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In this eyeZy review, we take a look at one of the leading parental control spy apps on the market. eyeZy is an excellent tool for monitoring children’s phone and internet usage. You can’t always be there to check in with them, and unfortunately, it’s far too easy to stay anonymous online. If you can’t verify everyone your child is talking to online, what can you do? eyeZy is a monitoring package for mobile devices that solves this issue.

However, eyeZy isn’t just for keeping an eye on your children. You can also use it to monitor workplace devices, keep your loved ones out of harm’s way, and even track your valuables. Let’s see how eyeZy fares compared to the rest in this eyeZy review.

eyeZy Review Key Info
Remote Install
iCloud only
Keylogger Yes
Screenshots Yes
Max Devices Supported 1
Keyword Monitoring
Customer Service 24/7 live chat and email
Jailbreak Required

eyeZy Review – Features

Take a look at the features and functions that set eyeZy apart from the competition:

Keystroke Capture

You want to make sure your children are safe while giving them the privacy to ask questions and learn about the world. Sometimes, you might be worried they write inappropriate things in search engines or social media. This is where eyeZy’s Keystroke Capture feature comes into play. With it, you can look at everything and anything your child might have typed, whether it is a message sent to a classmate, or a post on Instagram.

For every text written, eyeZy records the contents, the app used as well as the date and time. If you don’t want to sift through dozens and dozens of innocuous messages or searches, you can always set up the app to send a notification for keywords of your choosing. This is especially useful if you know what to look for because, say, for example, your child has looked up something they shouldn’t have in the past.

Social Spotlight

Keystroke Capture is, however, but a part of the larger feature that is Social Spotlight. With it, you can see everything your children do on social media. This means any text they have sent or received, including deleted ones, incoming or outgoing calls, emails and contacts. If they are in contact with someone, you would rather they do not associate with, you will be the first to know. eyeZy covers a wide range of social media apps including Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Instagram, KiK, LINE, Skype, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Viber and WhatsApp.

eyezy secret screen recorder

Pinpoint Location Accuracy

eyeZy doesn’t just cover the digital world, it also helps you keep track of your loved ones in the physical world too. Pinpoint allows you to check the location of the device at any point in time, provided they’re connect to the internet. The tracker shows you both a map with the current location displayed, and a list of all the places they recently visited. On it you will find the coordinates, address and a timestamp, all completed by a Google Maps link.

It furthermore comes with an indicator of how accurate the tracking is by giving you a distance by which the tracking would be off, so you have an idea of the area. While it might seem excessive, having a history of the locations visited lets you get a better idea of which places they usually go to. If you see them regularly visit a non-public space, they might be visiting someone you don’t approve of.

On the other hand, a deviation from their usual routine might indicate that something happened to them, so you can come to their help quicker. Pinpoint also lets you know whenever they connect to a new network, still with coordinates and timestamp, as well as the network’s name. You can even designate certain areas on the app to be notified by, if your child ever enters them.

Plans Breaker

If you are worried about your child planning to attend a dangerous or unapproved event, eyeZy gives you the power to turn suspicion into evidence. With the Plans Breaker feature of eyeZy, you can see every event they’ve got scheduled into their diary. You can check every event’s title and description registered in their calendar, as well as the times and dates at which they were both started and completed.

Furthermore, you can filter the events by those added on the day, or in the last 7, 14, 30 or 60 days. Alternatively, you may instead opt to restrict the search to a specified time period between two dates. Plans Breaker gives you an overhead view of everything your child is planning, so you can keep them safe.

Files Finder

It may not be enough just to know who they’re texting and where they’re going. Sometimes, you need to know what’s in the files your child is sending and receiving. In those situations, eyeZy’s Files Finder is perfect for the job. Nothing that gets saved on their phone will escape your watchful eye, whether they were sent to them by their friends or strangers, or if they downloaded them from some shady website off of the dark web.

This will also cover photos taken by the phone itself, which is especially useful if they were not posted on social media. Similarly, you can find all the recorded videos on their phones. Finally, you can check all the apps installed on the phone, making sure they’re not using any apps you disapprove of. Any apps that you do disapprove of can be uninstalled and blocked remotely by eyeZy.

Eyezy iPhone Spy App

Web Magnifier

You don’t have a complete picture of what your child is doing online until you look at their browser history. Thankfully, eyeZy’s Web Magnifier covers all the bases. On top of the keylogger functionality, which lets you see anything typed in the search engine and other websites, eyeZy also shows both the browser bookmarks and the browser history from browser apps. Even better, if you do not want your child to visit certain websites such as adult sites, you can filter URLs. It also comes with a screen recorder, so you can see what they are browsing in real time!

