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A robust password management system lets you stay organized and focus on the task at hand. They can also keep you safe online from any potential hazards, like password snoopers or hackers – they even run audits to ensure your passwords haven’t been leaked for an extra layer of security.

The market is awash with a vast range of providers, promising so much – but can they deliver? Rest assured, we’ve done the legwork for you, and in this article, you’ll find our definitive guide on the ten best password managers in 2024.

The 10 Best Password Managers Ranked

Before we jump into our detailed reviews, here’s a quick summary of the best password managers in 2024:

  1. NordPass – An ultra-secure password manager with next-gen XChaCha20 encryption. Keep your passwords safe and secure from any potential hackers.
  2. Avira – A high-quality password manager with a market-leading free plan available to all users. A built-in 2-factor authenticator app is included for extra security.
  3. Kaspersky – An affordable password manager with a very generous free plan. All of the premium features are available with the free plan, making Kaspersky a very attractive package.
  4. Roboform – An excellent password manager that boasts a very user-friendly interface. 2-factor authentication is included for optimal security.
  5. 1Password – This password manager is perfect for keeping your whole family safe and secure online.  It also has a useful travel mode feature that offers protection on the go.
  6. Keeper – One of the best password managers for Apple device users with a wide range of security features, including KeeperChat, a secure messaging platform exclusive to Keeper.
  7. Dashlane – One of the top password managers for PC users that can sync across all of your devices. It features a built-in VPN to help protect your personal data.
  8. Passwarden – A super-safe password manager that is ideal for individual users.  This service works seamlessly with a range of devices and can even be installed on multiple browsers.
  9. Sticky Password – An extremely reliable password manager that can create unhackable passwords. It also features a safe share tool so you can easily share passwords with family and friends.
  10. BitwardenA veteran open-source password manager with an outstanding free version including unlimited passwords and device storage.

Reviewing the Best Password Manager Tools

You’ve seen our top picks at a glance, but if you’re still unsure which password manager is best for you, read on for our full detailed reviews.

1. NordPass – The Best Password Manager Overall in 2024

Our number one pick for the best password manager in 2024 is NordPass. It combines cutting-edge features with military-grade encryption and is finished with a user-friendly interface, making it ideal for business or individual use.

NordPass Password Manager

Using NordPass is simple as it synchronizes all data across devices and protects your vault with a master password. On other devices, you can utilize Fingerprint, Touch ID, or Face ID (iOS-only). You will require the authentication app for 2FA and an email address where a 6-digit number will be issued whenever a new device is added.

Additionally, NordPass goes above and beyond by providing next-generation XChaCha20 encryption with Argon2 used for key derivation. Although the rivals’ AES 256-bit is perfectly acceptable, XChaCha20 is more user-friendly and less prone to configuration errors.

This encryption method is substantially faster, especially on machines with AES hardware acceleration. It is also safer because XChaCha20 uses two alternative key lengths, including 256-bit encryption.

Furthermore, this password manager uses zero-knowledge architecture, which encrypts the data on your device before it is sent to the service provider’s servers. Therefore, there is no potential for data breaches.

Apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS are available for this password manager. You can also use NordPass on various browsers through extensions such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, and Edge.

NordPass has all the functionality a typical user may want and is incredibly user-friendly. You can create passwords, assess their strength, use autofill and autosave, and distribute login information.

A real-time data breach scanner, which checks leaked databases for your passwords and credit card information, is also available. You are quickly informed if any of your information is discovered online via an email or an in-app message.

Last up is the support team, which we found to be incredibly knowledgeable and could solve countless problems via the 24/7 live chat or the ticketing system via email. They also have a vast database of FAQs and helpful guides for those who like to self-diagnose.

Starting Paid Plan Top Features Free Plan? Number of Passwords Number of Devices Supported
$1.49/month 1. Password Sharer
2. Offline Mode
3. Emergency Access
No Unlimited 6


NordPass Pricing

NordPass has a generous ‘free forever’ plan that has a bundle of useful features, including autofill passwords and unlimited password storage.

However, to get the best out of NordPass, we’d recommend signing up for a premium plan, as you get access to the full set of features like a Dark Web scanner and weak password detection.

Prices start from as little as $1.49/month, making NordPass excellent value for money.


