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Noah Edis
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As an acclaimed platform powering over one-third of the websites worldwide, WordPress has continued to be a go-to solution for businesses, bloggers, and digital agencies keen on a robust, flexible, and user-friendly content management system.

However, the success of a WordPress website doesn’t solely hinge on design or compelling content; it also significantly depends on the hosting choice you make. It’s, therefore, essential to find a service offering the best hosting for WordPress when planning to set your site live on the internet.

How you host your WordPress website can profoundly impact its performance, functionality, security, and scalability. This article is intended to assist you in making the right choice as we compare the market’s top options and give you everything you need to make an informed decision.

The 10 Best Hosting Services for WordPress Sites

It can be daunting to look for the best hosting WordPress solutions. To cut through the noise, here are the market’s top 10 ranked with a short summary of why they made it on our list of the very best:

  1. DreamHost$16.95/month — Overall, offers the best hosting for WordPress and scaling businesses as it brings full automation to the managed WordPress experience with an unbeatable 100% uptime guarantee.
  2. BlueHost$2.95/month — Incredibly popular web host that’s tailored for ease of use, offering a WordPress-centric dashboard and integrated marketplace with robust security measures for smooth site functioning.
  3. InMotion$4.17/month — Excellent for website migrations due to the high-quality performance and top-notch tech support; offers a responsive and scalable hosting service.
  4. Liquid Web$17.50/month — The leading premium solution for businesses with multiple sites, ensuring efficient and reliable WordPress web hosting with quick load times and automatic image compression.
  5. A2 Hosting$11.99/month — Prioritizes seamless website operation with its optimal customer support called the “Guru Crew” and a 99.9% Uptime Commitment.
  6. InterServer$2.50/month — One of the cheapest web hosts in the long run, offering a Price Lock Guarantee for budget predictability and comprehensive security to ensure well-protected WordPress websites.
  7. IONOS$1/month — The cheapest option, providing tailored solutions via a dedicated expert consultant, speedy load times, and automatic WordPress updates for easy WordPress site management.
  8. HostArmada $2.99/month — Offering free WordPress hosting domains with registration for the lifetime of hosting, coupled with high-speed, cloud-based technology for superior website performance.
  9. NameCheap$2.91/month — A popular budget-friendly option for anyone after hassle-free hosting for WordPress with pre-installed software and swift loading times.
  10. Domain.com$3.75/month — A reliable WordPress hosting service for both marketers and beginners, offering robust plugins and themes plus fast speeds and reliable uptime.

The Different WordPress Hosting Packages Explained

As your quest for the service offering the best hosting for WordPress begins, you might have noticed that hosting packages come in different forms. Each comes with its unique set of capabilities, advantages, and setbacks. It’s beneficial to know your options to identify the best one suited to your website’s needs:

Shared Hosting

In a shared hosting environment, your website shares server space along with many other websites. This is commonly the cheapest option and a good start for beginners and small businesses due to its low-cost entry point.

However, in shared hosting, resources like bandwidth and storage are limited as they’re shared among users, which can eventually affect your website’s performance if it starts gaining massive traffic.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting resembles shared hosting as your website shares a server with other websites. However, it’s considered a better option as you get allocated a dedicated portion of that server’s resources.

Platforms with the best VPS hosting for WordPress are perfect for websites experiencing a steady increase in traffic that require dedicated resources to maintain an optimum performance level.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the best WordPress web hosting option for large-scale businesses or websites that attract huge traffic. In this scenario, you rent an entire server, making all the server’s resources available exclusively for your website.

While it gives you superior control, speed, and security, it’s generally more expensive and requires advanced technical skills.

Managed Hosting

Generally, managed WordPress hosting is the best website hosting for WordPress for those who prefer not to deal with the technical aspects of maintaining a server. It allows website owners to focus on developing their websites while the hosting service takes care of server maintenance, updates, and backups.

Managed hosting could, however, be pricier than other options.

