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In today’s digital world, where writing and content creation play a vital role, Copy AI has become an eye-catching tool that’s captured the attention of many users. In this Copy.ai review, we explore whether Copy AI is as good as it claims for aiding with writing.

In this Copy AI review, we’ll take a closer look at its features, how well it performs, and how easy it is to use. Our aim is to help you decide if Copy AI is the right tool to improve your writing, how it fairs in real-world scenarios, and whether it can actually replace a dedicated copywriter.

In This Guide

What is Copy.ai?

Copy.ai is an innovative platform that’s made significant strides in the field of AI-powered content creation. At its core, Copy.ai is a writing assistant that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to generate high-quality written content.

Whether you need help drafting a blog post, crafting marketing copy, or even composing emails, Copy.ai is designed to streamline the writing process, making it quicker and more efficient.

Copy.ai offers a range of pre-trained models that specialize in different writing styles and tones, making it adaptable to various content needs. Whether you’re aiming for a professional, informative tone or a playful, conversational one, Copy.ai can tailor its output to meet your requirements.

It’s a versatile tool that can be a valuable asset to writers, marketers, and businesses looking to enhance their content creation process and reduce hours spent on doing so.

How Does Copy AI Work?

Copy AI is basically your writing helper, it can assist copywriters in writing compelling content, or it can take care of it for you – it’s a highly versatile tool. Plus, as Copy AI runs on GPT-4, the results that you get are incredibly accurate and more human-like than ever.

You start by giving it a short sentence, telling it what you want to write about – the clever part is that Copy AI doesn’t just take your words at face value, it thinks about how to write what you want in the best way, whether you want your writing to sound professional or casual.

After that, Copy AI gets to work and creates the text for you – it’s like having a super-fast writer who understands your needs and can scan the depths of the internet for valuable content. You can then review the text and make changes, or if it’s not exactly how you want it, you can ask Copy AI to try again.

Once the writing is up to scratch, you can save it and use it for different things. Maybe you need a blog post on a certain topic, or you want to send a marketing email to your customers. With Copy AI, you can get these tasks done quickly and easily without spending hours staring at a blank screen.

Who Uses Copy.ai?

Copy AI can be used by a huge range of users, from blog writers to social media teams and even customer service departments – the tool’s versatility is what makes it truly stand out. Below is a list of some of the common use cases:

  • Business owners can save time and maintain a professional online presence by generating website content, promotional materials, and business communications.
  • SEO specialists can generate optimized meta descriptions, title tags, and content for websites, helping improve search engine rankings and organic traffic.
  • Content creators can rely on Copy AI for generating content ideas, outlines, and even complete drafts to overcome writer’s block and boost productivity.
  • E-commerce businesses can enhance their product listings and online sales by using Copy AI to produce product descriptions, reviews, and SEO-friendly content.
  • Email marketers can improve email engagement and conversions by leveraging Copy AI to compose attention-grabbing subject lines, personalized email content, and follow-up sequences.
  • Social media managers can create engaging and shareable content, including captions, hashtags, and posts, to increase their online presence and engagement
  • Public Relations specialists can employ Copy AI to draft press releases, media pitches, and communication materials to enhance their outreach efforts.
  • Customer support teams can enhance efficiency by using Copy AI to draft responses to common customer inquiries while ensuring consistency in communication.
  • Content marketing professionals can streamline content production processes by employing Copy AI to create blog posts, articles, and other content that aligns with their marketing strategies.
  • Non-native English speakers looking to improve their English writing skills can benefit from Copy AI’s assistance in generating correct and fluent text.

The list is truly endless, and any industry or professional could really benefit from AI writing tools like CopyAI – so if you don’t see your profession or industry listed, don’t panic – we just couldn’t include every single 0ne.

Copy AI’s Pros and Cons

Despite taking the AI writing industry by storm, Copy AI does come with a few downsides, but thankfully, it’s mostly all good, which is why it ranks so highly on our list of the best AI writing tools for content generation. Below, we’ve listed some of the key pros and cons of Copy AI:


  • Has dozens of premade templates for blogs, research papers, and social media
  • Can understand your brand’s tone of voice for consistency
  • Incredibly user-friendly, great for those new to AI writing tools
  • Offers a free plan with up to 2,000 words
  • Valuable e-commerce features like a Product Description writer


  • We found that short-form content isn’t as detailed as longer-form content
  • There’s no history tab for previously asked questions and set tasks

How Much is Copy.ai?

