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Whether you are going on holidays, getting a tattoo removed, or buying car insurance the best place to go on the internet for honest answers is Reddit. Google is a minefield as you never know if businesses are paying to have recommendations on sites whereas on Reddit you know people are going to give it to you straight. So what better way to find the best free VPN than by searching the free VPN Reddit?

reddit vpn

Of course, Reddit is a huge site so it can be hard to find the correct best free VPN Reddit thread that suits exactly what you are looking for. Reddit free VPN threads can also be filled with a lot of jargon people not super familiar with VPNs might not be familiar with so it can be a bit overwhelming trying to distill it all down to the information you need.

Well, lucky for you we have done the work for you and trawled through the depths of Reddit to find the most useful Reddit best free VPN content and have distilled it down to one handy article for our readers. We set out to make a list to find the best free VPN Reddit users agreed on, however, it is clear that three stood out above the rest and here they are;

  1. ProtonVPN–  Best free VPN Reddit users mentioned for data allowance 
  2. TunnelBear– The most upvoted Reddit free VPN for unblocking countries
  3. Hide.me– What is considered the Reddit best free VPN for usability 

Later we will get into why Reddit VPN posters consider these three the best but first, we will give you a quick guide from the information we gathered looking at free VPN Reddit on what you should be looking for from your free VPN.

As we mentioned it was hard to find the best free VPN Reddit users could all agree on but there was one thing that came up over and over again and that was that if anyone asked for advice on Reddit free VPN options they would generally be told that the best option is to just pay for the subscription VPN rather than opt for any of the free versions. 

This is because although there was no consensus number 1 Reddit VPN there were certain characteristics that most users tended to use as a benchmark for all VPNs and in this case, they said the paid versions just always came out on top vs any free VPN Reddit users had tested. Here are the characteristics most users are advised to keep in mind when choosing a VPN.

  • Price – So, this of course is the one area where free VPN Reddit defenders came out on top. If price is a big issue then a free version might be your only option. Then of course they also ranked the paid version by price as well.
  • Security– This is where Reddit free VPN supporters really lost out. Security is a big issue with free VPNs as many of them don’t have a kill switch, don’t protect your IP address, and even worse some of them actually sell your data. If security is a priority, Reddit users suggest you go for a paid option.
  • Torrenting–  A more advanced use of a VPN but still a popular one, even the best free VPN Reddit recommendation will not be good for torrenting when compared to a subscription service. Dedicated servers make the latter a much more viable option. 
  • Servers– The number of servers a VPN has will indicate both how fast the connection speeds will be and how many countries the VPN can unblock. While the best free VPN Reddit users recommended will have a decent amount of servers it will still pale in comparison to the best subscription VPN sites. 

So, while clearly paid versions are better, Reddit also realizes that not everyone needs a VPN for a year or two and some only need one for a brief while. In this case, it can be better to choose a free option. So let’s look at the three options that Reddit best free VPN threads consistently mentioned as go-to options.

1) ProtonVPN

Proton VPN - Best free vpn for netflix Anyone that has researched free VPNs in any kind of way before will have consistently seen ProtonVPN toward the top of all these kinds of lists and that is for one particular reason; unlimited data. How most free VPNs get you is they give tiny amounts of data, this is not the case with ProtonVPN and you’ll be able to use it to your heart’s content.

Other than that it performs pretty consistently across the board for a free VPN so it is no wonder at all why it comes up so much as the best free VPN Reddit users like to use. As we mentioned security is a very important thing to look out for and ProtonVPN has a reliable kill switch and it doesn’t log your data both of which are crucial in a free VPN.

ProtonVPN App screenshots

In the Reddit free VPN threads some of the criticism of ProtonVPN is downgraded a lot for the fact it only unblocks 3 countries. Also, if you are looking for a free VPN it is more than likely for streaming and ProtonVPN also fails to unblock Netflix so that is another drawback.