Cloud Hosting

This is definitely a suitable choice for websites that experience unpredictable traffic and are in need of high scalability. In cloud hosting, your website is hosted on a network of servers (a cloud), and you only pay for the resources you use.

This makes it the best hosting website for WordPress solutions for those who value security, flexibility, and latency elimination – all of which are examples of what cloud hosting can provide.

Each of these hosting packages caters to different requirements and budgets. Consequently, it’s crucial to identify your website’s needs to select the right package.

How Much Does Uptime Matter With WordPress Hosting?

Uptime is undeniably critical in WordPress hosting. It refers to the amount of time your website is up, running, and accessible to users, and the higher the uptime, the better for your online presence.

It’s noteworthy that the average hourly cost of critical server outages can reach up to $400,000, according to a 2020 global survey. Thus, hosting services boasting at least 99.95% uptime is recommended. Remember, the degree of uptime directly impacts potential visibility and revenue for your site.

The 10 Best Hosting Service for WordPress Reviewed

Choosing the best website hosting for WordPress becomes a less daunting task when you’re equipped with robust and unbiased reviews. The following section provides an in-depth review of the top 10 WordPress hosting services, exploring their features, pricing, and reliability alongside their pros and cons.

If you’d prefer just seeing a head-to-head comparison of the key details needed to make a decision, such as the starting price, traffic and storage limits, and average speeds, feel free to skip ahead to our comparison table.

1. DreamHost – Overall, the Best Managed WordPress Hosting Service

DreamHost logo Dreamhost, as the best comprehensive solution to WordPress hosting needs, presents a unique set of features that make it stand out in the crowded market of hosting providers.

Perhaps the most distinctive facet of Dreamhost’s services is its fully managed WordPress hosting plans which offer a high degree of automation and advanced functionality, saving businesses critical time and resources.

At its core, Dreamhost has managed to simplify the often complex and time-consuming task of website management.

A view of DreamHost’s interface

Starting Price Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Speeds
$16.95/month 30GB SSD No limit Yes 100% 1.54s

As the platform handles back-end tasks such as updates, security, and performance optimization, your team doesn’t need to stress over WordPress technicalities.  Instead, they can invest their time into scaling your business.

Another pivotal feature in DreamHost’s arsenal is its one-click staging environment. This invaluable tool allows companies to test changes and updates before they go live. As such, any potential mishaps can be avoided, ensuring a seamless user experience for your website visitors.

Whether it’s a minor plugin update or a major interface overhaul, the peace of mind granted by this feature is immense. And beyond this, Dreamhost provides round-the-clock support, demonstrating their commitment and ensuring minimal disruption and maximum uptime.

So businesses can rely on rapid, expert assistance, but all of this is nothing if you’ll have to migrate your site with a lot of hassle. Fortunately, DreamHost understands the pain points of website migration and has an easy solution.

With DreamHost, you can opt for a free migration service or use their free automatic plugin. These options ensure you can seamlessly transfer any WordPress site to DreamHost with zero downtime — giving you the freedom to choose the migration process that best suits your technical capabilities and availability.


The platform’s three plans differ primarily in terms of their capacity and additional features. DreamPress is the most basic plan offering standard features for smaller businesses.

DreamPress Plus offers double the SSD storage, unlimited content delivery network (CDN) utilization, and a Jetpack Professional Service, suitable for growing businesses. Meanwhile, DreamPress Pro caters to large businesses with the highest traffic, offering triple the SSD storage and priority support.

DreamHost plans’ prices


  • Excellent 100% uptime guarantee for robust business operations
  • Environmentally friendly with carbon-neutral operations
  • Unlimited bandwidth and emails for a grow-as-you-go approach
  • Privacy protection for one year and a money-back guarantee


  • Its page loading speed isn’t the best on this list
  • No email in the base-level plan

BlueHost logo BlueHost takes center stage in the market for anyone after a service boasting the best hosting for WordPress, as it captivates with its customized WordPress-centric dashboard.

Unmissing in its commitment to a highly streamlined interface, it offers WordPress settings designed for easy navigation and maximum efficiency.