Copy AI has a solid lineup of plans that are suitable for small content creators, right the way up to large corporations looking to introduce innovative AI to their everyday workflows. We’re also delighted to see a free plan on offer, even if it’s limited to just one user and up to 2,000 words.

This is still a great way for smaller businesses to trial the service before signing up for a more expensive premium plan, so we’re a big fan of this, as other popular AI writing tools like Jasper.ai only offer a free trial. But with that being said, the paid plans can be quite expensive, depending on the size of your team:

CopyAI Pricing

Regardless of which paid plan you choose, you’ll have access to unlimited projects, chat, Infobase entries, brand voices, 95+ languages, and a plethora of detailed templates for getting started. The only real difference is the number of seats you get with each plan, which ranges from 1 all the way up to 200.

Plans can be paid for either monthly or annually, too, with the latter bringing about the largest savings if you’re happy to spend a large chunk at once. It would be nice to have a slightly longer money-back guarantee (10 days) for some of the larger plans, but that’s our only real complaint.

There’s even an option for a custom Enterprise plan, should the 200-seat Scale plan not be sufficient. We like seeing this option, as you can often strike a better and more personalized deal for your business.

Also, as mentioned before, all plans are protected by a 10-day money-back guarantee should you not be happy with the service.

A Review of Copy.ai’s Features With Examples

Now it’s time to take a closer inspection of all the features that make Copy AI stand out as one of the leading AI writing tools.

Creating Content

Copy AI is primarily known for its content generation, and this is the area where it dominates. Users can input a brief prompt or topic, and Copy AI can then produce coherent and contextually relevant text in a matter of seconds.

This feature is particularly valuable for those who need to create content quickly and efficiently, saving them a significant amount of time.

CopyAI Dashboard

After playing around with multiple outputs, such as social posts and even the odd LinkedIn Bio, we were seriously impressed with the level of quality we got. As CopyAI runs on GPT-4, the results were always likely to be accurate, but it truly blew us away with just how well-written it was.

The templates make it super-quick and easy to write for different mediums, too, with 90+ ranging from blogs to essays and even Amazon Product Descriptions – there’s something for every industry.

Chat by Copy AI

Chat by Copy AI is an excellent tool for creating content and getting detailed answers as quickly as possible. You can use it to discuss content ideas and ask it to write intros, headlines, and briefs. It’s a great way to improve creativity by saying your ideas out loud.

Chat by CopyAI

Plus, it uses real-time data to ensure that its reports are accurate and up to date, and can even cite all the sources it uses to gather its information. This is especially useful for researchers looking for sources to add credibility to their work and saves a huge amount of time.

It includes over 40 prompts that it can recognize, and you can ask it to generate keywords, titles, social media captions, and much more. You can have some real fun with this tool, so we’d recommend doing what we did, asking it a series of questions, and then outlining the content you want.

Multiple Writing Styles

One of the standout features of Copy AI is its adaptability to various writing styles and tones. It offers a selection of pre-trained models, each specializing in distinct styles, such as formal, casual, persuasive, or informative.

Users can choose the style that best fits their content needs, ensuring that the generated text resonates with their target audience.

Copy AI Writing Styles

These can take a bit of getting used to, and we found that playing around with different tones did deliver unique results each time, even if they were a little over the top. We preferred sticking to one, usually casual, as it seems to give the best results.

That said, if you’re unhappy with any of the content that’s been generated, you can always ask Copy AI to paraphrase the text or simply make your own basic edits here and there.

Content Enhancement

Beyond content generation, Copy AI serves as an effective tool for content enhancement, you can paste existing text into the platform, and Copy AI provides suggestions to improve clarity, readability, and overall quality.

It acts as an automated proofreading and editing assistant, helping users refine their content further. This is easy to use, especially if you’re familiar with tools like Grammarly, although we often found that to be hit-and-miss.

However, with Copy AI, the suggestions were well thought out, and it could even change to past and present tense throughout to ensure consistency, something writers often forget or struggle to stay within.