Connection Blocker

You can control anything that you deem off-limits with eyeZy. The Connection Blocker feature lets you block both websites and apps, as well as unprotected or untrusted Wi-Fi connections. All of this comes in a list on the dashboard. You can choose to block or unblock any app, website or connection with a single touch or click.

To add a website to the list, you simply need to write the URL in the field at the bottom, whereas apps and Wi-Fi connections are automatically added once your child installs or visits them. To help you make sense of them, networks come with a name, a timestamp of the date and time, coordinates and your kid’s phone ID for the relevant connection.

Magic Alerts

To help take some load off of your shoulders, Magic Alerts can be set to notify you if anything unusual happens. It does so in multiple ways. First is its geo-fencing tool, which alerts you whenever the tracked phone enters a pre-set forbidden or dangerous location. If you are less concerned about where your child is going and more with what they are writing, the keylogger function is here for you. Just set up some keywords in the app, and a notification will be sent to you whenever your kid writes a controversial post or text.

You can furthermore use it to ban unwanted searches. It is possible to restrict it to specific app types like emails, calls or browser history, just in case your concerns are more specific to certain scenarios. Your notifications will be sent to the email address you registered, so make sure to check in on it regularly. Thanks to Magic Alerts, you do not have to keep track of everything tracked by eyeZy, the app does it for you.

eyezy screen recording tab

Phone Analyzer

Written text is sometimes just not enough. After all, a lot of teenagers still will find it more comfortable to converse through phone calls rather than text messages. With the Phone Analyzer feature, you can check on all of their phone calls. Whether it is someone they called, or if it is someone that called them, you will know about it. Even better, you will even see their name if it is written in the address book. More than just the person they were talking to, other aspects of the call are recorded as well, such as if the call was answered or not, how long it took, and timestamps, indicating the date and times.

Invisible Shield

With all of that said, you might be wondering if there is any risk you might get found out. After all, what is the point of monitoring unwanted activity if you are overtly watching them? Not to worry, as eyeZy’s Invisible Shield is there to make sure the entire thing is as discreet as possible. This feature keeps eyeZy hidden in multiple ways. First, it hides the app icon, to not make obvious that eyeZy’s tracker is installed. Furthermore, whenever it takes screenshots of other apps, it does so without notifications.

This is especially useful for apps such as Snapchat, which usually notifies you when someone else takes a screenshot. The app also consumes little resources, so the phone’s performance will remain largely unaffected. Otherwise, slowdown or lag may tip them off to the presence of an app that could be malware like a cryptominer or trojan. Your child will remain unaware of any monitoring, making sure they do not go out of their way to hide their activities from you.

Friendly Installer

If you are not the most tech-savvy, and worry about whether or not you can set this up properly, then worry no more. eyeZy proudly boasts about their Friendly Installer, which they say is easy to follow. The instructions are clear and just detailed enough as they walk you through each step. Regardless of your device, eyeZy will explain them to you according to the model you want to monitor, along with extra explanations if you need to perform additional setup to make sure everything runs smoothly.

eyeZy Review – Ease-of-Use

Want to know how easy eyeZy is to use, and what devices it operates on? Keep reading to find out.

What Devices Can I Use eyeZy on?

There are plenty of platforms you can install eyeZy on; such as:


eyeZy works on all major Android phones and tablet devices. The device you are tracking with eyeZy needs to be running at least Android 4.0, however. Furthermore, if the phone is not rooted, certain features will be restricted. Specifically, you will be unable to use Instant Messenger tracking, keylogging, collect information on wi-fi networks, or monitor their G-mail account. Other features may work with reduced functionality as well.

Rooting your Android device requires linking your phone to a desktop computer and following a set of instructions to replace the operating system. eyeZy provides a step-by-step guide on how to do this, but if you need more help, you can always contact their 24/7 support team for further technical assistance. Bear in mind that regardless of rooting status, you will need physical access to the device to install the app, and it will need internet access for the tracking to work.


eyeZy can be installed on any iPhone with at least iOS 7.0. Like Android, rooting or jailbreaking the phone is necessary for some features of the app. However, unlike Android, you do not need physical access to the device to install eyeZy. If you have the iCloud login details for the device, you can perform a data-sync from eyeZy without needing to be anywhere near the phone. Bare in mind, this method doesn’t give you instant updates for keylogging or location data. If you absolutely need up-to-date tracking, you should install the eyeZy app manually for full coverage of the device. Just like Android, an internet connection is required to send data updates back to eyeZy.