It doesn’t merely incorporate WordPress; it perfectly integrates, proving an indispensable tool for businesses striving for operational effectiveness. The relationship between BlueHost and WordPress is evident in the built-in marketplace, which gives users the ability to access a plethora of themes and plugins directly.

Performance Management view on BlueHost

Starting Price Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Speeds
$2.95/month 10GB SSD No limit Only for the lowest-paid plan 99.98% 1.9s

This seamless integration simplifies the process of website customization, allowing businesses to quickly establish their online presence and begin attracting traffic. BlueHost’s commitment to performance optimization is also truly remarkable.

With a comprehensive suite of tools, including free CDN and multiple caching layers, BlueHost ensures your website runs at peak performance, delivering superior speed and reliability.

This performance-centric approach puts businesses in a strong position to provide an excellent user experience, keeping visitors engaged and reducing bounce rates. Plus, security is another area where BlueHost shines. The provider goes above and beyond with a host of security measures, including:

  • A free SSL
  • Daily scheduled backups
  • Protection against spam, malware, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks

Businesses can therefore rest assured that their data is secured and website operations are protected from threats.


BlueHost offers four WordPress hosting plans, each catering to different business needs. The Basic plan supports one website with standard performance. The Plus plan, ideal for small businesses, supports unlimited websites and offers improved performance.

With Choice Plus, businesses gain domain privacy and automated backup, whereas the top plan extends to optimized resources and a dedicated IP suitable for high-traffic sites.

BlueHost’s paid plans


  • Integrated marketplace for themes and plugins
  • Automatic WordPress install and updates
  • Scalable to accommodate growing businesses
  • Endorsed by WordPress.org


  • Renewal rates are high after the initial contract
  • Premium website migration service comes at a cost of $149

3. InMotion – A Scalable Option That’s Great for Easy Website Migrations

InMotion Hosting Logo InMotion‘s WordPress hosting offers businesses more than merely a host; they get an all-in-one solution. The star of their service, a remarkable website migration feature, ensures businesses experience no disruption in uptime when switching hosts.

This attribute alone places InMotion as a forerunner for the best WordPress hosting service, where business continuity is paramount. And beyond this, the commitment to delivering high-quality performance is a clear standout in InMotion’s service.

It ensures that the platform’s servers are optimized specifically for WordPress, promising enhanced loading speed and site performance – something even small businesses are considering investing in, as critical website statistics show.

A look into InMotion’s interface

Starting Price Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Speeds
$4.17/month 10GB SSD No limit No 98.86% 0.6s

In addition, their robust infrastructure allows for scalability, proving to be a reliable solution for growing businesses with increased traffic needs. InMotion also makes a name for itself with the superior quality of its tech support. Its team is WordPress educated and ready to offer effective solutions around the clock.

Furthermore, it has an extensive online resource center – including tutorials and community forums – that provides additional help for businesses keen to leverage their WordPress site fully. Meanwhile, host versatility also sets InMotion apart.

It provides the convenience of managing multiple separate websites and databases from a single host account. Not sure how to choose the right WordPress theme? Continuing affordability and convenience, InMotion’s WordPress hosting offers a selection of free WordPress custom themes and templates.

This aids businesses in their quest for unique branding without investment. Accompanying this service, every InMotion plan includes premium plugins. Critical features such as Speed Coach and Total Upkeep are standard, equipping businesses with the tools necessary to optimize website performance.


Beginning with WP Core, InMotion offers a basic plan suitable for startups, covering two websites. WP Launch, the next tier, supports two websites and offers double the performance.

WP Power is a small-to-midsize business solution that covers six websites and offers advanced performance, and lastly, WP Pro is for developers and growing businesses, supporting unlimited websites and offering elite performance.

