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In this Teamtailor review, we shed light on all the essential information you need to decide if it’s the right applicant tracking system (ATS) for you.

Recruiting and building the perfect team is no easy task, neither is finding the perfect software that suits your team’s needs.

If you’re considering using Teamtailor for your recruitment needs, you might have questions like, ‘Does it have the right features?’ ‘Will it integrate with your existing tools?’ and ‘What makes it stand out from the competition?’ We’re here with the answers.

We’ve analyzed many such tools, comparing the good points and the bad, to help you make an informed decision. So, keep reading this Teamtailor review to see if it’s the best software to recruit and build your dream team.

In This Guide

Teamtailor Pros and Cons

Full disclosure – at TechReport, we use Teamtailor for our hiring needs. Far from making us biased, it gives us a wealth of practical experience.

So, before we get into the details, here’s an overview of what we like and what could improve.


  • Well-designed interactive software that’s easy to learn and use
  • Drag and drop functionality to seamlessly move candidates through stages in the role lifecycle
  • Calendar syncing, team sharing, and email integrations in the interview scheduling tool
  • Copious integration options strengthening its functionality and adaptability to assorted workflows
  • Robust reporting capabilities


  • Limited customizations for interviewing kits
  • Businesses can’t gauge costs without contacting the sales team
  • Although generally helpful, customer report response times could be better
  • No free plan

What is Teamtailor – Company Overview

Teamtailor is a cloud-based ATS with great built-in branding features. It’s an application for employers and recruiters to track their candidates through the recruiting process.

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2013, the original concept was to help companies attract and hire the best talent out there. The second priority was creating a highly intuitive and easy-to-use platform to provide employees, recruiters, and hiring managers with the best possible value.

Fast forward over a decade, the software addresses modern recruitment challenges, such as disorganized communication and applicant tracking. Its analytics dashboard provides valuable insights for streamlined decision-making. And its integrated mobile app ensures recruitment processes remain agile.

The platform also supports multiple languages if you need to fill roles overseas. It’s no wonder that over 125,000 recruiters worldwide use Teamtailor’s secure all-in-one recruitment software.

Teamtailor is used by some of the world’s best-known companies

What’s the Best Use Case for Teamtailor?

Teamtailor is a good fit if you want an ATS that showcases your brand and gives candidates a positive experience throughout the recruitment process.

For our Teamtailor review, we found that it’s got a lot of functionality around filtering and customizing the recruitment stages, making it more suited to mid-sized and large companies in sectors with fierce competition for top talent.

For example, their Connect feature nurtures candidates who aren’t quite ready to apply. It’s like a marketing campaign aimed at potential hires.

Also, industries like marketing, tech, and creative agencies may find the social media integrations and customizable career sites helpful in attracting and engaging potential candidates.

If you’re a business with an in-house recruitment team, Teamtailor’s features can streamline your communication and collaboration.

Conversely, if you’re a startup or smaller business with modest recruitment needs, Teamtailor may be too complex or less cost-effective than other solutions, such as Monday.com Recruitment.

Teamtailor Key Features – What Are Its Benefits?

Teamtailor stands out with its user-friendly software and solid collaboration tools. Its career site builder helps showcase your brand, values, and culture and attract the best talent. Collaboration tools bring the hiring team together for more effective decision-making.

Drawing on our experience using Teamtailor, we’ve shortlisted the key features we feel have contributed to its reputation.

  • Candidate sourcing: Job templates, filtered candidate search, job status management, customizable hiring flow and application forms, and free posting on job boards
  • Candidate screening: Evaluation scorecards, interview scheduling, collaborative hiring, and process automation triggers
  • Analytics and insights: Audience and recruitment reports, Google analytics and tag manager, pipeline reporting, and dashboard analytics
  • Candidate management: Job offer templates, one-click sourcing extension, smart move, and AI suggestions
  • Candidate communication: Message templates, Candidate chat, nurture email campaigns, and Connect
  • Branding: Customizable application forms, lead and campaign pages, and career site
  • Extra features: Add-ons for data import, job offer approvals, and BI connector

Teamtailor is one of the best applicant tracking systems we’ve seen. Its innovative features, like anonymous hiring, fully customizable workflows, a generative AI assistant, and automated workflows, provide an enjoyable candidate experience and make the hiring process so much easier.

Communicate With Candidates

Teamtailor created its Connect feature for people who want to know more about your company but aren’t actively job hunting.