  • Unlimited data 
  • Upvoted consistently on Reddit
  • Upvoted consistently on Reddit


  • Doesn’t unblock Netflix 
  • Only unblocks 3 countries 

Unlimited data

Secure Good choice of countries  Unblocks Netflix

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2) TunnelBear

Tunnel Bear - Free VPN for Netflix The next free VPN that always appears on the best free VPN Reddit lists is TunnelBear. The most important thing TunnelBear offers just like ProtonVPN is a secure connection. You can use their free VPN and not worry about your search history being logged or any of your data being sold.

It seems free VPN Reddit enthusiasts really liked TunnelBear for a few different reasons. Firstly, it unblocks 47 different countries which is a huge amount for a free VPN and it also unblocks Netflix so if that is what you are looking for TunnelBear could be the choice for you. Lastly, you can use 5 devices at once which is a very cool feature for a free VPN and shows why Reddit VPN posters are so fond of this service.

TunnelBear User Interface
Tunnel Bear VPN – User Interface

There is one glaring downside to TunnelBear and that is the tiny data amount they give users of their free VPN. You will only get 500MB to use per month with TunnelBear. For reference Netflix estimate you will need 1Gb of data just to watch one hour of a movie and that’s in SD mode rather than HD. So really despite all the great features you will not get much use from this VPN.


  • Unblocks 47 countries 
  • Use across 5 devices at once
  • Over 2600 servers


  • Tiny data allowance
  • Average speeds

Unlimited Data Secure Good choice of countries Unblocks Netflix

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3) Hide.meVPN

Hide.me VPN - Free VPN Netflix Last but definitely not least on the best Reddit free VPN recommendations list is Hide.meVPN. What we found Reddit users seemed to like about this VPN the most was its usability. Basically, most of its positive qualities make it perfect for people that are new to VPNs, a gateway VPN if you will.

Across all devices, the app interface is very easy to use and you shouldn’t have any difficulty moving around the site. It also has a decent data allowance with 10GB allocated per month. Finally, it is just as secure as the other two VPNs above so you can safely use Hide.meVPN without fear.

Hide.me VPN User interface
Hide.me VPN – User Interface

The downsides to Hide.meVPN tend to be just common ways free VPNs let down their users. It has slow enough connection speeds so buffering could become an issue when streaming, it only has 5 servers so choices are limited, and finally, you can only use one device when using Hide.meVPN.


  • Easy to use
  • Unblocks Netflix  
  • Decent data allowance


  • Small number of servers
  • Limited accessibility across devices

Unlimited data Fast speeds Unblocks most countries  Unblocks US Netflix

⚠️ Reddit Users highly recommend a paid VPN. Check here the Top paid VPNs According to Reddit Users .

So clearly the opinion on Reddit is that the majority of users would recommend a paid VPN over any free VPN Reddit users have tried. So we applied the same process that we did to the best free VPN Reddit choices and found the best VPNs that you need to pay for.

1) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Logo - Best paid VPN for Netflix Nearly all Reddit VPN threads had glowing recommendations of ExpressVPN and that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Recently they passed NordVPN as the market’s best option and they seem to just go from strength to strength.

It is hard to pick anything specifically great about ExpressVPN as they do everything right across the board, but let’s try. You will be 100 percent secure using ExpressVPN. They have a no-logs policy, AES-256 encryption, and lightway security protocol. They have dedicated servers for torrenting so any p2p activity will be a breeze via ExpressVPN. Finally, they have 2000+ servers so wherever you wish to locate to should be easily within their parameters.

Reddit users don’t have too many negatives to mention when it comes to ExpressVPN. However, one thing that did come up was the cost. It is one of the pricier subscriptions on the market so if money is an issue ExpressVPN might be a little out of range. However, if it isn’t you get what you pay for with this service and Reddit users would highly recommend it.