  • Groundbreaking XChaCha20 encryption
  • Uses multi-factor authentication
  • Excellent free version available
  • Accepts anonymous payment methods
  • 24/7 Data breach scanner


  • The free version only supports one device

2. Avira – The Best Free Password Manager

Avira is a strong contender for the throne, and it truly excels at getting the basics done. It has some valuable features in its arsenal and an incredibly generous free plan.

Avira Password Manager Dashboard

The provider does an outstanding job of securely storing passwords by utilizing high-level encryption, additional security measures like two-factor authentication (2FA), and an extremely user-friendly interface.

Avira employs “bank-grade” AES 256-bit encryption on a cloud storage service to store passwords, and users need to set their own “master password,” which is necessary to decrypt stored passwords and data.

It also gives consumers a transparent security status of their passwords, outlining any that are weak, outdated, reused, or otherwise compromised.

The free plan blows most of its competition out of the water with a lot of key features included. For example, you can use the free plan across all of your devices, and you can store an unlimited amount of passwords.

Despite offering a rich free plan, the more advanced features like safety audits for your passwords, website monitoring, and data breach alerts aren’t included, so it’s worth upgrading to a Pro or Prime plan.

Avira does not support authenticator app integration, biometric 2FA, or hardware key authentication. However, users can set up 2FA for other websites thanks to a built-in 2FA code generator in the mobile apps.

Starting Paid Plan Top Features Free Plan? Number of Passwords Number of Devices Supported
$2.99/month 1. Unlimited Password Storage
2. Account Breach Alerts.
3. Secure file storage
Yes Unlimited Upto 50


Avira Pricing

Avira’s free plan is amongst the best out there, mostly thanks to its lack of corner-cutting. You get unlimited password storage plus the ability to operate across all your devices.

That being said, Avira does offer a Premium and Pro plan option that gives access to some more advanced features like a password generator.

You can try Avira risk-free with a generous 60-day money-back guarantee, as well as a useful 7-day free trial to test the service before buying.


  • Two-factor authentication
  • Comprehensive free plan
  • Syncs passwords across all your devices
  • Simple to use interface


  • No auto-fill for web forms

3. Kaspersky – Affordable Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager includes a feature-rich setup, robust security capabilities, and fair pricing. It contains all the necessary security measures to protect your data, such as 256-bit AES encryption, a zero-knowledge policy, two-factor authentication (2FA), and biometric login on mobile.

Kaspersky real-time malware protection

The provider offers secure password auditing using the well-known breach database haveibeenpwned.com; the password checker analyses your passwords to determine their general strength and whether hackers have compromised them.

Although Kaspersky provides a free password manager, it only supports a maximum of 15 passwords. Nevertheless, it includes every other feature in the premium edition, making a decent offering for individuals with fewer accounts.

The password vault is incredibly easy to use, and you can store all your personal information here, like credit card details and photos, as well as your passwords. A helpful feature allows you to toggle auto login for your different accounts, providing an extra layer of security.

You can install the app on most major devices, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. For PC users, it also has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Starting Paid Plan Top Features Free Plan? Number of Passwords Number of Devices Supported
$14.99/year 1. zero-knowledge Principle
2. Cross-device Syncing
3. Auto-fill Forms
Yes 10,000 Unlimited


Kaspersky Updated Pricing

Despite there being a free plan available with Kaspersky, it is pretty limited in terms of features. But that’s okay, as the Premium plan is one of the cheapest out there, costing just $14.99 for an entire year.

There’s no free trial or money-back guarantee to try before you buy, but the free plan should just offer enough of a glimpse into whether you should upgrade.


  • Affordable plans
  • Good syncing options
  • Free plan available
  • Great community support options


  • Limited sharing options

4. Roboform – Simple-to-use Password Manager with Two-Factor Authentication

Roboform is one of the founding password manager providers, and its popularity has remained intact for years. They combine top-notch security features with a simple-to-use UI, making them one of the best password managers in 2024.

RoboForm password protection

To be sure that nobody can access your vault, even if they manage to get their hands on your master password, there is an option to employ two-factor authentication (2FA). It’s also important to note that all the data you upload is protected by AES-256 military-grade encryption.

Other key features include an industry-standard password generator, secure sharing, Dark Web monitoring, and one-click log-in.

There is a simple-to-use Roboform app for Android and iOS; however, because it receives more frequent and better updates on desktop software, it’s advised that desktop users should utilize the web platform. RoboForm is also available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Safari as a browser extension.