InMotion’s 8 tiers or paid plans


  • Free private SSL & IP address with all plans
  • Google Apps integration for business convenience
  • 90-day money-back guarantee assures customer satisfaction
  • One of the best website builders is free with all plans


  • Renewal rates increase after the first term
  • Doesn’t offer monthly payment options for most plans

4. Liquid Web — The Top Premium WordPress Web Hosting Provider

LiquidWeb logoLiquid Web stands apart from the crowd with its creative solution for managing multiple WordPress sites. Its iThemes Sync Pro, offered across all plans, is a centralized dashboard where you can manage all your WordPress sites.

For businesses with multiple web presences, it makes the task of site updates, backups, and security a breeze. Beyond this, plugins are a critical part of any WordPress installation, and keeping them up to date can be a tedious task.

Liquid Web automates this process, providing businesses with peace of mind knowing that their website is always running the latest and safest versions.

An overview of Liquid Web’s dashboard

Starting Price Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Speeds
$17.50/month 15 GB No limit No 99.9992% 1.4s

When it comes to performance, Liquid Web doesn’t disappoint. It’s developed its server infrastructure to ensure speedy page load times, which is key to maintaining visitor engagement and reducing bounce rates.

In addition, it provides automatic image compression, a feature that not only optimizes your page load times but also improves your website’s SEO. That said, the only real downfall we can nitpick is that the starting price is higher than most competitors, but the speed and unlimited email accounts make up for it.


For beginners, Spark and Spark+ provide a solid start with their storage and support for a single site. The Maker plan further stretches this capacity to five sites and 60GB of storage.

For larger projects, Designer accommodates ten sites and offers a generous 100GB storage, and for businesses with greater demands, four additional advanced plans are available.

Liquid Web’s first two paid plans


  • Offers Windows and Linux-based servers
  • Excellent customer service with real-time monitoring
  • Provides dedicated VPS and cloud hosting
  • Phone-based customer service is available 24/7


  • No domain registration option is available
  • Has the most expensive starting plan on this list

A2 Hosting logo A2 Hosting – when it comes to providing superior assistance found in services offering the best hosting for WordPress – has earned its stripes with an adept support team aptly named the “Guru Crew.”

Always at the ready, 24/7/365, they offer businesses the reassurance of expert help whenever needed. This continual, seamless operation ensures A2 Hosting stands as a distinct choice for those seeking the best WordPress hosting.

The provider’s noteworthy commitment to speed, manifested in its Turbo Servers, is a defining feature. Promising up to 20X faster page loads, A2 Hosting understands the vital role of speed in user experience and SEO. This is a key consideration when seeking the best WordPress hosting service.

A look into A2 Hosting’s tools

Starting Price Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Speeds
$11.99/month 50GB NVMe No limit No 99.9% 1.4s

A2 Hosting also shines in its pre-configured security measures, providing free HackScan Protection. This proactive approach helps prevent any potential hacks before they can damage your site. When considering the best WordPress hosting services, such robust security measures are a major plus for businesses.

The platform also excels in offering effortless staging environment setups. You can simply add a new domain or subdomain and use A2’s staging tool to replicate your live site. This is perfect for testing changes like a plugin or theme impacts, and during post-testing, you can easily transfer all edits live via the control panel.

Finally, A2’s 99.9% uptime commitment attests to its reliability—a crucial factor in the best hosting services for WordPress. This commitment ensures that businesses won’t lose potential customers due to website downtime, reinforcing A2 Hosting’s position as one of the best hosting sites for WordPress.


A2 Hosting’s plans, aptly named Run, Jump, Fly, and Sell, offer a variety of features to suit different business needs. Run, designed for a single site, provides unlimited NVMe storage. Jump upgrades to two sites and twice the resources, while Fly offers three sites and a speed boost.

Sell, the most advanced plan caters to e-commerce with unlimited sites and enhanced resources. Note as well that RAM and storage sizes go higher as you upgrade.

