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For years, GoGoAnime has reigned as a premier destination for anime enthusiasts globally. However, recent geo-restrictions have left fans distressed when their favorite streaming site became inaccessible from abroad overnight. As borders now blockade shows spanning from battle-laden shōnen to slice-of-life romance genres alike, finding the right platform to satisfy one’s animation addiction has become increasingly important.

This guide acts as a life raft, surfacing ten vetted GoGoAnime alternatives for uninterrupted streaming outside restricted areas. Delving into sites like 9Anime, Chia-Anime, AnimeLand, Crunchyroll, and beyond, readers can contextualize the unique pros, cons, and caveats of replacing GoGoAnime in the evolving digital landscape.

Once armed with insider insight into each substitute site’s interface, content library size, ad frequency, and more, selecting your new go-to portal for incredible anime will surely be clear sailing ahead. So, set a course for the open seas and prepare to continue your epic anime voyage on a new platform built for the digital streaming era. The adventure continues.

NOTE: ISPs and governments worldwide monitor your online activities. You could be in serious trouble if you stream copyrighted content. Some GoGoAnime alternatives feature content without proper licensing. First, you must use such sites at your own risk. Second, if you want to ensure that your movie viewing experience does not become a nightmare, we highly recommend you get a trustworthy VPN that hides your IP address. Among the fastest and most secure VPNs, we recommend NordVPN.

Top GoGoAnime Alternatives

  1. Crunchyroll: Premium quality streaming, simulcast releases | Jump to Details ↓ | Crunchyroll Website
  2. Tubi TV: Free legal streaming, varied content | Jump to Details ↓ | Tubi TV Website
  3. 9Anime: Diverse anime library, free streaming | Jump to Details ↓ | 9Anime Website
  4. Chia-Anime: Vast anime collection, timely updates | Jump to Details ↓ | Chia-Anime Website
  5. Animeland: Diverse anime genres, user-friendly interface | Jump to Details ↓ | Animeland Website
  6. AnimeUltima: Latest episodes, user-friendly interface | Jump to Details ↓ | AnimeUltima Website
  7. KissAnime: Extensive library, user-driven community | Jump to Details ↓ | KissAnime Website
  8. AnimeFreak: Large anime database, frequent updates | Jump to Details ↓ | AnimeFreak Website

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Why Do You Need GoGoAnimeAlternatives?

GoGoAnime Alternatives today

Seeking GoGoAnime alternatives may be prompted by various considerations. First and foremost, legal concerns arise as GoGoAnime, like many unofficial streaming sites, may host content without proper licensing, potentially leading to legal issues for users. Additionally, the quality and reliability of unofficial sites may vary, impacting the overall viewing experience. Safety and security are also significant factors, as unofficial sites might expose users to malware or intrusive ads.

Opting for legal alternatives prioritizes user safety and supports the industry by contributing to the revenue stream for creators and studios. Moreover, legal platforms typically offer timely updates, ensuring viewers have access to the latest episodes promptly and supporting the industry’s continued growth. Choosing a legal alternative aligns with responsible viewing practices, contributing to a sustainable and thriving anime ecosystem.

The Top 10 GoGoAnime Alternatives – Detailed List

1. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is a renowned anime streaming platform that comprises an extensive array of anime collections. It is one of the largest anime streaming platforms globally, boasting over 25,000 series. Crunchyroll has manga and anime fans in over 200 countries and locations worldwide. The platform has a free version that users can stream and a premium no-ads version. On Crunchyroll, Japanese is the most used language, implying that most of its fans are Japanese speakers. The platform is a legal platform to watch anime over the internet.

Notably, you can stream many series in the genre collections but can’t download them. In addition, the platform doesn’t provide TV series for free. Another commendable aspect is the platform’s neat, beginner-friendly user interface with well-arranged segments. This makes your browsing process a seamless experience. However, the downside is that Crunchyroll is only ideal for individuals who are willing to obtain premium anime streaming services. But even at that, Crunchyroll is still an incredible GoGoAnime alternative, with more than 80 million monthly visitors.

Key Features

  • Legal to use.
  • Allows you to stream in HD.
  • Offers Simulcasts of the latest anime episodes.
  • Supports manga content.


  • It has a massive anime library.
  • Budget-friendly pricing plans for users of all kinds.
  • You can watch Crunchyroll using several devices and platforms, whether Android or iOS.


  • Unless you subscribe, you may not stream content with high-quality pictures on large-screen devices.
  • The free version comes with ads that pop up now and then when streaming.

2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Number two on our list of top 10 best GoGoAnime alternatives is Tubi TV, which is not only an anime streaming platform but a renowned TV streaming platform. The platform comes with a broad array of over 200+ live channels and more than 47,000 titles. Its content comprises movies, shows, and subbed and dubbed anime, music, and other content.