Starting Paid Plan Top Features Free Plan? Number of Passwords Number of Devices Supported
$1.99/month 1. Password Generator
2. One-click Login
3. Dark Web Monitoring
Yes Unlimited Unlimited


RoboForm Pricing

Roboform is another provider with an excellent free forever plan. It’s ideal for individual users who want to try out the service before signing up for a Premium plan.

For the best experience, we’d recommend upgrading to the Everywhere plan, which works out to be just $1.99/month, and gives you access to One-click login, Dark Web monitoring, and the useful Password Generator tool.


  • Industry-standard password generator
  • Can be cloud-hosted or self-hosted
  • Simple password sharing
  • Affordable plans


  • No live chat option on free plans

5. 1Password – Great Option For Families

1Password is an incredibly effective tool for managing, generating, and storing passwords. It has plenty of features and is reasonably priced, making it one of the best password managers in 2024.

1password | password storage

You only need one password to operate across all your accounts – your Master Password. If you prefer, you can utilize a biometric login that accepts either Face ID or a fingerprint. There is also an option of a one-time password generator you can use on your phone as another 2FA solution.

One of our favorite features that sets it apart from some of its competitors is the useful ‘Travel Mode’ setting, which allows you to mark specific passwords and documents as safe for travel, should you ever be questioned at border control.

Using the autofill feature, this password manager syncs your data between all your devices. By establishing guest accounts, it also makes it simple to share passwords. In contrast to some of its rivals, 1Password does not cap the number of users who can share a single account.

1Password supports all popular platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS and other web extensions, notably Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave.

Starting Paid Plan Top Features Free Plan? Number of Passwords Number of Devices Supported
$2.99/month 1. Authentication App
2. Travel Mode
3. Psst! Item Sharing
No Unlimited Unlimited


  • Checks if any of your passwords have been compromised
  • Affordable pricing
  • Excellent customer support
  • Useful 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No free plan

Keeper is a trustworthy password manager with a zero-knowledge strategy. This means that your data is encrypted at the device level before moving to the provider’s servers. Your master password is also required to access this tool.

Keeper | best password managers in 2023

Two-factor authentication is a requirement for all password managers, and Keeper offers a variety of choices. You can utilize SMS, Duo Security, Google and Microsoft authenticator, KeeperDNA, and more.

Some unique features include KeeperChat, a special function accessible exclusively through Keeper. It has a secure messaging platform with self-destructing messages and a media gallery for personal photos.

Apps are available on all major platforms, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. The browser extensions are excellent; you can generate passwords, add new ones, adjust security settings, and have your credentials auto-filled. Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge.

A functional free version that incorporates 2FA protects one of your chosen devices, lets you store an infinite number of passwords, and much more. But we’d recommend trying a premium plan and taking advantage of all the features.

Starting Paid Plan Top Features Free Plan? Number of Passwords Number of Devices Supported
$24.49/year 1. KeeperChat
2. Secure File Storage
3. Breach Watch
Yes Unlimited Unlimited


Keeper Pricing

Keeper offers users a very useable free forever plan with bundled two-factor authentication and a password exporting tool.

For more advanced users, we’d recommend trying the Unlimited plan if it’s just your devices you need to be covered, but there is also a Family plan for extra users.

You can even try Keeper hassle-free with the provider’s 30-day free trial on the Unlimited plan.


  • Private messaging app
  • Multiple options for 2FA
  • Useful free trial
  • Great customer support


  • Limited export options

7. Dashlane – Excellent For PC Users

Dashlane is one of the best password management tools, especially if your main device is a PC. However, it does come at a price, as Dashlane costs more than the usual competition, but its extensive feature set more than makes up for it.

Dashlane Password Manager Dashboard

You can access your password vault using biometrics, such as Touch ID, Face ID, or your master password. It should be noted that the biometric login won’t replace your master password. When using a new device to access Dashlane, you will need to enter your master password, not biometrics.

Notable features include a Dark Web scanner, a built-in VPN, a password health checker, and secure share, which enables you to safely share any passwords or sensitive documents with family or friends.

The setup process is nice and straightforward, making it great for first-time users. There is support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge via browser extensions, and it works seamlessly on mobile devices.

Starting Paid Plan Top Features Free Plan? Number of Passwords Number of Devices Supported
$2.00/month 1. Dark Web Scanner
2. Built-in VPN
3. Secure Share
Yes Unlimited Unlimited


  • Easy-to-use
  • Excellent auto-fill feature
  • Dark Web scanning
  • VPN included in the price


  • Quite expensive

8. Passwarden – Ideal For Individuals

Passwarden password manager is a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your login information online. It makes it simple to generate complicated passwords, save your login information securely, and autofill forms when necessary.

