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Businesses all over the world no longer worry about the actual location of their employees and remote work is often encouraged as long as the key objectives are hit. Sadly, hiring new employees from different countries can be a stressful and complicated task – this is why many organizations are turning to Employer of Record services to help them.

Having a reliable EOR service can be a massive benefit to all businesses looking to scale or grow their popularity around the world, as many of the best providers include global payroll solutions, benefits packages, and integration with a host of third-party systems. In this article, we look at the top 7 best EOR services for international hiring — their features, pricing, and everything in between.

The Best EOR Services Shortlisted

Later on in this article, we’ll take a deeper look into the 7 best Employer of Record services, but for now, here are our top picks at a glance:

  1. Deel — The Best EOR Service for Controlling Compliance Concerns, Payroll Taxes, and International Hiring
  2. Multiplier — An Excellent EOR Service for Managing Payroll in 120+ Countries Worldwide
  3. Remofirst — A Great EOR Provider With an Incredible 24/7 Customer Support Network
  4. Papaya — The Best EOR Service for Employee Benefit Packages and Workforce Management
  5. Oyster — A Solid Service that Offers Seamless Integration with a Host of Third-party Applications, Like Xero and QuickBooks
  6. Rippling — A Reliable Platform that Offers All-in-One HR, Payroll, and IT Services in One Place
  7. Atlas HXM – A Decent EOR Service with Coverage in Over 160+ Countries Around the World

Reviews of the Top Employer Of Record Solutions

Below, we take a deeper look into the top EOR services, exploring each one’s key offerings, like the feature set, pricing, available locations, and much more.

1. Deel – The Best EOR Service Overall for Controlling Compliance Concerns, Payroll Taxes, and International Hiring

Deel is a well-known employer of record platform that enables businesses to hire individuals quickly in over 150 countries. This means that you can take advantage of the talents and experience of a global workforce by expanding abroad without ever having to set up a new company.

In fact, you can estimate the cost of an international worker using Deel’s free calculator tool and examine the required benefits and withholdings by comparing the expenditures of other countries.

Beyond this, Deel will also ensure all legal requirements are completed on your behalf by using local legal professionals to create compliant contracts and keep track of regulatory changes.

Deel | Best Employer of Record Service

Over the past year, this company has introduced several new products, including global payroll, support for global mobility, integrated Slack tools, and advanced integrations.

Their global payroll solution leverages internal expertise, which can significantly assist businesses with pre-existing payroll setups to streamline their accounting and reporting processes. That said, fast and accurate support is a hallmark of Deel, with live chat and 24/7 customer service available to all users.

Deel also distinguishes itself from other EOR services with local country experts who offer advisory techniques for each place you recruit from, and many well-known businesses, such as Reddit, Coinbase, and Dropbox, use the platform.

Beyond this, Deel offers end-to-end management for your global staff, including onboarding and termination services, and another benefit of choosing this EOR service is that their web application is simple to use and offers many features to assist organisations in properly managing their workforce.

These include contract management, overseas benefits, and expense tracking. Plus, sophisticated adaptations, including stipends, signing bonuses, and stock options through their integrated contract management feature.


  • Available in over 150+ countries, meaning you can find global top talent
  • Free for businesses with less than 200 employees
  • Excellent and knowledgeable support team
  • They use local legal professionals to ensure a high-quality service
  • Offers excellent hassle-free global payroll in 90+ countries


  • Each device requires its own subscription
Best For Free Version Paid Plan Starting Price Number of Countries
Managing global hiring, payroll taxes, and compliance risks Free Demo $599 90+

2. Multiplier – An Excellent EOR Service for Managing Payroll in 120+ Countries Worldwide

Multiplier is an excellent employer of record service that specializes in providing HR and payroll services to businesses, allowing them to outsource these responsibilities to a single provider. You can create contracts in only a few minutes, manage payroll in over 120 countries, and give equity to employees through stock option schemes.

With this EOR provider, businesses can save time and costs while lowering their exposure to the legal and financial risks connected with hiring employees in many jurisdictions by outsourcing their key HR activities to Multiplier.

