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Let’s be honest even though VPNs are used a lot for work, and I’m sure we have all used them for something important or another at times, the best feature of any VPN is it unblocks different streaming sites from around the world. In particular, for this piece, we are talking about Netflix and how difficult it can be to find the best free VPN for Netflix.

All of us Netflix account holders will be familiar with the sinking feeling of searching for your favorite title and seeing it is unavailable in your region. Then, of course, the next step is to search for the best free VPN for Netflix on Google to try and find a quick solution to this issue, which is notoriously difficult.

best free vpn for netflix

In this piece, we will take you through the various options you have available to you when it comes to finding the best free VPN that works with Netflix. This isn’t just about unblocking Netflix but also all the other things that make a great VPN, such as data allowances and server speeds. 

Netflix VPN free options are certainly plentiful, but unfortunately, most of them are useless, or even worse, you will damage your device just by using them. So, let’s dive right in and try to help you find the free VPN for Netflix that suits your needs the best.

A Guide to Free VPNs for Netflix 

Unfortunately, the process of finding the best free VPN for Netflix isn’t as simple as just googling it and choosing the first option. As we mentioned above, there is an inherent danger of downloading free VPNs onto your device. The logic we always say to apply here is to ask yourself, what is the company getting out of this? If there is nothing you can see on their site that suggests any sort of benefit for them, it is likely you are downloading something that will damage your device.

This is why we always tell our readers to choose free VPNs for Netflix that also have a subscription service. The reason for this is the company likely has a model where the free service exists to tempt you into buying the paid version. So, they will likely give you a taste of some of the best features so you will be impressed. Then it is time to try to find what features you are looking for from your free VPN for Netflix

Your device will matter, of course, as different VPNs work better on desktop, iPhone, and Android devices. Unfortunately, the reality is that paid VPNs are just better choices than any VPN for Netflix free options. However, despite this, we have come up with the three best options on the market to help you in your search for the best Netflix VPN free plan

What is the Best Free VPN For Netflix?

As we now know, finding a good VPN for Netflix free of charge is going to be difficult. We tested a number of different sites in our search for what free VPN works with Netflix the best, and here are the top 3.

  • ProtonBest free VPN for unlimited time watching Netflix 
  • TunnelBearBest free VPN for unblocking Netflix in different countries
  • Hide.me – Best VPN for watching Netflix without buffering 

The Best Free VPNs for Netflix Reviewed

1. Proton

Proton VPN - Best free vpn for netflix

Anybody that has any experience with VPNs, be they paid or free, will not be surprised to see Proton on our top 3 free VPN for Netflix options. It has been for years now one of the most consistently high-performing VPNs on the market.

Those looking for the best Netflix VPN free site will love the fact that even with their free plan, Proton offers an unlimited data allowance. This is quite unusual for a free VPN to do as normally, they will give you a certain amount to try to lure you into upgrading your plan. It is also compatible across a lot of devices, so no matter what your need, it is likely Proton will work for you.

ProtonVPN App screenshots
Proton VPN User Interface

Unfortunately, even though Proton is one of the best free VPN options, it still has its cons when compared to paid versions. One of those is it only unblocks three countries, so your options are limited. The main downside is that the paid Proton VPN only allows you to unblock Netflix, so you will have to upgrade to stream your favorite shows and movies.


  • Unlimited data 
  • Years of company experience
  • Compatible across a number of devices 


  • Only unblocks 3 countries 
  • Doesn’t unblock Netflix 

Unlimited data Fast speeds Unblocks most countries  Unblocks US Netflix

⚠️ We highly recommend a paid VPN for Netflix. Check here the Top paid VPNs to unblock Netflix.

2. TunnelBear 

Tunnel Bear - Free VPN for Netflix TunnelBear is next on our list of best free VPNs for Netflix list. Similar to Proton, it gives a lot more than you would expect from a free option. However, that is where the similarities end, as TunnelBear’s strengths and weaknesses are the opposite of Protons. 