A2 Hosting’s plans start at $11.99 per month with Run


  • Offers unlimited storage and transfer
  • Environmentally friendly hosting with carbon offset policies
  • Supports Cloudflare DNS, a feature that enhances the speed and security of your website
  • Free and easy site migration
  • Easily one of the fastest WordPress hosts


  • The Turbo option costs extra and isn’t available on all plans
  • Windows-based servers cost more than Linux

6. InterServer – One of the Cheapest Web Hosts With a Price Lock Guarantee

Interserver logo InterServer rises above the rest with its unique Price Lock Guarantee, a feature designed to bring peace to the financial nerves of many businesses.

This guarantee promises that the hosting price you start with remains the same throughout the lifetime of the account, ensuring financial predictability and accurate long-term budgeting without any scare of sudden rate hikes.

See the best budget option, Interserver

Starting Price Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Speeds
$2.50/month Unlimited ULTRA SSD No limit No 99.9% 1.24s

Its WordPress hosting plan isn’t only affordable but also rich in features. It offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, meaning businesses won’t have to worry about exceeding limits or incurring additional costs. This allows for seamless scaling and growth without the hassle of constantly monitoring usage.

As one of the best hosts for WordPress, this platform doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to security. InterServer takes a robust approach to safeguarding your websites with its InterShield Security system.

This comprehensive security suite includes an automatic virus scanner, machine learning firewall, and in-house malware scanning. Unlike other best WordPress hosting services, it also uses ModSecurity to provide an added layer of protection.

This commitment to security ensures businesses can operate online with confidence, keeping their data security safe against potential threats of cyberattacks.


InterServer offers a straightforward approach with a single plan for web hosting, simplifying the choice for businesses. Despite this, it integrates WordPress hosting within its broader solutions, including VPS and dedicated servers.

This flexibility makes it an attractive choice as one of the best hosting services for WordPress, catering to a wide range of business sizes and needs.

Standard Web Hosting as Interserver’s only paid option


  • Unlimited email accounts are available
  • Offers a free website builder
  • Supports multiple coding languages
  • Provides one-click installs for popular apps


  • Limited data centers may affect global reach
  • Premium support comes at an extra cost

7. IONOS – The Cheapest WordPress Host With Custom WordPress Solutions

IONOS logo IONOS brings the personal touch to its WordPress hosting with its standout feature: a personal consultant. Providing customers support tailored specifically for their hosting needs, IONOS ensures businesses have the comfort of a proficient support system just a call away.

This level of personalization certainly makes IONOS an appealing choice for the best WordPress web hosting solution. And while it may not be the best-known name in the world of WordPress hosting, IONOS can certainly hold its own in terms of performance too.

IONOS’ intuitive interface

Starting Price Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Speeds
$1/month 25GB SSD No limit Yes 99.98% 2.53s

It offers SSD storage across all its plans, ensuring fast load times and a smooth user experience. This speed, combined with unlimited bandwidth, means businesses can serve their online visitors effectively, regardless of website traffic volumes.

IONOS also makes it easy to get your WordPress site up and running. With its 1-click installation, businesses can have their website live in no time, making it one of the best hosting websites for WordPress.

Furthermore, it offers automatic WordPress updates, ensuring that you’re always using the latest, most secure version of WordPress. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced website operator, these features make managing a WordPress site significantly easier.


IONOS offers three WordPress hosting plans, each with distinct features. The Essential plan provides a solid start, supporting one website and up to 25GB of storage. The Business plan caters to more extensive needs with two websites and 100GB of storage.

The Pro plan, the platform’s best-managed WordPress hosting option, supports five websites and offers 200GB of storage, making it ideal for larger projects.

IONOS’ pricing options


  • Personal consultant for tailored customer support
  • Provides daily site backups
  • Offers Geo-redundancy for high data availability
  • Provides DDoS protection for security


  • Doesn’t offer free site migration and SSL certificates
  • Lacks advanced features like staging areas

8. HostArmada – Offers Free Domain Names for the Entire Subscription Period

Host Armada logo HostArmada sets itself apart in the crowded market of WordPress hosting as it offers free domain registration for the lifetime of your hosting with them.

This unique selling point, a rarity among providers, significantly reduces operational costs, making it an attractive choice for the best WordPress web hosting service.