In fact, besides payroll, Multiplier can also assist firms with managing employee benefits, onboarding, and ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

Multiplier EOR Dashboard

Multiplier is renowned for its technologically advanced approach to payroll and HR services — and despite this, the platform is simple to use, making managing your global workforce a breeze.

Also, in addition to assuring adherence to local rules and regulations, their team of professionals offers continuing support and direction to businesses, helping them overcome any obstacles they may encounter.

And beyond all this, the service offers a simple employee onboarding solution, where Multiplier will send the employee an email requesting them to self-onboard, asking them to supply their banking information and KYC information and to sign the automatically prepared contracts — a process that takes around 3-5 minutes.

Multiplier even supplies the new employee with all the tools they need to get started, including a laptop for work and any other tools they need to work efficiently. Plus, your employees will have one centralized location to access payslips, offer letters and contracts, manage expense reports, view bonuses, and view any benefits.


  • Supports payments in multiple currencies
  • You get access to payroll, compliance, timesheets and onboarding in one place
  • Includes a useful free demo to get to grips with the service


  • Limited integrations with third-party apps
Best For Free Version Paid Plan Starting Price Number of Countries
Simple Onboarding Procedures Free Demo $300 150+

3. Remofirst – A Great EOR Provider With an Incredible 24/7 Customer Support Network

Remofirst is a global EOR service provider that has a goal of breaking down regional barriers for businesses so they can easily access talent worldwide. Their platform is designed to make it easier for you to hire and manage full-time employees or international contractors.

In fact, it permits you to hire talent in over 150 countries without the need to establish a local corporation in each nation where you want to do recruiting.

That said, Remofirst offers international payroll and invoicing administration, global benefits management (including insurance and equity plans and time-off management), and employee support with visa and other immigration documents requests in addition to their EOR services.

Remofirst EOR

Through the use of a secure dashboard and a staff of legal and HR specialists, they’ll guarantee that your company’s activities are always in conformity with evolving international laws. If you require more assistance, their customer support service is also accessible around-the-clock.

Another bonus is that each client has a personal account manager as their primary point of contact. With their help, you can streamline the entire external payroll procedure. So, instead of making many individual payments, you can combine and aggregate your invoices into one payment.

They’ll also automatically compute your team’s hours, time off, holidays, bonuses, and commissions automatically, so you don’t have to. Instead, you only need to review and approve their monthly invoice.


  • Dedicated personal account manager for each client
  • Affordable pricing compared with other EOR providers
  • Access to an excellent customer service team 24/7
  • A decent ‘free forever plan’ for smaller-scale businesses is available


  • Not as many premium features as others on this list
Best For Free Version Paid Plan Starting Price Number of Countries
Excellent 24/7 Customer Support Free Forever Plan With Limited Features $199 150+

4. Papaya – The Best EOR Service for Employee Benefit Packages and Workforce Management

Papaya is an automated SaaS platform available worldwide that offers a complete labour management solution, assisting recruiters in removing obstacles to international employment. Their software has functions for enrolling users and processing cross-border payments in countries worldwide.

In fact, it assists companies in over 160+ countries with employee hiring and onboarding without the need for entity establishment.

It offers businesses country-specific onboarding workflows, compliance with regional labour rules, an intelligent onboarding status tracker, aids in easing employee relocation, and offers immigration services to ease the creation of work permits.

Papaya Interface

Beyond this, the platform connects with all management systems, supports all employee kinds (payroll, EOR, and contractors), and employs cutting-edge technologies to guarantee compliance and avoid errors. Plus, it has a highly visible system for monitoring business intelligence (BI) and payroll expenditures in real-time.

On the whole, by using Papaya Worldwide, your business can streamline remote person management. Its cutting-edge automation, security, and BI are available to businesses without requiring them to change their current payroll software.

And to sweeten things further, you get a neat lineup of premium features like advanced compliance, liability protection, employee contract lifecycle management, immigration and Visa support, data security monitoring, and much more.

Plus, regardless of the company’s size, Papaya Global assists businesses in providing competitive benefits packages to overseas personnel. So without having to find local benefit providers in every nation, open up local accounts, or have a certain number of employees, the company can set up health insurance, disability, vision, dentistry, and maternity leave.