Connect lets potential candidates express their interest in your company. You can see the department, role, and location they’re interested in.

They can also add themselves to your candidate bank and subscribe to future job opportunities based on their preferences.

Potential candidates can express their interest in your company with Connect

There are three question layers. General questions appear on all your career pages. Then, as candidates explore your vacancies further, they’re presented with department- and role-specific questions.

We’re a global company, so an invaluable feature for us is that you can SMS your candidates in over 50 countries. In comparison, ClearCompany works best in the North American market.

Smart Automation

Teamtailor has several automation features to save you time and improve your recruitment process.

Smart Triggers

Smart Triggers allows you to automatically add notes and tags, move candidates through the recruitment funnel, book interviews, and send messages. What we like is that you can do all these in bulk, saving you even more time.

Smart Filters

In the candidate database, you can see the last activity, source, rating, application status, location, and team of each candidate. This is a great time saver as you can find candidates quickly and filter them using any of these criteria.

You can use filters to arrange and quickly find candidates in the candidate database

Automatic messages

Another time-saving feature we love is the message templates that are automatically sent to candidates. You can use Teamtailor’s default ones or create your own. There are three default templates:

  • A welcome message when they use Connect to interact with your business
  • A reply for when a candidate applies for a position
  • A message for when a candidate’s application hasn’t been successful

Creating message templates

Automatic Job Postings and Integrated Job Boards

When you publish a job posting, Teamtailor automatically posts the job on the free job boards they’ve integrated and that you have enabled. These include Jobatus, Jobbify, and Apec. Note, though, that most of the free channels are for the Swedish market.

There’s no guarantee it will appear on a channel, as the channel has the right to decide whether to publish or reject the job.

It then emails the candidates who have Connected with the location, department, and role you’ve included in the job ad.

Generative AI Assistant

Teamtailor has an advanced generative AI feature, Co-pilot. It contains a suite of complementary tools, each designed to help you recruit smarter. Co-pilot uses OpenAI’s GPT model, the same technology behind Chat GPT. Here’s a few examples of what it can help you with:

  • Write role descriptions from the job title.
  • Suggest interview questions based on the job description. You can also record video interviews and get a real-time transcribed summary.
  • Draft communications, such as emails and offer and rejection letters. You can also include your interview notes for feedback.
  • Scan an applicant’s CV and, based on the weight of specific skills, Co-pilot suggests the top candidates.

Note that the suggested candidates feature was very much hit-or-miss in our experience. For a job opening that received over 70 applicants, we’ve seen a few good AI recommendations. But there were just as many bad suggestions, so we realized it’s not that reliable at the moment.

Hiring managers are in no danger of being replaced anytime soon. It’s very likely that the candidate suggestion feature is still in beta, so we’ll keep an eye on it in future updates.

Including your interview notes to provide candidates specific feedback


Teamtailor’s analytics feature gives you complete insight into all parts of your recruitment process. Choose from various reports to ensure you have the right data you need to make effective decisions.

Note that only company and recruitment admins can access the full analytics view.

  • Team reports: Follow your team members’ activity, such as the most active users and the number of hires, rejections, and scores.
  • Employees reports: Access a breakdown of what everyone in your team is doing and their performance.
  • Custom reports: Create tailored reports on users, candidates, job applications, and jobs.
  • Audience reports: Learn more about visitors to your site, such as how many you’ve had, the device that’s most used, and the channels through which they’re accessing your site.
  • Recruitment reports: Get an overview of your recruitment pipeline, such as speed, conversion, hires, and net promoter score.
  • Current pipeline: View stats from the current pipeline of all your active jobs, such as total applications and average time to fill.

Several types of recruitment reports, such as pipeline overview and job ad conversion

Teamtailor’s analytics are good, but there are a couple of limitations.

First, if you’re an Enterprise client, you’ll need BI connectors to create custom reports since the data export functionality isn’t available right now. This is a drawback if you have more than 500 employees or multiple locations.

Also, you can’t see your cost per hire, a valuable feature to measure your performance.

Career Site Builder

We think Teamtailor’s career site builder is one of its standout features. Yes, other ATSs offer this, but it’s usually not a key focus. This was one of Teamtailor’s original core features, around which it built the rest of the platform.

The beauty of the drag-and-drop blocks you use to create your career site is that you don’t need a designer or any technical knowledge. You simply choose the blocks you want and add your content.

