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In this uMobix review, we will put this parental monitoring software to the test. We’ll be looking into how each feature of uMobix works and how well they perform.

We’ll also show which devices you can install it on, how easy the install process is, whether you need root access to get full use out of uMobix, and most importantly, the cost.

uMobix gives you constant updates on what is happening on your child’s/partner’s/employee’s devices. Even if they won’t let you see what they’re doing on it, you can keep them safe from online threats by monitoring their usage with uMobix.

Using a combination of keyloggers, screen-captures, GPS logging, and file capture, uMobix makes sure that you’re aware of everything your target user is up to. Keep reading our uMobix review to see how it compares to other leading providers like mSpy and eyeZy.

uMobix Review Key Info
Remote Install
iCloud only
Keylogger Yes (Android Only)
Screenshots Yes (Android Only)
Max Devices Supported 1 per Subscription
Keyword Monitoring
Customer Service 24/7 live chat and email
Jailbreak Required
Remote Listening
Remote Video

uMobix Features

uMobix comes with a ton of features to cover every potential situation your kids might find themselves in. These features vary significantly between the Android and iOS because of the way each phone install works. We’ll cover this more later; but for now keep in mind you’ll need a rooted Android device to get access to most tracking features on uMobix.

Call Logging

uMobix tracks every call that goes through your child’s phone and logs each one into an online database that you can easily check at any time. Not only does uMobix tell you who your child is talking to, it also logs when the call took place down to the second. You’ll also be told exactly how long the call went on for, as well as whether it was an incoming call or an outbound call.

Even if the contact isn’t saved, you’ll still get the full phone number they’re calling. You even get a readout on the dashboard that shows which calls they most frequently make. uMobix can help uncover patterns of calling behavior that may show deeper problems at home.

uMobix's Intuitive WiFi spy app

GPS Tracker

uMobix keeps a constant log of where your child is by monitoring their GPS location services on the mobile phone you’re tracking. Keeping your child safe has never been easier with a full map readout of everywhere they’ve been, as well as constant GPS updates of latitude and longitude.

Each GPS update is logged with the time it was taken, as well as the closest address. Each GPS tag comes with a map link so you can lock in on their location as soon as the app reports back to you. There’s a variable GPS timer to keep their battery life from draining, especially on older devices.

uMobix's employee productivity tracking


If you can’t find a way to install the uMobix software onto the target device, there’s another method to find your child’s location in an emergency. uMobix operates a separate portal where you can input a phone number and send the target device a customizable SMS with a link.

Once your child opens this link, uMobix will update you with their exact location at the time of opening the link. This way, you can have your child send you their location even if they’re lost. A notification will be sent immediately to your email with a map link and GPS co-ordinates.

uMobix GPS Location Tracking


Tired of your child hiding their phone at the dinner table? uMobix means you don’t have to peak over their shoulder anymore thanks to a system-wide keylogger. Once installed on Android devices, the uMobix keylogger will scan the target device and capture any text typed into it.

The keylog scanner works 24/7, as long as the phone is on. You can be confident no conversation will escape your attention thanks to uMobix’s dashboard, which breaks down which app text was entered into, the date it happened, and the content of the text.

Umobix iPhone Keylogger

One-click Installer

uMobix is easy to download and install on to any Android device. Simply download the file from the uMobix website and open it, then the installer will take care of the rest. When you’re concerned about your child, you don’t want to waste time learning the ins and outs of how their phone works.

As soon as the install is complete, uMobix will begin sending data back to the dashboard for you to peruse at your leisure. Comprehensive device coverage means that you won’t need to install a bunch of different monitoring solutions.

Spy App Scanner

uMobix is hooked into the target device’s internals once you install it, giving you a readout of every app on the device. This allows you to check which apps your child has installed, including any malware or spy applications. You can use the uMobix dashboard to remotely assess and uninstall suspicious apps on your child’s phone before they can cause some serious damage to your child’s privacy.

