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Loom Network (LOOM) is a blockchain platform primarily focusing on building decentralized applications (dApps) and games through its unique solutions. It also aims to address the issue of scalability and performance with many existing blockchains, particularly the Ethereum network.

Loom Price Prediction

Based on its strategic approach, Loom Network positions itself as a comprehensive platform that allows traditional and smart contract developers to create their applications without hassles.

Loom Network currently boasts a market cap of over $153.9 million.

It is a proof-of-stake token, which stakers or developers use to secure the network through staking. This article reveals the possible price trajectory of LOOM over the next seven years.

It also unveils significant factors that could affect its price, like token utility, price movements, and macroeconomics.

Summarizing Loom Price Prediction

  • Loom Network (LOOM) debuted in the crypto sphere in April 2018, trading at $0.10.
  • LOOM hit its all-time high in May 2018, slightly surpassing the $0.77 price mark.
  • Loom Network dipped to an all-time low of $0.00076 in March 2020.
  • Based on our price prediction, LOOM could reach the $0.16 level before the close of 2023.
  • Loom Network is estimated to reach an average price of $0.25 throughout 2025.
  • According to our price prediction, LOOM could hold an average price of $0.13 in 2023.
  • We anticipate a high of $0.16 for LOOM before the close of 2023.
  • Technical price analysis suggests a range between $0.18 and $0.33 for LOOM in 2025.
  • The value of Loom Network could hold at $0.47 at best by 2023.
Year Potential High Average Price Potential Low
2023 $0.16 $0.13 $0.09
2024 $0.17 $0.14 $0.11
2025 $0.33 $0.25 $0.18
2030 $0.47 $0.34 $0.22

LOOM Price History

Loom Network, known for its versatile multichain platform, has incorporated Bitcoin, BNB smart Chain, Ethereum, and Tron blockchains into its system. This integration primarily allows developers to build decentralized applications simultaneously across these interconnected blockchains.

LOOM Price History

Notably, LOOM, the platform’s native token, entered exchanges in April 2018, with each ticket valued at a modest $0.10. The following month, it recorded a rapid surge, bringing it to an impressive value of $0.77.

This fast price growth was undoubtedly an exciting development at the time, particularly for early investors.

However, the token has failed to revisit that price level, even amid the remarkable buying market in 2021. In 2021, LOOM was trading at a considerably lower price of $0.29, and its value continued to decline, eventually plunging to a low of $0.031 by June 2022.

Fast forward to October 15, 2023, when LOOM displayed a recovery, reaching a price point of $0.5. This marked the first time in over five years that the token had reached such a level.

One of the primary factors contributing to this price surge was a case of mistaken identity.

Atlassian’s announcement that it would acquire a company named Loom for $975 million caused significant excitement. However, this Loom company was not the Loom Network but an asynchronous video messaging tool.

Back in September 2023, Gate.io announced its intention to list Loom Network on its platform, initially igniting the rally in LOOM’s price.

Sadly, the token’s value displayed a rapid pullback, falling to $0.16 just days after reaching the last peak price. This decline stemmed from profit-taking and realizing that Atlassian’s acquisition pertained to a different Loom company.

Summarizing LOOM price history:

  • Loom Network commenced its trading journey in April 2018 with an initial value of $0.10 per token.
  • It achieved Its highest point in May 2018, when it soared to an impressive $0.77 per token.
  • March 2020 marked its lowest price point, plummeting to a mere $0.00076.
  • Currently, LOOM boasts a market capitalization of approximately $153.9 million, supported by a circulating supply of slightly over 1.2 billion tokens.

Loom Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

Loom Price Prediction 2023 - 2030

Loom Network 2024 Price Prediction

In 2024, one of the critical drivers of change is expected to be Bitcoin’s upcoming halving event, scheduled for April 2024. Notably, Bitcoin miners receive rewards from BTC coins when they successfully validate a block.

These rewards undergo a process known as halving approximately every four years, reducing the number of BTC coins earned.