Notably, the streaming platform is available on various devices, including Apple TV, Android, iOS, Android TV, Mac, Chromecast, Roku, gaming consoles, Smart TVs, and Fire TV. One impressive feature of Tubi TV is that all of its high-end entertainment content is available to users globally for free. But, with Tubi, you can only stream content online. It doesn’t allow offline downloads; the maximum display resolution is 720p. This means you can’t have a full HD display.

Key Features

  • It has more than 47,000 anime titles.
  • You can stream on various devices and operating systems.
  • It is free to use but with ads.


  • It comprises vast content, so it’s a great GoGoAnime alternative.
  • It supports a broad collection of devices, ranging from smartphones to smart TVs, streaming sticks, PC and Mac, and gaming consoles,
  • Its content library has a variety of genres, including shows, series, movies, and anime.


  • It does not support content downloading.
  • The maximum streaming picture resolution is 720p.
  • It comes with disruptive ads that often pop up while streaming.

3. 9Anime


The third anime streaming alternative to GoGoAnime on our list today is 9Anime, a high-end platform that offers various impressive benefits. 9Anime is one of the most popular free anime streaming platforms that provides access to a broad collection of anime content, which includes dubbed and English-subbed anime. If you love animated films, you’ll find a vast array of anime genres, including comedy, romance, action, drama, historical, school, and supernatural, on 9 Anime.

9 Anime has several fantastic selling points, including free anime collections. You don’t need to create an account or login before you can access, download, and stream anime content on 9 Anime. Notably, the 9Anime platform allows users to download recent anime collections, including classics in HD and Full HD (FHD) resolutions. It has an excellent user interface and is well organized with features that make it easy to navigate the website. You can access 9 Anime for free, but the website has commercial ads.

Key Features

  • It has a timetable for upcoming episodes
  • It allows you to stream anime directly online without needing to log in.
  • It comes with recommendations for the latest episodes or movies you may like to watch.


  • It comprises a wide array of anime content, ranging from classics to the latest releases.
  • It has an incredible user interface.
  • It offers free anime streaming.


  • You might be disturbed by the ad interruption.

4. Chia-Anime

Another great platform where you can stream anime is Chia-Anime. This platform lets you watch or download any anime content you like on your PC, Mac, Android, iOS, or Smart TV in MP4 format. Otaku fans will fall in love with Chia-Anime, especially those who love the renowned Naruto: Shippuden. Whether it is HD or FHD resolution, you’ll find it on Chia-Anime. It gives you the freedom to stream anytime and anywhere you like. It even allows you to download content to watch offline.

Chia-Anime’s user interface is well-organized, with sections arranged in an orderly way to ensure a good user experience. It also comprises an intuitive search icon that helps to simplify your anime content easily. There’s no age limitation; whether you are old or young, Chia-Anime has something for you. English is the most demanded language for streaming content on the website, so it’s safe to say that most visitors are English speakers. Streamers who don’t mind going for English-subbed anime or English-dubbed anime should consider Chia-Anime. The platform’s users are over 7 million, demonstrating its prominence among Anime lovers.

Key Features

  • It supports a vast collection of anime, soundtrack lists, and manga.
  • It has a neat user interface (UI).
  • Chia-Anime allows users to comment and discuss with other fans.


  • The platform offers a broad collection of high-end content and anime genres.
  • It allows you to download its content offline.
  • It gives you free anime access, no matter which country you are in.


  • The platform has intrusive ads.
  • It isn’t legal or licensed to stream in various locations globally.

5. Animeland


Animeland is an exceptional anime streaming platform, a perfect alternative to GoGoAnime. For your subbed and dubbed anime content and series, you can go to Animeland. You can access any anime content without having to create an account. It is also famous for airing some of the most popular anime series ever known. Some of the most popular anime you will find here are Naruto, Bleach, Seven Deadly Sins, and One Piece. Its user interface is simple; you only need to scroll through the platform to stream content. With its dedicated search bar, users can quickly locate their desired episodes with little effort.

You can also select popular anime shows from the list of shows on the website. Another incredible thing about the website is that it has a chat widget. This widget lets you discuss your favorite anime series with other anime lovers online. It has a share button, which enables you to recommend and share the link to any anime content you enjoy with your friends and loved ones. Furthermore, the streaming platform updates its website with the most recent shows and airs it in the “New Added Animes” segment. Thanks to the features, you can’t miss any current anime content.

Key Features

  • Impressive UI.
  • Comes with both subbed and dubbed episodes.
  • Vast anime library.


  • Offers free access to anime content without requiring you to create an account.
  • Offers HD quality streaming.


  • It isn’t licensed in every country, so users must use VPNs from geo-restricted locations.