Unlike Proton, TunnelBear will allow you to unblock Netflix in 47 countries. This is incredible value for a free VPN, as a lot of paid ones even limit the number of countries you can change your IP address to. TunnelBear also boasts a huge number of servers across these countries, currently operating over 2,600.

TunnelBear User Interface
Tunnel Bear VPN – User Interface

TunnelBear is certainly one of the best free VPNs that work with Netflix, but like Proton it too has its drawbacks when compared to the paid options available on the market. The data allowance for TunnelBear, unfortunately, is limited with its data allowance, users will only be allowed to use 500MB per month. To put this into context, Netflix says to watch an hour of a tv show or movie in the standard resolution, you will need 1GB of data, which even jumps to 3GB for high resolution. This just shows how opting for the paid VPNs will be worth it in the long run.


  • Unblocks 47 countries
  • Whole Netflix libraries are available
  • Over 2600 servers


  • Measly data allowance
  • Average speeds

Unlimited data Fast speeds Unblocks most countries  Unblocks US Netflix

⚠️ We highly recommend a paid VPN for Netflix. Check here the Top paid VPNs to unblock Netflix.

3. Hide.me 

Hide.me VPN - Free VPN Netflix Hide.me is the last VPN in our search for the best free VPN for Netflix and whereas Proton and TunnelBear are polar opposites this VPN falls somewhere in the middle. As VPNs go Hide.me does everything well without having any real standout feature.

However, that being said, its best quality as a free VPN that works with Netflix is certainly its speed. No matter what you are watching, it is very unlikely you will have to worry about movie or TV show buffering. Its data allowance is middle of the road, coming in at 10GB per month, and finally, you will have the choice of an IP address in the USA, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Hide.me VPN User interface
Hide.me VPN – User Interface

As you would have gathered by now, even all the best Netflix VPN free products have their limitations when compared to the paid versions. Unfortunately, this goes for Hide.me too. This VPN only has a total of 5 servers available across its 4 countries, and you can only access the VPN on one site at a time.


  • Fast speeds 
  • Unblocks US Netflix
  • Whole Netflix libraries are available


  • Small number of servers
  • Limited accessibility across devices

Unlimited data Fast speeds Unblocks most countries  Unblocks US Netflix

⚠️ We highly recommend a paid VPN for Netflix. Check here the Top paid VPNs to unblock Netflix.

As I am sure you have picked up by now, we have come to the conclusion that paid versions are better than free VPNs for Netflix. Unfortunately, that’s just the way life is, nothing good in life comes for free. However, it is certainly not all doom and gloom.

The number of VPNs around nowadays means the supply and demand chain has turned around to favor the customer. They are all in competition to provide the best product for the most affordable price. This has led to a glut of great VPNs for very affordable prices.

This is in reaction to a lot of people using free VPNs, so we can be very thankful to the quality ones for performing well enough to do this. We have done the testing for you and come up with another 3 options, this time we are examining the best-paid VPNs for Netflix:

  • ExpressVPNBest VPN for fast speeds 
  • NordVPNBest VPN for unblocking countries
  • IvacyBest VPN for US Netflix 

Our Expert Review of the Top 3 VPNs to Bypass Netflix Geo-Restrictions

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Logo - Best paid VPN for Netflix In recent years ExpressVPN has made great progress with its product, and that has led them to be selected as our best paid VPN for watching Netflix. It has previously been known as an up-and-coming VPN, but we think it has finally gained its place at the top of the table.

Express does most things right. It has a huge number of servers across a massive number of countries, and users will be delighted to hear they will be able to access Netflix in most of these countries, including the USA. It also has top-of-the-range speeds and allows you to use up to 5 devices at once.

It is difficult to come up with any real negative aspect of ExpressVPN, but as this article also includes the best free VPN for Netflix options, it bears mentioning that Express is a little pricier when compared to other options on the market. We do, however, think they are worth the price due to their top-quality product.