  • Gives you access to hiring and payroll services in 160+ countries
  • An exceptional support network that is available 24/7
  • Ultra-secure payment processes since it complies with GDPR and SOC standards
  • Offers excellent benefits package support


  • Very expensive compared to other major EOR providers
Best For Free Version Paid Plan Starting Price Number of Countries
Workflow Management & Benefits Packages Free Trial Available $770 160+

5. Oyster – A Solid Service that Offers Seamless Integration with a Host of Third-party Applications

Oyster was created expressly with the remote worker in mind as it allows managers and HR teams to manage payroll, onboard contractors and workers practically anywhere on the planet, and provide benefits like paid time off, local health insurance, and other perks, all from a single platform.

In fact, you can do all this in over 180 nations — hence why over 1,400 clients have used it, successfully onboarding over 4,500 workers. Thanks to a team scattered across 70 countries, Oyster is a globally dispersed company in its own right, and it has in-depth expertise in emerging markets and places 25% of its personnel there.

It offers full-service online platforms, international and local benefit plans, and services for full-time employees and contractors.

Oyster Interface

A benefits adviser tool is available in Oyster to assist businesses in identifying the most appealing perks for each job. It provides a range of compliant essential benefits packages and other incentives like health, pension, and allowances to assist firms in luring top employees.

The website also has a “virtual hiring assistant”, which helps to hire managers and makes contract recommendations depending on the local labour market and legal requirements. Plus, additional country guides are available for a deeper look at the labour regulations in any jurisdiction.

With the Oyster platform, there’s also seamless integration with a host of third-party tools like CRM software and accountancy apps like Xero, QuickBooks, Greenhouse, Bamboo HR, and Oracle Netsuite. Plus, for programmers who want to incorporate these EOR capabilities into their applications, Oyster is putting together an API.

And to top it off, employees can use the portal to seek time off, view contracts and payslips, request reimbursements, and make their benefits selections.


  • You get high-quality protection against legal and compliance risk
  • Provides huge international coverage in over 180+ countries
  • Integrates with a host of other third-party apps


  • Lacks a few additional HR features, like recruitment
Best For Free Version Paid Plan Starting Price Number of Countries
Global Hiring Solutions and HR Support Free Demo Available $499 180+

6. Rippling — A Reliable Platform that Offers an All-in-one HR, Payroll and IT Service in One Place

For companies and organisations with a worldwide workforce, Rippling offers an all-in-one HR, payroll, and IT platform. With each distributed team or employee being paid in their local currency, payroll administration is simple.

This unified platform, which goes beyond handling payroll and benefits, time tracking, and reporting for your whole staff from a single user interface, also offers enterprise-grade security, scalability, and operational efficiency.

With the Rippling EOR service, businesses can hire and pay staff members anywhere in the world without having to establish a local subsidiary. Payroll, contracts, employment taxes, and benefits are just a few of the legal and compliance concerns that this provider takes care of.

Rippling Dashboard

Its payroll processing eliminates the need for manual calculations and employee data entry into the system, and since the system synchronises all HR data with the payroll system, everything is done automatically. All you have to do is decide on the appropriate pay intervals for your staff, examine the payroll, and provide your approval.

The platform will also automatically assign EOR staff members the necessary country-specific compliance training. This eliminates the need to determine whether a nation mandates employee compliance training. And since Rippling handles everything, you don’t even need to find a different system to provide that kind of training.

In addition to handling payroll through its EOR solutions, Rippling also offers a direct outsourced payroll solution for businesses with direct employees working in the United States or subsidiaries in other countries.

The US payroll system entails error-free automated payroll, automatic tax withholding and filing, and a specialised mobile app that allows employees to view their W-2s, check their pay stubs, and request time off.


  • Offers an excellent all-in-one solution for businesses
  • Very user-friendly interface, perfect for those new to EOR software
  • Great scalability so it can grow alongside your businesses demands


  • Pricing for all services isn’t available on the website
Best For Free Version Paid Plan Starting Price Number of Countries
Workforce Management & Support For Compliance Risks Free Demo Available Price Upon Request 120+

7. Atlas HXM – A Decent EOR Service with Coverage in Over 160+ Countries Around the World

Atlas HXM is one of the leading Employer Of Record services worldwide and enables its clients to hire and pay employees internationally. And with it operating in over 160 nations, it’s unsurprising that it’s able to support thousands of businesses and remote workers with its enterprise-grade technology platform.