Contacts Backup

uMobix constantly backs up every contact saved to the target device, even if the contact has changed number or been deleted. You can be sure you know who your child is talking to across a range of different apps. uMobix even monitors the most popular contacts on your child’s phone and displays them on the uMobix dashboard as soon as you log in. Over time, you can see how your child’s communications change as their friendships grow.

uMobix browser analytics

App Scheduler

Even if you aren’t worried about malware or trojans on your child’s device, there’s a far more insidious threat lurking on every child’s phone: time-wasting games like Subway Surfers and Fortnite. uMobix tracks every app on the target device and tells you when they were used, how long for, and which apps are the most used. Apps that are currently being used will be at the top of the list, just in case you need to catch them in the act.

Deleted Messages

Your child may be trying to cover their tracks by deleting messages after they’ve been read. Even if they give you physical access to their unlocked phone, you won’t be able to figure out if they’re trying to hide something. uMobix solves this problem by recording every message in real time as it appears on the device.

There’s a separate tab for deleted messages so you get immediate access to the messages your child is trying to keep secret. Additionally, uMobix captures deleted call logs, contacts, and even tracks renamed contacts.

Social Media Coverage

uMobix on iOS gives you unparalleled access to Facebook and Instagram through the iCloud data sync. You can use uMobix to sit inside their Facebook account and keep an eye on everything that happens as though you were logged in yourself. It’s even possible to make posts, add and delete friends, and change internal account settings.

This is thanks to the key-chain credential sync only possible by syncing iCloud with uMobix. Facebook and Instagram coverage are also possible on Android, along with a wide range of other popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, Tinder, and LINE.

uMobix's messenger app spying


uMobix takes advantage of every phone feature to give you more information on what your child is up to. From the uMobix control panel, you can activate the microphone or camera on your child’s phone and capture sound or pictures. This gives you a live, running feed of what your child is doing and with who. If you need to catch them red-handed, uMobix has you covered.

This works on both front and back cameras if the device has both, and allows you to capture either still shots or running video. Of course, this works completely silently and instantly. Worried about where your child is but don’t want to bother them? Take a snap with uMobix’s streaming capabilities.

Parental Control App

Sometimes you’re caught away from home and you don’t have your laptop with you, but you’re worried about your child. uMobix provides an additional control Android app you can install to recieve the same readout and options you would get from the uMobix dashboard.

All notification options are available in-app, which gives you a much quicker turnaround time in responding to potential threats to your child. You can’t be at a desktop 24/7, but with the uMobix Parental Control App you don’t need to be.

Browser Spy

All browsing data from each phone app is captured by the uMobix monitoring app. You won’t be caught unaware by your child browsing illegal filesharing sites, pornography sites, or other extreme content sites thanks to Umobix.

Even if you aren’t worried about your child browsing content they shouldn’t, there’s also a readout on the uMobix that lets you monitor their internet useage by the sites they spend the most time on.

uMobix browser analytics

Complete Phone Control

uMobix gives you ultimate access to the internals of your child’s phone, so you can manage every aspect of their internet use. A pesky game taking up too much of their time? Block or delete it. Websites you don’t like getting through the home router? Block them on the device. You can also block Wi-Fi access points you don’t want them using, as well as disable messaging and calling on the device if you’re really worried about who they’re reaching out to when you’re not around.

uMobix’s Ease-of-Use

Want to know how simple uMobix is to set up and use? Let’s dive into the app’s implementations and usage.

What Devices Can I Use uMobix on?

uMobix is designed to monitor mobile devices. While you can use the uMobix dashboard from any browser on any device, there is no monitoring solution for PC or Mac. There is also a parental control app downloadable on Android that gives you all the features of the normal browser dashboard from your phone.


uMobix works on all major Android devices. This includes devices manufactured by Samsung, LG, oppo, Huawei, HTC, Meizu, Motorola, Nexus, Pixel, and Sigma phones. However, if you’re not confident your device is supported by uMobix, you can check against their compatibility database hosted here. uMobix do not indicate which versions of Android works against, but generally you should update your Android to the latest operating system wherever possible.