Passwarden Password Manager

Passwarden makes use of the industry’s top AES-256-GCM and EC p-384 encryptions. Your private information is broken up into dozens of parts and rendered impossible for an outsider to assemble.

On iOS, Android, and macOS devices, you can also decide to add 2FA or biometrics. A stringent privacy policy that ensures that not even the Passwarden team can see your data further strengthens their security credentials.

Key features include an advanced Security Dashboard, Duress Mode, which adds an extra blanket of protection on sensitive data, a VPN, and a password import tool.

This password manager works with almost all popular operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera also have browser add-ons available.

Starting Paid Plan Top Features Free Plan? Number of Passwords Number of Devices Supported
$3.33/month 1. Duress Mode
2. Built-in VPN
3. Security Dashboard
Yes Unlimited Unlimited


  • AES-256 encryption
  • Great free plan
  • Comes with a VPN
  • Useful security dashboard


  • Limited import options

9. Sticky Password – Extremely Reliable

Sticky Password is an intuitive and highly secure password management system that can create ‘unhackable’ passwords with its built-in generator. There’s also a useful auto-fill feature that speeds up the login process.

Sticky Password Dashboard

Your personal information will be hidden by secure AES-256 encryption, making it impossible for hackers to decrypt it. Sticky Password doesn’t save your master password anywhere for added account protection.

Adding a 2FA and biometric authentication will ensure that only you can access all your passwords.

There are some helpful key features included. For example, you get an excellent password generator, a password security dashboard that informs you when it’s time for an update, as well as a safe share feature that makes it easy to allow access to family and friends.

This password manager is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS users. There are also reliable Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browser extensions.

Starting Paid Plan Top Features Free Plan? Number of Passwords Number of Devices Supported
$24.49/year 1. Password Generator
2. Biometric Authentication
3. Safeshare
Yes Unlimited Unlimited


  • AES-256 encryption
  • Password generator
  • Comes with a VPN
  • Biometric authentication & 2FA


  • Below-average free plan

10. Bitwarden – Open-Source Password Manager With Outstanding Free Version

Bitwarden is a stalwart in the realm of the best password managers, and for good reason. With robust features, including YubiKey- and FIDO2-enabled 2FA, its open-source nature and a best-in-class free version, it’s a secure and efficient way to manage your online credentials.

Bitwarden UI

One of Bitwarden’s main selling points is its implementation of two-factor authentication (2FA) through YubiKey and FIDO2.

While traditional 2FA requires users to provide a second verification factor such as a fingerprint or time-based one-time password (TOTP), YubiKey and FIDO2 add an extra layer of security by necessitating a specific piece of hardware before users can access their vaults. This significantly enhances the overall security of users’ accounts, protecting them against unauthorized access.

Moreover, Bitwarden has the benefit of being an open-source password manager, which means it allows cybersecurity professionals and developers to audit the software, ensuring that there are no hidden vulnerabilities or backdoors. ​​This commitment to openness fosters trust and reassurance among users concerned about the security of their sensitive information.

Starting Paid Plan Top Features Free Plan? Number of Passwords Number of Devices Supported
$3/month/user 1. 2FA via YubiKey and FIDO2
2. Open-source
3. Unlimited passwords and devices on free version
Yes Unlimited Unlimited


Very few free password managers allow for unlimited password storage, but Bitwarden is one of them. Plus, the free version also allows for unlimited device syncing. With Bitwarden, you can store passwords for all your accounts, even ones you seldom use, on all your devices—all without paying a cent.

If you’re interested in unlocking premium features, Bitwarden offers two paid plans:

Bitwarden pricing plans


  • Impressive free version
  • Reasonably priced paid plans
  • First-class 2FA integrations


  • No dark web monitoring
  • Lacks address autofill
  • Limited storage

All in all, Bitwarden is a stellar password manager. Its distinct 2FA integrations add an extra layer of protection, its open-source nature instills trust, and its free version competes with many of the paid plans on this list.

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is a tool businesses, or individuals can use to manage and store all their passwords in one secure location. It eradicates the need to remember multiple passwords for every different website or account you have.

Instead, users just need to remember one password, often called the ‘master password’ – as this grants them access to their vault of safe and secured individual passwords. You can even store personal data, documents, and credit card information in some password managers, adding a blanket of security over sensitive information.