Windows & Mac OSX

Currently, eyeZy only provides their tracking package for mobile devices. However, you can access the eyeZy tracker dashboard from any device with a browser, including Edge, Safari or any other third party browser. eyeZy offers local wi-fi data sync as an install method, which requires you to link your target device to the computer for the first install. Otherwise, the eyeZy app can be downloaded without the need for access to a computer. If you need to install eyeZy without using the internet, you can connect your Android device to a computer and send the .apk install file over the connection. To do the same process on an iPhone device, you’ll need to install iTunes first before you can send the file to the phone.

How To Install eyeZy

Installing eyeZy can seem a bit daunting at first, but the process is made easier thanks to a detailed step-by-step guide you can access from the eyeZy dashboard. First, you need to sign up for an eyeZy account and decide how many devices you want to subscribe to.


Each eyeZy subscription is only good for one target device, so make sure you’ve got enough to cover all the devices you want to track. Pick which device you want to track between iPhone and Android, choose your subscription plan and you are good to start installing.

eyeZy phone selection screen

Once you’re signed into the dashboard, you are taken to the next step, which asks you to choose between iPhone and Android. Depending on your choice, the process changes.


Installing eyeZy on Android isn’t difficult, but it takes a few steps to get set up. First, you will need physical access to the Android device in question. There is no current remote install method for Android that eyeZy offers.

Once you have the phone, you’ll be asked to choose your phone manufacturer as a reference to guide you through the rest of the process. We will pick Samsung going forward, but if you are using a different model, the steps are pretty much the same no matter which manufacturer made your phone.

eyeZy android install

Once you’ve picked the manufacturer and version of your Android operating system, you will be asked to disable PlayProtect on the device. This allows eyeZy to carry out monitoring of the target device without PlayProtect blocking the app as a “Potentially Harmful App”.

Without carrying out this step, it is likely most functionality from eyeZy will just not work. It’s a fairly simple process and eyeZy provides a helpful video and instruction guide to walk you through disabling PlayProtect in the Google Play Store. Once this is done, you can move on to downloading the eyeZy installer itself.

There is an eyeZy app on the Google Play Store, but this is a cut-down version of the app that doesn’t feature the full tracking capabilities of eyeZy. For the full experience, you’ll need to head to the link provided by eyeZy through their guide and download an .apk file to install on your target device. This will require you to allow installation from unknown sources, which can be set by looking inside the App menu under Settings on Android phones.

EyeZy's app icon

Now comes the installation proper. You should notice a Registration Code in red, which you will need to complete the installation. Follow the instructions on the phone or watch the video on the website. To summarize, you will need to give eyeZy access to everything on the phone, give more access for advanced features, hide the tracker, prevent uninstalling and finally enter your Registration Code.

Once you know what to look for, the installation time is pretty quick. The on-phone install wizard guides you through each setting you need to change for full coverage on the phone without any extra fuss. All in all, the longest step was entering the registration code. Once you’re done, you will want to delete the install .apk and clear browser history to cover all traces of installation on the phone. Even with this extra cleanup, eyeZy can be installed from end-to-end in under five minutes.


Installing eyeZy on an iPhone is just as easy as on Android, but you have a few more options available in how you want to install the device. You should weigh up each install option carefully, as they all come with different features and drawbacks. For the most coverage possible on your iPhone, you will want to install eyeZy on a jailbroken device.

This gives you the full feature set eyeZy advertises: keylogging, app coverage, call monitoring, and geo-fencing. This does require you to have physical access to the device, plus if it’s not jailbroken, you may now have to consider that as part of the install process. The app can still be installed from the Apple App Store without a jailbreak installed on the iPhone, but you will have access to a reduced set of features.

eyeZy iPhone install

Assuming that you’re installing on a Jailbroken iPhone, the next few steps aren’t too difficult. You have to open the Cydia app and enter a new repository address so you can download the app straight from eyeZy’s servers. Directly hosting the app allows eyeZy to offer additional functions that would not otherwise be available on the App Store. Once you’ve downloaded the repository, all you need to do is open it up and install the eyeZy tracker onto the iPhone.

Use eyeZy without being detected

There’s an additional licensing agreement to consent to, as well as a decision to be made about how visible the tracker is on the phone. When set to low visibility, the eyeZy tracker icon will not appear on the phone. All that’s left to do is enter the registration code from the eyeZy dashboard, and soon you should see the dashboard begin to populate with data from the target device.

