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Marketers, small businesses, and content writers have been looking for an AI content creation solution to lighten their workloads well before OpenAI’s ChatGPT was made public. ChatGPT has been used for financial planning, nutritionist advice, and AI social media posts, but it isn’t the only option available.

Today, there are several AI content-generating solutions available with cutting-edge capabilities that assist with producing blog posts, crafting product descriptions, conducting keyword research, and even assessing current material. If you don’t know where to begin, everything can seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, we’ve already done the testing and research, so you don’t have to. Here, from our experience with AI tools, we’ll compare the features, benefits, drawbacks, testimonials, and prices of the top 10 AI writing tools.

In This Guide

Ranking of the 10 Best AI Tools for Writing

Below, we’ve listed our top 10 best AI tools for writing, with the well-loved platform JasperAI taking the top spot. Later on in this article, we’ll take an in-depth look into each provider by comparing their key features, what languages they support, and more important details:

  1. JasperAI – Overall, the best AI writing tool as it understands a brand’s tone of voice, has a content look-back feature, and boasts an excellent plagiarism tool.
  2. CopyAI – The best choice for copywriters as it offers a bullet point-to-paragraph tool and useful pre-made templates for all content.
  3. Rytr – One of the top free AI writers that offers a generous free plan, great for content creators on a tight budget.
  4. WritesonicPopular content creation software that uses GPT-4 for the most accurate and reliable results.
  5. AI Writer – Useful tool for students and researchers as it’ll automatically list all citations and sources for you.
  6. ShortlyAI – Top AI writer that can quickly summarize or elaborate on any text you provide it with.
  7. WordAI – Intuitive content writing software that can avoid AI detection bots, ideal for students writing essays.
  8. Scalenut – The best choice for SEO teams, as it offers key features like SEO reports and keyword analysis.
  9. Hypotenuse – An excellent e-commerce-focused AI writing tool that can mass-produce product descriptions for an online store.
  10. Simplified – Reliable and budget-friendly AI writing software for users looking to save money.

What is AI Writing Software?

AI writing tools, commonly referred to as AI content writers, are pieces of software that use artificial intelligence to create text based on human input. With the help of AI technology, AI writers can produce copy that resembles that of a human, including data, statistics, and so much more.

For companies that engage in content marketing, AI authoring tools are fantastic. AI writing software can assist you if you frequently create text for blog posts, website landing pages, product descriptions, advertising, social media posts, video descriptions, and emails.

A replacement for human writers isn’t quite possible with AI writing, at least not yet. It’s actually more of a productivity tool designed to enhance your work or help with the painstaking process of research.

How Do AI Content Writing Tools Work?

As previously indicated, AI assistants produce a textual output based on input provided by the user, so it still relies on some human interaction at least. The user can give it pointers or ask it to include lists, tables, data, and other useful insights.

They’re gradually trained using real-world data, and they’re able to trawl through this in a matter of seconds, giving them a distinct time-saving advantage over humans.

As they gain knowledge from the provided data, they get better at producing output that sounds realistic, as currently, it can sound a little robot-like, and to a trained eye, it can sometimes be pretty clear what’s AI-generated.

AI content tools scan the web for existing content and gather data in accordance with user instructions, much like a good copywriter will do when researching an existing piece of content before writing a new one. They then process the data and produce new content with their findings.

What Can I Use An AI Writer Bot for?

There’s really no end to the kind of work an AI writer bot can do, and as we found in our testing, playing around with the software can give you a good indication of how they work best. But to help you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more common uses for AI writing tools:

  • Blogs – Perhaps the most common use of AI writers is the creation of blog posts. You can enter keywords, topics, and headings, and then the AI tool takes care of the rest. For companies with ample content to share, AI is essential, as they can churn out content faster than any human.
  • Social Media – Businesses frequently post on social media to keep their audience updated, and even though this is a shorter form copy, it can still take considerable time. AI writers can learn and study from millions of social media posts to help write engaging posts for your audience.
  • Proofing – AI tools can optimize and improve current copy, not just for writing new stuff. If you have a web page, blog post, or something else, you can have AI check it and improve it where needed, meaning your content is consistent and regularly updated.
  • Marketing Slogans – Another form of complex but short-form copy is marketing slogans, which can be tricky to think up on the spot. AI can scour the internet for examples or use your keywords as a suggestion to come up with something catchy.