We found that the odd misplaced word may creep in sometimes, but overall, the punctuation checker and readability tools really help improve the writing.

Content Ideas and Outlines

Copy AI can also assist users in the initial stages of content creation by offering ideas and outlines. This is particularly beneficial for writers who require structure and inspiration to start their writing projects. It can generate content ideas and even provide a framework to follow, making writer’s block a thing of the past.

Copy AI Content Idea Generator

We loved this feature, as it truly does pave the way for much easier writing. We gave it a few basic terms and topics and asked it to create an outline and some ideas, and yet again, it didn’t disappoint.

It was able to come up with mostly accurate suggestions for what we could write about, and it even fills in the bulk of it for you. There were a couple of slightly farfetched suggestions, but overall, they were excellent.

E-commerce Descriptions

For e-commerce businesses, Copy AI can generate product descriptions, something that can be quite tedious and time-consuming. It excels in producing persuasive and informative content for product listings to enhance the online shopping experience and potentially boost sales.

CopyAI E-commerce

We created a load of fake products and put Copy AI to the test, and yet again, we were suitably impressed. It adapts incredibly well to both long and short-form content and saved previous man time by generating catchy descriptions with very little actual human input.

Some of the suggestions were a little unstable, but as it can generate so many at such high speeds, this is unlikely to cause any issues.

Social Media Content

Crafting engaging and shareable content for social media platforms becomes effortless with Copy AI. It generates social media posts, captions, and relevant hashtags tailored to specific platforms, ensuring that content resonates with the target audience and drives engagement.

CopyAI Social Media

It’s even able to look at what’s trending or what competitors are doing to generate popular hashtags, saving endless amounts of time doing research. Like with the product descriptions, the shorter copy can sometimes generate some bad ideas, but most of the time, we were satisfied with the results.

Email Copywriting

Email marketers can use Copy AI to enhance their email campaigns with compelling subject lines, personalized email content, and follow-up sequences, improving email engagement and driving higher conversion rates. You can even ask it to include discount links and CTA’s, for example, to enhance your marketing strategy.

Copy AI Email

We really like that you can make emails way more personalized with Copy AI, which improves your customer engagements and campaigns. It’s also able to adapt from sales-based emails to general updates pretty well.

Marketing Content

Marketing professionals can rely on Copy AI to create persuasive marketing copy. It assists in crafting impactful content for advertisements, landing pages, and promotional materials, ensuring that marketing messages effectively resonate with your audience.

Copy AI Marketing Content

All we needed to do was give Copy AI a few keywords, hints, and prompts, and from there, it managed to write different sections for landing pages and web copy. The results were impressive. We’re confident that with this, you’ll have more time to spend on other tasks.

That said, we did have to edit a few sections to add a bit more of a personal touch, but this can be overcome with better prompts and input at the start.

Blog Post Ideas and Introductions

Bloggers can use Copy AI to brainstorm blog post ideas and craft attention-grabbing introductions. This helps bloggers captivate readers right from the start, enhancing the overall effectiveness of their content.

Copy AI Blog Post Wizard

For small content creators, this is so valuable, as they may not have any real copywriting experience themselves. As always, getting started with blogs can be a real nuisance, but with a little input from the user, Copy AI is able to write much of it for you.

From compelling introductions to complete paragraphs by analyzing previous copy and even helpful conclusions to wrap your masterpiece up.

Language Translation

Copy AI also helps with language translations, making it a valuable tool for individuals and businesses looking to communicate with a global audience. It can rapidly translate content from one language to another, ensuring accuracy and clarity.

Copy AI Languages

At the time of writing, Copy AI supports over 90 languages, meaning virtually every audience can be reached. This opens up not only new audiences but additional revenue streams that were out of reach before.

We aren’t experts in 90 languages, so we can’t possibly say how accurate it is for all of them – but we analyzed feedback from other users on reputable sites and can confirm that the overall take on this feature is overwhelmingly positive.

A/B Testing Variations

Marketers can optimize their campaigns with Copy AI by creating A/B testing variations of their marketing efforts. This allows you to compare different content versions to determine which performs better, ultimately optimizing your marketing strategies.

This is essential for ensuring copy is engaging for your audience, and marketing and SEO teams will absolutely adore this feature. You can ask CopyAI to generate multiple texts and then trial team both to see which performs better, which will essentially lead to better conversions and more customers.

