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Noah Edis
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Ever since Alan Turing – the father of artificial intelligence (AI) – improved the idea of natural language processing, the world has been on a whirlwind journey of technological advancements. Today, generative AI has revolutionized our communication, specifically in the realm of copywriting.

This in-depth review and comparison will unveil the prowess of the best AI copywriting software available today to help you find the one best suited to your needs and budget. Let’s get started.

In This Guide

The Market’s Top 10 Copywriter AI Tools Shortlisted

Without further ado, let’s have a quick look at the best copywriting AI tools. Following are the 10 industry frontrunners that are making waves in innovative AI copywriting:

  1. Jasper AIOverall, the best AI copywriting software with its GPT-4 integration, one-brief campaigns, and seamless integration with SurferSEO.
  2. Copy.ai – A standout with its own database that records and enhances prompts, plus it provides unlimited brand voices and words across all its paid plans.
  3. RytrEasily the best AI content generator for customer-focused businesses as the tool can craft personalized, thoughtful responses to customer feedback.
  4. Writesonic The definition of economical yet advanced, providing access to GPT-4 – the most advanced language model available – in its low-tier plan.
  5. WordAI A unique AI copywriting tool with a guarantee to pass AI content detection tests, ensuring generated content will appear as human-written text.
  6. Scalenut Shines for SEO with traffic insights and topic clusters; also rises among social media managers with unlimited tones and location-based insights.
  7. Hypotenuse Offers easy data importing, and the Content Detective feature lets it be an expert on any topic. To top it off, it does citations for you.
  8. Simplified The best free AI copywriting tool, offering a myriad of free tools like the Blog Wizard and 1-Click WordPress Export feature.
  9. ClosersCopy Write in various AI copy styles with 700+ frameworks, catering to various needs, from bullet points and conclusions to crafting Google Ads.
  10. AI-Writer – Excels in providing verifiable citations for fact-checking, making it ideal for content creators aiming to achieve credibility.

Will AI Replace Copywriters?

AI’s rate of growth hints at how swiftly generative tech, the backbone of top-notch copywriting AI tools, will evolve. That begs the question: Will it replace copywriters? No. AI copywriters aren’t without their shortcomings when it comes to content creation, meaning they wouldn’t just completely replace humans.

Such shortcomings include:

  • An AI copy writer still requires a human who’ll provide appropriate guidance and clear instructions to manage its output effectively
  • It lacks an innate grasp of nuances and the emotional intelligence that a human writer possesses

In fact, in a Forrester report that predicted AI to put jobs at risk by 2030, it was noted that generative AI – rather than having a big impact on job loss – would reshape the workforce. With these facts existing, the partnership between AI and human writers becomes clear.

It signals that unity, not replacement, is the probable destiny of the relationship between AI and human writers. And it can only get better, as the benefits can even multiply faster, given the pace of AI’s growth.

Moore’s Law, named after Intel’s co-founder Gordon Moore, predicts that the number of transistors on a microchip will double every two years. However, a 2019 Stanford University report offers an interesting revelation: the computational power of AI systems is advancing faster than the development of processor chips.

What Type of Content Can I Produce With An AI Copywriter?

Here’s the wide array of content types achievable with AI copywriting tools:

  • Blog Posts: AI can generate cohesive blog posts across numerous topics and even integrate keywords meticulously for enhanced online visibility.
  • Social Media Posts: Engaging, platform-specific content for the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is another field where AI copywriters shine.
  • Product Descriptions: With 34% of shoppers in the US looking at online stores as their source of product information, eCommerce stakeholders leverage AI for crafting unique and compelling product descriptions to boost sales.
  • Email Campaigns: Personalized email content, from catchy subject lines to persuasive body content, becomes a breeze with AI assistance.
  • Ad Copy: Whether it be Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or organic advertising, AI copywriters can create gripping ad text effortlessly.
  • SEO Content and Web Pages: AI tools go the extra mile by including descriptions, title tags, and even calls-to-action (CTAs) — one of the most critical landing page benchmarks in marketing statistics.

This short poem was authored by a machine – a touch of proof that the copywriter AI era has dawned:

A word spins on the page, an idea blooms,

An AI moves in rhythm in algorithmic rooms.

