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The Takeover: Fascinating TikTok Statistics You Can’t Ignore

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Launched in 2016 by the Chinese tech giant ByteDance, the short video hosting service TikTok has rapidly gained popularity around the globe. In 2021, it reached 1 billion users worldwide and earned $4 billion in ad revenue.

The app isn’t without its controversies, though. Several countries and regions have restricted its usage, threatened to ban it, or attempted to ban it outright, as in the US state of Montana.

But how many people are using TikTok today? How can businesses make the most of TikTok advertising? And how successful has it been in addressing the privacy issues and controversies it has faced? In this article, we’ll answer those questions – and more.

Unveiling TikTok User Statistics: What You Need to Know

Total Number of TikTok Users

most downloaded apps

Source: Statista

TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world in 2022, with 672 million downloads. And despite TikTok’s problems in the US, it’s one of the top ten social networks in the country, with over 116 million users.

As of April 2023, TikTok’s global user base exceeds 1.09 billion.

Growth Rate of TikTok Users

In September 2021, the number of TikTok users crossed 1 billion, signifying a 45% growth from the previous year.

Demographics of TikTok Users

TikTok’s three biggest markets in 2023 are the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil. But in terms of their user penetration, Saudi Arabia and UAE have the top spots – with over 100% of adults in both countries using it, relative to the recorded adult population. South Korea has the lowest user penetration rate, with only 12.3% of the adult population using TikTok.

tiktok audience graph

Source: Statista

In 2023, 53% of global TikTok users are women, and 46% are men. Women aged 18-24 make up 21% of the TikTok user base, with male users in that age bracket counting 17.5%. Women also make up 55.3% of TikTok content creators.

In the US, one-third of TikTok users are pre-teens and teens (10-19-year-olds). The 20-29-year-old age group isn’t far behind, making up 29.5% of the American user base.

TikTok user base

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Average Time Spent on TikTok

On average, TikTok users worldwide spent 23 hours per month on the app in 2022 – 3.6 hours more than in 2021.

Here’s a breakdown of how many hours they spent on the app by country in 2021 and 2022:

Country Hours spent on TikTok per month, 2022 Hours spent on TikTok per month, 2021
Australia 29.46 23.4
Indonesia 29 23.1
Russia 28.4 26.3
Mexico 27.4 23.4
UK 27.2 27.3
USA 26.5 25.6
Canada 25.5 22.6

The Power of TikTok Content: Shocking Statistics You Can’t Ignore

TikTok’s short videos showcase all sorts of content – from singing and dancing to DIY tips. Here are some insights about TikTok content.

most popular tiktok content graph

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Types of Content on TikTok

Dance videos are very popular with TikTok’s key user base. However, brands and content creators can create videos on any subject. Some examples are:

  • BookTok for book lovers – TikTok’s equivalent of BookTube
  • CookTok and RecipeTok for food and cooking fans
  • DanceTok for dance lovers
  • KidTok and ParentTok for family-friendly and parenting content
  • PrankTok – features reactions to pranks and practical jokes

It’s true that some viral TikTok challenges have been dangerous. However, many of them are benign, and marketers and content creators can take advantage of these trends. Some of the most popular 2022 TikTok challenges were:

  • The “I Will” challenge
  • The Journal Challenge
  • The TikTok recipe challenge.

And according to the marketing thought leader Neal Schaffer, the “I Will” and the Journal challenge will continue trending in 2023. “Learning new things” and “doing something different every day” are two other challenges he highlighted for 2023. 

Engagement Rates on TikTok

tiktok engagements graph

Source: Statista

Content engagement, which includes views, likes, comments, and shares, is very important for the organic performance of a TikTok account. 

The average TikTok engagement rate overall is 4.25%. But for influencers, it can be as high as 15%.

TikTok stats tell us that accounts that post infrequently have lower engagement rates than those that post three or more times per week.

Here are some examples of how TikTok content performs in terms of engagement rates:

Length of video Engagement rate by length of videos
0-9 seconds 6.3%
10-15 seconds 6.1%
16-29 seconds 6.5%
30-53 seconds 7%
54+ seconds 8.2%

Let’s take a look at TikTok content creation trends for consumers and marketers.

Short-Form Video

tiktok engagement short videos

Source: Sprout Social

TikTok’s short-form videos are part of the online “shorts” trend, which has been gaining momentum in the last few years, with YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels jumping on the bandwagon. According to a study by Sprout Social, 66% of consumers found short-form videos to be the most engaging form of content in 2022.

