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More people than ever are using VPNs, largely due to the increased worry over online privacy. It’s easy to think that any VPN is preferable to none at all, but this is simply untrue; numerous free VPNs lack the speed and adaptability needed for routine tasks like streaming. Even worse, these service providers frequently purposefully leave their logging rules unclear, putting you in doubt about how safe your actions actually are.

That’s not to suggest that all free VPNs are bad, you just need to do your research and make an educated choice. That’s where we step in — We’ve chosen 7 providers that are more than capable of assisting you in safely streaming on your Amazon Firestick. The list of our top free VPNs for Firestick is summarized below, but scroll down for a closer examination of each.

The Best Free VPNs for Fire Stick Ranked

  1. ProtonVPN — The Best Free VPN for Fire Stick Overall Due to its Unlimited Data and Fast Speeds
  2. PrivadoVPN — A Reliable Free VPN That Can Unblock a Host of Different Streaming Sites
  3. AtlasVPN — One of the Fastest 100% Free VPNs With WireGuard Support
  4. Avira Phantom — A Decent VPN That Offers Unlimited Simultaneous Connections, So You Can Cover All of Your Devices
  5. TunnelBear — An Excellent Free VPN With a Large Fleet of Servers for Accessing Content From Anywhere
  6. Hide.me — A Solid Free Service With Apps for All Major Devices, Including Browser Extensions
  7. Windscribe — One of the Best Free Solutions for Mobile Users Thanks to its Powerful Apps

Reviews of the Top Free Firestick VPNs

Now let’s take a deeper look into these 7 excellent free VPNs for the Amazon Firestick so that you can make an informed decision on the best one for you.

1. ProtonVPN – The Best Free VPN for Fire Stick

ProtonVPN is truly a unique free VPN provider as it gives you a free plan with unlimited bandwidth, something that very few can compete with. It’s also based in Switzerland, outside of the Five Eyes Alliance.

Even though there are only three server locations available (the US, the Netherlands, and Japan) and only one device can be connected at once, this package is still incredibly good, given the lack of cost.

That said, being the top free choice for Fire Stick users, you won’t have any difficulties streaming either, thanks to the VPNs uncanny ability to bypass geo-locked content and the decent speeds on offer with the WireGuard protocol.

ProtonVPN Free Fire Stick VPN

Number of Servers Average Speed Data Allowance Services Unblocked
23 Servers in 3 Countries 200Mbps Unlimited Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Channel 4

Both the paid version and free plan constantly score highly on speed tests, and it’s proven to be more than capable of handling HD content without any annoying lag or buffering. Plus, you should be able to bypass some geo-locked content in the US, Netherlands, and Japan using the small fleet of servers available to you.

Numerous devices are compatible with ProtonVPN, regardless of the operating system, so you can install it on Mac, Linux, and PCs, as well as Android or Apple devices. ProtonVPN’s free edition does, however, only allow for one connected device at once.

All of this VPN’s security measures are accessible to free users without any restrictions, including a kill switch, 256-bit encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, NetShield, and an ad, malware, and tracker-blocker. Also, ProtonVPN adheres to a strict no-logs policy for further user protection.

However, if you’re looking to torrent, then you can’t do this on Proton’s free VPN server. For this, you’ll need to signup for a paid plan. It’s also worth noting that there is no ProtonVPN app for the Fire Stick, so you’ll need to side-load this in order for it to work.

Overall, ProtonVPN is undoubtedly the best free solution for Fire Stick users – it offers solid speeds, good security, unlimited bandwidth, and reliable streaming, all for nothing.


  • Offers unlimited data for free
  • Excellent speeds for streaming
  • A reliable and secure kill switch
  • Excellent user-friendly apps for most major devices
  • Based in Switzerland, which has strong user-focused privacy laws
  • One of the top Netflix VPNs


  • No P2P support
  • The free version struggles to unblock a lot of steaming services

2. PrivadoVPN – A Reliable Free VPN That Can Unblock a Host of Different Streaming Sites

PrivadoVPN is a relatively new provider in the VPN market with an HQ in Switzerland, but don’t be fooled by that. Its free VPN service is among the best, and despite a few minor flaws and restrictions, we think it’s worth checking out.