But poems are merely the tip of the iceberg. In fact, besides all the above, AI copywriters even aid in better website optimization, one of the many ways businesses improve their conversion rates.

Overall, we really shouldn’t overlook the perks AI can bring to the table in enhancing the writing process. These tools offer relief for writers plagued with writer’s block, helping generate a flow of ideas and content. Plus, they provide scalable options and help generate content rapidly without compromising on quality.

The Best AI Copy Generators Compared

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a comprehensive comparison of the best AI copywriting software options into a concise table below. Get an at-a-glance overview of starting prices and key features of these top-tier tools for copywriting:

The Best AI Copywriting Tools Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
Jasper AI $39/month 7-day free trial – GPT-4 for all plans
– Create campaigns with one brief
– SurferSEO integration
Copy.ai $36/month Free forever plan + 7-day free trial – 95+ languages
– Unlimited brand voices
– Prompt improvement
Rytr $9/month/100k characters Free plan – AIDA and PAS formats
– Improve sentences
– Business pitch ideas
Writesonic $16/month Free trial with first 10,000 words – GPT-4 at a lower price
– Tool for benefit-driven copy
– 100+ templates
WordAI $9/month/50k words 3-day free trial – Pass AI detection
– Bulk rewriting
– White label integration
Scalenut $20/month/100k words Free forever plan + 7-day free trial – Traffic insights
– SERP reports
– Catch up on trends on social media
Hypotenuse $15/month/25k words 7-day free trial – Imports data from any CSV file
– Shopify integration on all plans
– Custom templates
Simplified $12/month/35k words Free plan + 14-day free trial – Grammarly integration
– Unlimited folders
– Co-editing with guests
ClosersCopy $49.99/month/300 runs 14-day money-back guarantee – 126 languages
– 700+ frameworks
– Free tool courses
AI-Writer $29/month/40 5K-word articles 7-day free trial – Subtopic finder
– Verifiable citations
– SEO editor

Reviews of the Top-Rated AI Tools for Copywriting

In this section, we bring you detailed reviews of the best AI tools to help you find your perfect match. Our review ranges from platforms offering an AI copywriting tool free of charge to tools that align impeccably with specific requirements.

1. Jasper AI – The Overall Best AI Copywriting Software in 2024

JasperAI Logo JasperAI clinches the top spot as the best AI copywriting software in our round-up for a myriad of reasons, and a notable one is its comprehensive one-brief campaign tool that creates detailed content landscapes.

With a few clicks, you can generate titles, meta descriptions, blog articles, and many more components vital to a successful online campaign. It’s like having an automated marketing team at your fingertips.

What’s more, we’ve discovered that Jasper AI seamlessly integrates with SurferSEO, marrying top-notch copywriting capabilities with robust SEO. This partnership allows for content optimization based on insights from over 500+ ranking factors – a feature that’s bound to elevate your SEO game to the next level.

A view of Jasper AI’s interface

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$39/month 7-day free trial – GPT-4 for all plans
– Create campaigns with one brief
– SurferSEO integration

You’re just a few clicks away from polished, relevant blog posts with Jasper AI’s blog creation capabilities. Whether you need to draft an informative piece or an engaging how-to guide, Jasper AI can handle a vast array of blog formats.

We simply fed it our desired topic and watched it generate a perfect narrative. The tool ensured that the voice, tone, and style we set remained consistent across the entire content array, thereby preserving our test brand’s unique identity – one of the many ways one can build a strong online presence.

Furthermore, when testing Jasper AI, we couldn’t overlook its advanced AI model GPT-4. All plans provided by Jasper harness this cutting-edge AI innovation, delivering high-quality and nuanced content generation at every use.

However, while the tool brings a plethora of benefits, it might not be ideal for businesses with multiple writers. To provide access to multiple users (up to 5), you’ll have to upgrade to the Teams plan.

That said, this may not be a big deal for teams where writers won’t be using the tool simultaneously, and for smaller startups operating on a tight budget, the first paid plan is among the best you’ll find.


Jasper’s Teams plan can accommodate up to three users, and you can add up to two extra users at $49/user/month (if billed annually). That said, for businesses with more than five members in need of unlimited campaign benefits, the Business plan is ideal.

