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55+ Stunning Twitter Statistics You Need to Know in 2023

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms with a significant impact on its users, including individuals and companies.

According to several reports, Twitter has contributed to the growth of many businesses by reaching millions of users and making massive revenue from sales. While there are numerous statistics on the impact of Twitter on businesses, individuals, and the digital space, here are 55+ vital Twitter Statistics you should know in 2023.

twitter stats and facts

Twitter’s Statistics and Facts

1. There are Over 436 Million Monthly Active Users in 2023.

Twitter’s monthly active users increased from 366 million in December 2022 to 436 million in January 2023. Despite Twitter still being behind some famous social media platforms like; Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, this growth shows that Twitter’s users are increasing.

(Sources: Sproutsocial, Statista)

2. One in Thirteen Tweets Contains a Curse.

Users swear more on Twitter than in reality. Over 51 million English tweets show that one in thirteen words contains a curse. The “F” word seems to be the most popular word used on Twitter, and the top seven accounted for over 90% of offensive tweets.

(Source: Dailymail)

3. Twitter Stopped Using Live Stream Apps in 2021.

Twitter announced shutting down the video streaming app, Periscope on March 31st, 2021, due to declining usage, product realignment, and high maintenance costs.

(Source: Cmswire)

4. Twitter Now Supports Up to 18 Quintillion User Accounts.

Twitter can create and store up to 18 quintillion user accounts. In January, the Twitter team planned to switch from 32-bit user IDs to 64 bits which will highly increase the number of user accounts Twitter can handle, and the plan has taken effect.

(Source: VentureBeat)

5. There are Over 500+ Million Tweets Daily.

There are about 6,000 tweets every second, 350,000 tweets every minute, 500 million tweets daily, and around 200 billion tweets yearly.

(Source: Internet Live Stats)

6. The Central Intelligence Agency Monitors Five Million Tweets on Twitter Every Day.

The CIA monitors up to 5 million tweets daily, poring over Facebook and blog posts. This is as a result of the threat of terrorism. Twitter usage statistics helped in discovering domestic and foreign threats for the CIA.

(Source: Computerworld)

7. 618,725 Tweets Were Sent So Quick During the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final.

Twitter broke a record of sending 618,725 tweets about the match in a minute when Germany defeated Argentina during the final soccer world cup in 2014.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

8. The First to Tweet on Twitter was Jack Dorsey.

Jack Dorsey is a philanthropist, an American entrepreneur, and a programmer who is a co-founder and CEO of Twitter. He made the first-ever tweet in March 2006: “Just setting up my twttr.” With over 360 million active users, Twitter service is the focus of renewed controversy.

(Source: Chatham House)

9. 762 Million Tweets are Sent Daily.

Seven hundred sixty-two million tweets are sent daily, roughly 8,817 tweets every second.

(Source: Market Splash)

10. Chris Messina Invented the #hashtag on Twitter in August 2007.

Chris Messina, the inventor of hashtag (#), suggested to Twitter’s audience to use # to make tweeting more accessible, which was adopted. He made the first hashtag on Twitter, an example of #barcamp, on August 23rd, 2007.

He did this in response to users’ complaints about grouping their tweets and streamlining important information in an accessible format. This singular act took Twitter to a higher level, all thanks to Chris Messina.

(Source: Yahoo! News)

11. 200 Million Tweets Appear on Twitter Each Day.

In January 2009, users sent 2 million tweets daily, which later increased to 65 million Daily. Half way 2011, users sent 200 million tweet daily, which is equivalent to 10 million page books in tweets or 8,163 copies of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

(Source: Twitter)

12. Twitter is the Best Platform for Journalists.

Twitter is the best platform for journalists, as 69% of journalists confess that it is their first or second social media platform they mostly use for research.

(source: Market Splash)

13. Finance Topics Trend More on Twitter.

The most discussed finance topics on Twitter are Bitcoin ATMs, Crowd loans, Zcash/privacy protection, the Cypherpunk movement, and NFT stocks.

(Source: Market Splash)

14. Twitter was Expected to Lose Users in the US.

Twitter was expected to lose 1.4 monthly users in the US between 2006 and 2022. Most of the defectors will be people that joined during the pandemic.

(Source: Market Splash)

Marketing Statistics for Twitter

marketing statistics for twitter

15. More Than Half of Twitter’s Top (1,000) Advertisers Stopped Spending on Twitter.

In October 2022, after Elon Musk took over, several companies such as; Merck, Jeep, Unilever, and Coca-Cola withdrew their advertisement on the platform.

(Source: CNN)

16. Twitter Revenue Dropped by 40% During Ad Squeeze.

Over 500 ad clients have stopped patronizing Twitter since October after Elon Musk took over. Twitter is currently under an advertising squeeze, as the platform dropped in revenue by 40% after 500 clients paused their spending.