Will AI Replace Human Writers?

Content writers will be pleased to hear that AI won’t replace human writers – not for a long time. The main reason for this is that collaboration is key, and what we mean by this is that AI works best with some human input, like keywords or topics.

In short, you need to point AI in the right direction and work with it to get the best results. It also needs editing, as now, when you ask AI to generate some copy, it sounds like it’s being written by robots (because it is.)

So human input is needed to make it informative and engaging, not just mass streams of information put linearly.

Comparing the Best AI Writing Assistants

To help you compare the 10 best AI writing assistants, we’ve created a table that shows each tool’s key usage, the top 3 features, pricing, and more:

Provider Best For Price Standout Features Free Version
JasperAI Business Marketing $39/month 1. Sentance Rewriting
2. Tone of Voice
3. Plagiarism Checker
7-Day Free Trial
CopyAI Aiding Copywriters $49/month 1. Bullet Point to Paragraph
2. 25 Languages Supported
3. Freestyle Mode
Rytr Small Creators $9/month 1. Brief Generator
2. SERP Analysis
3. 30 Languages
Writesonic GPT-4 Content $16/month 1. GPT-4
2. Text Summarizer
3. Article Referencing
Yes, 10k Words
AI Writer Content Generation $49/month 1. Topic Discovery
2. Citations
3. Direct WordPress Publishing
ShortlyAI Summarizing Text $65/month 1. Text Summarizer
2. Ease of use
3. Output Length
WordAI Avoiding AI Detectors $65/month 1. Title Spinner
2. Tense Correcter
3. Anti-AI Detection
Scalenut SEO Content $65/month 1. SEO Reports
2. Cruise Mode
3. AI Content Templates
7 Day Free Trial
Hypotenuse Online Stores $12/month 1. Mass Product Descriptions
2. Google Ads Writer
3. Content Detective
Simplified Small Businesses $12/month 1. AI Presentations
2. Title Generator
3. Content Templates

In-Depth Reviews of the 10 Best AI Writing Tools

With all said and done, it’s now time to get into the nitty-gritty section of our reviews on the 10 best AI writing tools. In this section, we’ll look at the top features, what languages are supported, and all the other key details, starting with JasperAI:

1. JasperAI – Overall, the Best AI Writing Tool to Use in 2024

JasperAI Logo

JasperAI, or as it was formerly known, Jarvis, is easily one of the most feature-rich and potent AI content creators. As one of the earliest ChatGPT-based apps, it has a more established feel than most other apps because it’s been around for a while, so it’s had a chance to adapt.

Speaking of adapting, Jasper can now help you by sticking to a brand tone or guidelines, and all you have to do is upload several samples of previous work. We found that it quickly learns the style and can seamlessly replicate it throughout its output.

It can even nail a conversational tone, bring humor to its writing, and even come up with cunning CTAs. It’s truly an all-in-one marketing solution when used correctly, and backs this up with excellent tools like a plagiarism checker, which is essential to ensure unique copy.

Sadly, this feature needs to be purchased separately, which can make the cost quite high – but more on pricing later.

JasperAI Dashboard

Best For Price Standout Features Free Version
Business Marketing $39/month 1. Sentance Rewriting
2. Tone of Voice
3. Plagiarism Checker
7-Day Free Trial

But one feature that’s included as standard is the excellent AI Paraphrasing tool, which can rewrite full sentences and paragraphs in different formats, like formal, simple, shortened, or lengthened. This can create truly unique text and allows the user to fully customize how it sounds to fit in with where it’s being shared.

