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In this Spyic review, we’ll go through every part of this parental monitoring software to see if it’s up to scratch. There are a bunch of different “spy apps” on the internet, but why is Spyic one you should you invest in? When it comes to looking after your children/employees/loved ones, only the best will do. It’s no good trying to protect your children if the monitoring app you’re using is putting them in more danger by exposing their data.

Our analysis of this popular spy app will help you determine whether it’s worth the cost by checking out the wide range of features on display, as well as security, reliability, device coverage, and, of course, price. Let’s get a little deeper into what features are on offer in this Spyic review.

Spyic Review Key Info
Remote Install
iCloud only
Keylogger Yes
Screenshots Yes
Max Devices Supported 3
Keyword Monitoring
Customer Service 24/7 live chat and email
Jailbreak/Rooting Required

Spyic Features

Ever get worried about what your kids are doing online? Are they associating with the right people, or going to dangerous, shady parts of the town when they go out? Spyic has a built in-keylogger, social media tracking, and contacts logging to make sure you’re kept up to date.

Concerned that your employees are leaving the office without telling you? Spyic’s GPS location reports, geo-fencing, and SIM network tracking saves the day. No matter which situation you’re stuck in, Spyic offers a solution with their device monitoring app. Let’s take a deeper look at what’s available from Spyic:


Your first impression of the app after you log into the website is the dashboard. It is visually very slick and concise, making it very noticeable that the developers focused on visual clarity and simplicity more than anything else.

It is incredibly easy to navigate through to get to the real meat of the app, and even the non-tech-savvy crowd won’t have a tough time navigating through it. Each data stream is located in a different tab on the Spyic dashboard, so you can easily check out distinct features on demand without being distracted.

Spyic Dashboard

Call tracker

One of the key features of any parental-control app is, of course, a call tracker. Even though texting is a hugely important way young people communicate now, the importance of phone calls cannot be understated. Teens might prefer talking over WhatsApp, Snapchat, or other messaging apps, but often the most personal conversations happen over call.

Spyic covers this vital base by generating a detailed call log where you can view all incoming and outgoing calls, call durations, timestamps, and the number of calls made. It also allows you to look at a list of the most popular contacts on the target device.

SMS tracker

Another feature this app provides, is the SMS tracker. Being one of the primary ways of communication for children in modern times, this is a key feature for parental control, and a must have for spy apps. This feature mainly allows you to read incoming and outgoing messages, including deleted ones, of course, along with the attached timestamp data for each text.

It also works with MMS messaging, and allows you to see the media attached. Another detail we like with this feature is that Spyic displays the message threads in their entirety. Lastly, it allows you to see contact data, which includes contact numbers, names, and pictures.

Spyic Message Reader

Location Tracker

Location tracker is an invaluable feature for a spy app. It allows you to track the location of the target device via GPS at any time, which means less time worrying about the whereabouts of your loved ones. This feature is usually a make or break for spy apps, depending on the quality of its implementation. Spyic’s location tracking feature is excellent, with reliable real-time location tracking, and the ability to access a list of previously visited locations. This feature also records the full address, coordinates, timestamp, and google maps location on the target device.

spyic location tracking map

Geo-fence Alert

Another feature that allows you to track the whereabouts of the target device, albeit with a different method. A geo-fence is a restricted virtual zone that you can mark on the built-in map. If the target device enters one of the restricted perimeters in the physical world, it sends you an alert.

This feature allows you to not worry about checking in on the target device’s location in real time too often, as after you set up your restricted zones on the map, the app will alert you whenever the device goes into a restricted location.

Spyic Geo-Fence Tool

SIM tracker

The SIM tracker feature from Spyic is a fairly unique offering among parental control apps. If the owner of the target device is trying to be sneaky by changing SIM cards to get around any sort of tracking or surveillance, this feature detects the SIM card change.

It also gives you access to the call and SMS data on the SIM card. On top of all of this, it saves the IMEI number, which helps you track the phone in case it gets stolen or lost. Unfortunately, this feature is currently limited to Android devices only.