Custom Templates

You can create and save custom templates for frequently used content types and take advantage of over 90 different templates for a whole range of outputs already made by Copy AI. This streamlines content creation maintains consistency in style and tone, and ensures that branding guidelines are followed.

Copy AI Templates

There are countless examples to pick from, like cover letters, bios, product descriptions, and follow-up emails. If you have content that needs writing, the chances are that Copy AI will have a template you can use.

This takes a lot of stress out of writing, as all that needs to be done from there is to add the text, which of course, it can also do for you.

Copy AI’s Interface

Copy AI’s interface is incredibly user-friendly, and your journey to making high-quality content couldn’t be any easier. From the main dashboard, you can easily generate new content via one of the many templates or use the blank document to start entirely from scratch.

Copy AI Interface

The most difficult part is learning how it works, but this can be easily achieved with some man-hours. As there’s so much to explore, you’ll need to find the best way to use the software, but once you do, it’ll be a valuable asset.

We found that trialing a few basic tasks, playing around with the tone of voice settings and document mode, was the best way to get started, but this is likely to be different for everyone.

Overall, everything is conveniently accessible from the main dashboard, so once you’re up and running there, creating content is an absolute breeze, and no matter how tech-savvy you are, you’ll be able to get started right away.

Is Copy.ai Plagiarism Free?

Copy AI serves as a valuable content generation tool, but it raises the question of whether the content it produces is free from plagiarism — the act of using someone else’s work or ideas without proper credit — which is a significant ethical and legal concern in writing and content creation.

The write tool functions by using a vast database of text from the internet and other sources to generate content in response to user prompts. While its primary aim is to create original content based on user input, there’s always a chance that the generated text may have some similarities to existing content online.

These similarities are generally unintended and are more likely to occur when users provide prompts that closely resemble existing material. Basically, to avoid issues with plagiarism, you need to give detailed guidance to Copy AI rather than simple generic prompts.

You can also use the paraphrasing tool to reword the copy it generates, ensuring the maximum levels of unique content, or run anything produced through a reputable plagiarism checker like Copyscape.

Overall, this is pretty common with most AI writing tools, but we are a little disappointed that there’s no built-in plagiarism checker, so you’ll have to use an external tool and then CopyAI’s paraphraser.

Copy AI vs Jasper in 2024

Both Copy AI and Jasper.ai are top AI copywriting tools, but they also both excel in different areas, and depending on your usage, one may be better than the other – so let’s explore this in more detail.

For starters, Copy AI is better suited for short-form content, we’re talking 1,200 words or less. This includes popular outputs like blogs, email copy, and social media posts. It does this by offering over 90 unique templates, making it quick and efficient in producing a huge range of content.

On the other hand, Jasper.ai excels at long-form copy, around 1,200+ words, and this includes research papers, short stories, reviews, and so on. This is due to the built-in plagiarism checker and the more detailed SEO features, making it a top choice for marketing teams, SEO departments, and copywriters.

In terms of unique offerings, Jasper does include an AI art generator, Jasper Chat, and Jasper Recipes, all of which are excellent for taking your content to the next level. CopyAI does have its own chat feature, where you can ask it to summarize YouTube videos, for example, but currently, it lacks an AI art generator.

The other more noticeable difference is the price — with Copy AI offering cheaper plans — so it’s ideal for those on a budget. But if money isn’t an issue, then you may find Jasper to be a better all-around choice. For more information on JasperAI, check out our full testing results in our JasperAI review.

How Does Copy AI Fare Against Other AI Writers?