This tier even comes with a dedicated account success manager.

Jasper’s priced plans


  • Cites sources from the news, adding credibility to your content
  • An inbuilt plagiarism checker
  • The ability to generate AI art, adding unique flair to your text creations
  • Reads up to 10k characters before writing, ensuring high-quality output


  • API access is only available on the highest paid plan
  • Pricier compared to others on this list

2. Copy.ai – Easily Improves Prompts and Content Over Time

CopyAI Logo Copy.ai unquestionably demonstrates why it’s among the best copywriting AI tools with its standout feature: Seamless improvement of prompts within the copywriting process through an innovative database.

We were able to track the changes with prompts as they took place, and over time, the improvement of AI-generated content quality became evident with our testing. This interactive, real-time evolution sparks a convincing argument for this platform.

An important highlight of our first-hand Copy.ai review is its API access and generous offering of unlimited brand voices and words across all its paid plans. This allows creatives the flexibility to experiment endlessly, amplifying brand identity and maintaining tonal consistency across varying content forms.

A view of Copy.ai’s interface

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$36/month Free forever plan + 7-day free trial – 95+ languages
– Unlimited brand voices
– Prompt improvement

Whether you’re a social media manager flagging services across multiple platforms or a blogger weaving captivating narratives, unlimited words translate to boundless creativity.

Productivity goes a notch higher with its programmatic SEO, which allows you to create SEO-friendly content to attract a wider audience. For reference, programmatic content is an automated form of content creation that relies on data and algorithms to produce content that fits your goals.

Long-form compositions – white papers, blog posts, landing pages – are painlessly generated and ready to rank for keywords. Outline the article or webpage the way you envision, feed it into the software, and marvel as high-quality drafts unfurl before your eyes.


Copy.ai’s pricing structure ensures availability for various needs. The free plan is a neat package for novices to explore the platform’s basic functionalities, offering 2,000 words, a single user seat, unlimited projects, and access to chat.

Even though this free plan might lack feature richness compared to Rytr and Simplified, it competes effectively in terms of offered word count.

Copy.ai has three plans

For advanced features, the Pro plan is the route to follow, packing in a rich suite of robust copywriting tools. That said, larger organizations may find their pick in the Enterprise plan that boasts SSO and a private company Infobase.


  • Quality translations offered for 90+ languages
  • A dedicated account manager provided with the Enterprise plan
  • Create custom outreach campaigns based on your audience’s LinkedIn accounts
  • Provision of content calendars across all your social channels


  • The free plan isn’t the most feature-rich option on this list
  • Lacks source citations

3. Rytr – The Most Resourceful AI Tool for Crafting Customer Reviews

Rytr Logo Rytr made it easy for us to love its capability to generate thoughtful responses to customer reviews. This feature is a godsend for businesses focused on building a positive online reputation.

It was also able to generate structured content using the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solve) frameworks. These strategies are tried-and-true methods in traditional copywriting, and watching Rytr skillfully implement them was impressive.

Unraveling the AIDA marketing model first – this strategy is revered in the world of sales and marketing as it skillfully captures the reader’s attention, stirs up their interest with compelling details, creates a desire for the product or service, and nudges them towards taking action – be it a purchase or a subscription.

A view of Rytr’s interface

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$9/month/100K characters Free plan – AIDA and PAS formats
– Improve sentences within the document
– Business pitch ideas

On the other hand, the PAS framework starts by identifying a specific problem faced by the readers, agitates it by stirring up emotions, and eventually presents a solution.

In test-driving Rytr’s grammar and readability features, we also saw that you don’t need to switch between features to enhance, reduce, or expand sentence structures.

Beyond all this, Rytr reveals further dynamism by offering functionality to craft business pitches. While formulating compelling pitches was a breeze, we also found that it showcased its unique strength in attention to intricate startup business details.

However, we did notice that Rytr’s first paid plan features a character limit for the monthly content it can produce. But with a pocket-friendly starting price of only $9, this hurdle is easily overlooked.


The platform offers a Free plan that’s even more feature-rich than Copy.ai’s complimentary version, effectively carving out its own advantage. With affordable mid and top-tier plans available on top of this, Rytr provides flexibility for varying requirements.