With P2P-friendly servers available in nine countries around the world, including France, Mexico, and the US, there are many options to choose from. Additionally, PrivadoVPN Free allows you to unblock TV streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime, a feature typically only found in premium plans.

PrivadoVPN Best Free Fire Stick VPN

Number of Servers Average Speed Data Allowance Services Unblocked
9 Servers in 3 Countries 200Mbps 10GB Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime

Each month, PrivadoVPN Free offers 10GB of encrypted internet access, which lets you watch 20 hours of television or browse the internet, or work for around 120 hours. When you reach this cap, you won’t be completely disconnected; however, you’ll only be able to connect to a single Dutch server at substantially slower speeds.

PrivadoVPN also provides its users with multiple levels of security. It doesn’t track or save any of your internet activities because it adheres to a rigorous no-log policy. Any VPN service must have this feature because it ensures that no one, not even the provider, can access the information you browse with.

It includes security features frequently missing from other free services. This includes a kill switch, split tunneling, and support for the WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols, making your information impossible to trace or decipher should it be intercepted.

However, contrary to some other providers, PrivadoVPN’s no-log policy hasn’t yet undergone an independent audit as of the time of writing. Beyond this, apps are available on all major platforms, like Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, but sadly, there’s no Linux support, which should only be an issue for a minority group.


  • A decent set of premium features like a kill switch and leak protection
  • Unblocks US Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Player
  • 10GB of data every 30 days, more than enough to stream on a Fire Stick
  • User-friendly apps that are perfect for first-time users
  • The best free VPN for Android


  • Inconsistent unblocking power on the free plan

3. AtlasVPN – One of the Fastest 100% Free VPNs With WireGuard Support

AtlasVPN is a strong contender and a much-loved provider, popular with those who want to watch geo-locked content without paying a dime. This is due to the great, feature-rich freemium plan offered by the supplier, alongside an excellent premium version.

You should have no trouble getting around geo-restricted content because the service has 750+ servers spread over 37+ countries, with ample amounts in Italy, the UK, or Japan. You don’t need to pay anything to watch your favorite shows either, as these servers are available on both the free version and the subscription plans.

atlasvpn dashboard

Number of Servers Average Speed Data Allowance Services Unblocked
3 Servers in 2 Countries 200Mbps 10GB Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube

Additionally, you can stream HD content from anywhere in the world with the help of the WireGuard protocol, which allows for a buffer-free streaming experience. For optimum performance, we’d suggest choosing one of the servers specifically designed for streaming.

With the servers on offer, you can easily unblock some of the top streaming services, like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and YouTube. And there are also decent user-friendly apps for pretty much all major devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

In terms of security and encryption, AtlasVPN currently uses the AES-256 cipher, which is currently the industry standard for data protection and is employed by many governmental and financial institutions. In order to provide next-generation security, they’ve also deployed the ChaCha20 cipher with the Poly1305 authenticator.

The free plan stands out, however, with a paid account, you can have unlimited simultaneous connections, so you and the family can all enjoy AtlasVPN with one affordable subscription, which is a rarity with most premium VPNs. 


  • Unlimited simultaneous connections, so you can cover all your devices
  • Unblocks most streaming sites, including Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Generous 10GB data cap every 30 days
  • Useful streaming servers for an excellent streaming experience


  • Not compatible with routers

4. Avira Phantom – A Decent VPN That Offers Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

Avira Phantom promises to turn you into an ‘online phantom’ with its all-in-one VPN solution, and it does a pretty decent job of doing so. It has a user-friendly interface, offers decent speeds, and can unblock a couple of streaming services on its free plan.

Despite having servers in just 33 countries, the overall server speeds on offer are stable, and they’re more than capable of streaming your favorite movies and shows in HD. On that note, it’s more than adept at unblocking popular streaming sites, including Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, making it a decent choice for Fire Stick users.

Avira Dashboard

Number of Servers Average Speed Data Allowance Services Unblocked
47 Servers in 33 Countries 73Mbps 500MB Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime

Some of the most well-known operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, are covered by Avira Phantom VPN, which also includes a Chrome plugin. Unfortunately, Linux-based routers, media streamers, and other hardware aren’t supported.

Avira’s VPN can also be used on an unlimited number of devices with a single subscription, although using it on devices that don’t support VPN apps natively is difficult due to the lack of router compatibility and a Smart DNS solution.