If you need to be able to install eyeZy remotely, there is another method available. eyeZy also operates a data portal for iCloud. It’s simple: you log into the iCloud account for the target device through the eyeZy dashboard, which is then populated with all the data available with an iCloud sync.

This gives you access to files, photos, videos, and locations, but doesn’t let you use the real-time tracking features you would get if the eyeZy app was installed on the target device. Also, please bear in mind that this action may cause an email to be sent to the account owner’s email address informing them of an iCloud sync.

eyeZy Review Performance | How Fast is eyeZy?

The best parental monitoring apps are like a ninja: quick and silent. The less obvious it is that there’s an extra process running in the background, the less chance you have of having an awkward conversation with your child because of it. You can choose when and how eyeZy uploads data to the internet to keep their data costs down.

In fact, you can use the eyeZy dashboard to set every data channel to upload only over wi-fi, in case you’re worried about their phone bill. Data upload can range from every five minutes to once a day, and you can set this individually for each feature. Want to know what your teen is talking about every five minutes, but only want to do a file sync every twelve hours? Not a problem.

Eyezy GPS Location Tracking

Of course, if the device monitored were to dramatically slow down whenever it connects to the internet, it could be easy to figure out that an unwanted app is running in the background. We did not notice any significant slow-down during testing. The battery consumption was also very low, yet another point in favor of quick and quiet performance. GPS updates every five minutes caused a noticeable impact on battery drain, but this was only around 10%.

Installation of eyeZy is very fast, and the main constraint on how quickly you can install it is how fast your connection speed is. With practice, we feel you could easily carry out an eyeZy installation in under five minutes. This is great if you’ve got multiple phones to install at a company, or you’re installing the app on your child’s lunch break.

How Secure is eyeZy? | Is eyeZy Safe?

eyeZy’s Security

eyeZy uses bank-grade encryption to keep your user data safe, as well as the data that you’re scraping from the target device. Your data is encrypted using RSA-4096 for maximum protection. Your private key is also AES-256, so it would be extremely hard to crack it open by brute force.

This encryption is system-wide. All data sent back and forth to the app happens over encrypted TLS channels so nobody can snoop on what you’re taking off the phone. Target device data is also deleted from the eyeZy servers every three months, so there isn’t a huge backlog of data in case there ever was a data breach.

This data encryption means you’re the only one who has access to the readouts eyeZy gives you from the phone you’re tracking. This way, you can be assured there isn’t someone who’s broken in to eyeZy’s servers and can now check out your child’s personal information. However, this is a double-edged sword. If you lose your private key associated with your account, there is no other way for eyeZy to carry out a password reset. Please make sure you keep track of your private key!

eyeZy is also PCI-DSS compliant, so you can be sure your card details are being processed in accordance with industry standards for security. eyeZy is also McAfee Secure and Norton Secured. We looked a little further into it and we can’t find any information on eyeZy working with external penetration testers or auditors, so it would be nice to see an external audit in the future to ensure eyeZy is as secure as they claim.

eyeZy spy app review

eyeZy’s Transparency Reputation


Audits are an integral part of building trust in your handling of sensitive information. Unfortunately, to date, eyeZy has not reached out to a third-party auditor to confirm the status of their security. However, eyeZy does make clear how their encryption scheme works on the website. We hope that eventually eyeZy performs an external audit of their service, as this will add assurance that your data is in good hands.


When signing up for eyeZy, your name, email address, IP, and phone number are collected for the purposes of providing the service. This information is stored by eyeZy and is not handed out to third parties, except for police requests. However, a denonymised version of your data is aggregated and used for internal diagnostics and marketing purposes. The data collected by the app itself is encrypted separately with a private key only you have access to. This means that all the sensitive data you log with eyeZy remains with you, and is your responsibility only. eyeZy does not take any legal responsibility for handling the data from a target device.

Privacy Policy

All of the data collected by eyeZy is maintained by eyeZy within GDPR compliant EU servers. Where necessary to send user data outside of the EU, only server hosts compliant with GDPR data processing rules are used. eyeZy is based in Cyprus, and so falls under EU jurisdiction. Data stored from a target device is wiped every three months, so it’s essential to download the logs you want to keep before they’re cleared.

Your personal data can be stored for up to 180 days after you delete your account, but generally, this is only for legal disputes. Importantly, your private key is deleted the day after you request account deletion, which gives you a “cooling off” period.

