpful customer support options


  • Lack of real-time breach monitoring and immediate alerts
  • Feature-rich, better suited for tech-savvy users who prioritize customization

Top Windows Password Manager Apps Compared

Looking to compare the top Windows password manager apps? Check out our compiled table below for a comprehensive overview, helping you find the right information at a glance. Please note that all prices on this table are on an annual basis:

Best Password Managers for Windows Users/Subscription Devices/Subscription Starting Price Free Version Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
NordPass 1 Unlimited $1.79/month Free plan + 14-day  trial Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, browsers 30 days
Norton 1 Unlimited Free Completely free Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 60 days
Enpass 1 Unlimited $1.99/ month 14-day free trial Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux None
1Password 1 Unlimited $2.99.month 14-day free trial macOS, iOS (and watchOS), Windows, Android, Linux Strict
RoboForm 1 Unlimited $1.99/month Free plan + 14-day trial Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, browsers 30 days
Keeper 1 Unlimited $2.92/month 14-day free trial Windows, Mac, browsers None
Total Password 1 Unlimited $1.99/month None Windows, Android, Mac, iOS 30 days
Avira 1 Unlimited $1.99/month Free plan Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS 60 days
Dashlane  1 Unlimited $2.75/month Free plan + trial Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS 30 days
Bitwarden 1 Unlimited $0.83/month Free plan + 7-day trial Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS 30 days

What’s the Best Free Windows Password Manager?

When it comes to free Windows password managers, Norton stands out with its unique features. Norton’s Safety Dashboard not only ranks your vault health but also highlights weak, duplicate, old, and archived passwords.

Its Autochange feature is compatible with popular sites like Netflix, PayPal, Craigslist, and Spotify. If it’s not your cup of tea, here’s a list of other free Windows password managers that can help you enhance your online security:

PW Manager Users Devices Unique Free Features Unlimited Passwords?
Norton 1 Unlimited
  1. Password generator
  2. Autochange
  3. security dashboard
NordPass 1 1
  1. Autosave
  2. import & export passwords
RoboForm 1 1
  1. Two-factor authenticator
  2. TOTP authenticator
Avira 1 Unlimited
  1. Touch and Face ID
  2. Automatic log-ins
Dashlane 1 1
  1. Security alerts
  2. Password history
Bitwarden 1 Unlimited
  1. Data breach reports
  2. Multifactor authentication

While free password managers offer basic functionality, note that paid password managers provide more advanced features like password sharing, file attachments, website checks, and premium customer support. These elevate your password management experience to a higher level of convenience and security.

How to Choose the Best PW Manager for Your Computer

When selecting a password manager for your computer, several factors come into play. Here are the key considerations:

  • Compliance with regulations: Check if a password manager is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Council for assurance if you want to store banking information.
  • Security reports and alerts: Knowing something is wrong is vital to password management, not just for businesses. These keep you informed about potential breaches or compromised passwords, allowing you to take prompt action.
  • Browser integrations/extensions: Even if you’re only after a Windows password manager, having it sync across all your devices offers a smooth and effortless password management experience.
  • Password generators: A robust password manager is nothing with weak passwords. Make sure the password manager you choose has a password generator to create strong, unique passwords.
  • Authentication: Try to find a Windows password manager that has multi-factor authentication. This additional layer of security ensures that accessing your passwords requires more than just a master password, providing an extra barrier against unauthorized access.

We’ve taken all of these factors into consideration when ranking our top 10 Windows password managers, ensuring that only the very best landed on our list. That said, depending on your needs, some do lack functionality or offer more or less value for money, so it’s important to consider the above before deciding.

Conclusion | Which is the Best Password Manager for Windows in 2024?

2024 is the best time to prioritize your online security by using a password manager for Windows. With so much on our minds, setting up a password manager offers peace of mind and convenience while also providing essential security measures.

Among the top contenders, NordPass stands out for its exceptional features. It uses the advanced XChaCha20 encryption algorithm, ensuring the highest level of data security. Plus, it offers a Data Breach Scanner, promptly notifying you if any of your passwords have been compromised.

Its password health report feature helps you improve the strength and security of your passwords, ensuring you stay protected — With NordPass, you can trust that your sensitive information is in safe hands. Try it free now.

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Bitcoin Consolidates Around $43,000 as ETF Buzz Quiets Down – Will It Reach $100,000 After Halving?

The flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has been grappling with bearish pressure following the ETF-engineered rally in early January. However, despite the depressing short-term outlook, many believe BTC could hit $100,000 after...

China Bets on Open-Source RISC-V Chips Amid US Export Controls

China Bets on Open-Source RISC-V Chips Amid US Export Controls

Ripple to Introduce Novel XRP-powered Payment Solutions to the US Market
Crypto News

Ripple to Introduce Novel XRP Powered Payment Solutions to the US Market

Crypto News

Top Crypto Gainers on 5 February – RON and PENDLE

BBC Kids Expands In the Middle East after Launching On Shahid
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BBC Kids Expands in the Middle East after Launching on Shahid