Building your career site with drag-and-drop blocks

Teamtailor Integrations

As well as the free job boards, over 20 other job boards are always included, such as Indeed + Glassdoor, Google Jobs (although this isn’t available in all regions), Jooble, and Monster.

Teamtailor boasts over 300 integrations, with its nearest competitors, Monday.com and ClearCompany, offering 200+ and 100+, respectively.

Other integrations include HR systems, such as Bamboo HR and Deel, and social media, like Snapchat and Facebook. You can also integrate employer branding, background checks, onboarding, and sourcing systems.

For us, a huge plus is the Zapier integration. With it, you can automate repetitive tasks across all your connected apps and services.

These integrations unify the various stages of your recruitment process. Teamtailor also offers an API, meaning you can add custom integrations to meet your company’s specific needs.

For further enhancements, you have add-on options like assessment and video interview tools.

A key consideration is that migrating data from your existing ATS to Teamtailor will cost you extra. You’ll have to contact your sales representative for the exact price.

Their developers will import the data for you. However, this can take up to four weeks, so make sure you factor this into your timetable.

Teamtailor Android and iOS Apps

Teamtailor is compatible with Android and iOS. Note that you’ll need iOS 13 or later and Android 5 or later.

Teamtailor’s mobile app interface

Even when on the move, you can send candidates messages from your phone to keep conversations going.

There’s no pause in the recruitment process as you can still view candidates’ information, such as cover letters and applications, and add your ratings and reviews. The app also lets you share feedback with your team and ask for theirs.

Source Candidates

Teamtailor’s browser extension means you can source candidates from external sites. Download the extension from Chrome, Firefox, or Safari and click on it when you find a potential hire. You can then add the candidate to your Teamtailor database without leaving the page where you found them.

Proactively sourcing candidates in this way makes finding and hiring the perfect person for the job much easier.

Using Teamtailor’s browser extension to add potential candidates to your database

Teamtailor Interface – How Easy Is It to Learn?

One of our favorite things about Teamtailor? It’s so easy to navigate. Many of its competitors, such as Zoho Recruit, have functional and straightforward interfaces. Teamtailor goes a step further with its customizable, polished, and visually appealing pages.

While some of the advanced features and customizations can be tricky, we find most of the platform streamlined and easy to understand.

Teamtailor’s intuitive and well-designed interface

The Teamtailor website contains incredibly comprehensive resources for simplified onboarding, including live webinars. If you get stuck, the platform offers live chat support and a dedicated customer success manager. However, the response times are occasionally not as speedy as we’d like.

We found that most businesses were up and running within two to three weeks. The exact timeline for onboarding and going live depends on factors like your team’s availability, resources, and project manager’s support.

It’s worth mentioning that Teamtailor recommends using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. And you can’t access Teamtailor with Internet Explorer 11.

How to Use Teamtailor: Step-By-Step Guide

At TechReport, we use Teamtailor for our recruitment, so we have a good idea of how it works.

A crucial step in setting up your Teamtailor account is defining your settings, such as departments, roles, locations, and message templates. So, to help you get started, we put together this step-by-step guide of the basic set-up process to get you ready to post your first job.

Before you start, Teamtailor recommends that you first assign a project manager to guide the onboarding process.

Laying the Groundwork – The Activation phase

The steps in the activation phase lay the groundwork from which you can create and post your first job.

1. Set Up Departments and Roles

Create departments and roles to organize your Teamtailor account. It’s useful for you as the recruiter and the applicants. You can use these to filter jobs and reports; candidates can filter jobs by department.

To add a new department, go to ‘Settings’ ⇨ ‘Departments’ ⇨ ‘+ New Department.’ You’ll find ‘Settings’ in the drop-down menu on the top right under your company name.

Creating a new department in Teamtailor

Now, name the department and assign a manager so the candidate can see who’s responsible for it. The manager will be the contact person for any Connect email linked to that department.

Adding roles (‘+ New role’) to each department creates another filter for you and the candidates,

Adding roles to each department

2. Set Up Locations

Next, add all the locations where you have openings. This way, you can see where candidates are interested in working. Make sure you add the full address, as many external channels require one for a job posting.

From the ‘Settings’ tab, go to ‘Location’ and ‘+ New location.’