As a renowned antivirus, to keep you safe, Avira Phantom uses top-notch DNS and IPv6 Leak Protection and AES-256 Encryption, which is known for being unbreakable and incredibly secure.

Although this free VPN is famed for its torrenting, you won’t be able to download too much, as there’s a pretty minute 500MB data cap you need to adhere to on the free plan. Because of this, we’d recommend trying it risk-free and upgrading if you’re happy with the service.


  • No payment information is needed on the signup
  • User-friendly apps for most devices
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Decent for streaming


  • No WireGuard protocol, so speeds are slower
  • Only offers a 500MB data allowance

5. TunnelBear — An Excellent Free VPN With A Large Fleet of Servers For Accessing Different Content

Tunnelbear gets the basic principles of a VPN spot on. It’s easy to use, offers decent speeds, and can unblock Netflix in the US, although this can be temperamental. That said, the major limitation is the tiny 500 MB monthly data cap that can only be increased if you tweet about the company.

On a more positive note, Tunnelbear is available in 48 countries and has over 3000+ servers and free users get practically the same access to all these servers as a paid member would — which we think is pretty great.

Its speeds are decent too, and it has zero problems streaming content or downloading files from one of its many servers — but if you’re a free user, we’d recommend avoiding downloads, given the small 500MB data cap you’re slapped with.

Tunnel Bear

Number of Servers Average Speed Data Allowance Services Unblocked
500+ Servers in 23 Countries 55Mbps 500MB Netflix (US), BBC iPlayer, YouTube

Tunnelbear does also allow you to access streaming platforms such as BBC iPlayer, YouTube, and the US Netflix (sometimes), but no other major services are available. With the smaller data allowance, you should still be able to finish a film or a few episodes of your favorite show on your Fire Stick.

So while the basics are all ticked off, that data limit is making it hard to recommend it above the other free providers. You can get access to the US Netflix, which is a plus, but reports recently suggest that this is often down to trial and error.

The apps are pretty simple to use and navigate, and they’re available on most major devices, although, as Tunnelbear doesn’t support router configuration, and there’s no app for the Fire Stick, you’ll have to install it via the Downloader app.

Additionally, TunnelBear includes a feature for Windows, Mac, and Android called VigilantBear, which functions something like a kill switch by cutting off your connection to safeguard your sensitive data. This is intended to identify IPv6 and DNS leaks to protect your data in the event of a breach.


  • Adheres to a strict no-logs policy
  • Decent speeds on the servers
  • Offers premium security features on the free plan
  • Unlimited device connections


  • No refunds or money-back guarantee
  • Customer support is pretty poor

6. Hide.me — A Solid Free VPN With Apps for All Major Devices and Browser Extensions

Hide.me is an experienced provider in the VPN space that offers a decent free plan, as well as a good paid option. It has a generous data cap and even unblocks some streaming sites, making it a good free VPN for Fire Stick.

The free plan limits your data usage to 10GB per month, but that’s still better than most companies (some on this list only offer 500MB) and this will be enough to keep you safe for several hours of browsing or streaming.

However, the free plan only allows you access to five locations: the East and West coasts of the US, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands, whereas paid clients receive access to 70 locations. Not bad, but not as many as some of the other providers we’ve reviewed.

Hide.me VPN User interface

Number of Servers Average Speed Data Allowance Services Unblocked
Not disclosed 19Mbps 10GB YouTube

There’s also a good selection of apps, including Chrome and Firefox browser extensions and clients for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. Although Hide.me can be installed on as many devices as you wish, the free plan only allows for the connection of one device at a time.

On the features front, we start with some bad news: The quick WireGuard protocol is no longer supported in Hide.me’s free plan. However, IKEv2, OpenVPN, SoftEther, SSTP, and other protocols are still available, but none of them can equal the speed of WireGuard.

Beyond this, the fact that Hide.me’s free package excludes its streaming-optimized servers is a clear indication that you shouldn’t get your hopes up for Netflix. Tests confirmed this, with the service failing to unblock US or Canadian Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney +.