The Android app requires rooting in order to function properly. A new mobile phone out of the box will not work with uMobix. Instead, go through the process of rooting by overwriting the default operating system with a new one. This way, uMobix can access features of the phone that are otherwise not available by default. This includes the ability to utilize the camera and microphone to track your child through live streaming.

You can only access several important features on Android. These include:

  • GPS Location
  • Keylogger
  • List of installed apps
  • Applications time record
  • Spy apps Detector
  • Message app tracking
  • Browser history
  • Mailbox scanner
  • Audio and Video streaming
  • Deleted messages
  • Wi-Fi blocker
  • Restrict calls
  • Delete apps
  • Block websites

One of uMobix’s most attractive features is the sheer number of messaging and social media apps it covers. The usual offenders like Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, and Kik are here, but uMobix also supports more obscure apps such as Viber, Wechat, and Duo.

Gamers who use Reddit and Discord are still covered by the app, as well as the more privacy-conscious who use apps like Telegram and Signal. There’s even YouTube support! uMobix are always adding additional social media apps, so if the one you’re looking for isn’t here, it probably won’t be that way for long.


uMobix works across all Apple devices that can be linked to the iCloud data backup with no exceptions. This includes modern iPhones and iPads, but you can check for sure using their compatibility database. When you register a subscription for an iOS device, you do not need access to the target device. Instead, uMobix will only work on iOS if you have the iCloud login credentials for the phone. If you do not have these credentials, uMobix does not offer another way to monitor iOS devices.

Windows & Mac

uMobix does not currently offer parental monitoring solutions for Windows or Mac desktop computers. However, you can access the browser-based uMobix control panel from any Windows or Mac desktop.

Browser Extensions

uMobix does not currently come with browser extensions. You can monitor activity on a mobile device using uMobix from the browser, but there is no integration with Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. While the lack of a browser extension is unfortunate, it may be possible that in the future the uMobix team will bring the control panel to a browser-based app.

How To Install uMobix

Although uMobix claims that it’s a one-click process to install the parental monitoring software onto the target device, this isn’t quite the case. While it isn’t quite One-Click, it is a very simple process to install uMobix on Android. We expected to see a similar iOS app to the Android app, but this is not the case. There is, in fact, no app at all for the iOS platform. Instead, uMobix relies entirely on doing a data-sync between iCloud and the uMobix control panel in order to show you data from the target device. This comes with its own benefits and problems, but for now we will focus on the Android install process.


After you have purchased a uMobix subscription for Android, you will need to enter your login credentials to enter the uMobix dashboard. From there, you will be given a link to download an .apk file onto the Android device. This requires app downloaded from unknown sources to be enabled on the Android device, but if you have rooted your Android device likely this will be on by default.

Open the .apk file and follow the installer instructions, but it’s only really a few taps to agree to their user policy and choose whether you want the app to be hidden on install. Make sure you’re certain which way you want the app to work, then tap through and give the uMobix app permissions to operate on the phone. After this is done, that’s it!

There’s an easy-to-follow video install guide on the uMobix website that walks you through the entire process with visual examples and short instructions. We found it exceptionally easy to download and install uMobix following this process, and as such, we think that with practice you could get the complete process down to a matter of seconds, not minutes.


The data-sync on iCloud is a much more simple process, although it may take longer to carry out. You first need to get the iCloud username and password for the device you need to monitor. Then, you log into the uMobix dashboard and enter the credentials into the iCloud portal.

At this point, you may need to approve a 2-Factor Authentication request for the iCloud account in order to proceed with the data sync. This involves entering the 2FA code that appears on a trusted Apple product associated with the iCloud account, which in this case will be the iPhone.