Through self-service features and real-time insights, their platform is intended to enable end-to-end EOR solutions and foster empowered user experiences that enhance corporate outcomes.

The service is dedicated to extending the boundaries of both work and entrepreneurship and as a result, their business model enables startups and SMBs to compete on a worldwide scale, transforming commercial breakthroughs into successful multinational businesses.

Atlas HXM | EOR Service

Using Atlas HXM gives you access to a sizable global labour pool, employee engagement and productivity tracking, immigration aid, support for business Visas, and work sponsorship agreements. Plus, it handles multinational teams’ payroll directly, no matter where you are in the world.

And to make matters better, unlike most of its rivals, there’s no requirement to rely on outside parties to fix any mistakes. That said, this provider specializes in global HR management, ensuring that organisations are current on all relevant local labour laws, rules, and regulations.

They also provide advice on certain HR concerns that may emerge, like performance management and termination.

You can quickly determine the relevant local labour laws and compliance requirements in a country of expansion, hire, manage, and pay contractors globally through a single interface, administer payroll, and take advantage of other HR services like immigration and relocation assistance.


  • You can hire employees in 160+ countries
  • There’s no need to set up a local entity
  • It handles multinational teams’ payroll directly


  • Quite expensive, considering it has fewer features than other providers on this list
Best For Free Version Paid Plan Starting Price Number of Countries
Supporting Global Teams Free Demo Available $595 160+

The Best Global Employment Services Compared

It can be hard to compare all the above with so much detailed information, but don’t worry – below is a useful table comparing all the key features of each product:

EOR Provider  Best For  Free Version  Paid Starting Plan  Number of Countries 
Deel Managing Global Hiring, Payroll Taxes, and Compliance Risks Free Demo


$599 90+
Multiplier Simple Onboarding Procedures Free Demo


$300 50+
Remofirst Excellent 24/7 Customer Support Free Forever Plan With Limited Features $199 150+
Papaya Workflow Management & Benefits Packages Free Trial Available (Unspecified Days) $770 160+
Oyster Global Hiring Solutions and HR Support


Free Demo $499 180+
Rippling Workforce Management & Support For Compliance Risks Free Demo Price Upon Request 120+
Atlas HXM Supporting Global Teams Free Demo $595 160+

What is An Employer of Record?

Simply put, an Employer of Record is the legal employer of a worker in a certain country. As a result, the EOR service handles all employment-related compliance issues, such as payroll, taxes, statutory benefits, employment agreements, and more.

An ‘Employer of Record’ (EOR) provider is a third party contracted by a client company to take on the core compliance responsibilities of an employer, as specified under the law. A three-sided, co-employment contract is signed by the employer, the employee, and the PEO when a corporation uses an Employer of Record:

  • The employer maintains a close working relationship with the employee by assigning them responsibilities and overseeing their general performance
  • As the person in charge of legal employment, the EOR handles the administrative aspects of things like payroll, taxes, benefits, etc., making sure the employee and the client are in compliance with all employment-related laws.
  • The employee, who is a third party to the agreement, complies with all of their responsibilities as an employee of the business.

Nowadays, businesses hire workers in more nations across the world, frequently in locations where it requires much more than just registering for a tax ID number and submitting annual returns to be in compliance with all applicable tax and employment laws.

The stress and uncertainty of hiring workers in more complicated/riskier jurisdictions can be effectively managed by using an Employer of Record service.

EOR vs PEO Services | What’s the Difference?

PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations) and EORs (Employers of Record) have a few key differences, despite the fact that some people use the terms synonymously. The former often perform HR tasks for companies that already have legal entities, whereas EORs hire employees on behalf of their client companies without requiring them to establish legal entities themselves.