  • Generous 10GB data allowance
  • P2P support for a great torrenting experience
  • Excellent mobile apps
  • Superb customer support


  • No WireGuard, so below-average speeds
  • Struggles to unblock most streaming sites

7. Windscribe — One of the Best Free Options Due to its Generous 10GB Data Cap

Windscribe offers users a very generous 10GB monthly data allowance with its free plan, which is pretty good when compared with most other free VPN providers. The speeds aren’t what you’d get with a premium service, but with unlimited connections and Netflix unblocking possibilities — there’s a lot to like here.

Beyond this, there are a few benefits that we found helpful in using Windscribe Free, including a DNS blocker. This function’s main usage is to block adverts, trackers, and even viruses, but it also contains internet filtering to block unwanted content, such as adult websites and social networks.

windscribe vpn main page

Number of Servers Average Speed Data Allowance Services Unblocked
14 Servers in 11 Countries 96Mbps 10GB Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Channel 4

As this is a free VPN, the server list is much smaller than other paid providers, but you still get access to 14 servers in 11 countries, which is more than enough for using the VPN on a Fire Stick and enjoying some content.

On that note, the speeds are more than capable of streaming content in crisp HD, but with a data cap in place, you may want to avoid downloads. Should you only use Windscribe for streaming content, you can do so without lag — just keep an eye on your usage.

It can also unblock a few other streaming providers, such as BBC iPlayer and YouTube, but it isn’t able to get into other services like Hulu or Disney+. This is a pretty generous offering for a free VPN, but do be aware that unblocking these sites can be trial and error, as servers are often blocked and blacklisted by streaming providers.

Overall, as a free VPN, this is a solid offering, as you get a decent amount of data each month, unblocking capabilities, and multi-device use, although it works best on iPhones and Android, as the mobile apps are excellent.


  • Includes a decent firewall for added protection
  • Decent speeds on the servers
  • Can unblock several streaming sites
  • Unlimited device connections


  • Average servers speed
  • Tricky-to-navigate apps

Comparison of the Market’s Best Free VPNs for Firestick

To help you compare each one head-to-head, here’s a nifty table:

Provider Number of Servers Average Speed Data Allowance Services Unblocked
ProtonVPN 23 Servers in 3 Countries 200Mbps Unlimited Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Channel 4
PrivadoVPN 9 Servers in 3 Countries 200Mbps Unlimited Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime
AtlasVPN 3 Servers in 2 Countries 200Mbps 10GB Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube
Avira Phantom 47 Servers in 33 Countries 73Mbps 500MB Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime
TunnelBear 500+ Servers in 23 Countries 55Mbps 500MB Netflix (US), BBC iPlayer, YouTube
Hide.me Not Disclosed 19Mbps 10GB YouTube
Windscribe 14 Servers in 11 Countries 96Mbps 10GB Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Channel 4

Should I Use a Free or Paid VPN?

Although there are some strong free VPN providers on this list, they still fall way short of the services provided by their more premium upgrades. That being said, they’re a great way to test a service before your signup for a paid plan, and they might also be more than enough for what you intend to use it for.

However, as is evident from our list, they do have some major drawbacks, including small data caps, slower speeds, fewer servers, less security, and the inability to unblock most streaming services. Overall, you’re going to have a better all-around experience with a premium plan, and we’d always recommend using one.

To help you pick, we’ve shortlisted our top 5 for you:

  1. ExpressVPN – The Best Premium VPN Thanks to its Lightning-Fast Server Speeds; it Costs Just $6.67/month
  2. IvacyVPN – The Best Value for Money Premium VPN Costing as Little as $1.19/month
  3. Surfshark – An Affordable VPN That Allows Unlimited Simultaneous Connections for a Mere $2.30/month
  4. NordVPN – A Great All-Round VPN With Excellent Speed and Security With a Price Tag of $3.29/month
  5. CyberGhost VPN – A Reliable VPN With Dedicated Streaming Servers and the Best Speeds for $2.19/month

Each of these also comes with lengthy money-back guarantees that you can use to try the tools risk-free. For more, we recommend checking out our page on the best budget VPNs, as premium VPNs like these far surpass any free offering, but that doesn’t mean you need to risk a boatload of money.

How to Choose the Best Fire Stick VPN

To ensure we only pick the best Fire Stick VPNs, we have certain criteria and a set of features we look for, including speed, compatibility, and so on. Here are some of the factors you should take into account when picking a VPN for your Firestick:


Excellent speeds and support for cutting-edge tunneling protocols like WireGuard are two features that the best VPNs for Fire TV devices must have. With this, you can enjoy buffer-free, continuous streaming without being interrupted.

