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The best free VoIP phone number providers are a must-have, not only for individuals looking for a cost-effective calling solution but for businesses, too, especially for small businesses that can’t afford a premium VoIP.

That said, if you limit your calls and texts to domestic lines exclusively (U.S. and Canada), the free plans won’t cost you a dime, but some affordable premium VoIPs are also well worth the consideration, depending on your needs. To help you find the best one, we’re going to run through the top free VoIP phone number solutions, as well as take a look at the best affordable premium providers who offer free numbers or trials.

What Are Free VoIP Phone Numbers?

With the help of voice-over IP software, free VoIP phone numbers give customers a second phone number that’s distinct from their home, workplace, or cell phone numbers.

Free virtual VoIP phone numbers spare you the hassle of a sign-up procedure with a premium VoIP system and spare you from having to install another landline, which takes time. In terms of features, free VoIP services have limited functionality when compared with their premium competitors, but you can expect to get:

  • Call Recording
  • Local Calls
  • Text Messages over WiFi
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Blocking
  • Caller ID

Thankfully calls within the United States (and typically Canada) will be free thanks to the VoIP numbers’ ability to make and receive calls and texts through an internet connection rather than the PSTN network, but calls made internationally will be billed at location- and carrier-specific rates.

Pros and Cons of Free VoIPs

The fact that free VoIP phone numbers are free is, of course, their major advantage. That said, the features, quality of service, and customer support are lacking when you compare business communication tools or phone services based just on pricing. This, alone, is why we highly recommend checking out our top recommendations for affordable VoIP phone numbers.

However, free VoIP lines may be sufficient for some startups, small teams, and businesses with fewer than five employees. In general, though, it’s better to think of these numbers as either short-term business phone solutions or entirely alternative phone numbers to personal or primary business lines.

Below are a number of pros and cons that come with using a free VoIP solution:


  • A useful alternative to giving out your own personal number
  • You can make as many calls as you want for free in the United States or Canada over any wireless network
  • They tend to have user-friendly interfaces as they have limited features and bloatware
  • Allows new businesses to seem more established by having their local phone number


  • You can only select local phone number prefixes; vanity or toll-free numbers aren’t available.
  • There’s usually a limited number of features available, and you’ll be pushed toward signing up for a premium plan
  • Free plans often rely on ads to generate money, which can easily negatively impact the experience
  • Your mobile phone might not be compatible with some free number plans

The Market’s Top 3 Free VoIP Number Services

Now we’re going to take a quick look at the best free VoIP number services, analyzing their key components such as features, compatibility, and more.

1. Google Voice

Google Voice Logo

Google Voice is the most well-known cloud-based provider of free business phone numbers that also provides free domestic calls. It’s incredibly portable since it enables customers to place and receive calls using their Google number from smartphones and web browsers.

In addition to this, Google Voice customers can also set up voicemail, forward calls to several devices so that they all ring at once, and send and receive SMS text messages. You can also organize conference calls for up to 4 people, which is ideal for very small business meetings.

That said, the free voicemail transcription service offered by Google Voice is one of its best features. This is especially helpful if you need to prioritize callbacks because you get a lot of incoming calls every day.

Overall, although this can suffice for some, an affordable paid solution is a better option in most instances, not just for higher limits and unlimited potential for what numbers you can call, but also for a boatload more features like virtual receptionists, music on hold, voicemail-to-email, and Ring Groups.


  • Incredibly user-friendly interface for beginners
  • Useful voicemail transcription feature for businesses
  • Reliable call forwarding


  • No toll-free numbers
  • Advanced reporting only available on the premium plan

⚠️ Read our reviews on affordable VoIP phone number solutions that offer free nationwide calling, cheap international calls, and more.

2. Skype

Skype Logo

Up to 50 individuals can use Skype’s combined audio and video conferencing platform for free while taking advantage of all of its features, which is a real statement by the Microsoft-owned service.

Although many businesses will find that Skype’s free services are sufficient, there is also the option to buy Skype Credits in the form of a one-time bundle or a monthly subscription, and with these credits, users can call both landlines and mobile phones as well as send SMS messages.

Skype has a tonne of features, and it’s continually adding fresh, cutting-edge capabilities for both individuals and organizations. Similar to many other teleconferencing services, it also lets you record calls and store the recordings for up to 30 days after the teleconference ends, which is great for employee training.

The software also makes it simple to interact with other users, share your screen, and share multimedia files. Overall, the platform’s ability to offer much more than these fundamental video conferencing functionalities is one of its greatest advantages.

Beyond all this, the latest updates to Skype include the ability to add live subtitles to video calls, end-to-end encryption for chat, and even a live translation feature that permits video calls with up to ten languages being spoken at once.