Subscription plans available for Rytr


  • Create copy for various formats — web pages, ads, blogs, etc
  • Offers a brand name generator
  • An in-built keyword extractor and maker
  • A free plan that even offers AI images


  • Includes a monthly character limit for the Free and Saver plans
  • Lacks a free trial for its paid plans

4. Writesonic –  Most Economic AI Copywriting Software with GPT-4 Access

Writesonic Logo Writesonic has its low-tier plan at only $12.67 per month (capped at 33,333 words), which gives users access to GPT-4, the most advanced language model set to revolutionize content moderation.

GPT-4 brings machine learning to a new level, offering exemplary textual outputs that mimic human language incredibly. Hence, Writesonic emerges as the most economically friendly paid AI copywriter offering GPT-4.

A noteworthy feature of Writesonic is its capacity to generate benefit-driven copy. This characteristic is a boon for marketers because it’s one that’s sure to hit home with audiences.

Writesonic’s interface

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$16/month Free trial with first 10,000 words – GPT-4 at a lower price
– Tool for benefit-driven copy
– 100+ templates

However, keep in mind that if you’re using the Free or Unlimited plan, manually inputting your brand voice is necessary since these plans lack the tool’s understanding of your brand voice.

What we liked most about Writesonic was its expansive arsenal of task-specific templates. In fact, with over 100 options at your disposal, Writesonic easily offers the most templates at a lower price when compared to other AI copywriting tools.

From tailoring engaging social media content to drafting persuasive sales emails, it’s got every marketer’s needs catered for comprehensively. For Enterprise users, Writesonic offers another exciting feature: Botsonic, a chatbot maker.

This handy automated tool assists in drafting scripts for chatbots, providing a seamless experience for your customers.


In terms of pricing, Writesonic’s structure might be a little puzzling at first glance. However, the Business plan offering GPT-4 access, API access, and brand voices at a lower fee than Unlimited is a steal, even if it comes with a word limit.

Writesonic subscriptions

You can add up to 5 users with the Business plan, but scaling goes up to $132.67. Meanwhile, the higher-tier Enterprise plans can accommodate up to 8 users.


  • WordPress exports for a seamless blogging experience
  • Browser extensions and Zapier integration
  • A generous free trial with a 10,000-word limit
  • The article summarizer is handy for research and revision


  • Bulk processing and brand voice are only available with the highest plan
  • Lacks a free version after the trial period

5. WordAI – Assured Pass of AI Content Detection Tests with Money-back Guarantee

WordAI Logo WordAI undoubtedly piqued our interest with its guarantee to pass the AI content detection test. What’s more, this feature even comes with a money-back promise; thus, users can rest assured that their AI-generated content will appear as human-written text.

Even better, placing WordAI as the best AI copy generator for blogs in terms of budget isn’t an exaggeration. While its $9 starting price tag aligns with Rytr’s, WordAI outperforms by providing API access and bulk processing at this very reasonable price.

A view of WordAI’s interface

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$9/month/50,000 words 3-day free trial – Pass AI detection with a money-back guarantee
– Bulk rewriting
– White label integration

Moreover, it generously offers 50,000 words/month, a proposition that undoubtedly sweetens the deal. Another distinctive characteristic nestled within WordAI’s repertoire is its Spintax feature. During testing, this tool enabled us to work on programmatic content creation.

This is especially handy for creating variations of your text, thus widening its versatility. Moreover, WordAI doesn’t lag in enhancing user convenience with its white-label integration, which supports the seamless incorporation of WordAI’s capabilities into your existing systems.

We also observed that similar to AI-Writer, WordAI leans strongly towards blog and SEO content, lacking the brand voice feature and abundant templates offered by platforms like Rytr.


Peering into WordAI’s pricing structure, we’ve confirmed that all plans offer guaranteed AI detector passes, one-click rewriting, and API access. Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan caters to businesses seeking white-label integration and multiple-user access.

WordAI’s subscription plans


  • An affordable starting price that comes with 50,000 words/month
  • Sentence and phrase rewriting
  • Assists in refining content, making it free from grammatical errors
  • Processes 1,000 rewrites in less than a minute


  • It lacks templates for other digital marketing copy types
  • Offers a relatively short free trial period

6. Scalenut – Perfect for SEO Insights and Social Media Content Management

Scalenut Logo Scalenut truly shines when it comes to traffic insights, which play a vital role in fine-tuning SEO strategies. The platform offers tools that allow you to gauge and analyze traffic from various sources, such as social media trends.