(Source: The Guardian)

17. Twitter Expenditure Spiked in 2020.

Twitter spent $887.66 million on marketing-related expenses in 2020.

(Source: Market Splash)

18. 72% of Twitter Users Tend to Shop With Brands.

72% of users that follow brands on Twitter see themselves possibly shopping with the brands in the nearest future.

(Source: Market Splash)

19. Customer Service on Twitter can Boost Users’ Satisfaction.

If Twitter had a live chat or number to contact customer service, there would be a 19% increase in user satisfaction. 

(Source: Market Splash)

20. 22% of Users Follow Brands.

Marketsplash research found that 22% of users on Twitter follow a brand.

(Source: Market Splash)

Twitter User Statistics

twitter user statistics

21. Users Spend 26% and More of Their Time Watching Ads on Twitter.

According to Twitter, users spend up to 26% of their time or more watching ads. Twitter is among the top-rated social media platforms with many ads and ad viewers. With this performance, brands choose to market their products with them.

(Source: The Social Shepherd)

22. Twitter has experienced a 35% Year-over-year Increment in Global Ad Engagement.

The most important metric a brand should monitor is engagement, which shows viewers are interested in your content or products. Twitter has experienced a year-over-year increase in global ad engagement, making it very good for brands to grow Twitter ads.

(Source: The Social Shepherd)

23. The Percentage of US Adults That Use Twitter is High as of February 2021.

42% of US Twitter users are 18 to 29 years old, 27% are 30 to 49, 18% are 50 to 64, and 7% are 65 and above.

(Source: Statista)

24. Twitter’s Gender Percentage Increased by More Males.

In 2022, 56.4% of Twitter users were male, and 43.6% were Female. While in 2023, 62.9% of Twitter users are male, and 37.1% are Female.

(Source: Techpenny)

25. January 2022 Brought Fame to Twitter Across Leading Countries.

In January 2022, there was a greatly popularity of Twitter in the US, which was about 76.9 million users, and Colombia the least, with 4.3 million users.

  • Us has 76.9 million users.
  • Japan has 58.95 million users.
  • India has 23.6 million users.
  • Brazil has 19.05 million users.
  • Indonesia has 18.45 million users.
  • The UK has 18.4 million users.
  • Turkey has 16.1 million users.
  • Saudi Arabia has 14.1 million users.
  • Mexico has 13.9 million users.
  • Thailand has 11.45 million users.
  • The Philippines has 10.5 million users.
  • France has 10 million users.
  • Spain has 8.75 million users.
  • Canada has 7.9 million users.
  • Germany has 7.75 million users.
  • South Korea has 7.2 million users.
  • Argentina has 5.9 million users.
  • Egypt has 5.15 million users.      
  • Malaysia has 4.4 million users.
  • Colombia has 4.3 million users.

(Source: Statista)

26. 83% of Successful People Use Twitter.

Most successful leaders use Twitter majorly. Barack Obama, the former president of the USA, has the highest number of followers, 100 million; Donald Trump has about 50 million followers, followed by the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, and the UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid AI Maktoum with close to 20 million followers on Twitter.

(Source: Nealschaffer)

27. 24.6% of Verified Accounts Belong to Journalists.

Journalists are the most extensive set of verified users on Twitter, with about 15,000 verified accounts, where 24.6% belong to journalists. The report says journalists are the most active users on Twitter as they are always online to give live updates.

(Source: Poynter)

28. 75% of Emojis Used on Twitter are Positive.

75% of emojis used on Twitter are positive, while 25% are negative. Despite the positivity, negative emojis grew from 23.2% to 25.5% over the last two years, a 9.5% increase.

(Source: Brandwatch)

29. 80% of Active Users Use Twitter From Their Phones.

In April 2025, Twitter reported that its active users had increased from 18% to 302 million. It revealed that 80% of users use Twitter from their phones, which increased sales to 74% yearly to $436 million.

(Source: Statista)

30. The Most Liked Tweet on Twitter Occurred in 2022.

The most liked tweet in December 2022 had over 6.9 million likes, tweeted from the account of Chadwick Boseman, popularly known as black panther, an American actor, announcing his death by cancer.

The second most liked tweet was tweeted by Elon Musk, “Next I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in,” which gained 4.6 million likes.

(source: Sacnilk)

31. Ashton Kutcher was the First User to Amass One Million Followers on Twitter.

Ashton Kutcher was the first to amass a million followers on Twitter. He beat his opponent, CNN, with a difference of 1,200 followers. Yet after losing his rival, he (CNN) congratulated him (Kutcher) as the winner. This happened after 11 p.m. on a Thursday.