Now it’s time to see how Copy AI fares against some of the other top AI writing tools on the market. To do this, we’ve compiled a useful table comparing the key features, starting price, and more:

AI Writing Software Ideal For Starting Price Standout Features Free Version
CopyAI Aiding Copywriters $36/month  1. Bullet Point to Paragraph
2. Copy AI Chat
3. Freestyle Mode
JasperAI Business Marketing $39/month 1. Jasper Recipes
2. Jasper Art
3. Jasper Chat
Rytr Small Creators $9/month 1. Brief Generator
2. SERP Analysis
3. 30 Languages
Writesonic GPT-4 Content $16/month 1. GPT-4
2. Text Summarizer
3. Article Referencing
Yes, 10k Words
ShortlyAI Summarizing Text $65/month 1. Text Summarizer
2. Ease of use
3. Output Length

Is Copy.ai Legit? Summarizing Other Copy AI Reviews

Now that you’ve heard what we think based on our various tests and trialing of Copy AI, it’s time to take a closer look at its overall reputation. What do other CopyAI reviews say? Below are some of the latest verified reviews across the web on Copy AI:

CopyAI Review 1

This review, as well as countless others on sites like Reddit and TrustPilot, was quick to praise the quality of the content being produced by Copy AI, something that’s reflected in our testing of the tool as well.

However, as we found as well, there are some reports of content lacking a little bit of human touch, but we found that this can often be rectified by better prompts and commands.

Copy AI Review 2 In this review, the user praises how user-friendly the interface is for Copy AI, making it a great choice for beginners to AI writing tools. This is echoed in multiple other reviews, and we agree – straight from the start, it’s easy to start generating content thanks to the plethora of templates on offer.

Overall, Copy AI boasts easily one of the highest reputations in the AI content generator market — of course, more are flooding the market, but there’s no doubt that Copy.ai will remain a key player.

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Why You Can Trust Our Review of Copy.ai

In case you still have any doubts, we’re going to run through why you can trust our review on Copy.ai, starting with our hands-on testing. To ensure that we can recommend certain features or how something works, we vigorously tested Copy AI by using it to write blogs, reviews, social media captions, and much more.

Through these tests, we’re able to suggest the strong areas and where there’s room for improvement. We also spend time exploring the interface to determine how user-friendly the software is and whether it’s suitable for beginners.

That aside, to add to our own experience with it, we also looked in-depth at user reviews on trusted sources like G2, Trustpilot, and Reddit. We’ve included some of our findings in this review from verified customers of Copy AI.

We’ve tested many leading AI tools, including Jasper AI, Rytr, and Writesonic, which gives us a good foundation of what to look for in our testing to easily compare Copy AI against others we’ve tested.

How to Use Copy AI — A Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re ready to get started with Copy.ai, here’s a quick guide:

Step 1 – Visit the Copy AI Website and Create an Account

To start with, head over to the official Copy AI website using your preferred web browser. Then, click on the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Get Started’ button located at the top right corner of the page:

Copy AI Website

Now, enter the required details, such as your email address and a secure password, and then verify your email when prompted.

Step 2 – Choose a Plan

Once registered, you’ll be presented with all the different subscription plans. Copy AI offers a free plan, monthly subscriptions, and annual plans, so pick which one suits you best:

Copy AI Choose Plan

Enter your card details and complete the payment process.

Step 3 – Navigating the Dashboard

After logging in, you’ll be directed to the dashboard – from here, you can familiarize yourself with the layout and features and do some exploring. You’ll see the various content writing options, templates, and much more.

CopyAI Dashboard

Step 4 – Start Writing Content

Now, select the type of content you want to create (e.g., blog post, product description, email, etc.). A prompt will appear, asking for input or a brief description of what you want – alternatively, you can use on of the 90+ templates or Copy AI Chat to get started.

Copy AI Write Content

Adjust any parameters like the tone of voice you require or style.

Step 5 – Generate and Review

Click the ‘Generate’ button to start writing content. Within a few seconds, Copy AI will produce content based on your input. Review the generated content, and make any changes you require, or you can click the ‘Rewrite’ option to get a different version.

Step 6 – Export or Save

Once you’re satisfied with the content, you can either copy it directly or use any of the export options available, like downloading as a .txt or .docx file.

You’ll want to run through the content creation process a few more times to become an expert, but when you feel comfortable enough, you can have some fun and start exploring various templates, Copy AI chat, and other advanced features.

Copy.ai Review Conclusion — Is Copy AI Worth It?

Copy AI has cemented its position in the AI writing tool world by offering a streamlined, user-friendly interface coupled with an impressive range of content generation templates. It also now runs on the updated GPT-4 platform, meaning the results you get are more accurate than ever.

It can be a vital asset in the locker for a range of different industries that are looking to improve their written output, and with prices starting from just $36/month, it offers greater value for money for any business.


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