The initial halving occurred in 2012, reducing the block reward from 25 BTC. Also, in 2016, the second halving cut the tip to 12.5 BTC. The third halving in 2020 further reduced the compensation to 6.25 BTC. The upcoming fourth halving will slash the reward even more, down to 3.125 BTC.

The significance of these halving events lies in their ability to decrease Bitcoin mining rewards and increase the scarcity of Bitcoin. Historically, this scarcity has played a crucial role in driving up the price of Bitcoin after each halving.

If this catalyst successfully propels Bitcoin’s price to new heights, it is highly likely to have a ripple effect on other leading crypto assets such as Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana.

Similarly, less popular coins like Loom Network may also experience the impact, but typically after the major altcoins have already seen significant price increases. As a result, LOOM’s price in 2024 may fall within the range of $0.11 to $0.17.

Loom Network 2025 – 2030 Price Prediction

A 2022 survey conducted by Grayscale and The Harris Poll and subsequently reported by the World Economic Forum revealed that most of the American populace envisions virtual currencies as the future of the financial sphere. Besides this, they suggest that more robust regulatory measures are necessary within the cryptocurrency space.

This prospective change in regulatory approach might act as a substantial catalyst for the increase in cryptocurrency prices. If the United States and other prominent nations choose stricter regulations to strengthen retail investor protection, it could draw in fresh investments and boost demand.

Meanwhile, the thriving cryptocurrency industry has the potential to generate heightened enthusiasm for the Loom Network’s developer platform. This could drive the LOOM token’s value to $0.33 by 2025 and potentially exceed $0.47 by 2030.

LOOM’s Potential Highs and Lows

While other crypto assets depend on speculative value, the Loom Network leverages the benefit of tangible utility.

It primarily serves two purposes: investors can safeguard the integrity of the Loom network through staking, while developers can utilize LOOM tokens for executing decentralized applications (dApps) on the Loom Network.

LOOM’s Potential Highs and Lows

Nevertheless, the future price trajectory of LOOM remains vulnerable to various macroeconomic influences, including factors like interest rates, inflation, and developments within the cryptocurrency landscape.

Regulatory changes and news updates within the crypto sphere also contribute to the potential price fluctuations that LOOM may experience in the upcoming years.

Year Potential High Average Price Potential Low
2023 $0.16 $0.13 $0.09
2024 $0.17 $0.14 $0.11
2025 $0.33 $0.25 $0.18
2030 $0.47 $0.34 $0.22

Loom Network Price Prediction from Other Analysts

Predictions for the future price of the LOOM token are a subject of much debate in the crypto community. We’ve gathered predictions from various experts to gain insight into the potential trajectories of the LOOM token.

  • According to CoinCodex analysts, LOOM Network will have a price range of $0.075 to $0.19 in 2025, with a peak projected around $0.23 in 2030.
  • On the other hand, BitNation offers a more optimistic outlook for the LOOM token. They foresee a price range of $0.36 to $0.43 by 2025; by 2030 the price could hit the $1.01 price mark.
  • DigitalCoinPrice provides a similar forecast, expecting the LOOM token to trade at approximately $0.41 in 2025 and reach its peak at $1.19 in 2030.
  • Price prediction, however, presents a more gradual rise for LOOM. Their projection starts at $0.11 in 2025, gradually increasing to a maximum of $0.77 by 2030.
  • For those who prefer a conservative estimate, AMBCrypto predicts that LOOM will likely trade between $0.25 and $0.30 in 2025.

These diverse predictions reflect the complexity of forecasting cryptocurrency prices, making considering various perspectives and factors essential.

What is Loom Network and its Purpose?

Loom Network operates as a versatile multichain interoperability platform. Its primary mission is to facilitate seamless data exchange and transfer across blockchains.

This streamlined approach aims to empower high-performance decentralized applications (DApps) with swift and user-friendly experiences similar to traditional applications.