Spyic Sim Card Data

Facebook Messenger Tracker

Spyic allows you to track various social media apps, which of course includes popular apps such as Facebook messenger. This feature is very useful for both parents and employers alike. For parents, being able to track their children’s Facebook messages can ensure they don’t interact with any shady people online.

And for employers, if your employees are required to interact with customers on Facebook, you will be able to track their conversations to make sure they always act polite and up to company standards. You could also see if people are slacking off at work.

Facebook Message Reader

Whatsapp Tracker

The list of social media trackers in Spyic’s arsenal naturally also includes WhatsApp. Being one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide, no spy app would be complete without being able to track WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp tracking feature lets you see messages and calls with timestamps, contact and display names, phone numbers, and the media files sent or received. Unlike most of the other social media tracking features, WhatsApp tracking does not require rooting your android phone, and also works on IOS devices.

WhatsApp Message Reader

Snapchat Tracker

The Snapchat is also one of the apps on Spyic’s list. The app is mostly popular among children and young adults, and is frequently used to socialize relatively discreetly by not keeping track of videos and images sent.

Unfortunately for Spyic, this means they cannot access the videos and images sent or received from the app. You still get to access all the chat messages, timestamps, and contact info though.

Snapchat Message Reader

Instagram Tracker

Instagram is another social media platform that is very popular among teenagers and young adults, and is mostly used for the same reasons as Snapchat, although not as discreet and with a few more features instead. With this feature you can see all the chat messages, with timestamps of course. You can also see the profiles of the recipients or senders, and view their Instagram profiles.

Instagram Message Reader

Other Social Media Apps

Spyic also covers a wide variety of other top social media apps. This includes Skype, Tinder, Kik, Badoo, Plenty of Fish, WeChat, Viber, and LINE. Where these apps back up to the iCloud, Spyic can also access the messages from these apps thanks to the iOS only Spyic data sync.

Stealth Mode

One of the most prized traits for any parental monitoring apps is discretion. Spyic uses an Android app with a very small footprint on the device to ensure nobody spots it. Also, you can turn all the icons off when installing the app so nobody will know it’s there when they look through the list of installed apps.

Since it does not actually require an install on IOS devices, and as such, it is virtually impossible to detect on those devices. It requires an actual install on android, however, but they claim their app consumes such few resources that the owner of the device will not feel a difference. And of course, even with the app installed, there will be no app logo or real trace of the app to speak of.

One of the most basic features for a spy app, gallery access for photos and videos, is of course also present in Spyic. The feature allows you to see any media in the phone’s gallery, with timestamps, and also allows you to download them. For videos, you also get a preview feature which is pretty nifty.

Spyic Gallery Viewer

Installed Application Tracker

Spyic can also track which apps are installed on the phone in real time. If a new app is installed on the target device, Spyic immediately lets you uninstall or block it from the Spyic dashboard. You can use this to monitor which apps your children are spending time on, or check if employees are installing unauthorized software on company devices.

App Tracker

Browser History Tracker

Last but not least, we have the browser history tracker. With the advent of the age of widespread internet, this feature is a must to ensure the safety of your loved ones. To the uninitiated, the internet can be a dangerous place.

Even though children have more internet access than ever these days, they still lack the necessary expertise to avoid harmful content, be it pornography, violence, drugs, or even just internet scams like phishing sites.

This feature tracks every website the target device has visited, along with timestamps, visit frequency and even has a mini description for each website, even in incognito mode! It also allows you to track the bookmarks on the target device.

Spyic Browser History

Spyic’s ease of use

Wondering how easy Spyic is to install and use? we’ve got you covered.

What devices can I use Spyic on?

Currently, Spyic can only monitor iOS phones or Android devices. Android OS support goes back pretty far, all the way to Android 4.0. We didn’t comprehensively test every single version, so you may still have some trouble on older phones. Some monitoring solutions also offer computer-based surveillance, but Spyic focuses exclusively on phones.

To access the actual data collected by the app is super easy and convenient, as all you need is a web browser and an internet connection to access your Spyic account. From there, the Spyic dashboard gives you quick access to each feature as and when you need it.