HostArmada’s commitment to speed and reliability is worth noting. Its cloud-based technology ensures optimal website performance, which is key in maintaining user engagement and SEO rankings. This further strengthens its position as one of the best hosting services for WordPress.

A look into HostArmada’s dashboard

Starting Price Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Speeds
$2.99/month 15GB SSD No limit Yes 99.9% 1.5s

Moreover, its next-generation web application firewall – one of the vital components of enterprise network security – is designed to protect your site from common vulnerabilities, such as SQL injections and cross-site scripting, by continuously monitoring and filtering the HTTP traffic to your web applications.

This comprehensive, proactive approach to website security and the free domain names for the entire lifetime of the subscription is a big part of what makes HostArmada a leading choice for the best cheap WordPress hosting services.

Adding another significant feature, HostArmada offers a cPanel for ease of use and reliability, making navigation a breeze for users. Its native features offer direct control over your hosting service, simplifying the process and enhancing the overall user experience.


HostArmada’s Start Dock plan offers a single website with 15 GB of cloud SSD storage, making it ideal for beginners. The Web Warp plan upgrades to unlimited websites and 30 GB of storage.

For businesses with larger needs, the Speed Reaper plan offers unlimited websites with 40 GB of storage and includes additional features like dynamic caching.

HostArmada’s plan options


  • Unmetered bandwidth on most plans
  • Free daily backups included in all plans
  • Offers a choice of nine server locations
  • Advanced caching for improved website speed


  • The basic plan doesn’t include priority support
  • Customer support lacks WordPress-specific expertise

Namecheap logo NameCheap doesn’t just stand in line with the best WordPress hosting services; it paves the way with its pre-installed WordPress feature.

By enabling you to set your websites live in record time, the streamlined setup process and user-friendly interface drive it up the ranks of hosts with the best hosting for WordPress.

This hassle-free start is particularly potent for businesses eager to hit the ground running. Beyond this, performance is another area where NameCheap shines. It offers a 3x faster than standard SSD with its Supersonic CDN, ensuring your website loads quickly and runs smoothly.

NameCheap’s cPanel view

Starting Price Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Speeds
$2.91/month 10GB SSD 50,000-visitor limit Yes 99.9% 3.04s

This commitment to speed is crucial for businesses looking to provide a superior user experience, which improves their SEO rankings and boosts website popularity. This makes NameCheap a strong contender for the best hosting website for WordPress.

Unique among the providers we’ve reviewed, NameCheap is the only hosting service that puts a cap on monthly visitors. This can be a significant consideration for businesses with high traffic volumes, as exceeding these limits could lead to additional charges or potentially slower site performance.

However, don’t let that dissuade you, as NameCheap is one of the few solutions out there to offer the enticing prospect of an EasyWP Free Trial. All their monthly EasyWP plans are eligible for this 30-day trial, although each business is limited to one plan.

While the trial period is treated as a purchase, meaning no introductory deals may be used upon renewal, it provides an incredible opportunity to test their services.


Starting with the Starter plan, NameCheap caters to beginners, accommodating up to 50k visitors with 10 GB storage. The Turbo plan steps it up, ready for growing sites with a 200k visitor capacity and a boosted 50 GB storage.

For sites with the heaviest traffic, the Supersonic plan, offering the best cloud hosting for WordPress, handles up to 500k visitors and provides an ample 100GB of storage.

NameCheap’s EasyWP Starter, Turbo, and Supersonic plans


  • Free CDN with all plans
  • Free daily automatic backups included
  • Offers 50 free Positive SSL certificates
  • Provides a user-friendly dashboard with an intuitive layout and easy navigation, perfect for beginners


  • Limits on monthly visitors could be restrictive
  • No email hosting on basic plans

10. Domain.com – A Reliable WordPress Hosting Service for Marketers

Domain.com logo Domain.com stands out with its robust library of pre-installed plugins and themes available directly from the WordPress dashboard.