Enter the 2FA pin and that’s it! The data-sync has begun. At this point, you will just have to wait for the sync to complete. This could take several hours depending on the size of the iCloud backup.

uMobix Performance | How Fast is uMobix?

uMobix has been engineered to be lightweight, with a minimal footprint on the target device. Once uMobix was running on our test device, we saw no significant change in the time it took to load web pages in the Samsung default browser. We observed no additional startup time for apps running on the hardware. The keyboard was just as responsive as before we installed uMobix, so the keylogger doesn’t get in the way.

In terms of how quickly uMobix returns data to the dashboard, updates happen roughly every five minutes. Some sync actions took longer, however. iCloud syncs can take up to 24 hours depending on how much data there is to transfer from the account to uMobix’s servers.

We found it would take a while for large video files to be synced with the server because of poor upload speeds from the phone. Users with high bandwidth connections should not suffer from this issue.

uMobix does not slow down the target device

The install procedure itself is quick. Although rooting the phone can take a while and is a sensitive operation, if we assume the phone is rooted, then the actual uMobix installation takes only a few minutes and requires less than ten touches to complete the whole process.

Even if you only have a few minutes alone with the target device unlocked, that’s more than enough to download and install the uMobix .apk on Android.

How Secure is uMobix? | Is uMobix Safe?

The data you’re taking off of the target device is highly sensitive and you want to be sure it’s going to be in safe hands. After all, it wouldn’t make your children secure or protected if their data ended up in the hands of hackers or thieves. Thankfully, uMobix prioritizes security when it comes to your loved ones’ data. Bank-grade encryption is used to keep everything you see “for your eyes only”. We’ll take a closer look at the way uMobix’s security works, as well as how well they do in terms of handling your personal information.

uMobix’s Security

Each server that hosts data taken from a target device uses asymmetric RSA-4096 encryption. This means that the data you scrape from the phone is encrypted and stored by uMobix, but only you can decrypt and view the data.

Always keep your private key safe

This means that employees at uMobix cannot view anything you have sent to the phone, but also that any stolen data would be useless in the event of a hacker attack. However, this does come with some downsides. If you lose your private key, you cannot reset your password to get back into your account.

It is vital that you keep your private key safe and private once uMobix emails it to you. Other than that, uMobix’s security is very good. They use the HTTPS/TLS transport layer to keep your data private while it’s being sent from the phone to their servers, so nobody can spy on the data in transit.

uMobix’s Transparency Reputation


uMobix, as far as we know, has yet to carry out an audit on any party of the app or their internal security architecture. We do not know what sort of quality assurance methods uMobix uses to keep the app secure beyond what is covered by their privacy policy. However, appropriate data policy in line with GDPR seems to be carried. Their technical policy keeps your data out of the hands of unauthorized third parties.


uMobix carries out some logging which it must do in order to provide a service and enforce payment terms. In this case, uMobix collects your full name, email address, billing address, a telephone number (optional), and some credit card details. Your personal data is handled internally by the uMobix team, but is not passed on to third party marketing teams.

The only cases in which your personal data may be given out is if there’s a legal case made against you, or if law enforcement request it. uMobix carries out internal research using your data to improve the app. They also use your anonymised web browsing data to enhance marketing output and gather statistics on website usage.

Privacy Policy

uMobix’s privacy policy is very clearly written and easy to understand. Each clause has a major takeaway point, so it’s easy to get an idea of the overall way uMobix handles your data quickly. They hold your data for up to 90 days, after which time the oldest files start being deleted from the uMobix servers.

It is possible to extend this limit by contacting support, but this is generally how long they hold your data. After you delete your account, all data held on you or the target device is deleted within 30 days.

Where Can I Use uMobix?

uMobix returns data from any phone connected to the internet, or via mobile data. As such, you can track a device with uMobix practically anywhere on the planet. Certainly, anywhere in the developed world. GPS tracking technology means you can let your children go on holiday in a completely different time zone, safe in the knowledge their movements are being tracked while you sleep. However, there are some considerations you should make before using uMobix.