How to install Spyic

The installation for Spyic varies a little between devices. On Android, the process is a fairly straightforward app install. Installing Spyic on iOS is a little different, however, but just as easy to perform. We’ll start by reviewing the Android process, but this does assume you’re already working on a rooted phone.

Installing Spyic on Android Devices

The installation process for Spyic on Android is quite simple, although it requires physical access to the target phone or device for a brief period. However, with every spy app, we recommend checking if it is legal before attempting to physically access the target device. The next thing you need to do if you want to access all the features is to root the android device.

Even though the app works without rooting as well, rooting is required for some social media tracking features, such as Facebook tracking, Instagram tracking, Snapchat tracking, and Gmail access. After you’ve rooted the device or decided to refrain from rooting, you’ll need to make sure the “Allow installs from unknown sources” option in the Android Settings app has been ticked.

You might also want to disable the “Improve harmful app detection” and the “Scan device for security threats” options as well. From there on, all you need to do is install the app from the website’s download page, and you’re all set up.

Installing Spyic on Apple Devices

For non-jailbroken IOS devices, you won’t actually need to install any apps at all. But instead, you will need the iCloud credentials of the target phone. All you need to do is to enter the iCloud credentials into your Spyic dashboard, and if you want to access old logs from before the installation, you want to select “BackUp Now” option in the “Settings > iCloud > Storage and BackUp” tab. From then on all you need is for the iCloud backups on the IOS device to be turned on. This version of Spyic can be set up completely remotely.

However it also lacks some of the features of the full app. Missing features include:

  • Facebook tracking
  • Snapchat tracking
  • Instagram tracking
  • Geo-fences
  • Viber tracking
  • SIM tracking

Spyic claims that they are working hard to add these missing features into the non-jailbroken IOS version, among other features such as Skype and hangouts tracking. Also, when performing the iOS data sync from iCloud you may need to provide a two-factor authentication code from the target device you’re tracking.

Spyic Performance | How fast is Spyic?

Spyic offers real-time monitoring without slowing the target device down to a noticeable degree. It is absolutely vital that you don’t slow down the target device when your children are using it, as this may lead to a lack of trust. Thankfully, Spyic is designed to be as small and fast as possible.

The install file for Android is only 2MB, making it very fast to download straight from Spyic’s servers. The installation process was also very quick, with each step taking only a few taps. The longest part of the install process was entering the login credentials, and this took only seconds.

When Spyic is actually running, updates are sent from the target device to Spyic’s servers once every twenty four hours. This default setting is designed to keep Spyic from taking up too many resources on older phones. You can increase the update speed from the Spyic dashboard, up to the fastest speed of once every ten minutes.

Most likely, you will need to test it out for yourself to see what impact Spyic’s settings have on your target device. We found that on our Samsung S10 test device, Spyic was practically unnoticeable when sending once every six hours.

How Secure is Spyic? | Is Spyic Safe?

Spyic does not share many details on their specific security setup for their business, app, or servers. This is most likely to obfuscate attackers who would try to scrape their site for clues that lead to possible weaknesses in Spyic’s design.

While this isn’t the worst way to defend against an attack, we do wish Spyic would share more information in the future about the way they protect user data. What we can tell you is that Spyic encrypts data on their servers with a user-specific private key. You are the only owner of this private key and must keep it with you to be able to access your data.

Robust security measures you can have faith in

We presume this means that Spyic is using RSA asymmetric encryption in order to secure the target device data on their servers. The way this works is a little complex but it’s one of the best ways of ensuring your data is both private and secure.

Symmetric encryption uses the key, or “password”, to encrypt and unencrypt the same piece of data. This is good if you want a two-way channel on data, like a phone call between two people. With asymmetric encryption, the key is split into two parts: a public encryption key, and a private decryption key.

As the encryption key is public, anyone can send you a secret message using that encryption key, but because the decryption key is private, only you can decrypt those messages. This creates a perfect one-way channel of data.

In the case of Spyic, the data from your target device is encrypted with a public key and can only be decrypted by your private key. This way, you can be confident you aren’t being spied on by hackers, governments, or Spyic’s employees.