Notably, Loom Network eliminates the need for users to download crypto wallet software when engaging with DApps, fostering accessibility.

What is Loom Network and its Purpose

Furthermore, Loom Network boasts integrations with leading blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Chain, and Tron. These integrations provide developers the unique advantage of building a DApp just once, which they can seamlessly deploy on various platforms.

This versatility grants developers the scalability and user-friendliness required to create high-performance user-facing DApps. In addition to its core offerings, Loom Network has set out to deliver the following key features:

  • Production-ready: Loom Network is already operational in a production environment, allowing users to launch their DApps and initiate onboarding processes efficiently.
  • Quick and scalable: The platform operates on a delegates’ proof of stake (DPoS) consensus protocol, ensuring rapid confirmation times and high transaction throughput, essential for real-world DApps.
  • Smooth user experience: Loom Network prioritizes fast transactions at minimal costs to enhance user satisfaction.
  • Access to a broad user base: Through integrations and Universal Transaction Signing, Loom DApps are accessible to users across various blockchain networks, utilizing their native wallets.
  • Security: Loom Network’s Basechain, a DPoS blockchain, features over twenty-one external validators, enhancing the platform’s security.
  • Future-proof DApps: Loom Network continually forges integrations with new blockchain networks to ensure the longevity and relevance of users’ DApps.
  • CryptoZombies: Loom Network proudly supports CryptoZombies, an educational resource for individuals seeking to develop Ethereum DApps.

Significantly, Loom Network’s native token, LOOM, operates as an ERC-20 token. It typically takes the role of a proof-of-stake (PoS) token, primarily utilized to secure the Basechain, the platform’s mainnet.

Its utility extends to staking, transaction fees, and bonding.

Primarily, LOOM holders can actively participate in securing the Basechain and earn rewards through staking. Additionally, developers employ the token to cover DApp hosting expenses on the Loom Network.

Besides this, validators receive LOOM tokens as rewards for their contributions to the platform. This versatile token is compatible with any ERC-20 wallet, ensuring easy management and accessibility for users.

A Quick Overview of Loom Network

Crypto Asset Loom Network
Ticker LOOM
Price change in 24 hours -7.97%
Rank #172
Circulating supply 1,219,425,698 LOOM tokens
Market cap $153.9 million
24-hour Trading volume $112.6 million
All-time low $0.00076
All-time high $0.77

Factors That Influence Loom Network’s Price

Like most crypto assets, Loom Network’s token price is subject to various factors, including inflation, regulatory developments, crypto-related news, interest rates, and the unique features of the Loom Network itself.

Despite significant gains of 242% in September and an additional 250% in October, driven by the news of Atlassian’s acquisition, Loom’s current market conditions do not support further highs. The token’s price has already started to retreat.

Factors That Influence Loom Network’s Price

Without a decrease in interest rates, SEC approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, or a Bitcoin halving event, there are no imminent catalysts to drive Loom’s price higher, as with other cryptocurrencies.

Also, potential upgrades to the Loom Network platform could impact the token’s value, even though no significant developments are expected in the near term.

Should I invest in Loom Network?

Loom Network facilitates the rapid scaling of applications on the Ethereum blockchain, a highly demanded use case in the growing crypto space, making Loom Network more appealing to investors.

However, in the next bull run, Bitcoin and leading altcoins like Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana will likely see more significant benefits. It may take some time before liquidity flows into less popular cryptocurrencies and tokens, propelling them to higher levels.


According to the analysis provided, the fate of Loom’s price hinges mainly on external factors that extend beyond its network. While the forecasts primarily suggest a gradual upward trend in price, any failure of the overall crypto market to turn bullish on time could lead LOOM to dip below previous lows.

Nevertheless, the potential for its future growth is subject to many variables. These include innovative technological solutions within the Loom projects, significant announcements, legal aspects, the broader crypto landscape, and more.

On that note, we emphasize the importance of conducting your research (DYOR) before considering cryptocurrency investments.


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