  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Real-time translation is great for overseas calls
  • Excellent audio and video quality


  • You can only send SMS messages, not receive them
  • No end-to-end encryption could lead to privacy concerns
  • Anyone can find and message you

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3. 2nd Line

2nd Line Logo

2ndLine is another one of the market’s top free VoIP phone services that makes use of the internet connection on your smartphone to provide you access to a second line. Users in the US and Canada can use the 2ndLine app to make unlimited calls and texts to those countries, but there is a charge when calling abroad.

Free services like free local phone numbers, free MMS and SMS text messaging, and the ability to send emojis, stickers, GIFs, and caller ID are all advantages you’ll like. With 2ndLine’s free plan, you can also set up call forwarding, create text signatures, customize backgrounds and ringtones for specific contacts or groups, and more.

Even more security features like Google SmartLock and Passcode are available, as well as free voicemail transcription and speedy pre-programmed text responses. However, there is a big drawback to using the software — it’s only compatible with Android handsets.

Plus, you’ll, unfortunately, have to make do with some annoying ads unless you upgrade or pay to remove them.


  • Offers a private phone number that won’t show up on any phone bill
  • Unlimited free texts and calls within the U.S. and Canada
  • Voicemail feature included in the free plan


  • Only available on Android devices
  • Ads feature after every call on the free plan

⚠️ Get free numbers, nationwide calling, cheap international calls, and compatibility with all major devices with the market’s leading affordable VoIPs — Read our reviews on the top paid VoIP phone number solutions for more.

Should I Use a Free VoIP?

A free VoIP service for personal use is recommended, but in most cases, the services offered for free to corporate users are severely constrained — or the service isn’t at all suitable for business use when compared to tools leading paid solutions like Ooma and Vonage.

Because of this, it’s usually advisable to choose a solution that isn’t entirely free but is still reasonably priced, has some extra features (like call recording or call transferring, for example), and has good customer service.

Even for personal usage, many services, like Skype or Google Voice, only let you call other customers of that particular product; if it’s even possible, calling a phone number usually entails some additional fees. Some free VoIP service providers apply additional restrictions (such as only permitting inbound calls).

To give you a better understanding, we’re going to review the top premium VoIP providers below, many of which offer free numbers as part of their packages or the means to use your current one, plus a boatload of advanced features to streamline your business, improve your customer service, and more at a low cost.

In fact, the below solutions are renowned for being the market’s leading providers for both residential and business use, and most come with free trials and money-back guarantees for a risk-free trial.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best free VoIP providers, but now it’s time to explore the more premium options:

  1. OomaThe best VoIP provider overall based on its premium features like Voicemail Transcription and Virtual Receptionist | Try our top pick free for 30-days with the Ooma money-back guarantee
  2. Vonage – A great option for those on a budget and includes a cutting-edge AI virtual assistant | Try it now risk-free for 30 days
  3. Nextiva – Reliable VoIP provider that can integrate with a wide range of third-party apps like Google Contacts and CRMs | You can purchase hassle-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  4. Phone.com – Easy-to-use VoIP service with a ton of premium features like Voicemail-to-email | Try it out free for 30-days with the money-back guarantee
  5. MightyCall – An affordable choice that lets you make conference calls with an unlimited number of contacts | Try before you buy with a 7-day free trial
  6. RingCentralPopular virtual phone number service that has an AI learning system that can recommend strategies to your sales team | Try it free for 14 days

Reviews of the Top VoIP Phone Number Providers

Now it’s time to take a deeper look into the top VoIP phone number providers in more detail, looking at the key features on offer, pricing, and much more, starting with our number one, Ooma.

1. Ooma – Overall, the Best VoIP Phone Number Provider


Ooma is our top choice for the best VoIP company because they offer a great service for homes and companies of all sizes. Having said that, the service offers a variety of practical functions, and its cost-effective plans make it even more appealing.

Ooma’s Office plan, which is competitively priced and has a few different plan options, is a great VoIP option for small businesses or those with a large number of remote employees. A mobile app, a virtual receptionist, and call-forwarding features are also included in the base plan, making it excellent value for money.

For a more sophisticated feature set, Ooma Office Pro offers voicemail transcription so you can have voicemails routed to your mailbox rather than listening to them, as well as top-notch video conferencing facilities that accommodate 200 people.

Ooma VoIP phone number service


Because it offers desktop and mobile tools that let employees use their company numbers to make and receive unrestricted calls to the US or Canada, it’s also a top choice for companies with remote workers.