  • Fast speeds 
  • Unblocks Netflix worldwide
  • Allows use across 5 devices at once 


  • One of the pricier VPNs 

Cheapest Renewal Price Number of Servers Max Devices Supported  Money-Back Guarantee
€6.30 per month for 1 year + 3 months free 2000+ 5 30 days

2. NordVPN

NordVPN - 2nd best free vpn for netflix Nobody will be surprised to see NordVPN in our top 3 paid VPNs for Netflix list. The site, which has always set the standard for VPNs, has consistently scored highly in every metric. It comes in number two on our list, but it can be argued it is just as good as ExpressVPN.

Consistency is the name of the game at NordVPN, but it is always improving and expanding too. They already give access to countries all over the world, and the number of options available is actually growing as they come up with new IP addresses. Speed is another area where the VPN excels, and we also love how easy it is to use their site with a section for your favorite shows and movies so you can create easy shortcuts.

Just like with ExpressVPN, we had to dig very deep in order to find anything negative to say about NordVPN. However, for those accessing the site via iPhone or Android, you might find it a little more difficult when compared to desktop versions. It still looks fine, just the interface and user experience are a bit clunkier.


  • Fast speeds
  • Unblocks Netflix worldwide
  • Excellent kill switch 


  • Below average mobile experience 

Cheapest Renewal Price Number of Servers Max Devices Supported  Money-Back Guarantee
€3.99 per month for 2 years  + 3 months free 5000+ 6 30 days

3. Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN - 3rd best VPN for Netflix Last but not least on our list is Ivacy, and similar to our free VPN for Netflix list, the last selection is the most consistent one. Ivacy is known as a VPN that doesn’t stand out necessarily but is as reliable an option as you are going to find.

Above-average speeds, a big number of servers across a huge selection of countries, and great 24/7 customer service are just three of the reasons we rank Ivacy so highly. The experience is also a breeze as well across most devices, so you will have no problem watching your favorite Netflix show or movie.

Ivacy VPN User Interface
Ivacy VPN – User Interface

As we mentioned, Ivacy works great across most platforms and is an easy-to-use VPN. However, for iPhone users, there can be some connection issues caused by their lack of a kill switch. This, of course, means anyone with an Apple device should be careful what networks they connect to when using Ivacy.


  • Fast speeds 
  • Unblocks Netflix worldwide
  • Easy-to-use product


  • No kill switch on Apple products

Cheapest Renewal Price Number of Servers Max Devices Supported  Money-Back Guarantee
€3.99 per month for 2 years  + 3 months free 2000+ 10 30 days

Final Tips For Finding The Best VPN for Netflix

The Netflix free VPN search is a difficult one as we have discussed it is likely better for you to choose a paid option. They are safer and faster and will likely give a much bigger selection. However, a paid version might not always be an option for everyone, so along with three recommendations we have already given you, here are some tips to help you always make the correct decision.

Free VPNs that work with Netflix are advertised everywhere but only a few actually unblock and stream successfully, make sure you look at reviews like this and others on our site to find out if your free VPN choice actually unblocks Netflix in the country you want to.

Safety is a huge issue that we have already touched on. As we mentioned, free versions that come alongside paid ones are likely your best options. Another thing to look out for is kill switches, a free VPN that has one is likely a safe one as they have already put in the work to secure your data if your connection drops at any time.

Finally, speed and data allowances are your two last factors to look out for. It can be difficult to find a free VPN that works with Netflix that has plenty of data allowance and speed. However, the best ones will give you both and allow you to watch your favorite tv shows and movies.

Best Free VPN For Netflix FAQ

Why do I need a VPN for Netflix? 

What are the best for Netflix streaming, free or paid VPNs?

How can I get a VPN for Netflix?

Can I use a free VPN to watch US Netflix?


To finish up, we hope we have given you enough information on the best VPNs for using Netflix. It is our opinion you are better off going for one of the paid options we have listed in this piece, but if you are set on a free VPN, the three above will not let you down. Just remember to look out for some of the key points like security, speed, and allowance, and you’ll be watching any Netflix show you like in no time!

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