Where Can I Use eyeZy?

eyeZy can be used at home, at work, or outside. As long as you have access to a browser, you can log in to the eyeZy dashboard and recieve real-time updates from the target device. You must make sure you have the legal consent or guardianship of the device user that you’re monitoring. In the case of your children, this means that you’re allowed to monitor them without informing them.

Otherwise, if you’re tracking a spouse, an employee, or even just keeping someone’s phone safe, you must let them know you’ve installed eyeZy on their device. Otherwise, the use of eyeZy could be considered wiretapping, which is illegal in many jurisdictions.

eyeZy calendar app

You might notice the lack of a couple of major names like Twitter, Reddit, although they are not exactly meant to be used for direct messaging on a regular basis. If this really concerns you, remember that Keystroke Capture will work here, so at least you can see what your child sends. Similarly, Discord will only show with Keystroke capture, which means you won’t see what your child may be reading, when the platform is very much used for direct messaging.

However, eyeZy has a range of features that lets you see any websites they might have visited, any pictures they uploaded or any locations they have gone to. With all of this information at your disposal, you have everything you need to piece out anything they could plan, even without app support.

eyeZy app blocker

eyeZy has international support for multiple languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese. Each of these jurisdictions will have separate laws when it comes to data processing and surveillance, so you should check with a lawyer before using eyeZy if you’re not sure what you’re doing is legal.

Real Time Monitoring

eyeZy uses real-time data monitoring to power the keylogger and geo-fencing functions of the app. When you recieve these updates depends on how often you have set the app to update from the eyeZy dashboard. Quicker updates will drain the battery life of the device quicker, as well as put additional strain on the processing power of older devices.

You may have to experiment slightly to find the right combination of settings that work for your particular needs. Messages deleted from the target device are still saved onto eyeZy as long as they’re not deleted extremely quickly, but the built-in keylogger will capture any text as soon as it’s typed out.

eyeZy whatsapp logs


eyeZy Price | How Much Does eyeZy Cost?

eyeZy offers three price plans to choose from. You can buy monthly at $68.56 a month. The three-month package will set you back $119.97 at $39.99 each. If you buy a yearly subscription, it’s only $14.27 a month or $171.24 in total. There’s such a huge saving on the yearly package compared to three months, so that if you’re thinking about long-term monitoring, you may as well take the yearly.

There’s also a 30% discount eyeZy are running for first-time buyers, meaning if you buy now then the one month package is $47.86 a month, the three-month package is $27.99 a month, and the yearlong subscription is only $10 a month!

eyeZy price screen

Taking advantage of this promotional deal that eyeZy can be quite inexpensive to run. However, please keep in mind that only one device will be covered by the subscription. It is possible to purchase multiple subscriptions the first time you sign up, so you can maximize the savings afforded to you by eyeZy’s 30% off first-time discount. If you wish to renew your subscription after you’ve purchased eyeZy, it’s easy to do so from inside the eyeZy dashboard.

eyeZy payments dashboard

eyeZy Review FAQs

Does eyeZy have a free version?

Can I limit specific apps for my kids with eyeZy?

Can I monitor my kid’s social media activity using eyeZy?

Does eyeZy Need Root Permission?

Is eyeZy Legit?

How many devices can be tracked with eyeZy?

Does eyeZy slow down target device?

Can you use eyeZy to track a cheating spouse?

eyeZy Review Conclusion | Is eyeZy Worth it?

On the whole, eyeZy is a great monitoring suite with a whole host of features that cover many different scenarios. It’s a cheaper product compared to other high-end tracking solutions we’ve reviewed in the past while still delivering on all the features you’d expect. The eyeZy dashboard gives you access to so much information in a single, highly accessible, easy-to-use website layout.

There’s also an extensive installation tutorial to guide you through all the different ways to put eyeZy on to the target device of your choice, which is completely necessary when dealing with such a sensitive operation. It’s definitely one of the best spy apps on the market.

There are a couple of limitations, however. Only one device is covered with a single subscription, so if you need to track multiple devices but don’t need access to a full range of monitoring tools, you might be better off looking elsewhere. Additionally, we would like to see more support in the future for additional social media apps such as Twitter, Reddit, and Discord.

We have no doubt that the eyeZy team is continually updating the monitoring app to include new options, so we’ll keep an eye on this one. Other than these minor gripes, eyeZy is a parental monitoring solution we have absolutely no problem recommending.


Sam Dawson

Sam Dawson

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