There’s also a valuable tool called Ring Groups that transfers a call to other employees if someone else is unavailable, which enables businesses to group extensions to ring simultaneously. All of this makes Ooma Office unquestionably an excellent choice for companies of all sizes, hence why it tops our list of the best VoIP services this year.

The Ooma Pro Plus plan is ideal if you need more advanced services and have a company with more than 20 employees because you can benefit from the top-notch video conferencing features at a reasonable price.

Pricing Free Texts Number of Calls Compatibility
Essentials $19.95
Pro $24.95
Pro Plus $29.95
Yes Unlimited in US & Canada Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android


  • Great video-calling features
  • Integrates seamlessly with third-party apps
  • Excellent customer support team
  • Affordably priced plans to suit all needs
  • Simple setup that takes just a few minutes


  • Not enough SMS options

2. Vonage – A Great Budget-Friendly VoIP Provider


Vonage is a well-known VoIP company that boasts a 99.999% uptime guarantee and a tonne of useful services geared towards small to large businesses. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about any downtime negatively affecting your business.

With services available in over 60 different countries, Vonage is a global powerhouse. This is especially useful if you frequently contact abroad or if your company is considering becoming global.

One of Vonage’s noteworthy new features is the user-friendly AI-based virtual assistant that can understand the trends in the conduct of your employees and offer recommendations. Plus, you can streamline the entire business process by integrating third-party apps like Microsoft Teams, which is another beneficial feature.

Vonage Best VoIP Canada

Alongside the groundbreaking introduction of AI, you also get access to some other advanced features like Call Continuity, which allows you to reroute calls to a backup number in case your internet connection drops or your VoIP system malfunctions.

Plus, a business can benefit from the Simultaneous Ring feature, where five numbers can ring at one time to ensure the phone is answered. Beyond all of this, the setup process is really simple, and Vonage will handle the activation and delivery at no additional cost.

And as you might anticipate, the UI is very user-friendly, so even inexperienced VoIP software users shouldn’t have too much trouble. This makes it a useful option for residential VoIP usage, which you can get for just $12.99/month.

For home users, you can get access to the Vonage Extensions app, which means you can take your number with you on the go so that you never miss any important calls. There’s also a useful voicemail feature that can either read them out to you or have them transcribed and sent to your email.

Pricing Free Texts Number of Calls Compatibility
Mobile $19.99
Premium $29.99
Advanced $39.99
Yes Unlimited in US & Canada Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android


  • Free delivery, activation, and setup 
  • Affordably priced plans suited for all businesses
  • Global network available in 60+ countries
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.999%


  • A lot of features need to be purchased separately

3. Nextiva – Reliable VoIP Provider with a Ton of Third-Party Integrations

Nextiva Logo

If you’re thinking about using cloud-based communication for your team and clients, Nextiva offers many advantages over its rivals, including flexible pricing options and a large range of features like unlimited texts and HD-quality calls.

To begin with, you’re free to make as many calls as you want to any US or Canadian phone number. The real-time presence feature allows you to see which of your contacts are available right now, and the call queue allows you to accept calls even when the line is busy.

In addition, Nextiva allows you to share files and screens during meetings, and all the plans offer video conferencing. Beyond this, you’ll even be able to host live-streaming webinars and online events using special video tools.

Nextiva VoIP interface

Outgoing voicemails can also be recorded, and you can have them sent immediately to your email inbox, saving you time and making it simple to discover essential messages when you need them. Plus, you can also send and receive an unlimited number of faxes and text messages, which makes the deal even sweeter.

Overall, Nextiva’s service is well-designed with utility and usability in mind, segmenting its tools based on communication, sales, and service, enabling you to discover the necessary functions, like call logs, as soon as you log in.

Additionally, there are seamless connections with leading CRM services like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Outlook, and Google Contacts that work with Vonage to make it simple to manage data across the apps that your company uses.

Despite being primarily aimed at business usage, Nextiva can be used for a home office setup, which is increasingly more popular following the pandemic. You get all the usual features you’d expect from a top-tier VoIP provider, including a virtual voicemail service, ideal for those who work from home or on the go.

Pricing Free Texts Number of Calls Compatibility
Basic $20
Pro $25
Enterprise $30
Yes Unlimited in US & Canada Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android


  • Unlimited SMS and calls
  • A 30-day guarantee for a stress-free purchase
  • HD call quality for unrivaled communications
  • User-friendly interface that’s perfect for new users


  • No 24/7 phone or email support

4. Phone.com – Easy-to-Use VoIP Provider, Great for Beginners

Phone.com Logo

The VoIP and phone service provider Phone.com has a solid reputation and caters to small businesses or individuals on a tight budget because it provides phone, contact center, and administrative services with an easy-to-use user interface at an affordable price.