However, the feature that truly caught our attention is the Content Look-back function. This allows text to flow seamlessly by recognizing what has previously been written in the sentences and paragraphs following a new bunch of copy.

Even experienced writers can sometimes struggle with the workflow, so this tool means that all copies will read naturally and be compelling. Other settings worth mentioning include voice commands for a totally hands-free experience, this way, you can save time by just telling Jasper what you need.

SEO Keywords, which helps you incorporate keywords throughout your content to ensure you rank as high as possible on Google, is another, and the built-in document editor, which is basically Google Docs and works as your playground to write, edit, and compose written masterpieces.


JasperAI is currently one of the more expensive AI content writing tools on the market, and it’s no surprise given its impressive set of features – so we think it justifies this pretty well.

There are plans for both individual usage, small teams, and full-on business plans, with the former both offering 7-day free trials to ensure you’re happy with the standard being set.

JasperAI Pricing

For the best savings, we’d recommend opting for yearly billing, as you’ll save a decent amount. However, to get a price for a business package, you’ll have to contact the sales team.


  • Includes an excellent plagiarism checker for unique content
  • Can paraphrase text by making it shorter, longer, more formal, or simplified
  • Offers pre-installed templates for blogs, articles, and more
  • Integrates well with Grammarly and other writing tools


  • Quite expensive when compared with other AI writing tools

2. CopyAI – Best for Helping Copywriters

CopyAI Logo

CopyAI is another top AI writing tool that has a ton of excellent features aimed at improving writing output. For example, it has excellent tools for writing product descriptions, a huge time-saver for e-commerce brands.

It also adapts to your brand’s tone of voice to allow for consistently on-brand content. Sounds familiar? It’s true that CopyAI offers many of the features you’ll find in JasperAI, but each is excellent in different ways.

We found that CopyAI tends to prompt you more via its excellent chatbot – it’ll also push toward the pre-made templates for the best results – these include templates for blogs, social media posts, and many others.

CopyAI Dashboard

Best For Price Standout Features Free Version
Aiding Copywriters $49/month 1. Bullet Point to Paragraph
2. 25 Languages Supported
3. Freestyle Mode

There are also some unique features here that help set CopyAI apart, including an excellent Bullet Point to Paragraph feature, which works by taking user-inputted bullet points and crafting them into copy, whether it be a blog, article, or anything in between.

This aside, there’s also a bundle of useful pre-made templates to help you get started, including social media ads, Instagram captions, blog posts, and much more. But if you’re feeling a little short of inspiration, you can always try the Freestyle mode, which lets you enter whatever you want, and leaves the rest to CopyAI.

You also get the option to link CopyAI with Zapier, and this can improve workflows in several ways, like sending the content automatically to your CMS, or it can link with many of the top CRM platforms and help you gain leads from your written content

We’re also thrilled to see a growing number of languages being supported by CopyAI, which at the time of writing, supports 25 languages on its Pro plan. Some of the popular languages supported right now are Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, French, and Chinese.


We’re delighted to see a Free-forever plan on offer from CopyAI, something that JasperAI is yet to offer. However, you’re limited to just 2,000 words, so how useful this is will differ depending on your needs – it’s ideal for short-form content needs.

In terms of paid plans, you’ll find the entry plan costs $49/month, but you do get access to 5 seats instead of 3 like you’d find on JasperAI, so that’s a big plus for small businesses.

CopyAI Pricing

For more users and business-tailored support, you’ll have to contact the sales team and discuss the Enterprise plan, as no price is listed on the website.


  • Includes an excellent chatbot to help you write your content
  • Allows up to 5 users on the entry-level plan
  • Includes a free plan, although you’re limited to 2,000 words
  • Has support for over 25 popular languages
  • Easily one of the best AI copywriting tools


  • We found it slightly complex to use when compared with others on this list

3. Rytr – Best Free AI Writing Tool

Rytr Logo

Rytr is another well-known AI writing tool that’s famed for its excellent free plan, making it ideal for small content creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

It even offers a plagiarism checker, AI-generated images, and a few other quirks on the free plan – a huge win. Its paid plans are also very good, and they remove any character or word count restraints you’ll find on the free plan.