Generally speaking, free VPNs don’t offer the best speeds, even if WireGuard is used. This is because most offer few server locations and a select few options, which results in server congestion and slow bandwidth.

That said, leading paid providers like ExpressVPN use their own Lightway protocol, which offers unrivaled speeds, and with thousands of servers all around the globe, server congestion isn’t an issue you’ll have with a provider like this.

Unblocking Abilities

You can unblock popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and others using the best VPNs for Firestick — however, free VPNs do tend to struggle to bypass geo-locked content, as they have a small number of servers and fewer IPs in rotation for free users which increases the chance of these services picking up the use of a VPN.

That said, although it can be a matter of trial and error, the best providers on this list will offer access to new Netflix libraries and some other online content from streaming services like YouTube and Prime, for example.

Dedicated Fire Stick App

Free VPNs are unlikely to offer a dedicated Firestick app, but we do recommend looking for a VPN that supports this. For instance, ExpressVPN and NordVPN provide specific Firestick apps that support various Fire TV devices, including those that are 4K or 2nd and 3rd generation.

If you opt for a free one, a workaround, such as setting up a VPN for your router and then connecting your smart TV with a Firestick to the Wi-Fi connection, will be required if you want to install a VPN on an Amazon Fire Stick.


Having multiple servers in countries all over the world means you can unblock a wealth of content on sites like Netflix, HBO Max, and BBC iPlayer. So, make sure your Fire Stick VPN has a wide variety of servers in various regions if you want to watch both local and international content.

This is especially important with free VPNs — as this takes us back to the issue of server congestion and speeds — the more servers, the merrier.


There are a ton of excellent cheap VPNs on the market, and it’s hard to know what sets one apart from another. Some VPNs cost a lot more than others but don’t actually have the feature set to back this up.

Therefore, it’s important to find a VPN that offers a good features-to-price ratio. Because of the limitations of free plans, we recommend comparing the best premium VPN services, as you can get a solid VPN for under $2 a month with unlimited data, thousands of servers, and reliable unblocking power.

How Do I Connect My Free VPN to My Firestick?

There are a few different ways you can get your VPN up and running on your Fire Stick, and we’re going to walk you through the easiest method:

Step 1 — Allow Unknown Sources

On your Fire Stick, navigate to the settings tab, then device, and locate ‘developer options.’ From here, toggle on ‘allow unknown sources’ and ‘ADB debugging.’

Unknown Sources

Step 2 — Install the Downloader App

  1. On your Fire Device, search for ‘Downloader’ in the search bar (the one with the orange logo.)
  2. Launch Downloader, then enter the APK file’s direct download URL for the VPN app.
  3. After the download is complete, you’ll be asked to install the application. If not, click the APK file by opening your downloads in the Downloader app.
  4. That’s it — you can now use the VPN on your Fire device.

Downloader App

Step 3 — Connect Your VPN

  1. Go back to the main menu on the Fire device
  2. Head to Settings, then Applications
  3. Select Manage installed applications
  4. Find and select your VPN app
  5. Select Launch application
  6. Enter your VPN provider’s login credentials

Other Methods

With some premium VPN providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, you can connect them to your router and therefore cover all devices that are connected to it, such as a Fire Stick. Each router and VPN provider has a different way of doing this, so we recommend following the steps on the provider’s website to configure it.

Alternatively, it may be as easy as just searching for your VPN provider on your Fire Stick, as some (including our top pick for the best free VPN for Fire Stick, ProtonVPN) have apps dedicated to the Fire Devices, and you can install them in just a few clicks directly onto your device.

Conclusion | What’s the Best Free VPN for Firestick in 2024?

Free VPNs are particularly alluring because, well, they’re free. If you can access some new Netflix content and keep yourself safe online for a bit, then all is well. However, despite the temptation, free VPNs do have some major drawbacks that make them very hard to recommend.

For example, they frequently have small data caps, which means watching a full-length film on your Fire Stick might not be possible, or they have a limited number of servers that make bypassing geo-locked content near impossible.

Some free providers, like ProtonVPN, offer unlimited data, and it can unblock some Netflix libraries, all whilst keeping you safe online — Try it free now.

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