With these resources at their fingertips, businesses can easily customize their websites to best represent their brand and cater to their target audience.

Domain.com’s interface

Starting Price Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Speeds
$3.75/month Unlimited No limit Yes 99.9% 2.5s

This focus on providing a wealth of customization options makes Domain.com an attractive choice for those seeking the best WordPress hosting sites. And aside from the wide range of plugins and themes, Domain.com also impresses with its solid performance.

It promises fast speeds and reliable uptime, ensuring that businesses’ websites remain accessible and deliver a smooth user experience; plus, to top it off, there’s no limit on the traffic or storage.

These performance features are crucial when it comes to SEO and user engagement, making Domain.com a solid contender for the best WordPress hosting service. That said, there are fairly high renewal fees, which isn’t uncommon, but it’s worth checking the renewals on your chosen plan before committing.


Apart from the WP Starter, Domain.com offers just one other WordPress plan—the WP Essential. This plan takes everything up a notch, providing advanced security features, enhanced site performance, and personalized support.

Domain.com’s starting plan


  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • User-friendly templates for beginners
  • Supports e-commerce integration and provides marketing tools for businesses
  • Offers email hosting


  • Doesn’t offer free email on basic plans
  • High renewal rates after the first term

The Top Recommended WordPress Hosting Solutions Compared

To make your decision-making process more straightforward, see this comparison table below outlining the providers renowned for offering the best web hosting for WordPress:

Best Hosting Sites for WordPress Starting Price Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Speeds
DreamHost $16.95/month 30GB SSD No limit Yes 100% 1.54s
BlueHost $2.95/month 10GB SSD No limit Only for the lowest-paid plan 99.98% 1.9s
InMotion $4.17/month 10GB SSD No limit No 98.86% 0.6s
Liquid Web $17.50/month 15 GB No limit No 99.9992% 1.4s
A2 Hosting $11.99/month 50GB NVMe No limit No 99.9% 1.4s
InterServer $2.50/month Unlimited ULTRA SSD No limit No 99.9% 1.24s
IONOS $1/month 25GB SSD No limit Yes 99.98% 2.53s
HostArmada $2.99/month 15GB SSD No limit Yes 99.9% 1.5s
NameCheap $2.91/month 10GB SSD 50,000-visitor limit Yes 99.9% 3.04s
Domain.com $3.75/month Unlimited No limit Yes 99.9% 2.5s

Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing a WordPress Host

Considering various vital factors before choosing a WordPress host can mean the difference between experiencing smooth sailing or stormy waters in your digital journey. Here are some critical aspects you shouldn’t overlook:


While looking for the cheapest web host might be appealing, it’s crucial to understand that the price should correspond with the features required. Here, balance is key, so consider the following:

  • Initial costs: Consider the sign-up price and check whether it fits within your budget
  • Renewal rates: Often, hosting providers offer attractive discounts initially but hike renewal rates, so make sure you watch out for those


Every hosting provider offers a different set of features. Identify what features are mission-critical for your site and then shortlist providers that offer them. You’ll also want to consider the following:

  • Free domain: Some hosting providers offer a free domain for one year.
  • Email accounts and integrations: Make sure your hosting provider supports mailboxes and email send/receive functionality.
  • Server locations: The physical location of data centers has a significant impact on the website load times for your visitors. Having servers close to your target audience or having the option of a content delivery network can improve user experience on your site.

Also, if you’re searching for terms like “best free WordPress hosting” or “WordPress hosting free trial,” know that while free trials are rare, many services offer a money-back guarantee. Look out for this to ensure you’re not left high and dry if the service doesn’t meet your expectations.


Do they know how to prepare for and handle sudden traffic spikes? Do they offer upgrade options for more resources or more advanced services, and how cost-effective are they?

Consider asking these questions, as in digital marketing, growth means more traffic. Therefore, ensure that your hosting service can grow with you. As your website expands, you may need more resources, and migrating your website to a new host can be a significant ordeal.