You’ll also find a useful Outline and Brief generator, which can then either be written by a copywriter or aid Rytr with creating the content for you. Plus, there are other useful features, such as SERP analysis, which basically means it’ll find the top-ranking webpages and study the keywords they use to perform so well.

Then, it’ll start including these keywords in the relevant copy, thus improving your SEO ranking on Google and other search engines.

Rytr Dashboard

Best For Price Standout Features Free Version
Small Creators $9/month 1. Brief Generator
2. SERP Analysis
3. 30 Languages

You also get an impressive number of languages to write in, over 30 and counting, as well as 20+ tones for engaging content. These include assertive, casual, witty, formal, and many more – this is great for a business or creator who puts out a wide range of content.

To support this further, there are also hundreds of pre-made templates for different types of copy, such as blogs, landing pages, and product descriptions, which makes writing a breeze.

That said, we found that shorter-form content works best with Rytr, as the long-form copy wasn’t quite the same standard as with JasperAI or CopyAI. However, we think Rytr works best as a tool for beginners and those who haven’t worked with AI writing tools before.

This is mainly due to the free plan it offers, as well as the user-friendly interface. It’s a great way to get used to these tools, and you can scale up from the free plan to a paid plan when the time is right.


As mentioned throughout our Rytr review, it offers a generous free plan for people to get to grips with the service, and it’s kind enough to include 20+ tones, 30 languages, a plagiarism tool, and around 10k characters a month.

Rytr Pricing

This is excellent for small creators who perhaps can’t afford the riches of JasperAI or CopyAI. However, the paid plans remove any word count limits and also offer a dedicated account manager, AI-generated images, and priority support.

So whilst there are far fewer features than you’ll find with the top 2 writing tools for beginners and those on a budget (starting paid plans are only $99/month), Rytr is a great option to use.


  • Great AI-generated images to support blogs and social media posts
  • Supports 30+ languages, so you can generate content for a worldwide audience
  • An excellent free plan that includes a plagiarism checker
  • Very user-friendly interface and dashboard, great for beginners


  • Has fewer premium features, like tone of voice or a paraphraser

4. Writesonic – Best for GPT-4 Text Generation

Writesonic Logo

WriteSonic is an interesting choice for the best AI writing tool, as unlike many others on this list, it uses GPT-4 text generation on its business plan, which is the latest version and offers the best results – if this is important for you, this is your best bet.

It also has the typical features, including a plagiarism checker, a paraphrasing tool, and a sentence extender. But as said before, the introduction of GPT-4 is the standout feature here.

Beyond our testing, research also suggests that it’s able to compose the most sensible, accurate, and realistic copy. This is a huge advantage to a writer who wants their copy to be as error-free and on-point as possible.

It really shines through more with longer-form copy, and you may not notice as much difference if your main output is product descriptions or social media posts – but as mentioned before, this is a privilege reserved for Business or Enterprise plans.

Writesonic Dashboard

Best For Price Standout Features Free Version
GPT-4 Content $16/month 1. GPT-4
2. Text Summarizer
3. Article Referencing
Yes, 10k Words

We were also impressed with a feature that allows you to reference other articles in your writing, whether it be backlinking, internal links, or links to data or research. This adds major credibility to your work and saves you time going back in and adding in those all-important links.

Other impressive elements include a built-in AI-powered browser, so you can automate or use your voice to control just about anything, including composing emails to improve lead capturing, a feature that’s certain to be a hit with marketing departments.

It can take an age to come up with unique and engaging emails to improve sales, but Writesonic takes care of this for you. One final and useful addition that we find would be useful for students is the text summarizer, which can take a large block of text and shorten it, as well as making it much easier to understand.