Live Streaming

tiktok live

Source: TikTok

According to TikTok stats, 1 in 5 TikTok users watch TikTok LIVE, and 62% of those watch it on a daily basis. 

Users seem to love using TikTok LIVE to engage with brands and creators. A reported 77% say they love authentic TikTOK LIVE content produced by creators, and 68% favor brand ambassadors. And with the launch of the TikTok creativity program, LIVE content might just get even more popular.

In fact, half of the TikTok LIVE user base bought something after seeing it on LIVE. Product releases and sales content shown on TikTok live are popular, with over 70% of users saying they are interested in them. 

User-Generated Content

Campaigns with authentic user-generated content have been proven to be 50% more engaging than those without. In addition, consumers today are much more likely to trust product content from other customers than from a brand. 

Each consumer has their own unique story and perspective. By embedding user-generated content in their storytelling, brands can become more relatable to the audience and build better and longer-lasting relationships.


TikTok’s algorithms can provide users with personalized recommendations in the #ForYou feed. These recommendations are based on the user’s engagement with other videos. For that reason, TikTok creators often tailor their videos to the interests of specific audiences (e.g., parenting or DIY).

Interactive Content

tiktok interactive content

Source: Statista

Interactive video content was used by 47% of marketers in 2022.

One example of such interactive content is the TikTok quiz format. You can embed a quiz in your profile to engage with consumers so that they can share the results, thereby also driving brand awareness.

Another type of interactive content is the TikTok poll, which can be shared on videos through the app’s Stickers feature. Brands can use them to get users’ feedback, for instance, or insights on the content their audience wants to see.



How natural gas plans on blowing our carbon budget #climate #gasbusters #exposegas #gasleakspartner #gasleaks #naturalgas

♬ original sound – Hazel “economy_mommy” Thayer

TikTok has shown itself to be a great platform for climate change and sustainability content. In fact, almost a quarter of people in the UK used TikTok to get information on sustainable products in 2021.

TikTok is home to a number of climate activists, like Hazel Thayer, who shares content on climate change solutions with her 118,000 followers, and environmental influencers like the EcoTok collective, where activists share their content on sustainable living and climate change consequences with 119,000 followers. 

Unlocking TikTok Advertising Statistics: Is It Effective?

Ad spending on TikTok grew by 29% in 2022. Moreover, 75% of American brands were using TikTok ads that year.

tiktok ads popularity

Source: Statista

So, the interest in TikTok advertising is definitely there. But how effective is it?

Advertising Options Available On TikTok

In-Feed Ads


Trying the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Pen! #makeup #beauty #makeuptryon #tryonhaul #drugstoremakeup #walmartmakeup #walmartbeauty #drugstorebeauty #eyebrowpen #glowymakeup #naturalmakeup #makeupforbeginners #maybelleine #makeuphaul #dailyvlog #minivlog #relatable #aesthetic #tiktokmademebuyit #makeuproutine

♬ original sound – 🌸Kelsey🌸

TikTok in-feed ads are 60 seconds long and appear in a similar format to Instagram stories. Users can engage with them and share them. According to Social Pilot, the minimum campaign budget for brands for in-feed ads is $6,000, with each impression costing $10.

One example of a successful TikTok in-feed campaign was for Maybelline’s Tattoo Brow Ink Pen. The in-feed ads helped the brand exceed their KPI by 7x.

Brand Takeovers

TikTok brand takeover ads are full-screen ads that appear immediately after users launch the app. They’re usually less than 5 seconds long and aim to direct the user to a landing page or a hashtag challenge.

Only one brand takeover ad can be shown to a user per day, and they are able to drive a high conversion rate. For instance, Samsung’s “AllForYou” brand takeover ad campaign provided a 30% engagement rate. It’s no surprise, then, that brands are willing to pay up to $50,000 for such campaigns.

Branded Hashtag Challenges

TikTok’s branded hashtags function allows brands to create unique branded hashtags and encourage users to co-create user-generated content based on these hashtags.

When a user clicks on the hashtag, they’re directed to the Brand Challenge page with the rules and the link to the brand. They can then create their own content with the hashtag.

It’s a powerful marketing and user engagement tool. For example, the #PlayWithPringles challenge launched by the crisps brand in 2020 resulted in over 340,000 user-generated videos and a 13% engagement rate.