Customer Reviews

Exploring customer reviews can provide insights into various aspects of a hosting service. As a part of our review process, we’ve taken the legwork out of this task for you. We’ve examined multiple review platforms to compile our comprehensive pros and cons for each hosting provider.

These reviews discuss customer support, server reliability, uptime, and other vital aspects not usually mentioned in a product description. This gives you a balanced view of a hosting provider’s quality of service to aid your decision-making process.

Security Features

Security is a paramount concern when choosing a WordPress host. With cyber threats on the rise, your hosting provider should provide robust defenses, including:

  • Regular updates: Keep your site secure by regularly patching security vulnerabilities.
  • Free SSL: What’s an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)? It’s a certificate that’s essential for website security. It creates an encrypted link between a web server and a browser which ensures all data transferred between remains private and integral.
  • Firewall: A web application firewall (WAF) can help block many common threat vectors.
  • Regular backups: Regular backup scans will ensure that you can quickly recover in case of a successful attack.
  • DDoS protection: During a DDoS attack, a website is overwhelmed with traffic intended to make resources unavailable to its intended users. Your hosting provider should have measures to handle such onslaughts effectively to minimize downtime and maintain site availability.

Customer Support

This is the backbone of any hosting service. The ability to swiftly resolve issues can mean the difference between an operational website and extended downtime. When vetting potential hosting providers, take note of the following:

  • Spectrum of support: A wide range of support channels like email, phone, live chat, forums, and knowledge bases assures comprehensive assistance to meet varying preferences and needs.
  • Round-the-clock assistance: Opt for providers offering 24/7 support, ensuring you’re never left in the lurch regardless of your time zone.
  • Expert support team: Gauge the level of expertise of the provider’s support staff. They should be more than order takers and be capable of troubleshooting complex technical issues.

By foregrounding dedicated customer support, you ensure your website is backed by a team committed to providing you with a seamless hosting experience.

Conclusion | What is the Best WordPress Hosting Solution in 2024?

Recognizing the services that offer the best hosting for WordPress involves carefully understanding different hosting packages, cost-effectiveness, scalability, security measures, unique features, and reliable customer support.

While the options are plentiful, the right solution will effectively align with your website’s needs, ensuring seamless online performance and better user experience. DreamHost, our top pick for 2024, stands out exceptionally well in all these aspects, catering to different website needs.

Don’t hesitate to get started with it today and set your WordPress site on the path to success.

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Noah Edis

Noah Edis

Noah Edis is a technical content specialist and systems engineer with a wealth of experience in modern software. When he's not working, you can find him playing competitive dodgeball or programming.

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Snapchat’s Parent Company to Lay off 10% of Its Workforce

Snapchat’s Parent Company to Lay off 10% of Its Workforce

Biden’s Manipulated Video Will Continue To Stay On Facebook

Biden’s Manipulated Video Will Continue To Stay On Facebook; Oversight Board Confirms

A manipulated video of Joe Biden that was recently circulated on Facebook will not be taken down because it doesn’t violate Meta’s content policy, no matter how incoherent those policies...

Bitcoin Consolidates Around $43,000 as ETF Buzz Quiets Down - Will It Reach $100,000 After Halving?
Crypto News

Bitcoin Consolidates Around $43,000 as ETF Buzz Quiets Down – Will It Reach $100,000 After Halving?

The flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has been grappling with bearish pressure following the ETF-engineered rally in early January. However, despite the depressing short-term outlook, many believe BTC could hit $100,000 after...

China Bets on Open-Source RISC-V Chips Amid US Export Controls

China Bets on Open-Source RISC-V Chips Amid US Export Controls

Ripple to Introduce Novel XRP-powered Payment Solutions to the US Market
Crypto News

Ripple to Introduce Novel XRP Powered Payment Solutions to the US Market

Crypto News

Top Crypto Gainers on 5 February – RON and PENDLE

BBC Kids Expands In the Middle East after Launching On Shahid
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BBC Kids Expands in the Middle East after Launching on Shahid