This is best used for making notes or aiding with revision – you can also flip it and use the summarized text to present or explain things to colleagues.


There’s a good range of plans for solo, business, or small team usage, with the best savings coming via the annual plans. You can even select if you want to use GPT-3.5 or GPT-4, with the latter costing more, of course.

Writesonic Pricing

You even get a free trial of up to 10k works, which allows you to test all the features before you subscribe to a long-term plan. The slight catch is that with the business plan, you’ll have to pay more for unlimited words, or you can use the slider tool to set how many words you’d like each user to generate.


  • Uses the latest GPT-4 for the most accurate writing and results
  • Useful 10,000-word free trial to test the service
  • Custom plans that let you select the number of users, words, and GPT version
  • Excellent referencing feature that can improve internal linking


  • Reports that longer-from copy can contain plagiarism, so keep an eye on this

5. AI Writer – Best for Content Generation

AI Writer Logo

AI Writer is another top tool used for creating unique content, and that’s really where its expertise lies. It can create unique-sounding articles, blogs, social media posts, and so much more at the click of a few buttons.

However, it does lack some of the more advanced features you’ll find with other providers. More on that later. What you do get is one of the very best content-creating machines out there for a host of different mediums, including research-heavy and verifiable articles.

It does this by citing all sources that are used for you, so you won’t have to spend time finding them all later.

AI Writer Dashboard

Best For Price Standout Features Free Version
Content Generation $49/month 1. Topic Discovery
2. Citations
3. Direct WordPress Publishing

This offers massive potential for science use or mathematics, as well as saving students hours preparing detailed citations and links to other web pages. It claims to be the only AI writing tool to do this, and according to our research and testing, they’re spot on.

It goes one step further still, as it remembers all the references it inputs, so if you need a similar article, it can generate completely new sources of information – no duplicated content whatsoever. It’s also very SEO-friendly, and you can enter your chosen keywords.

That said, there’s no SERP analysis like you get with Rytr, but it’s still pretty accurate. We also really like the (Sub) Topic Discovery, which scans the internet to see what people are writing about right now, which helps content managers and creators come up with new ideas or missed opportunities.

Then, once the content is complete, you can use the useful Direct WordPress publisher to quickly update your website.


AI Writer offers 3 plans, each increasing the number of articles you can write – annoyingly, even a small blog post or social entry counts as one, so you’ll need to factor that into your decision.

AI Writer Pricing

There’s no free plan either, with the cheapest option setting you back a cool $49/month for just one user and 100 articles. The users increase to either 3 on the Standard plan or 10 on the Power Plan.


  • Includes a time-saving citation feature, great for research-driven articles
  • Brilliant topic discovery feature for generating new ideas
  • Very user-friendly, perfect for beginners
  • Can directly publish to WordPress, saving time and effort


  • No free plan or trial to test the service
  • The standard plan is quite pricey

6. ShortlyAI – The Best for Summarizing Text

ShortlyAI Logo

ShortlyAI is one of the new AIs that has emerged as a strong competitor in the field of AI writing tools. With it, you can create engaging blogs, social media posts, scripts for videos, ad content, product descriptions, and a number of other marketing materials.

This provider runs with GPT-3, which may not be quite as technically advanced as GPT-4 that WriteSonic uses, but we found that you’d have to look pretty hard to notice.

ShortlyAI Dashboard

Best For Price Standout Features Free Version
Summarizing Text $65/month 1. Text Summarizer
2. Ease of use
3. Output Length

The output is still very human-like, whether is for paraphrasing, writing blogs, or any other form of content you wish to write. However, as ShorltyAI started off as a text shortener or extender, this is really where its expertise lies,

That said, despite the fact that we found it struggles to create the same kind of unique content as the like of JasperAI – that’s not to say it can’t, but it doesn’t quite hit the same levels. If your primary use is to summarize or elaborate on certain points, then this might be for you.