6. AnimeUltima

GoGoAnime Alternatives - AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima is a wonderful anime streaming platform. It provides a vast array of anime TV series with English subtitles. The French-based anime streaming platform enables you to stream anime content online via its platform. Also, you can do so without registering and creating an account on the platform, but you can still create one. AnimeUltima is the best option for the latest and upcoming anime episodes, but it also allows you to stream and access classics. The anime genre includes horror, fantasy, comedy, action, and adventure.

It has a clean interface, with a search bar that allows you to locate recent movies you are interested in. Also, unlike other anime streaming platforms, AnimeUltima offers free streaming on the platform without displaying ads. Furthermore, it provides an anime Calendar that allows you to receive notifications about upcoming shows. That said, AnimeUltima is an incredible GoGoAnime alternative, and you can consider checking it out if you want to get the most recent anime collections.

Key Features

  • Legal.
  • Supports mobile app.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Comes with a search bar.
  • Features day/night mode.


  • Completely free to use.
  • It comes with a mobile app.
  • It has an incredible user interface.
  • Anime titles update every day.
  • Comprises more than 2,000 anime titles.
  • It is legal and secure to use.


  • It also comes with some intrusive ads.

7. KissAnime

GoGoAnime Alternatives - KissAnime

KissAnime has been a renowned anime streaming platform in the industry for a while now. Unlike Tubi TV, KissAnime allows you to stream and download anime, movies, and series in up to 1080p. KissAnime comes with a beginner-friendly interface comprising multiple categories to browse through. It comprises an up-to-date database for its anime collections, offering new episodes and releases. Interestingly, Otaku fans of classic anime can’t be left out, as the platform has full collections and seasons for the most popular classic animes.

However, KissAnime is limited by the intrusive ad pop-ups that can be annoying—much like any other streaming platform that supports ads. You can opt out of viewing these intrusive ads by paying for its premium plan. Also, the streaming website isn’t compatible with lite browsers like UC Browser Mini. All the same, KissAnime is loved by many anime fans globally and is an on-demand choice daily. The streaming site is designed to be mobile-browser friendly for smartphone users. Notably, the developers have optimized their web pages to consume low bandwidth for smartphone users.

Key Features

  • Allows stream from 240p to 1080p.
  • Provides various servers for streaming.
  • Clean, lightweight, and intuitive interface.


  • It comes with various anime content, including classics and productions.
  • User-first interface.
  • Dubbed and subbed animes available.
  • 100% free to use.


  • The website is no longer available for access and streaming.

8. AnimeFreak

GoGoAnime Alternatives - AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is another impressive anime streaming website offering Otaku entertainment for anime lovers. It has a vast database of anime titles and a feature-recommended series. The platform has a massive 11,000 anime series available for streaming and downloading for free. The website’s interface is also neat and easy to browse, offering you the leisure to locate, stream, and download any anime you choose.

Also, you can watch or download your favorite anime in HD resolution. It’s worth noting that AnimeFreak comes with iOS and Android mobile apps, enabling you access on your portable devices, too. It also supports other devices, including desktops, tablets, and PCs. Moreover, similar to any other GoGoAnime alternative, the website has pop-ups and ads, which can be intrusive.

Key Features

  • Requires no account registration.
  • Hi-Def streaming.
  • Less buffering duration.
  • Impressive playback response.


  • 100% free.
  • Allows you to stream content in HD format.
  • A large array of anime collections.


  • It has the most ads on its landing page.

How Can I Stream GoGoAnime Alternatives Using a VPN?

Many anime streaming sites rely on third-party networks for anime content since they do not have any on their servers. These platforms do this because of copyright claims and related issues. Even though this can be profitable for the website, it might expose users to unnecessary data privacy concerns.

Using a VPN to change your IP address and browse anonymously will be helpful when visiting such websites. Follow the steps outlined below to stream anime content online using a VPN:

  1. First, you must choose a reliable VPN service provider since not all available in the market are secure enough. It will help if you consider a quality service like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or SurfShark.
  2. After choosing your preferred VPN, go ahead and register an account.
  3. The next thing you do is to make a payment and secure a premium account.
  4. After paying for a premium account, download the VPN app on your device, open it, connect it to your browser, and log in to your account.
  5. These steps will help you to access and stream on GoGoAnime alternatives and avoid security or privacy challenges.


Many anime streaming platforms are available nowadays, but GoGoAnime stands out as one of the best. But despite its excellence, it’s illegal in some countries. Also, some user privacy concerns make it essential to use a VPN when streaming anime on the platform. Although GoGoAnime has become a household name in anime streaming, other prominent GoGoAnime alternatives exist. If you want a change or additional features that GoGoAnime may not offer, one of the platforms reviewed in this article may be worth trying. This article covers the most popular GoGoAnime alternatives anime lovers must try.


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