What Are The Benefits of Password Managers?

There are several benefits to using a password manager; for example, you no longer need to remember individual passwords for multiple accounts. Instead, you just need to remember one master password to access your stored account details. Other benefits include:

Save Time

Many of the best password management tools come with auto-fill features, and this basically means you don’t have to manually enter your username, email, or password to log in, thus saving you precious minutes.

Some also allow for biometric authentication for additional security, so your data is already entered. You’ll need your fingerprint or Face ID to fully log in to your account. This means that even with stored account details, you still need to be present to sign in.
Stronger Passwords

By adding random symbols to your password and uppercase and lowercase characters, you can make it more secure. Creating different passwords for each account is made more accessible by using a password manager.

You or your staff can select stronger passwords and generate unique passwords for each access point without memorizing complex passwords. This leaves you less vulnerable to potential breaches and provides additional security to yourself or your business.

Generate Random Passwords

Password managers allow you to quickly generate complex passwords for every account you have. Random passwords are always more robust than those you think up on the spot since password-cracking software is designed to first try the most popular passwords.

NordPass Password Generator

Change Your Password With Ease

Password managers make it simple to modify or reset passwords. You can keep safe if a website where you have an account has been compromised by creating a new password using the built-in password generator.

Some password managers even offer the option to instantly reset your passwords. You can toggle a setting that will automatically update your passwords regularly for maximum security.

Share Passwords Securely

Passwords for joint accounts can be shared with family members or coworkers. Obviously, revealing your personal passwords is not advised, but if you have shared accounts, a password manager allows you to manage password access.

Store Other Sensitive Data

A good password manager will also allow you to secure personal information like credit card details, membership details, photos, videos, and even medical prescriptions. This way, your personal data is out of reach for potential hackers and snoopers.
Improve Business Practices

You can use a password manager to enroll new employees far more efficiently if you’re a business owner. There’s also less risk of a data breach if you use a master password, as your staff won’t need to remember countless passwords or have weak passwords for your business accounts.

How to Pick the Best Password Manager for You

Just like when it comes to choosing payroll software, some password managers may be more suited to you than others. Below are some essential factors to consider when choosing the best password manager for you:


The key to any good password manager is military-grade encryption. You’ll want it to have AES 256-bit cypher as a minimum, or even better, XChaCha20 next-gen. These make them far less susceptible to cyberattacks or snoopers.


Finding the right password manager for your needs is another important factor. For individuals, you might just want some basic features, in which case a free plan might be sufficient for you. However, for larger businesses that want all their employees covered, a more advanced plan with strong encryption and tighter security is more viable.

Key Features

Any additional security features are a bonus and help keep you safe. Look for add-ons such as Dark web scanning, 2FA, a built-in VPN, and safe share features are especially important.

Multi-factor Authentication

A decent password manager should provide multiple alternative authenticators besides its own. Biometric logins such as Touch ID and Face ID for all your devices are also favorable.

NordPass Multi-factor authentication

Importing & Exporting

A password manager is only useful if you can’t import your vault from another service or browser. In the event that you decide to switch password managers, having the ability to export all of your passwords is also crucial.
Support Devices

You want your password manager to be compatible with all the popular devices, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, as well as multiple browser extensions like Chrome, Safari, and Opera. This means you can keep your passwords secure across all of your gadgets.

Device Limit

Some password managers only allow you to access their systems on a limited number of devices. To ensure you can cover all of your tech, look for providers allowing unlimited simultaneous connections to ensure you’re always kept safe.


No one wants to break the bank for all this, so a good password manager will have affordable pricing alongside its premium features. Prices vary significantly from provider to provider, so weighing up what features you deem essential alongside the total cost is important.

Customer Support

Sometimes, things can go wrong, and if that happens, you need a good support team to rely on. Look for providers who offer 24/7 live support through a chat or phone service. Most will already have a ticket system in place. Bonus points for those with detailed guides and a strong community support presence.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we’ve looked at password managers that can appeal to everyone, whether you are a business looking to keep your company data secure or an individual who prides themselves on safety – either way, there’s something for everyone.

Our number one pick for the best password manager in 2024 is NordPass. It contains military-grade next-gen XChaCha20 encryption and useful bonus features like zero-knowledge architecture, biometric authentication, and much more.

You can try it out at no cost with the provider’s generous free plan or upgrade to premium and take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee for a hassle-free purchase.


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