  • Fast speeds
  • 100% secure
  • Usable across 5 devices at once 


  • A bit expensive

Cheapest Renewal Price Number of Servers Max Devices Supported  Money-Back Guarantee
€6.30 per month for 1 year + 3 months free 2000+ 5 30 days

2) NordVPN

NordVPN NordVPN - 2nd best free vpn for netflix came in a very close second to Express VPN and if you were looking at more archive posts it would have been the best option by far. This is because Nord has been top of the VPN game for years now and they are still putting out a top-quality product.

Nord also does most of the same things that Express does to make it such a great VPN. Highly secure with a no-logs policy, excellent dedicated servers for torrenting, And of course it unblocks most streaming services in most counties so you will be spoiled for choice. It also has a more affordable plan than Express so it wins in that category.

We felt one Reddit user made an astute observation when it came to NordVPN compared to Express when they compared it to iPhones vs Androids, they said it’s hard to put your finger on it but iPhones just work smoother. This is the experience many talk about with NordVPN. While it is certainly great it is a little clunky and can have issues with things like auto connection.


  • Years of industry experience
  • Affordable pricing
  • Excellent security features


  • Auto connection issues

Cheapest Renewal Price Number of Servers Max Devices Supported  Money-Back Guarantee
€3.99 per month for 2 years  + 3 months free 5000+ 6 30 days

3) IvacyVPN 

Ivacy VPN - 3rd best VPN for Netflix The last VPN that came up a lot in our search of Reddit was IvacyVPN. It also is one of those VPNs that is being mentioned a lot more lately as they seem to be growing and developing so expect big things from this site in the future.

IvacyVPN like ExpressVPN and NordVPN does everything you would want it to do well but there was one thing that kept coming up over and over again on Reddit and that was how good it was for families. IvacyVPN allows you to use 10 devices at once and unblock basically every streaming service you can think of, so it is the perfect VPN for a family with differing tastes from kids to grandparents.

We believe this will change soon, but IvacyVPN at the moment is not a good choice for Apple users according to Reddit VPN threads. It does not have a kill switch yet for any Apple products which means there is a danger if you wish to use IvacyVPN for any p2p file sharing or you are logging in to a public network at any time. It is unfortunate and we hope the remedy this soon as other than the Apple issue IvacyVPN is a top-notch option.


  • 24/7 live support
  • Great for family use
  • Allows use across 5 devices at once


  • No kill switch for Apple products

Cheapest Renewal Price Number of Servers Max Devices Supported  Money-Back Guarantee
€3.99 per month for 2 years  + 3 months free 2000+ 10 30 days

Unveiling Reddit’s Consensus on VPNs: Insights from the Community’s Perspectives

So, what we have gathered from even free VPN Reddit threads is that the best option is a paid version. However, they also do take into account that not everyone can afford to pay for a VPN especially when they charge you for lengthy plans all in one go upfront. So, adding to the main points listed at the start to look for in a quality VPN they also had some general tips on some of the Reddit free VPN discussions.

The main bit of advice we found on any free VPN Reddit discussion was to choose a free VPN that also has a subscription service. The reasoning here according to Reddit is that these will not steal your data or commit any other dodgy act as it will just harm how many subscribers they get to their paid product. Free VPNs that don’t have a paid option as well should be considered dangerous as you don’t know what they are trying to gain from you.

Other than that Reddit free VPN discussion seemed to be pretty straightforward. Depending on what you are looking for there are lots of different options and you should be always able to find a free or paid VPN that works the best for you.

What are the best free VPNs according to Reddit?

Why should I take VPN advice from Reddit?

Does Reddit recommend free or paid VPNs?

Should I check out free VPN Reddit for myself?

Reddit Users’ Verdict on the Best Free VPNs: A Comprehensive Conclusion

We will keep this brief. Reddit is of the opinion that if you want a decent VPN it is better to go for a paid option like ExpressVPN as they just cover more bases. However, if you only need a VPN for a small period of time or if money is an issue we have given you the three best options for you to use. Happy hunting!

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