This comprehensive overview can then be used to tweak strategies and remain one step ahead of inevitable search engine algorithm changes. Besides all this, Scalenut also sets itself apart with its search engine results page-based (SERP) topic clusters feature.

This tool harnesses real-time SERP data and social trends to generate automated outlines for your content. Moreover, it offers a unique perspective on monthly trends and country-specific insights.

An outline created with Scalenut

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$20/month/100,000 words Free forever plan + 7-day free trial – Traffic insights
– SERP reports
– Catch up on trends on social media

This data can be leveraged to identify shifts in the SERPs, thereby helping refine SEO tactics, prioritize content, and stay ahead of competitors.

There’s no doubt that social media trends form crucial cogs in the marketing scale, and Scalenut doesn’t disappoint here. The platform offers an unlimited tone of voice, a social media post generator, and a unique social listening feature – a potent blend that caters to various social media needs.

You can craft unique and engaging content for different platforms and stay tuned to what people are asking on Google, Quora, and Reddit, all within one platform.

Another feature that makes Scalenut highly attractive is the free tools offered within its Free plan. Its integration of SEO-focused and content marketing tools, combined with the AI’s versatility, provides a lot of free options for managing inbound marketing. Just note that the free plan is limited to 2,000 words/month.


Pricing in Scalenut is segregated into three packages, with the Growth plan providing unlimited words. Both the SERP analysis and traffic insights, along with 40+ AI templates, are available across all plans.

Scalenut’s paid plans

Customized user seats, templates, and AI models, complete with specialized onboarding, are provided exclusively in the Enterprise subscription.


  • Strong focus on enhancing both paid and organic marketing efforts
  • The ability to generate automated outlines
  • Can execute 1,500+ word articles in a mere 5 minutes
  • Offers a multitude of free tools for SEO and content marketing


  • Integrations are only accessible with the Growth plan and higher
  • Lacks information on the free plan offering

7. Hypotenuse – Expertise in Content Data Migration from CSV 

Hypotenuse LogoHypotenuse presents a unique feature enabling users to import data from any CSV easily, which makes the platform a boon for those migrating from legacy databases, as they can generate all types of content.

From product descriptions, social media posts, slogans, blog articles, you name it – all seamlessly. That said, one of Hypotenuse’s major assets is its robust integration with Shopify for e-commerce businesses, which is available across all its plans.

This compatibility allows content creators to generate product descriptions directly from their Shopify store, enhancing productivity and saving valuable time.

Sample generation on Hypotenuse

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$15/month/25,000 words 7-day free trial – Imports data from any CSV file
– Shopify integration on all plans
– Custom templates

What sets Hypotenuse apart from the pack, as far as what we saw when testing, is its Content Detective feature that enables the AI to become an expert on any topic without hours of research needed.

This provides users with an upper hand by letting them effortlessly churn out informative and engaging content on a diverse range of topics, together with citations.

Even more fascinating, though, is Hypotenuse’s “HypoDoc” functionality.  Simply upload a PDF, and you can seamlessly ask the AI anything about the content, which is really ideal for digesting dense PDF resources for content research.


The word count limitation shouldn’t leave you worried, as it can be scaled, but this will consequently vary the price. That said, it’s worth noting that HypoChat and HypoDoc are accessible across all plans.

However, unlimited document scans, API access, and brand voice recognition are exclusive to the Unlimited offering.

Hypotenuse’s paid plans


  • Ranks as the second most affordable copywriting tool on this list
  • Programmatic content feature
  • Includes source citation to fortify credibility
  • WordPress and Shopify integrations


  • Has a word count cap for the initial plan
  • Lacks a free offering

8. Simplified – The Best Free AI Copywriting Tool

Simplified Logo Simplified, with an impressive array of offerings in its free tier, makes its mark as the top free AI copywriting tool we’ve tested. Impressively, the free plan throws in what you’d expect from a paid tool.