(Source: Today)

32. The Percentage of US Adults with an Educational Background Who Use Twitter as of February 2021 Increased.

High school grad or less than 14%, in some colleges 26%, and college+ 33%. This statistic portrays the number of adults in the US who were using Twitter as of February 2021, sorted by educational background.

(Source: Statista)

33. 80% of Twitter Users are Affluent Millennials.

Twitter recorded that 80% of Twitter users are affluent millennials. Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996, though some researchers’ sources can vary by a year or two. Australia’s McCrindle research stated 1980-1994.

(Source: Nealschaffer)

34. 85.4% of Twitter Users Said Promoted Accounts Help Discover New Brands.

Research showed that 85.5% of Twitter users find promoted accounts useful as it helps them discover new businesses. This shows that ads on Twitter are not intrusive, and users value them.

(Source: Venture Harbour)

35. 74% of Twitter Users Get Their News From the Platform.

More than any social media platform, 74% of Twitter users use it as their primary news source.

(Source: Venture Harbour)

Twitter Follower Statistics

follower stats

36. 60% of Users Follow At Least One Media Group or Journalist.

This shows that many people engage with influential people, the primary source of news and information for users. This also signifies that Twitter is an effective platform for media houses and journalists to reach their audiences and build their brands.

(Source: blog.gitnux)

37. 40% of Twitter Users in the US Follow At Least One Brand.

This statistic shows that Twitter is a compelling marketing strategy. It indicates that numerous users in the US are making good use of social media, and it’s an excellent way for businesses to reach serious customers.

(Source: blog.gitnux)

38. Most Followed Twitter Users January 2023.

President Barack Obama gained the highest follower on Twitter as of January 2023, while youtube ranked the lowest number of followers. 

Below are the statistics:

  • @barackobama: 133.54 million followers              
  • @elonmusk: 127.13 million followers
  • @justinbieber: 113.81 million followers 
  • @katyperry: 108.92 million followers
  • @rihana: 108 million followers
  • @cristiano: 107.52 million followers
  • @taylorswift13: 92.47 million followers
  • @narendramodi: 86.07 million followers
  • @ladygaga: 85.14 million followers
  • @youtube: 78.66 million followers

(Source: Statista)

Twitter received 47,572 legal demands to remove content specifying 198,931 accounts. This is the highest Twitter has ever received. These legal demands were sent from five countries; Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and India.

(Source: Transparency)

40. An average Twitter User has 707 Followers.

With over 100 million Twitter accounts, researchers found that an average account has about 707   followers. This shows an increase in average followers by 220% compared to 2012.

(Source: Venture Harbour)

41. 92% of Companies Tweet More Than Once a Day.

92% of companies tweet more than once daily, 42% tweet 1 to 5 times daily, and 19% tweet 6 to 10 times daily.

(Source: Venture Harbor)

Twitter Advertising Stats

advertising stats

42. Twitter’s Advertising Revenue Surpassed $1 Billion in Both Q4 of 2020 and Q3 of 2021.

The current figure is a 41% increase year-over-year which shows that businesses think Twitter is the best platform for advertising their products.

(Source: Nealschaffer)

43. Nearly 70% of US Companies With Over 100 Employees Market on Twitter.

One of the primary ways to market your products is to advertise them on social media; even market consultants advise their clients on it too. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter beats them regarding marketing strategy, the ability to reach millions of users, and the low cost for advertisers. This is why it was reported that nearly 70% of companies with over 100 employees use Twitter to advertise their products and services.

(Source: Nealschaffer)

44. Tweets With Images Get 89% More Likes, 150% More Retweets, and 18% More Clicks.

Outside Twitter, social media users prefer posts with images to text alone. In a research held by Buffer on the last 100 tweets sent from their link, comparing tweets with pictures and tweets without images,  the result they gave was; tweets with images received 89% more likes, 150% more retweets, and 18% more clicks.

(Sources: LinkedIn, Buffer)

45. 54% of Users Confess Twitter Being a Reliable and Trustworthy Platform to Shop.

Most users confess that Twitter is a reliable and trustworthy platform to shop for their needs. They have either bought a product from Twitter or referred it to their friends. This is an easy method that every advertiser would want.

(Source: blog.Twitter)

46. 19% Increase in Customer Satisfaction.

Jack Dorsey, one of the co-founders of Twitter, stated that companies who use Twitter as a platform to conduct customer services noted an increase of +19% in customer satisfaction. Dorsey reported this in his welcome tweet to Apple Support in 2006.

(Source: Twitter)

47. 54% of Global Brands Tweet Once a Day.