All your sensitive data is yours to keep without any external examination. Spyic also encrypts your data on its way out of the target device using HTTPS, so it won’t be intercepted by a third party while uploading to Spyic’s servers.

Spyic claims that all the data provided to the website when you use their services are encrypted by means of network scanning, software updates and various hardware precautions that are up to current industry standards.

Spyic’s Transparency Reputation

While Your data may be secure in-transit, you’re probably wondering if Spyic will do anything with the data it collected for you. Let’s take a lok at Spyic’s privacy practices.


To date, Spyic has not performed an external audit of its business or servers that we are aware of. One of the best ways to build confidence in a secure business is with an external audit, and many companies handling sensitive data often look to cybersecurity professionals to carry out those audits.

We hope that in the future, Spyic will join the ranks of many other IT sectors, such as VPNs and cloud-hosting,  that have led the way in normalizing the use of third-party audits for sensitive data operations.


Spyic seems to log any demographic data that could be obtained via the use of the app, although they also claim they do not expose this data to third parties who aim to identify you or doxx you. However, they openly state that instead this data gets shared with third party apps and marketing agencies.

At first, this seems to be a contradiction, but upon careful examination, it seems this personal data is anonymized before being used for market research. We assume this is performed by stripping away all the personally identifiable information, such as full name, GPS location, IP, and other browser-based location metrics.

Privacy Policy

Spyic’s privacy policy seems to be fairly standard. They claim they do not require any personal info to sign up or use the website. The payment information and the private info is only kept by the payment processor and not shared with Spyic itself.

Protection for children’s data

But any info you disclose to them willingly is subject to be shared with legal authorities based on the enforcement of a lawful court order, or might become available to a third-party if at any time their ownership is transferred to another individual, or a merger with another company takes place.

The privacy policy claims that if the app is used as a parental control software, the underage children in question will NOT have their personal data disclosed to anyone. It also states that anyone who wants to use the website and its services is legally required to be 18 or older.

Where Can I Use Spyic?

Spyic can be used on both Android and iOS almost anywhere on the planet, as long as the target device you’re monitoring has an internet connection or mobile data. This covers practically all major metropolitan areas, as well as large stretches of the countryside.

No matter where your child goes, their GPS location is sent back to you at all times. However, there are certain considerations you should make about the laws regarding wiretapping where you live.

It is legal to use Spyic to monitor your children as long as they are under 18 and you are their legal guardian. While it is nice to ask for consent before monitoring your child’s device, it is not a legal necessity. In most other cases, you will likely have to ask for consent before installing Spyic on a user’s device.

For example, you could use Spyic’s geofencing features to make sure your phone equipment remains in the company office to cut down on theft. To do so, you would need to make your employees aware that Spyic is installed, most likely by writing it into an employment contract.

Many states in America require the consent of the parties involved when a conversation is being recorded. Without consent, it is possible that the recording may be illegal. When in doubt, you should check your state’s laws and consult with a legal expert before continuing to use Spyic.

Wherever possible, seek consent

The law varies from country to country. In Canada, it is legal to record a conversation as long as one party is aware of the recording taking place. Whereas in the UK, it’s generally considered illegal to record a phonecall without the consent of all parties involved, and most investigatory technologies are regulated by the RIPA act.

Could you use Spyic to spy on a cheating husband or wife? If you used Spyic to monitor a spouse with their informed consent, this would be a legal use of the app. Without the target’s informed consent (excluding where it is a minor under your legal care), you risk falling foul of the law.

Spyic Price | How Much Does Spyic Cost?

For Android, Spyic currently costs: $39.99 for its “Basic” plan, which does not include SIM tracking and the various social media tracking features, $49.99 for its most popular, “Premium” plan, which does include every feature advertised by the app, and lastly, the “Family” plan, which works for up to 3 devices, which is priced at $69.99. Despite the prices seeming absurd, if you were to buy a 12-month plan, these prices go down to $8.33 per month for basic, $9.99 per month for premium, and $16.66 per month for the family plan, respectively.