Adding locations to your Teamtailor account

3. Set Up Connect

Next, set up Connect. Here’s how to create the three question layers:

  • General questions: ‘Settings’ ⇨ ‘Recruitment’ ⇨ ‘Connect’
  • Department-specific questions: ‘Settings’ ⇨ ‘General’ ⇨ ‘Departments.’ Then click the relevant department, where you’ll find the Connect questions section.
  • Role-specific questions: ‘Settings’ ⇨ ‘General’ ⇨ ‘Departments.’ Then click the role within the department.

Adding Connect questions to learn more about candidates

4. Create Message Templates

The next step is creating the message templates.

You can use the default templates or customize them. Go to ‘Settings’ ⇨ ‘Message template’ ⇨ ‘+ Message template.’ Note that only recruitment and company admins can add and edit message templates.

Adding and customizing email message templates

5. Data and Privacy

If you’re part of the EU, go to the ‘GDPR settings’ and enable the data retention settings.

Enabling the GDPR settings if you’re part of the EU

6. Create Your Site

Now, the only thing that’s left is to build your career site. The ‘Content’ tab is where you’ll find ‘Content editor.’

The editor is connected to your ATS, so it also shows all the departments and locations you added. All you do is go into each section and edit the blocks that will appear on the left-hand side of the screen.

editor is connected to your ATS, so it also shows all the departments and locations you added

7. Go Live

Once you’re ready to start publishing jobs, contact the support team from the bottom right corner. They’ll help you go live.

Create a New Job Ad

Now that you’ve done the background work, you’re ready to create and publish a job ad.

1. Create the Job

From the ‘Jobs’ tab at the top of the page, select ‘+ New job.’ First, add the job title and description. Note: You need to fill in these fields to save the job.

Creating a new job by adding the job ad title and description

Next, write the pitch to tell candidates why they should apply. It will appear at the top of your ad.

To make it easier for your candidates to find a position they’re interested in, assign each job to the relevant role and department. Then, add the location so they know where the position is based.

Adding the department, role, and location helps Connected candidates create more specific profiles, improving the quality of your candidate pool.

You can then add any other customs fields necessary for your ad, such as salary, employment type, and whether the position is remote.

Adding custom fields necessary for your job ad

2. Create the Application Form

The application form ensures you get all the information you need from the applicants. Decide what personal information the candidate should add and the questions you want to ask. You can also indicate whether these fields are optional or mandatory.

You can select application questions or create your own and indicate whether the fields are optional or mandatory

3. Set Automatic Response Messages

You can use the pre-created auto-responses or one you’ve customized by clicking ‘Custom reply’ or ‘Custom reject.’

4. Activate Candidate chat

If you want to communicate directly with your candidates, the admin needs to activate the ‘Candidate chat’ function from ‘Settings’ in the ‘Add-on feature’ center.

The general chat will show up on all pages of your career site (you can deactivate it for specific job ads). You can also customize the chat message and contact person for a job if you need to.

Activating ‘Candidate chat’ in your job ads

When a candidate writes in the chat, your admins are notified.

5. Define the Recruitment Stages

Set up the recruitment stages to streamline your hiring process. From the job posting’s ‘Editor,’ click the ‘Stages’ tab and then ‘+ Stage actions.’ Here, you can add, remove, move, and edit the stages. Note, though, that you can’t change the ‘Inbox’ and ‘Hired’ stages.

Adding stages to streamline the recruitment process

6. Set Candidate Evaluation

In the evaluation step, add the skills and traits you’re looking for in the candidate. You can choose pre-set traits and skills from the drop-down menu or create new ones.

Adding skills and traits as part of the evaluation process

7. Publish

All that’s left to do is publish the job! You do this in the lower-right-hand menu.

Create and Send Job Offers

To send job offers, a company admin has to activate this feature from the ‘Add-on feature’ center.

Once you’ve found someone you like, you need to create a job offer. Open the candidate’s profile and access the additional settings ( … ). Then select ‘Create job offer.’

Add the offer details in the next screen, such as the job the offer is connected to, the team members that need access to the offer, salary, and start date.

Creating a job offer

Once you’ve entered all the information, you can preview the offer, save it, or send it to the candidate.

If you’re an admin, you can create job offer templates under ‘Settings’ ⇨ ‘Recruitment’ ⇨ ‘Job offer templates.’