In the three final months of 2013, 98 of Interbrand’s top 100 global brands replied once a day, and the average company tweeted 12 times a day, according to data from Simply Measured, a social media analytics provider. However, the report also found that 54% of these Interbrand companies send less than one reply daily.

(Source: PR Daily)

48. Brands With the Highest Followers on Twitter 2020.

In 2020, the French luxury brand ‘Channel’ was ranked first with the highest number of followers and Prada the lowest.

  • Chanel: 13 million followers
  • Burberry: 8 million followers
  • Dior: 8 million followers
  • Louis Vuitton: 8 million followers
  • Gucci: 6 million followers
  • Dolce & Gabbana: 5 million followers
  • Versace: 5 million followers
  • Michael Kors: 3 million followers 
  • Armani: 3 million followers
  • Prada: 1 million followers

(Source: Statista)

49. Respondents’ Reactions Towards Delta Airlines 2022.

Delta Airlines have the highest brand awareness of 83% in the US in 2022. This survey was conducted using concept-aided brand recognition, showing respondents both the name and logo of the brand.

42% of US airline customers confess that they like Delta Airlines, and among the 83% of the US respondents that know Delta Airlines, 51% of people like the brand.

  • Delta Airlines (awareness): 83%
  • Delta Airlines (popularity): 42%
  • Delta Airlines (usage): 32%
  • Delta Airlines (loyalty): 27%
  • Delta Airlines (buzz): 28%

(Source: Statista)

50. Video Ads Help Improve Marketing.

Like how people find images on social media enticing, the same goes for videos, as people find videos more informative, accessible, and engaging. This is because they may be unable to sit back and read a long text, which may seem dull.

According to research from Kantar Millward Brown, 97% of people on Twitter focus more on visuals. 

According to Neilsen’s study, a 15-second video ad will be watched more than a 30-second ad.

72% of companies stated that video has helped improve their businesses. According to Invodo, 52% of customers confessed that viewing product videos encourages them to patronize an online brand confidently.

(Sources: Business.Twitter, Neilsen)

51. 67% of Twitter Users Don’t Find Twitter-promoted Videos Intrusive.

67% of Twitter users said the videos are the first things they see in their feeds. Surprisingly, 73% of users said they don’t find such videos intrusive, as most respondents said ad videos are informative.

(Source: Venture Harbor)

52. Reduction in the Cost of Twitter Ads.

In Twitter’s Q3 2017 Letter to Shareholders, the network showed that each engagement was reduced by 54% year-over-year in Q3 2017. This means the business costs less to get results on the platform, which came when arrangements were becoming high.

(Sources: Venture Harbour, Brookfield)

53. Twitter Ads Engagements Increased to 99% in Q3 2017.

In that same letter to shareholders, the sum of ad engagements on Twitter was amassed by 99% year-over-year in Q3 2017. During this same period, daily active users (DAU) increased by 14%, and monthly active users (MAU) increased by 4% year-on-year.

(Source: Venture Harbour)

54. Twitter Ads Can Possibly Reach 544.5 Million Users.

This is an increase of 12% in 2022 Q3 from 2022 Q2 or an increase of 58 million users and a 24.7% increase year-over-year.

(Source: Blog.Hootsuite)

55. Percentage of Twitter Ads Reaching 13 Years of Users

Twitter ads reach 32%, which is 91.7 million US users aged 13, 60.4% of 13+ users in Japan, and 38% of 13 years UK users.

(Source: Blog.Hootsuite)

56. 28% of Marketers are Planning to Use Twitter More.

Many brands are still working to establish themselves by using Twitter. When surveyed about the plans for the next 12 months, one-third (28%) of marketers plan to use Twitter more.

(Source: Blog.Hootsuite)

57. Monetizable Daily Active Users (mDAU) Increased to 16.6% in 2022, Which is Almost 238 Million Users.

Twitter says monetizable active users (mDAU) are accounts that have logged in and aren’t robots. The users see Twitter ads once they log in. This figure will increase as Twitter adds new adverts and e-commerce features in 2023.

(Source: Blog.Hootsuite)

58. Twitter Ads Reach 10.7 of Its Users.

Twitter ads reach 10.7% of internet users, 6.8% of the global population, and 8.7% of everyone, including 13 years and older. The population count is estimated to be close to 5 billion people over 15 years; this means that Twitter ads could reach about 445 million users.

(Source: Blog.Hootsuite)


Beyond a reasonable doubt, Twitter has proven to be a crucial platform for companies and organizations that want to stand out from others. From what we have reviewed so far, it is evident that Twitter is becoming the most popular social media platform, especially in the United States.

Twitter impacts the lives of its users, from brands to consumers, and has been noted to have the highest marketing strategy, making buying and selling very easy for its users.


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