TopView ads are similar to brand takeover ads. They’re full-screen and are shown immediately after users open TikTok, but they’re 60 seconds long. Among all the ad formats available on TikTok, the TopView ads are the most similar to traditional video ads and have the least “organic” feel. 

Nonetheless, they deliver high ROI, and 72% of TikTok users say they prefer TopView ads to others.

Branded Effects

tiktok colgate

Source: TikTok

TikTok’s branded effects allow brands to offer customized effects, such as stickers and custom filters, among other effects. These effects can help brands encourage the creation of user-generated content, driving brand awareness.

For example, the dental care brand Colgate ran the #ColgateKiss TikTok campaign in 2019, creating a clickable branded effect. It resulted in over 60,000 user-generated views and a 4.4% engagement rate.

Influencer Marketing

average price of tiktok influencers

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TikTok is a great way to connect with audiences through influencer marketing, especially if you’re looking to reach Generation Z, who generally say they don’t like conventional marketing tactics.

However, using micro and nano influencers reportedly works better than collaborating with those with over a million followers, and it’s cheaper.


tiktok shopping

Source: TikTok

TikTok Video Shopping ads are ads that take the user from the video straight to checkout. They can integrate with the brand’s existing catalog and have been said to simplify the e-commerce process significantly.

TikTok Advertising Reach & Engagement Rates

Advertisers can use TikTok’s built-in metrics (views, likes, shares, comments, CTRs) to gauge their reach and engagement rates.

The Latest on TikTok Privacy & Security: What You Need to Know

One of the biggest controversies associated with TikTok is its user data and privacy handling. Let’s take a closer look.

TikTok Privacy & Security Issues

TikTok has faced some privacy and security issues that have attracted worldwide attention. Legislators in Australia and the states of Montana and Indiana in the US have highlighted the need for robust privacy measures and increased transparency in their data collection practices.

Regarding TikTok privacy in Australia, concerns were raised about TikTok’s ties to the Chinese government and the extent of the data it was collecting from its users.

In the United States, the state of Montana took steps to address the potential risks associated with TikTok and banned the platform in May 2023, with the law to come into force in early 2024. Meanwhile, TikTok was sued for security violations in Indiana.

TikTok’s Response to Privacy & Security Concerns

TikTok has taken several steps in response to these privacy concerns. The company has launched transparency centers where experts can review their moderation policies, data practices, and security protocols. They also arranged for user data to be stored in the US and Singapore.

Additionally, TikTok has introduced features to enhance user control and privacy. Users now have access to more robust privacy settings, allowing them to choose who can see and interact with their content. They’re also working to educate users about privacy and security through in-app notifications and educational campaigns.

Future Changes To TikTok’s Privacy Policies

TikTok has committed to improving its privacy practices further. It has announced plans to update its EU and US privacy policies and to establish a series of best privacy practice tips. TikTok is also exploring ways to store user data locally in different regions to address concerns about potential unauthorized access.

Top Takeaways – Key TikTok Statistics

  1. Women aged 18-24 comprise 21% of the TikTok user base, with male users in that age group making up 17.5%.
  2. TikTok’s three biggest markets are the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil.
  3. The average TikTok engagement rate overall is 4.25%
  4. TikTok’s ad spending grew by 29% in 2022.
  5. TikTok’s 2020 #PlayWithPringles challenge resulted in over 340,000 user-generated videos and a 13% engagement rate.

What’s Next for TikTok?

With over a billion users worldwide and a rapidly growing user base, TikTok has reshaped the global media and advertising landscape. And given the high engagement rates of its innovative content and advertising features, not to mention TikTok AI development, it’s no surprise that more and more brands are planning to invest in TikTok marketing.

However, TikTok will also need to make considerable efforts in privacy and security and to step up its enforcement of the no-under-13 rule to continue to thrive in the face of an increasingly regulated tech environment.


Kate Sukhanova Senior Statistics Contributor

Kate Sukhanova Senior Statistics Contributor

Kate is an accomplished tech writer and SaaS (Software as a Service) founder, renowned for his expertise in the technology industry. She holds a Bachelor of Laws from the esteemed University of Exeter, where she honed his critical thinking and analytical skills.

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Kate's passion for knowledge and curiosity about emerging technologies drive her to learn and stay ahead of the curve continuously. She is deeply committed to sharing valuable information about innovations that have a tangible, positive impact on businesses and society.

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