For IOS devices, Spyic costs slightly more than its Android counterpart and comes with some differences in the plans: $49.99 per month for its Premium plan, $99.99 per month for its “Family” plan, which allows for up to 5 devices, and lastly the IOS exclusive “Business” plan, which costs $399.99 per month and allows up to a whopping 25 devices at a time.

Likewise, with the Android plans, these numbers go down significantly when purchasing 12 month plans, going down to $10.83 per month for Premium, $33.33 per month for “Family”, and $83.33 per month for the “Business” plan, respectively.

spyic ios pricing

Basically, buying a year of Spyic presents a massive saving of around 80%, which makes the price of subscription much more reasonable. They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. They process payments through most major credit card companies, as well as Paypal and Wire Transfer.

You can also pay in Bitcoin if you prefer, as this is now a popular way to pay for online goods and services. Although Bitcoin does offer some anonymity, most Bitcoin transactions can be tracked, especially when sent from a payment processor that complies with Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer legislation.

Spyic FAQs

Does Spyic have a free version?

How many devices can be tracked with Spyic?

Does Spyic slow down the target device?

Are Spyic and Cocospy the Same?

Does Spyic Work In The UK?

Is Spyic legal?

Do I need to root/jailbreak the target phone to install Spyic?

Conclusion | Is Spyic Worth it?

Trying out Spyic was an smooth process from beginning to end. While there are some shortcomings of the app we’re going to get into in a moment, overall the Android app was more than fit for purpose and the iCloud data-sync worked without issue. We would definitely recommend Spyic if you’re looking for a monitoring suite with a great Android feature set.


  • Great Android feature set
  • Easy-to-read UI with clear design
  • Unique SIM tracking features
  • Very hard to detect


  • No iOS on-device app
  • Some location features lacking


Spyic’s unique toolbox is very comprehensive and thorough, combining a keylogger, screen capture module, and social media logging to keep you informed. Add physical location tracking abilities into the mix, and you’ve got an arsenal of versatile monitoring tools ideal for any situation.

The Good

Spyic has a very easy to understand and sleek UI, allowing you to navigate fairly smoothly while using it, and also making the data you get much easier to understand. The message tracking features on Spyic looks very smooth and is very user friendly, the reason being that it actually doesn’t lump all the messages together into one incoherent mess, but instead separates them thread by thread, making it very comfortable to navigate and understand.

Spyic is virtually impossible to detect on the IOS platform, since there is no install required to use it on Apple devices. As long as you handle any two-factor authentications requests that come up on the device, you’ll have no other problems getting in.

On Android, even though there is an install required, it’s a very small app with low performance requirements. We found it was very rare for the user to feel as if something is slowing their device down, which is an essential requirement when installing monitoring software on a target device.

The Bad

However, we did find some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. Spyic advertises that there’s versions of the monitoring app available without rooting or jailbreak. This is true, but there’s a catch. The non-root Android app doesn’t quite come with all the same features as the root device. For example, you won’t have access to the keylogger. While you can use it to gain some intelligence from the phone, you’re definitely missing out without a rooted Android device.

iOS functionality doesn’t stand up to Android

Since Spyic has removed their jailbreak option for the IOS, citing security reasons and jailbreak causing devices to break and voiding warranties, the feature set on IOS devices is less impressive compared to the Android app.

You do not get most of the social media tracking options on IOS devices at the moment, as they required jailbreak before, but now that the jailbreak features have been discontinued, there is no way to access them on IOS devices. However, the iCloud data sync does work as suggested and efficiently backs up all the need-to-know info off your child’s device.

The Verdict

Ultimately, Spyic is a strong monitoring suite with real-time monitoring capabilities which provides the intelligence you need to keep your kids safe, or keep your property safe at work. While some apps offer better iOS support, we found that all advertised Android features worked well.

Furthermore, Spyic’s affordable price packages, especially for bulk purchases, makes a very enticing offer. Even if the iOS version doesn’t come with complete coverage, anyone looking to back up employee iCloud accounts in bulk could do far worse than checking out Spyic while their enterprise price packages still available.

Sam Dawson

Sam Dawson

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