It still works well as a content generator, and if you’re typing and find yourself stuck, it can read your previous text and continue writing for you at the click of a button. We found the accuracy and consistency to be pretty good, and it wasn’t very obvious that AI had taken over.

We do feel it’s worth mentioning that you might run into a few plagiarism issues, as ShortlyAI does seem to pull samples from Google, and it doesn’t do the best job at rewriting them. So, if you’re a student or content writer, you could run into some issues if your text isn’t totally unique.


ShortlyAI does offer users a free trial, although confusingly, it doesn’t specify a time period or a word count for this – strange, but it’s still nice to see that you can try before you buy.

If you’re satisfied with the service, there are just two plans to pick from, monthly or annual, with the latter bringing about the best savings and even offering an extra 2 months free.

ShortlyAI Pricing

Sadly, it’s very expensive, and as it lacks some key features and the content-generating skills of others, we can’t really claim it’s the best value for money out there.


  • Incredibly easy-to-use interface, suitable for all
  • Offers a free version to test the service
  • Great text summarizing and lengthening tools


  • Very expensive
  • Lacks the depth of features other providers offer, such as citations

7. WordAI – Best for Avoiding AI Detecter

WordAI Logo

WordAI is a reliable tool for creating unique content that’s SEO-friendly, free of plagiarism, and reads very well. This useful tool can rewrite sentences and paragraphs or create brand-new content on the spot, with a little human input to improve things along the way.

There’s also a clever feature that allows WordAI-generated content to slip through undetected, making the content more human, something we hope to see with ChatGPT in the future.

WordAI Dashboard

Best For Price Standout Features Free Version
Avoiding AI Detectors $65/month 1. Title Spinner
2. Tense Correcter
3. Anti-AI Detection

This is obviously a huge win for students or copywriters who perhaps want their usage of AI tools to go under the radar. Additionally, WordAI can assist through the Perfect Tense integration if you’re trying to bulk alter grammar and tense in your text.

It suggests adjustments when it finds spelling errors and incorrect tenses, which can save a lot of hassle for both new and experienced copywriters. The platform’s title spinner, which offers high-quality titles by analyzing the entered information and ensuring that titles are relevant, is equally significant.

The latest version now even supports HTML. As a result, you’ll be able to add styling, spin movies, photos, and much more right from the editor. We were also impressed to see some excellent SEO-driven features, where keywords can either be manually input, or it can suggest strong keywords based on web searches.

This is particularly useful for marketing teams who can consistently rank high on Google with very little input, saving time for other tasks.


In terms of pricing, WordAI offers 3 plans that can paid for monthly or annually, with the Starter Plan and Power Plans both offering 7-day free trials. There’s also an Enterprise plan, but you’ll have to reach out to the sales team to figure out the pricing – there’s also no free trial for this level plan.

WordAI Pricing


  • Offers a free trial to test the service
  • Has excellent SEO features for identifying keywords
  • Can’t be detected by AI detecting tools, great for students


  • Can require lengthy and detailed editing

8. Scalenut – Best for SEO

Scalenut Logo

Scalenut is yet another reliable AI writing tool that we found can really help any writer overcome writer’s block. Plus, with its AI writing algorithm, you can write interesting content and improve your page ranks.

You can create content that’s search-engine-optimized using Scalenut’s SEO Assistant. It’s extremely similar to Jasper with the integration of SurferSEO, but without having to purchase two different products.

You enter your keyword, and you’re presented with a document editor built around it – it’s incredibly easy to use, even for SEO and content-writing newbies.

Scalenut Dashboard

Best For Price Standout Features Free Version
SEO Content $65/month 1. SEO Reports
2. Cruise Mode
3. AI Content Templates
7 Day Free Trial

This all-in-one SEO tool goes a step further and constantly scours the internet for updated keywords and can even take on heavy research tasks. It works by looking at rivals and top-ranking web pages on Google, then it generates reports that you can action.