Most legal jurisdictions require the consent of the device user before you can monitor their device. Otherwise, using uMobix on their device could be considered wiretapping, which is certainly a violation of United States law in several states. One major exception to this rule is your children, or any child you have a legal guardianship over. You don’t have to tell your children you’re using a parental monitoring app, but you should only consider this in situations where communication has truly broken down.


It’s extremely important to pay attention when using uMobix’s audio and video streaming features. It is not obvious when these features are active, and you may end up recording conversations between your child and third-parties who are not aware they are being recorded as a result.

This may violate state law in the US, but it varies from state to state. If you’re unsure, seek legal counsel before using uMobix to monitor your children, spouse, or employees.

uMobix Price | How Much Does uMobix Cost?

uMobix offers several price packages depending on how long you want to monitor a target device for. For a single device on a month by month basis, it’s $49.99 a month. This is fine if you need a short-term deployment or want to find out one particular piece of information from your child’s phone.

It’s definitely on the cheaper side of single-month subscription prices we’ve seen for parental monitoring apps. For three months bought at once, it costs $29.99 a month, or $89.97 in total. This is an ideal package if you want to test out uMobix for a few months and get an idea of any short-term problems that might be cropping up in your child’s life.

uMobix price plans

The year long device subscription package costs $12.49 a month, or $149.88 for the entire year. Subscribing month by month would cost $599.88 for the same period, so you’re saving the equivalent of 9 months when you buy the year long package upfront.

uMobix FAQs

Does uMobix have a free version?

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Does uMobix slow down target device?

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Does uMobix Require Root Access or Jailbreak?

Can I see the photos my child has sent to other people?

Can I See Deleted Text Messages with uMobix?

Can uMobix Be Hidden?

Can I use uMobix to spy on my girlfriend?

Conclusion | Is uMobix Worth it?

uMobix is an Android user’s delight. It comes with several features we’ve not seen often in other parental monitoring apps, such as the ability to turn on the phone’s camera at any time. There’s a huge amount of coverage for social media apps, including some we don’t see on other monitoring solutions such as Discord and Duo.

Unfortunately, the iOS offering is not nearly as strong. Users who need full keyloging, screen capture, or internal device monitoring should look at other solutions. There are other apps out there that offer the same iCloud data-backup that uMobix does while also offering an app to download for monitoring the phone itself.


  • Fantastic Android compatibility
  • A whole load of apps are monitored
  • Voice and video recording capabilities
  • Dashboard is responsive and pleasing to look at


  • No iOS on-device app
  • Some location features lacking

This is a double-edged sword, however. These apps require you to jailbreak the target device, potentially downgrading the security of your Apple device. As long as you don’t absolutely need features like keylogging or 24/7 app monitoring, then uMobix will work just fine. You still get access to all the contacts, calls, and text messages on the phone, as well as Facebook and Instagram access that is exclusive to the iOS version of uMobix.

There are also some features we wish uMobix came with. Although the GPS location feature is extremely useful already, it would be nice to be able to set up inclusionary or exclusionary geofencing zones. This isn’t a deal breaker, but perhaps we will see it in a future update. There’s also no explicit way to monitor keywords in the keylogger, so you won’t get notifications for topics you might need to look out for. That said, the parental monitoring app for Android is really handy for receiving notifications on the go and staying completely up to date with your child’s behavior.

Ultimately, we’re pretty impressed with uMobix. It wouldn’t be our first recommendation if you’re looking for an iOS parental monitoring solution, but their Android offering is as good as any other top-tier device tracking app. The data taken from each app is reported in an easy-to-find manner thanks to the uMobix dashboard, which is great because there’s an overwhelming number of apps uMobix covers. Give uMobix a shot for full coverage on Android and a great iCloud solution on iOS.

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