This includes the Blog Wizard, 1-Click WordPress Export, direct publishing of blogs to Shopify, sharing of documents as public pages, and even 20 languages. These, along with 90+ AI templates and Simplified’s chat feature, paint a comprehensive picture of their free tier.

Simplified’s content rewriter

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$12/month/35,000 words Free plan + 14-day free trial – Grammarly integration
– Unlimited folders
– Co-editing with guests

What also caught our eye is the Grammarly integration in Simplified’s AI Docs. Grammarly – one of the tools you need for your branding strategy – allows users to examine their content for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors, ensuring a polished piece of content every time.

Simplified’s strength lies not only in its writing assistance but also in its robust collaboration tools. You can invite guests as editors for your documents and collaborate through comments. More so, unlimited folders for housing documents and content make organizing them a breeze.

The Blog Wizard tool in Simplified, with its advanced GPT-4 32K capabilities, makes a splash, too. This is a large-scale generative transformer pre-trained to offer high-quality, nuanced content output, and Simplified is the only tool on this list to offer this technology at no charge.


Simplified presents a clear, straightforward layout. The only paid plan, AI Writer Pro, unlocks features like brand books and a plagiarism checker. As one scales up this plan, the seats and word count availability increase – a provision that goes up to $649/month for 3 million words and 20 seats.

Simplified’s only paid plan, the AI Writer Pro


  • Publish on Shopify and WordPress for free
  • Co-edit documents with guests
  • Also has free tools for video editing, graphic design, and social media management
  • Chat function similar to ChatGPT


  • Saved templates and history access require a paid plan
  • The lowest-paid plan could benefit from a larger word count allowance

9. ClosersCopy – Feature-Rich AI Copywriting Tool with over 700 Writing Frameworks

ClosersCopy logoClosersCopy truly stands out with its extensive collection of over 700 frameworks. With such a wide array, this tool caters to various user needs. Content writers have access to bullet points, intros, conclusions, even SEO titles, and meta descriptions for their articles.

Marketers and professional copywriters will also appreciate the options to whip up convincing product reviews and descriptions and even craft Google Ads based on the AIDA framework.

Beyond this, we’ve also discovered that social media creators can create social media bios, hashtags, video descriptions, tools for video hooks, and channel descriptions.

ClosersCopy’s writing platform

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$49.99/month/300 runs 14-day money-back guarantee – 126 languages
– 700+ frameworks
– Free tool courses

The invaluable ‘explain’ tool within ClosersCopy helps to simplify complex concepts, too, making jargon-heavy technical articles easy to understand. However, when compared to Jasper, with its unlimited runs and SurferSEO integration, ClosersCopy offers 300 AI runs and 50 SEO audits per month for $49.99.

This undoubtedly makes it the priciest starting plan in this review. That said, impressively, ClosersCopy supports 126 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Japanese, to name a few.

What we also think will help businesses streamline the process for writers is the wide array of video courses ClosersCopy offers to help users navigate its services. These include tutorials on how to use the dashboard, editor, long-form content, frameworks, workflows, and insights.


The Power plan includes 2 user seats and access to a vast array of frameworks. The difference in user access (3 for Superpower and 5 for Superpower Squad) between the plans is the primary variation.

The higher-tier plans differ by offering unlimited words, unlimited SEO audits, and access to future updates.

ClosersCopy’s paid plans


  • Users report regular workflow updates
  • Traffic insights available for all plans
  • SEO audit and planning
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee


  • Word count cap for the $49.99 plan
  • Future innovations/features not available for the Power plan

10. AI-Writer – Unrivalled in Providing Verifiable Citations for Trustworthiness and Credibility

Ai-writer logoAI-Writer gave us an irresistible deal: Lists of verifiable citations. It ensures the authenticity of the information by providing side-by-side fact-checking, a feature that even surpasses Jasper’s citation attributes.

With this tool, you aren’t only supplied with engaging content but are also able to easily verify the facts it includes, building credibility and trust with your audience. It further distinguishes itself with its SEO editor feature that comes with the convenience of publishing to WordPress straight from the dashboard.

This introduces a significant edge for bloggers’ and website managers’ productivity.