You require an employer of record, not a PEO, if you don’t own a business in the country where you wish to hire a person. If you’re working with a global employment partner and they insist that you set up your own company before you can hire employees, that partner only offers PEO services and not EOR services.

Sometimes, these businesses are referred to as “global PEOs” or as suppliers of “global PEO services.” If you already have plans to establish an entity, that’s acceptable, but if not, working with an EOR is far more cost-effective.

Why Should I Use an EOR Service for HR?

There are a number of key benefits to using an EOR, for example, you can hire people abroad without registering as a legal organisation, as an EOR already has a business that’s authorized to operate in the target nation.

This can undoubtedly save you time and money, allowing your company to grow more quickly and adapt to changing market conditions. This can be especially helpful when a contingency workforce is needed to satisfy corporate demand. Beyond this, below are some other key benefits:

  • Offers less paperwork
  • They offer local authorities on tax legislation and procedures
  • EOR’s boast thorough knowledge of local statutory benefits
  • Permits the quick onboarding of new employees
  • Allows for the protection of intellectual property
  • Drastically reduces categorization risks
  • Accelerates your objectives for worldwide expansion

However, there are some drawbacks to using an EOR as well, for example, they can cost a lot of money, especially if you’re hiring multiple employees. Also, in some countries, like Germany, staff can’t be employed for more than 18 months using an EOR solution.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best EOR Solution for Your Business

To ensure you pick the right Employer of Record service for you, there are a few factors you should consider, like the overall cost of the operation. Below are some of the key aspects you need to look for:

How Many Countries Can the EOR Hire In?

Employees may need to be transferred between countries or hired in a particular country. Make sure you’re aware of the countries that the Employer of Record company serves right away. The service should be able to list every country in which they have the personnel, and the ideal EOR business will offer more coverage than its rivals.

Does it Include a Global HR Platform?

The EOR service you select should be equipped with the technology to make your work life easier and ultimately make the challenging process of employing workers from abroad simpler. For example, it can streamline the payment procedure by working in tandem with some of the top accounting software, reducing the risk of mistakes.

Can the EOR, for instance, automate manual operations and reduce the likelihood of human error? With the technology, is it possible to quickly hire and onboard employees? Can you use different devices to access the EOR? Make sure your team can easily use the platform and that the technology is user-friendly.

Does the EOR Include Any Supporting Services?

As you hire and onboard new foreign employees and throughout the employee lifecycle, be sure the Employer of Record provider has skilled HR specialists who can support you.

You’ll want to be confident in the consultation services the EOR offers and aware of how quickly they respond to your questions. You should be able to rely on internal expertise in international payroll, national tax law, employment law, benefits, and international compliance for both you and your employees.

Does the EOR Provide International Compliance?

Labour laws control how businesses treat their workers and give them certain safeguards. Around the world, these regulations vary from country to country, and they’re always susceptible to change.

It can be quite challenging to stay on top of all the variations in labour laws and potential changes if a business is expanding globally and hiring employees from other countries. In general, businesses must ensure compliance in a number of areas, such as:

  • Nondiscrimination Policies
  • Compliant Employment Agreements
  • Minimum Wage
  • Benefits
  • Data & Privacy Laws
  • Hours Worked & Any Overtime
  • Termination of Contract

All the services reviewed today offer what you need to ensure compliance in your global hiring efforts.

Does the EOR Provide a Detailed Portfolio of Benefits?

You should think about the kind of insurance and perks you may provide if you want to hire the best international talent. Can your EOR partner offer pension plans with full health coverage? Can you alter the benefit plans and degree of coverage offered to your employees?

Your company must be able to provide your overseas employees with competitive health insurance, life insurance, and AD&D coverage while still meeting your business needs — all at a price that fits not just your needs, but your budget.


Having a reliable EOR service can really elevate your business to the next level and streamline the employment process for overseas workers. So it’s important to ensure that the provider you choose is the right pick for your business, and you need to make sure they have the expertise you need to grow successfully.

That said, picking Deel as the best was easy. It has local experts around the world and can offer its services in over 150+ countries. Beyond this, it’s recently introduced a number of new products, including global payroll, which means you can employees all over the world with ease. Get started with Deel now.

EOR Service FAQ

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