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Ericon Transformer
Ericon Transformer are equipped with sophisticated plant, machinery and testing equipments. Ericon Transformers manufacture various types of low voltage, current transformers to suit various needs of customers including ring type / Rectangular type CTr and wound primary  type CT for both measuring and protection purpose.

CTr are manufactured  to suit various environmental conditions confirming to various standard specifications such as IS 2705 IEC 185,  BS 3839.

CTr provided with PVC tape insulation in, manufacture to suit temperature rise confirming insulation class A (&@with fiberglass tape to suit insulation class B) @and_@dry atmosphere. To suit higher atmospheric temperature and humid atmosphere CTr and,-manufacture with epoxy resin.

ERICON TRANSFORMERS, are specialized manufacturer and designer of most non standard requirements of various customers. ERICON make CT are typo- Tested at CPRI Bhopal for various tests including STC 50 KA for 1.0 sec. Precision PTs are calibrated at ERDA.

It is necessary to specify correct specification while ordering CTr. so that optimum & correct CTr is manufactured & supplied.

Ericon transformers was established in 1998 by highly experienced engineer in the field 0f instrument transformers. Company is well equipped with Plant/ Machinery Testing Equipment, Communication facility, computer terminal and other utilities. Ericon is engaged in design, Manufacture and supply of Current Transformers, Voltage Transformers, Meter boxes, Control Panel, High Voltage cubicles and test equipments.


B. G. Raut :
Electrical degree with additional Business Management Diploma Holder. 20years experience in design, production and R&D department of M/s Automatic Electric Ltd., one of the leading manufactures of Current & Voltage Transformers. During his service of 20 years he has designed and developed CT. up to 220 KV. These CT are still working satisfactorily all over India. Also designed and manufactured High Voltage Testing Transformer up to 600 KV. Represented IS standards committee and took active part in the revision of IS specification for Instrument Transformer.
  1. Primary current
  2. Secondary current
  3. VA Burden
  4. Accuracy class
  5. Instrument security factor
  6. Accuracy limit factor
  7. Environmental condition
  8. Application
  9. Fault current of the system
  10. Voltage of the system
  11. Any special features required
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