This makes it one of the best VoIP providers for small businesses, and even has higher-tier plans that can scale alongside your business should you outgrow your current plan. In fact, there are several options available for both corporate and home use, including usage-based pricing on its Basic plan.

This is ideal for those who make fewer than 300 calls each month, however, if you need more, you can upgrade at any time, as the more expensive plans provide unlimited calls and texts. Phone.com gives unparalleled freedom to add, delete, or upgrade people from one plan to another for those who are only willing to pay for what they need.

Phone.com | top VoIP providers

Regardless of your subscription, all users have access to standard capabilities like voicemail to email, which includes a transcript of the voicemail message. Additionally, all packages include call routing, queuing, and scheduling, which users may use to change how and when they receive calls.

Beyond this, Phone.com offers free conference bridge numbers to each employee, enabling them to initiate calls with up to 250 people. You also won’t need to buy a new phone because it supports a range of IP phones, including traditional analog phones, in fact, Phone.com will even send you a free adapter so you can get started straight away.

Phone.com is also an excellent provider of residential VoIP solutions, with prices starting from just $12.84/month. It allows you to use a new phone number for your business, rather than your personal one, and comes bundled with a ton of premium features like Call Forwarding, should you not be able to answer, as well as a customizable caller ID feature.

Pricing Free Texts Number of Calls Compatibility
Basic $11.99
Plus $15.99
Pro $23.99
Yes Unlimited in US & Canada Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android


  • No need to buy new phones, as Phone.com supports most hardware
  • Usage-based pricing is great for small businesses
  • Base VoIP feature set included for all plans
  • User-friendly interface that’s perfect for beginners


  • Video conferencing is a paid extra for all plans

5. MightyCall – Excellent VoIP for Conference Calling

MightyCall Logo

MightyCall is a trustworthy virtual phone system with fundamental call management functions. It’s a great option for small firms and solopreneurs who require a simple communication platform. The company’s primary services include virtual phone numbers, call reporting, business messaging, voicemail transcription, and call flow.

Incoming calls from vanity, local, and toll-free numbers are handled by MightyCall, and it has all the typical features, including call forwarding, conference calling, hold music, and call screening and recording.

The multichannel activity dashboard shows texts, calls, emails, callback requests, and social media interactions together with the rep who is responsible for each task and the anticipated response timeframes.

MightyCall interface

MightyCall offers up to two toll-free lines in each of its three plans, making it one of the top virtual phone number providers on the market. Most rivals, like Ooma and Nextiva, only offer one number as standard or impose additional fees, as is the case with DialPad.

With a wide variety of VoIP capabilities, MightyCall checks all the necessary aspects for simplified corporate conversations. Talking minutes, text messages, and virtual phone numbers (local, toll-free, vanity, and international numbers) are some of these.

Email integration also enables businesses to transform emails into tasks that can be delegated to any team member. Managers can receive alerts about incoming requests and allocate them to team members using the excellent VoIP mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones.

MightyCall doesn’t have a dedicated residential plan, but the service can be used from home in the same way, although it may be more expensive than other specialized residential plans because of this.

You can access all the features above, like call forwarding and video conferencing, all from the comfort of your home, or on the go with one of the intuitive mobile apps on offer for Android and iOS.

Pricing Free Texts Number of Calls Compatibility
Small Team $15/month

Business $20/month

Enterprise $150 (flat-rate)

Yes Unlimited in US & Canada Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android


  • Excellent mobile apps for keeping teams connected on the go
  • Unlimited call recording
  • The Interactive Voice Response feature is included across all plans
  • Includes 2 toll-free lines on each of its plans


  • Integrations with CRM tools aren’t available in the basic plan

6. RingCentral – Top VoIP for Sales Teams

RingCentral Logo

For managing all of your corporate communications, including audio talks and team chats, RingCentral is a useful and effective solution. Additionally, it provides high security and a variety of software integration, but it isn’t the most cost-effective choice.

However, RingCentral is aware that a growing number of meetings now take place digitally rather than in person. Up to 100 participants can join video conferences or meetings starting with the Standard plan (200 for the Premium and Ultimate plans). Meetings are password-protected for security, and the HD video is stunningly clear.

The new AI system uses machine learning to track conversations between salespeople and clients during calls and text chats, and it can even give suggested strategies. This is just one innovative feature that distinguishes this VoIP company as one of the best.

RingCentral interface

The RingCentral Automator can be installed to automatically respond to incoming SMS messages, and there’s an app gallery where you can link to OneDrive, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Trello, and Microsoft Teams in addition to the core functions.