By doing this, you can stay ahead of the game and constantly appear at the top of web searches. Aside from the excellent SEO features, Scalenut will also help you write the most compelling and unique content and offer a range of different tones that can benefit content creators.

It can also learn the tone used by your business, whether it be formal, playful, or funny. There’s even a host of AI-generated templates to help speed up the process, from product descriptions and blog posts to social media captions – there’s one for everything.

The useful Cruise Mode feature can also create 1,500-word articles in under 5 minutes, all plagiarism-free and SEO-friendly.


Scalenut offers 3 plans that can be paid for monthly or annually, as is the trend with most providers on this list. Plus, considering the prices on offer and the features you get, this is a good value-for-money AI writing tool.

Scalenut Pricing

Both the Growth and Pro plans offer unlimited words, with the cheaper Essentials plan limiting you to 100,000, which should be ample for small content creators. Each plan offers a 7-day free trial, too, so you can decide whether it’s the right AI content generator for your needs.


  • Can avoid AI detectors, great for students
  • Offers a 7-day free trial on all of its plans
  • Includes excellent SEO features for getting a strong Google ranking


  • Only supports English, no other languages

9. Hypotenuse – Best for E-commerce

Hypotenuse Logo

Hypotenuse is an e-commerce-focused AI writing tool that aims to help online stores with selling, like product descriptions, SEO ranking, and much more – it even integrates with Shopify for a seamless experience.

That said, we also found that it’s a reliable tool for other sources of content creation, like blogs and social media posts, and even features an excellent AI image generator. But e-commerce is where this AI powerhouse really shines.

It has a ton of features aimed at improving your online store’s presence. For example, you can write product descriptions at scale by simply entering a few key terms, you can even select your target audience.

This neat feature saves hours of painstaking labor, coming up with snappy descriptions for a host of products.

Hypotenuse Dashboard

Best For Price Standout Features Free Version
Online Stores $12/month 1. Mass Product Descriptions
2. Google Ads Writer
3. Content Detective

It can even generate high-quality and original AI images to support your product descriptions – this can be very useful for those who use dropshipping or those who don’t have the resources to photograph actual product images.

However, we have found that this tool is much a work in progress, and some results can seem a little odd, but it’s still very useful. E-commerce aside, you’ll find all the typical AI content writing tools you’d expect, like a plagiarism detector, templates for blogs, social media or long-form essays, and more.

Plus, there’s a great tool for writing Google Ads, as well as for Facebook and Instagram – you can select a tone for these to suit your business requirements. Other quirky features include the excellent Content Detective, which ensures all research and data is up to date and accurate, a useful tool for data-heavy articles.


Hypotenuse is a little crafty with the pricing displayed on their website, as they show you the price for the minimum number of words. The price is still pretty good for all plans, but don’t get caught out with a small word limit.

Hypotenuse Pricing

For a custom or business plan, you’ll need to get in touch with the sales team to discuss the number of users, word count, and more.


  • Features a useful Content Detective feature for ensuring copy is accurate
  • Integrates with Shopify, incredibly useful for online stores
  • We found it has a user-friendly interface


  • A limited number of templates are available
  • Can get a little expensive if you need 200,000+ words

10. Simplified – Budget-Friendly AI Writing Tool

Simplified Logo

Simplified is a strong AI content writer that can be used across different niches, including the design, writing, and editing process. Its ability to adapt to all your content needs, be it writing, video editing, or marketing, makes it a great all-in-one tool for content creation.

Straight off the bat, it offers a ton of templates for all sorts of copy, like blogs, social media, and e-commerce stores. Plus, unlike others on this list, it can even generate titles for your blogs and social posts based on the written content – which can sometimes be the hardest part.

It even offers a unique Amazon product features generator, which is particularly useful for Amazon resellers. This works by offering a prebuilt template that contains all the placeholders you’ll find on Amazon. You just need to click the generate button, enter a few keywords and terms, and let Simplified work its magic.