Sample view of citations on AI-Writer

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$29/month/40 5K-word articles 7-day free trial – Subtopic finder
– Verifiable citations
– SEO editor

Possibly the most innovative element of AI-Writer is its Subtopic Discoverer, which streamlines the process of topic selection by analyzing what others are writing and what Google searches are hungry for, thereby suggesting the perfect subject matter for your next content piece.

This feature not only generates unique article ideas but also provides an unending stream of subtopics that you can edit. Here, the tool caters to both the broader aspects of your content and the finer points, meticulously detailing the 1st and 2nd level subtopics.

While AI-Writer brings a multitude of perks to content creators, we found that it’s most effective for blog content creation. As we did, businesses with a diverse digital footprint across varying marketing platforms might find its precision in other areas lacking.


On the pricing front, AI-Writer keeps things straightforward. The costs mainly scale based on the number of articles and user access parameters. It’s one of the few platforms to publicly list the cost for the highest paid plan, but it’s the most expensive one on this list.

Three paid plans for AI-Writer


  • Provides a word-count setter for each section
  • Specializes in blog content creation
  • Offers WordPress exports and API access for all plans
  • Presents a saving offer of 2 months free for annual subscriptions


  • The basic plan is pricier compared to other lower-paid alternatives
  • Some report the lack of product information on its website

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Copywriting AI for You

Choosing the best AI copywriter can be a task in itself, given the immense range of offerings available on the market. To help you in this pursuit, we’ve identified the key aspects to consider when making this critical decision, aimed at aligning your choice with your unique demands:

Factual Accuracy of the Content 

While AI has made great strides in language generation, it’s worth noting that the content it creates tends to lean more towards creativity than accuracy. Discrepancies can impact your SEO negatively, especially considering expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness factors.

Consequently, you should select an AI writer with the demonstrated competence to produce factually accurate content consistently. As Google emphasizes the importance of quality content, accuracy cannot be overstated.

Speed and Copywriting Compatibility

AI copywriting tools offer a considerable speed advantage over human writers. Look for premium tools, such as Scalenut and WordAI, that stand out by generating a thousand words in less than five minutes.

This speed boost empowers writers, multiplying their productivity exponentially even with programmatic content.

In terms of compatibility, it’s important to ensure the AI’s compatibility with your copywriting constraints and context. Whether you’re planning to create data-driven evergreen content, blog posts, social media posts, or ad copy, the best AI copywriting software should handle your copy requirements.

Pricing and Free Versions

Consider your budget and the value the AI tool offers. A reliable AI writing tool should generate ample word count proportionate to your spend. Most tools offer different pricing plans with variations not just based on subscription duration but also differing in features, functions, and AI algorithms.

The trick is to find a plan that’s not only within your budget but also covers your required features, integrations, or templates. That said, it’s also worth considering a tool that offers a free trial or plan, allowing you to test the features before making a purchase commitment.

A test drive can go a long way in ensuring that the AI tool meets your demands and lives up to your expectations.

Reputation and Reviews

Finally, checking out the product reviews or ratings on trusted platforms can provide invaluable insights into the experiences of other users. But you don’t need to inspect these platforms independently; we’ve got you covered.

We’ve taken these user reviews into account when ranking and reviewing AI tools to provide you with the most reliable recommendations. In curating the best tools for our list, we’ve ensured thorough testing, including scrutinizing the free versions of leading tools such as Rytr and Copy.ai.

This enabled us to make confident comparisons and deliver comprehensive reviews.

Conclusion — What is the Best AI Copywriting Tool to Use in 2024?

As we inch deeper into the digital era, AI copywriting tools continue to evolve, becoming increasingly influential in streamlining content creation. Each tool is distinct in its features and capabilities, making the task of selecting the search for the top AI copywriting tools a tough decision.

Our in-depth reviews and comparison underscore Jasper AI as our top pick, as it consistently outperforms the competition in all these aspects.

From creating one-brief campaigns – which are composed of various materials for SEO and marketing – to integrating with SurferSEO for content optimization, Jasper AI bundles everything you need in a writing tool.

Now, it’s time for you to get started. Explore these new horizons of content creation and redefine your writing process with the best AI copywriting tool, Jasper AI, today. Take the leap and witness your productivity soar.

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Noah Edis

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