Teamtailor pricing

Sadly, Teamtailor doesn’t provide any pricing on its website, so you’ll have to contact their support team for a quote. On the plus side, this means you can create a plan that suits your exact needs. Pay for only what you want.

Teamtailor doesn’t have a month-by-month subscription or a free forever plan, like Monday.com. It’s only available on an annual plan. However, this isn’t a problem if you’re hiring all the time.

If you do want to test it out, there’s a 14-day free trial you can sign up for without any credit card details. A free trial is something its closest competitor, ClearCompany, doesn’t offer.

Teamtailor vs Leading Applicant Tracking Systems

When choosing an ATS, there’s no one-size-fits-all. To find the best fit for you, you’ll need to assess key characteristics like price, features, ease of use, and integrations.

So, how does Teamtailor compare to the applicant tracking systems around? Here’s a TL;DR table comparing the basics of each tool.

Best Applicant Tracking System Top Choice For Starting Price Free Plan Standout Features
Teamtailor Attracting and nurturing top talent Custom quote 14-day free trial – Unlimited users
– Built-in video calling
– Smart triggers
ClearCompany Small businesses Custom quote Free demo – Automated communication tools
– AI-powered descriptions
– Hiring forecasts
Monday.com Customization and scaling $8/month/user Yes – CRM
– Custom onboarding templates
– Centralized dashboard
Zoho Recruit Staffing agencies $25/month/user Yes – Zoho network integration
– Proprietary candidate sourcing system (Source Booster)
– Dedicated recruitment mailbox
Rippling Finance features $8/month/user 30-minute free demo – Employee referral management
– Role-based access
– Candidate tagging

Teamtailor vs ClearCompany – Side-by-Side Comparison

Teamtailor and ClearCompany are both popular applicant tracking systems, but which one is right for you? Both offer robust features like applicant tracking, candidate management, and reporting; however, there are key differences that may sway your decision.

Criteria Teamtailor ClearCompany
🔨Commonly used for Applicant tracking
Job board
Recruitment marketing platform
Human resources
💰Pricing On request On request
🤝Integration 300+ 200+
🏳️‍🌈Languages supported 12 3
🆓Free trial 14 days No
🧑‍🔬24/7 live rep No Yes

Teamtailor Reviews – What Are People Saying?

We’ve described our experiences with Teamtailor in this Teamtailor review. But what do others say about it? Well, we think it’s an intuitive and smart ATS solution, and so did most users who left reviews on online review sites.

Many were impressed by its appealing interface, so much so it’s the feature that drew them to Teamtailor.

Trustpilot review praising Teamtailor’s attractive interface

Others praised its flexibility and personalization features. However, some reviewers struggled to integrate the software with some third-party apps and commented on the limited functionality of the mobile app compared to the web app.

Teamtailor review on G2 describing it as a user-friendly tool suited for TA specialists

Teamtailor Alternatives

As with any business software, choosing the right one depends on your needs and budget. This ATS review focused on Teamtailor. However, there are many other ATS platforms available, and we’ve compared some of the best. So, if you’d like to do a bit more research, have a look at some of our other guides:

Why You Can Trust Our Review of Teamtailor

Our team at TechReport is dedicated to providing authentic information and impartial rankings with editorial independence.

For our Teamtailor review, we drew on our experience using this ATS and described characteristics such as features, ease of use, and price. As these are the criteria against which we test Teamtailor’s competitors, such as ClearCompany and Monday.com, you can easily compare the different providers.

We’ve also included verified user reviews from reputable sites like G2 and Trustpilot for different perspectives, ensuring our Teamtailor review is comprehensive and unbiased.

Is Teamtailor Right for You?

In this Teamtailor review, we’ve outlined our experiences with the platform and other users. Combining the sources gives us a realistic idea of its strengths and areas where it could improve.

First, the positives. Its robust features and functionalities significantly streamline the recruitment process. The user interface is easy to navigate, and the onboarding process is admirable.

Compared to similar tools, Teamtailor stands out in collaborative features and integrations, making it a practical tool for modern recruitment.

However, its lack of transparent pricing and limited customization options may put Teamtailor at a slight disadvantage compared to its competitors.

In concluding this Teamtailor review, we feel it’s an excellent choice if you value collaboration and integration and want a tool that’s easy to use and makes your recruitment process more efficient.


What is the purpose of Teamtailor?

Who uses Teamtailor?

How do I add candidates to Teamtailor?

Where is Teamtailor located?

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