Simplified Dashboard

Best For Price Standout Features Free Version
Small Businesses $12/month 1. AI Presentations
2. Title Generator
3. Content Templates

We love how flexible this provider is, too, with almost every niche of content creation accessible at your fingertips, like letterheads, invoices, business cards, and even a hashtag generator – it’s the ultimate tool for all your business needs.

Although we should mention that the general copy isn’t quite to the same level as JasperAI or Rytr, it still works well for short-form content. And as you’d expect, there are also other useful products that fall under the Simplified brand.

This includes video editing software, social media management, and graphic design tools – so if you’re looking for all the above and want to work in harmony with the same provider, this may be the best choice for you.


We’re delighted to see a free plan on offer from Simplified, not a free trial or money-back guarantee, but an actual free version of the software you can use to generate content.

Simplified Pricing

It may not be the most feature-rich offering, but there’s enough there to really nail the basics. Then, when you’re ready, you can always upgrade to AI Writer Pro for more templates, words, and features. That version does offer a 14-day free trial, so you can ensure the cost is worthwhile.


  • Excellent AI-generated presentations, ideal for business usage
  • Includes a fun AI image generator
  • Budget-friendly plans


  • Lacks the accuracy and writing quality of the top AI content generators

How We Ranked the Best AI Writing Software

In order for this list to take form, we tested them and analyzed user reviews of these AI writing tools with a set of criteria that includes the basic fundamentals like pricing, features, SEO tools, and so on. To help you understand how we came to these decisions, we’ve compiled a helpful list below:

  • Accuracy – We tested the accuracy of each of these AI writing tools to ensure that the content they were generating was relevant, correct, updated, and, most importantly, human-like.
  • Features – It’s important that each provider nails the basics, like offering a plagiarism detector, a paraphraser, or features blog writing, social media, and so on. More feature-rich tools took higher preference on our list.
  • Unique Features – The best AI writing tools on this list will also offer unique features that set them apart, like citation tools, title writing, bullet point-to-page writing, or even title generation.
  • SEO-Friendly – To go alongside excellent writing, we believe good SEO is essential. Each provider will have some SEO tools, like keyword discovery and analysis, to help your copy reach the heights of Google rankings.
  • Pricing – Getting good value for money is another essential, as some tools may offer the same identical features, but one may cost more. All the providers on this list have a good feature-to-price ratio, so you get what you pay for.
  • Scalability – This is another key component, as you want your AI writing tool to grow alongside your requirements. So, having multiple plans is useful for a business or individual.

Is AI-Generated Content Bad for SEO?

In short, no. AI-generated content can actually improve your SEO as long as you’re willing to work alongside it. Most providers will require you to enter keywords into your copy, but others will research and report to you the current trending keywords.

This is very useful, as SEO is constantly adapting and changing based on how keywords and the Google ranking algorithm work. So, having a tool that can scan the internet and find you all the important terms to include is a huge win and can really have a positive and dramatic impact on your SEO performance.

Do I Need to Worry About Plagiarism With AI Writing Tools?

There’s no need to worry about plagiarism with AI writing tools, as all the top providers on this list include tools to detect plagiarism. They also specialize in writing unique content, using the internet as their source of data but writing it in a unique way.

It’s worth noting that for academic purposes, AI writing tools are strictly forbidden, so you must take this into consideration before you decide to use one. They’re best served for content creators, marketing teams, and e-commerce brands – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for research and citations.

Conclusion | What is the Best AI Writing Tool to Use in 2024?

The best AI writing tools can be a marketer’s, content creator’s, or SEO manager’s best friends, as they aid with the whole content-generating process – all you need to do is point it in the right direction.

Each of the tools on this list can create unique and engaging content at the click of a few buttons, ensuring that the copy is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. This can save precious time and help ensure that deadlines are met, which is essential in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Overall, our testing concluded that JasperAI is the top AI writing tool, as it creates excellent human-like content that’s 100% unique, plagiarism-free, and concise.


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