Additionally, when you miss a call or leave a message on voicemail, the visual voicemail enables you to respond to your messages in the order of your choice. And you can download any texts you want to keep.

RingCentral also excels for individual usage and is one of our top picks for the best VoIP services for home thanks to its professional features, including Video conferencing options and excellent customer support.

Pricing Free Texts Number of Calls Compatibility
Essential $19.99
Standard $27.99
Premium $34.99
Ultimate $49.99
Yes Unlimited in US & Canada Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android


  • AI-backed transcription and call analysis
  • Seamless integration with third-party software
  • Excellent call and video quality
  • A 14-day free trial to test the service


  • Plans are more expensive than most providers

Compare the Best VoIP Phone Number Providers in 2024

Below is a useful table that compares the key features of each of these VoIP providers at a glance so you easily compare factors like pricing:

Provider  Pricing Free Texts Number of Calls Compatibility
Ooma Essentials $19.95 
Pro $24.95 
Pro Plus $29.95 
Yes Unlimited in US & Canada Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
Vonage  Mobile $19.99
Premium $29.99
Advanced $39.99
Yes Unlimited in US & Canada Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
Nextiva Basic $20
Pro $25
Enterprise $30
Yes Unlimited in US & Canada Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
Phone.com  Basic $11.99
Plus $15.99
Pro $23.99
Yes Unlimited in US & Canada Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
MightyCall Small Team $11.99
Business $20.00
Enterprise $150 (flat-rate)
Yes Unlimited in US & Canada Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
RingCentral Essential $19.99
Standard $27.99
Premium $34.99
Ultimate $49.99
Yes Unlimited in US & Canada Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

How to Choose the Right Free VoIP Phone Number Provider for You

It can be difficult to choose the best VoIP company for your needs. Although we’ve included our favorite free VoIP services in this article, you should still think carefully about certain important aspects and your own personal preferences before choosing. Here are some important things to take into account while picking a VoIP provider:

  • Free Plan: All VoIP services we looked at must provide a truly free way to call others using a smartphone or desktop application. Having a generous free plan or trial allows users to try out the service before potentially committing to a higher-tier plan.
  • Affordable Upgrades: It’s not only important to offer a free plan, but the best VoIP providers must also allow for affordable upgrades to higher-tier plans. If your business is growing, then you need a VoIP partner that can scale alongside you without a huge rise in cost.
  • Unlimited Texts & Calls: The best free VoIP phone number providers will allow you to make unlimited calls and texts, usually within the US and Canada. Also, they should offer low-cost international calls in case your business has clients in other areas of the world.
  • Compatibility: You would ideally want your free VoIP service to offer apps for all the major platforms, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, plus bonus points for browser integrations. This allows you to use the service on the go or on any device you might be using.
  • Call Quality: Even though they’re free, you should still expect to get crisp audio and call quality with a free VoIP provider. All the services on this list offer crystal clear audio and excellent call quality, although sometimes, your internet connection can make a difference.
  • Customer Support: In the world of tech, things can often go wrong, and this can be said about VoIP services. If they do, then you want to make sure that there’s a strong customer support network to guide you through any issues. Look out for 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support options on your provider of choice.

Precautions to Take Before Using a Free VoIP Number Service

As appealing as a free VoIP service may seem, there are some notable drawbacks that can influence the overall performance of your VoIP system, such as a lack of premium features like video conferencing. Below is a list of precautions you should keep in mind:

  • Limited Plans: Free VoIP companies typically only offer a few calling plans that include the essential VoIP functions, making it difficult for businesses to discover a flexible solution that’ll best meet their needs. Therefore, it can be easy to outgrow these plans pretty quickly or struggle to get by when using them.
  • Users: Free VoIP providers must set a monthly cap on the number of users for each client because they have a large number of customers. Larger businesses may be left wondering how to offer essential features to their clients and staff as a result of these constrained features.
  • Location: Free VoIP services give minimal calling options that are related to the office location, so businesses can only reach their clients and customers if they’re in their offices.
  • Features: You’re unlikely to get many premium features with a free VoIP, including the likes of auto attendant, call forwarding, video conferencing, and much more, including security. Here are the common VoIP security threats you need to be aware of if you opt for a free solution.


Despite our detailed list, you should still assess any business or individual needs before proceeding to signup with a free VoIP provider, as the features you need may not be on offer.

For those who are committed and know what they need, we’d recommend trying Ooma, our top pick for the best free VoIP provider — it gives you 2 free numbers, and all of the plans are incredibly affordable. Plus,  they have a great set of features like Ring Groups and integrate well with third-party applications — all without breaking the bank.


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